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Re: Rosalie Hale

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lady4string wrote:Do you think that Rosalie and Emmett were immediately a couple after she rescued him or do you think they had a lot of issues? The way Edward told it, he made it sound like they were an immediate thing, but I imagine Rose to have issues with men especially since she found him not long after her transformation.

I don't think Bella and Rosalie will ever be as close as she is with Alice or even Esme, but I think they would remain friends for the rest of their existence. I think Rose gained respect for her for the decision to carry out the pregnancy and tough it out. I don't think she was necessarily jealous because her main issue with Bella being a vamp was that she was throwing away her potential to have a family. If she was jealous, I don't think she would really care either way.

I have very conflictin feelings when it comes to Rose. I really wanted to dislike her, but after BD I just couldn't. I think that Nessie brought Rose and Bella closer. Rose understood better than anyone else the desire to have a child and she was the only one who really stood by Bella in her decision to have the baby even though it would, esentially, kill her. I do believe that she wished Bella wouldn't throw her human life away b/c as Rose says, she wishes there had been someone there to keep her from becoming a vamp. I think though, that Bella's decision to go through with the pregnancy gave Rose a new respect for her.

I believe that while Rose probaby did have issues with the rape that it was, as was said, that the memories of her human life were strong but more like they had happened to someone else than her. She says that when she saw Emmett that she was reminded of her human friend's child. I think she saw in Emmett a link to her past life that she could keep with her for eternity. I also think that Emmett's happy go lucky, love everyone attitude was the perfect partner to Rose's selfish, dissatisfied attitude.
twihart wrote:One of the things I have been thinking about is how Rosalie feels about Carlisle. She comments that she wishes someone had been there to vote for her and says none of their stories have a happy ending or they would be under a gravestone. This all reflects how unhappy she is being a vampire which is directly because of action taken by Carlisle. Wouldn't these commments seem to be pointed at him?
I think that while she still harbors some resentment at being turned into a vamp against her will (or more accurately, without anyone asking her opinion at all) that she doesn't necesarilly hold it against Carlisle. Though she wishes that she would have been given the choice I think she still respects and loves Carlisle for all that he has done for her and the example he has been.
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Re: Rosalie Hale

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100 pages! Great discussion, everyone -- and time to move on to Rosalie Hale thread #2
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