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Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by Nena »

What did you think about the actors' performances?
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by ECfan20 »

I was pleasantly surprised with Kristen's performance. I was not thrilled with the scene's I had seen of her, she just didn't seem to be happy or in love from what I had seen of her and was a bit nervous. I will admit that I was completely wrong about her! And I'm happy I was, she did a fantastic job, though I do wish the movie was a bit longer so that there could have been adequate(?) time to show more of Bella and Edward falling in love (I felt that everything was rushed through without proper explanation, if that makes sense). I think it would have made more sense to people who haven't read the book. Everyone else I wasn't too worried about, and I loved everyone of them! Billy was awesome as Charlie and Taylor as Jacob, he had the bubbly happy-go-lucky sense that Jacob in the book does. I love Ashley as Alice and Peter as Carlisle was great! I loved it!
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by Lynzeee »

ROb- was awesome he gets a total A with me... i was totally dazzled. i actually forgot it was rob really- i thought it was EDWARD which is good.

Kstew- Hrmm-- i am iffy about her actually- i think she was good, but a bit emotionally dead really.

Peter(carlisle)- Was a rock star! and looked AWESOME! loved it.

Jackson- Blew my mind i wish he was in it more- i loved the baseball scene the thing he did with the bat was SWEET!

Ashley- is adorable and wow she tore James up!

Kellan- was perfect! Emmett totally!

Nikki- i was soo worried that she wasn't going to cut it... but she was a B--- which was perfect for Rose.

Liz- She looked like Esme.. thats about it.

i wish that they had built up some of the other characters.

the gang at school were all great expect Eric and Angela- i always pictured a dorky guy for eric.. and a very shy girl for Angela- but Angela was gossipy and didn't seem shy at all.

BILLY BURKE stole the show- he was so awesome as charlie!

taylor was good for Jake- but.. maybe not for New moon jake.

Billy black- was awesome that look he gave edward WOW..

hrmm am i forgetting someone?
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by winchestersgirl »

I was happy with all of the performances, esp. Rob's. He WAS Edward.

I thought that the first 20 minutes really dragged, but then it picked up. I wish that they had spaced out the 'falling in love' part. It felt hurried.

I was impressed with Rob's performance in the meadow scene. Very convincingly shifting from concerned to angry to scary and back to sweet.

I DID NOT LIKE the rewrite of the 'heroin' conversation. They took out all the explaination and then gave the line to Rob. I sure that he did the very best that he could with such a chessy line....

The bedroom kiss was AMAZING. HOT. Rob went from lustful teen to hungry vampire very well.

of course, all of us will have different reactions than those who haven't read the book. I took my friend who hasn't read the books. She said that it was really good as a whole and that it made her want to read the books.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by roxyrae »

I will admit in the beginning before the movie came out I was not impressed with the cast, I had some different pictures in my mind and many of them did not fit it. I saw the movie yesterday and I was pleasently suprised with the performances of most of those I was unsure about.

I love how Peter Facinelli played Carlisle, I know in the beginning I could not see him as Carlisle but now I can't see anyone but him playing the roll. He did an amazing job of being the compassionate doctor.

I also enjoyed Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, I have only seen her on the Ex List and from that I could not imagine her as Esme but she totally fit in the scenes that she was in.

I was also thrilled with Niki Reed and Ashley Greene, I too had different choices for their characters but they too did an amazing job. Ashley played a good Alice, I would have liked to see more hyper activeness but overall she was really really good. Niki, just wow!

Robert was also suprisingly good as well. He is totally not what I imagined as Edward and in the beginning wasn't too thrilled with him but after seeing the movie he was really good! I could totally see self loathing Edward from him.

Now onto the performances I expected:

Kellan: I loved his version of Emmett. I knew he would be able to do a good job, I saw him on 90210 and I was sold after that. I only wish we got to see more of him!!!!! He was funny and good looking ;).

I also enjoyed Cam's version of James. He did not appear the way I imagined him but I saw him on the OC and know that he can play an excellent villian!!! I think he did a really good job, he played James evil and obsessed just how the James in the book is.

