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bella fiori
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Re: The Transformation

Post by bella fiori »

Bella's transformation was the most intense part of the book, for me. So many things were going on: the baby had to come out, Bella was near death, Rosalie couldn't stay in the room...When Edward told Jacob the contents of that syringe, that made me set the book down for a moment and catch my breath. It made sense, but I didn't realize that the process would be starting in the middle of chaos, and that Edward wouldn't actually bite Bella.

I liked Edward's utter control during the entire ordeal. He knew exactly what he was doing, never hesitated or lost his sense of purpose. I only knew he was doubting himself when he talked to Carlisle about whether or not it had worked.

About Edward's venom being different because of his vegetarian diet...It's an intriguing idea, but I wonder if diet would really change the effect that a particular vampire's venom has on people. Not knowing much about vampire physiology, I can't say for certain either way, but I'll bet there isn't that much variability in venom. Just a guess.

Would a very thirsty vampire's venom be different, less effective maybe, because they were without sustenance for a while? Could a vegetarian vampire's venom induce a less-horrific transformation? Or was Bella's experience mostly due to her inner strength and mental preparation? None of the other vampires knew what to expect, and so the pain was excruciating as well as senseless. Making sense of why something is happening often reduces how painful it feels.
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Re: The Transformation

Post by BlueOrchid »

I think Bella's preperation for being vamped helped her with control as a newborn. I can only imgaine what it would be like to wake up from the most intense pain you have ever known to someone telling you you are no longer human. Then to thirst for blood and have it be absolutely delectable. That would really mess with your head. So, I think Edward's venom is the same as any other, it just was sentimental and cute that it was his that changed her.
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Re: The Transformation

Post by leahlovetwilight »

the tranformation kind of sucked!
it would be terrible to not be able to scream.
i would want to.
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Re: The Transformation

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

The Transformation

Okay when i went into reading the book i was expecting a nice romantic hurried transformation. I don't know it is somthing i have always pictured.

But i did like the transformation that took place. how edward had to save her life and wouldn't let her go. The morphiane was interesting even though it didn't truly work. However the time when Bella is going through the transformation was how i pictured it. I pictured her getting through it and not screaming in pain. Becuase i knew she didn't want to hurt Edward more.

But wow Stephiene was really graphic when it came to when Bella was dieing and Edward was trying to save her. I had to stop reading ro a moment. I wasn't expecting so much blood.
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Re: The Transformation

Post by Isobelle »

Firstly, I was just so glad that the transformation happened! It was sad how it happened, but in the same time I thought that it kinda romantic as well. I mean here is a vampire who does not want to take Bella's life away, but works like a maniac trying to save her in the only way he knows how. I loved the way that Edward was unwilling to let Bella go. He broke, what, three fingers on Jake's hand to get him out of the way.

Of course the scene was graphic, with all the blood, but in that instant you really saw the love Edward had for Bella.

And of course, Newborn Bella rocks
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Re: The Transformation

Post by MRK »

I thought it was romantic! Edward wouldn't give up on her...even carlise said he wouldn't have been as persistant! Even when JACOB gave up on her...Edward hung on. and then he slowly bit parts of her body washing his tongue over her skin...hellloooo!!!
He fought for her...and she knew he would fight for she fought for him...*sigh*
I think it worked beautifuly...
No guilt trip for Edward
Jacob let go of Bella
Bella got her baby and her man
I think that Bella's control is because of her personality in life. Stephenie says your personality is heightened after you change....Bella was ALWAYS in control, ALWAYS the adult, ALWAYS thinking of others and putting their needs ahead of her own. It made sense to me.
I was sooo thankful she wasn't a clutzy vampire :)
I love that she was a beauty and graceful and still loved Edward! YEA!
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Re: The Transformation

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

oooh it was exciting
in a way
i was almost expecting more pain
you know what i mean
maybe i need to go re-read it but yeah....
but it was soo excting and i loved it cause id been waiting for it for soo long!
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Re: The Transformation

Post by Genevieve »

i think the transformation for vampires is kinda ironic in a way.
during the transformation, all you feel is fire. hot blazing sweltering sizzling hot fire burning and coursing through your veins.
like youre being burnt alive.
But after you transform, you become cold as ice.
quite cool actually.
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Re: The Transformation

Post by Jazz<3Jasper »

Genevieve wrote:i think the transformation for vampires is kinda ironic in a way.
during the transformation, all you feel is fire. hot blazing sweltering sizzling hot fire burning and coursing through your veins.
like youre being burnt alive.
But after you transform, you become cold as ice.
quite cool actually.
I know what you mean about how they change I have always wondered about that lol. My favorite part of the transformation is that when she see's herself for the "first" time she actualy feels worthy of Edward
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Re: The Transformation

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

Genevieve: Wow! I never really thought of it like that....hmm. It really does fit in nicely with the whole fire and ice dichotomy introduced in Eclipse. Interesting.

