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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Mon May 03, 2010 4:09 pm
by Total Twilight Fan
stephspet13 wrote:I am somethings the pinacle of everyones joke. People stare at me and think i'm a bit of a freak (well, i say a bit...) . My school bag says 'OCD: Obsessive Cullen Disorder' and i was once going up the stairs back to registration and this girl behind me goes 'obsessive cullen...disorder? What is that?
'Its films and books about vampires and dogs'
'Thats really sad'.
I felt really sorry for the girl because she has no idea what Twilight is.
I wear my Team Edward jumper to school too so people think i'm totally sad. Some of my friends love twilight as well but not really as much as me. This is the only place where you can share your interest with people.

If anyone gives you any slack just say
'Hey, i run with vampires'.
Or just feel really sad for them because they are missing out on so much.

Be proud to be a part of something so amazing!

TWILIGHTERS AND PROUD!!! xx :D ;) :) :idea:
There has never been a point were I am ashamed to be a fan. I can take all the ribbing that comes with it, and when people ask me whats my dream, I tell them: I want to be a vampire. Then they never talk to me again but thats their loss. New Moon was the happiest day of my life, and I cant wait for Eclipse. If loving something is sad, then thats what I am.

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 8:03 am
by bored by the sea
:D amen to that!

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 7:00 am
by HarryTuttle
Jazz Girl wrote:I can take good natured ribbing. It's when it crosses the line, like the f-word insult above (sorry, I hate that word, won't retypye it) that it gets to be too much. I don't put down others for liking ultraviolent graphic novels (which I find detestable and am barely able to refer to them as novels). I don't insult the intelligence of others who prefer what I might see as plotless drivel. Why should it bother anyone that I have found a series of novels that challenge me to open my thinking, and that bring me a little happiness? I think that's what I don't get about the hating and the haters. You don't like it? Fine, don't bloody read it. That simple. But, don't be surprised, either, when I can counter everyone of your arguments and insults because I actually read the books and have thoughtful and intentional opinions on them and the issues they raise.
Since you hate that other F word, i think it should be more like "Mutant", basically the X-Men movies with the 80's comics till now are basically metaphors for being gay or other sexual orientions than being straight and mutant is a code for that. Bryan Singer who directed the first 2 X-Men movies is gay as he throws sexuality issues as metaphors and small codes into his movies like in the first X-Men movie it dealt with fear, hate, hiding, a school for "different" people, discovering powers at puberty, fighting for rights, and of course a debate about weither mutants should be allowed to teach children in school and to be in school with mutants as Magneto observes as he's played by gay actor Ian Mckellen as the scene plays as a similar debate in the early 80's about weither gays should be allowed to teach children in school and to be in school with gays. Second movie stars bisexual star Alan Cummings (funny name if you ask me) with the ever gay Ian Mckellen back as there's more metaphors such as Bobby (Iceman) confessing to his parents that he is a mutant with that memorable scene to all the way where Nightcrawler talks with his mother Mystique of how come she can't change into other forms in public as she says "You shouldn't have to". Finally "X-Men The Last Stand" has the idea of a "cure" to different minorities yet those minorities like mutants are mixed on it yet Magneto hates the idea of curing until finally acceptance.

Even Morph in the animated show and comics can be seen as a metaphor for being a transgendered person since he has an ID crisis.

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 2:49 pm
by JustMe44
Well to be honest with you, my husband hates Twilight and he cannot stand when I bring it up. When I do he just rolls his eyes and ignores me. He has actually been really concerned about this obsession.. which comparitively I am NOT obsessed I just like the book a lot, I was the same way with Harry Potter but because it didn't have hot guys in it he didn't have the same reaction. The thing is, I don't have any friends, none, literally. Now I don't feel sorry for me because of this situation because I can't really stand girls that much, they're kind of annoying and liars. But I don't have anyone to talk to about it except for my husband who hates reading and thinks that reading is for geeks. Everytime we see a weird person he says, "I bet that guy reads books." It's totally ridiculous. It's actually become pretty funny, but yes I get made fun of for liking twilight and also for having a "crush" on "my boyfriends" (as they are called) even though I don't really think that either Jacob or Edward is hot. If I thought anyone was hot it would be Carlisle. Now the Edward in my head is totally hot. So I love coming to this website because it helps me feel normal and I get to talk to other people about TWILIGHT!! How awesome.