Okay! I have a lot to say about Bella's transformation and as I have been writing really long posts all night, I feel like I can safely say this one will be quite lengthy as well.

First, like some other people have said, I kinda wanted the transformation to be more romantic, but I'm really satisfied with the way it turned out anyway. I'm just infinitely glad that SM didn't decide to wait until the very end of the book to change Bella--you know, something like "And then Edward placed his cool lips to the blushing heat of my throat for the last time. My forever was about to begin." THE END--so, all in all, I accepted the more dramatic change as a nice trade-off. Also, I agree with the people who've been saying it was better for Edward's sanity to have it happen this way because otherwise he would always blame himself for killing Bella. The fact that he HAD to save her life--something that he was always determined to do the many, many times it was threatened--allowed him to forget the fact that he might be taking away her soul or condemning her in any way.

Second, I think someone mentioned that the part in Jacob's book where he says that he couldn't feel Bella's pull anymore so he leaves to leave Edward to work over her corpse was the most powerful part of the book for them and I have to say I fully concur. That moment was the one time in the entire book that I started crying. It was absolutely gut-wrenching for me to read that because I was so afraid that Bella really was dead. What would Edward have done if that was the case?! I can't even bear to think about it. I was so, so scared that book three was going to be narrated by Edward or Renesmee that I actually clapped my hand over it as soon as I turned to the last page of Jake's section and screamed, "No!" Actually, it was more of a strangled cry than a scream, as it was about four in the morning and everyone in my house was asleep. I really can't express how relieved and happy I was at the end of his section to read that he could hear a heart beat starting up again. That was literally a life-line for me because I was about to sink to into some very dark place.

Third, I found the actual transformation itself fascinating. I've (rather obviously) never experienced that level or intensity of pain before but I could imagine it quite vividly based on SM's description. I was horrified when I first read that the morphine prevented Bella from being able to react in any way to the pain she was experiencing. It's kind of like my worst nightmare--being operated on or something when your mind was still awake but your body couldn't respond, and you could still feel the pain. But, in the end I was glad that the morphine kept Bella from screaming because I wouldn't have wanted Edward to be tortured by her pain for the rest of his existence. It would have always been lying just beneath the surface of their relationship, tainting it almost. Anyway, the whole process was intriguing for me because I think it showed everyone just how strong Bella could be after all the times she was so frustrated by being "weak." Like someone (sorry, I'm really bad about going back and finding people's names!) mentioned, the pain was just the admission Bella had to pay to get everything she always wanted; Bella was aware of that and took everything in stride with a strength and maturity that I really didn't know she had in her.

Fourth (I feel like I should keep up this numbering thing, even though it's getting tedious), I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Bella as a new vampire. Everything about that first day when she wakes up was just amazing for me to read. That first kiss with Edward was SO intense that I think I turned completely to jelly. I was extremely happy that she didn't act like a "normal" newborn and that her feelings for Edward were intensified instead of diminished. Furthermore, it was great to be able to see everything through Bella's heightened senses and the descriptions were awesome. I thought it was great that Bella FINALLY saw herself as beautiful--because her not thinking she was good enough for Edward was just sad--and as someone who finally fit in irrevocably. I liked that SM described Bella as being destined to be a vampire because it was the one thing she was finally really good at. That first day as a vampire was my favorite part of the book, actually. The hunting, the vivid clarity of everything, the speed and even trying to act like a human for Charlie gave me a very powerful vicarious rush. Maybe I just get too absorbed in books (or maybe it was the lateness of the hour and all the caffeine I had), but Bella's first day as a vampire was like an actual, physical experience for me. All in all, Bella's transformation was a wild ride that I thoroughly enjoyed.
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