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 4:57 pm
by bored by the sea
well welcome to the lex, it is the best place to talk about all things twilight ( and tons of other things too) with people that are equally as obsessed :lol:

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 11:15 pm
by Weave
My family teased me mercilessly about loving Twilight, which to be honest with you, is kind of getting old because there is only so many times you can hear the same joke :lol:

My way of looking at it is this, there is no shame in having a interest in something, I am not hurting anyone and it makes me happy.


Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 3:33 pm
by Total Twilight Fan
Today I didnt get teased, but Had my comfirmation I was thought of as the Twiight girl *rubs hands with glee*

Right, well, we had half of our year out for this thing called Rock Challenge Finals- dancing and such- anyway right, in Tutorial we decided to play characdes. I got up there with my friend and I didnt have any ideas (Twilight seemed too obvious) so i asked my teacher. She said Twilight, I said 'No, too obvious.' so instead, I decided to do Underworld, which I had done before.

So I mime '1 word.' and instantly the back row goes 'TWILIGHT, ECLIPSE, TWILIGHT NEW MOON!' (Which is three words I corrected him. And assured them it was nothing to do with my holy book.

Point it, im getting a reputation, but not being teased so much anymore. Most friends i know like it, but arent like me- who breathe it. But people who do get teased I feel sorry for, and stick up for now.

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Mon May 31, 2010 4:45 am
by HarryTuttle
Well don't worry, this place is the right place for true Twilight enjoyers or lovers. Now i don't love Twilight but i do LIKE it as it's one of those guilty pleasure things you know and enjoy it while the first is one of my top 1000 movies.

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Mon May 31, 2010 2:58 pm
by Ginny
It's just ridiculous that people make fun of you because you read a book. I mean, what's the meaning of that? I have a few friends who have read twilight, but none of them like it as much as I do. My best friend reads never, and he is allready rolling eyes as soon as he hears the word 'vampire' or 'book'.

Maybe it's just because some twilight fans are a little 'obsessed' , according to those who haven't read the book. But it's a great thing to say for Stephanie, everyone knows her. And you can as well for it's enemy's as it fans see how popular a book is, don't you think? I think it's rather stupid too to say you hate something, or to say it's ridiculous, when you haven't actually read it. If you have, without being prejudiced, you can hate it as much as you want but than still, keep it to yourself and don't make fun of people because they like something different than you. I really can't stand that.

And I don't understand where all those complaints about the Saga being to 'sexual' are about? I can't remember having read a love story being less sexual. They hardly don't do anything.. and those things they could complain about only happen after they are married, so isn't that actually a perfect example? And when you turn tmf or mtv on you only see half-naked girls dancing around, so they'd better make a problem of that instead of complaining about such a story. You should first know two sides of the story before drawing conclusions.

Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:21 pm
by AlectoCullen
Actually I've noticed a majority of the people who make fun of it and the fans (beyond a good natured teasing) haven't read the books or even tried. Take for example my friend whom I'll call Duncan. He's never read the books, won't watch the movies, and has nothing but horrible things to say about Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight novels. And most of his friends are like that. For a while, I believed him and didn't give it a thought. Then I got the first book and was like, "Hey, this isn't so bad, it's kinda neat." New Moon nearly turned me off them because of the moping and a few things I didn't agree with. I ended up finishing the series due to a project I was working on for a psych course and now I'm very glad I did.

As for the teasing, I get it occasionally, the really bad stuff. It doesn't just have to do with me liking Twilight but also that I have a couple of genetic conditions that somewhat mimic vampirisim. So people think I'm actually trying to be a vampire or something silly like that. Ew that's depressing... Moving on.

What's funny is the ones who tease me the worst or say the most horrid things to me are usually teenage girls and "fellow" Twilight fans. Adults will stop if I tease back or they find out what I'm training to do for a living (it's funny). But some of these kids are real little jerks about it and it always has to do with my age. For the record, I'm not old or dead but I can play a corpse on TV pretty well. And I have a tendency to be a jerk right back; which isn't psychologically healthy in the long run but makes me feel better in the present time. Who knew there was an age limit to liking a story?