Now onto Kristen: I did not like her performance, she didn't really show many emotions, to me her character of Bella seemed as though she was moody 24/7 which we know that Bella is not. I did not get the "totally I am in love" image when Bella was suppose to be in love in the scene, I got kind of a "ok whatever who cares" kind of vibe from it. Personally if I was inlove emotionally I would not be the same as when I am moving to Forks or when I am shopping with the girls in Port Angelous. The only time that there was a significance emotion change was when she was in the hospital and Edward told her to go to Jacksonville because she was freaking out and when she found out that James was coming after her because then too she was freaking out. Beforehand I thought that she was an OK choice, not the best and well those expectations were brought down even more after seeing the movie.

All in all though the cast was good, I only have the issue with Kristen, otherwise I think everyone else is pretty much perfect. Jacob was soooooooooooo cute! I am not team Jacob, team Edward all the way but the movie might just make me team Switzerland!!
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by sarina1113 »

Taylor's performance as Jacob Black was great for the few short scenes he was in. I think that main focus for him was to portray his admiration of Bella and he did that amazingly well. He was genuinely sweet to her and that's what counts. The scene at the prom was great because we got to see the size up between Jacob and Edward and it's the first time you saw Jacob with a dark expression. Does he have werewolf potential? I think so. Am I excited to see more Jacob in New Moon? Damn right.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by wildroses »

hm i go.

rob- great job, maybe a bit awkward at times but still really good.

kristen- amazing job, i thought she did wonderful although i do think she should have cried at certain parts, like when she leaves charlie

kellan- :D i loved him! he did a perfect job

nikki- again, awesome. she was a perfect rose

jackson- he was good, i loved the bat part as well

ashley- i think she looked like alice...but as far as her acting goes..i'm iffy on it. she was a little strange to me.

peter- i think he was an amazing carlisle and did the best job ever!

elizabeth- she was a pretty good esme..i think she definitely looked like her, she didn't have many lines so its hard to say

billy burke- wonderful charlie.

gil (billy black)- i think he was great! he was totally billy for me

taylor- *sighs* that wig...ugh. so i guess he was alright for a twilight jacob but for a new moon jacob?? i'm not seeing it yet...sorry.

oh!! i almost forgot the bad vamps!!

rachel- the best victoria! seriously, i was SO IMPRESSED she did OUTSTANDING

edi- again, totally impressed, he did the accent and everything so great! i loved him!

cam- gosh could he have been any hotter?!?! but yes he did fantastic as james, i couldn't have asked for anyone better.

:D NOW i think thats it.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by Ally_Cat »

Lynzeee wrote:
BILLY BURKE stole the show- he was so awesome as charlie!
I totally agree! I loved Billy Burke as Charlie; he captured the character so well, plus he was hilarious.

One of my favs. was Nikki as Rosalie. I had no problems w/ her as Rose, but she really brought the evil, cat-iness out. It was perfect.

I also loved Anna Kendrick as Jessica.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by spookybell »

Rob as Edward: I thought he was great. He had the pain of being who he is, the love for Bella that also caused him pain becaus of the love / kill delema.

Kristen as Bella: I don't like Kristen but I thought her Bella was perfect. She wasn't a perfect girl, she was a bit apprehensive and NOT into the "look at me" scene.

Jacob was darling. His glare at the end - perfection. I don't know how he is going to grow. I noticed he is Bella's highth and a friend who picked him up at the airport for a local mall event said he is TINY.

Billy was great I loved the horseplay with charlie.

Charlie was better than expected and I fely for him when Bella left.

Rosalie: While not being as geougeous as she should have been, she had the attitude DEAD on.

Carslile was great. The only distraction is that his hair is not blond and it looked weird, but I got over that.

Jackson as Jasper
. I am not a Jackson fan but I thought he played Jasper very well! Uncomfortable, hesitent, feelig pressing in on him and unassure of his new vegie self. Loved him.

Alice: Good. I wanted her to be cuter, but I liked her Ballet kick before the pitch and the fact that she rripped James' head off!

Renee was perfect because she was so ditzy and I loved it.

Who Else. Mike and Eric were great.

Emmett: Hysterical and so emmett - I can't wait to see more of him in the future!

oh Esme: I am glad she had a small part. I don't love her. She isn't my esme. She is Ava from Greays anatomy and I could overlook it.

James: Great!!!!

can I quickly mention the very annorexic looking girls?????
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by vulcanix »

Edward- I thought he pulled it off pretty good and he definitely showed his emotions well. Can't wait to see him in the next movies because I think he learned more about how to play the character and will get better.
Bella- Ok, Never got the feeling that she was madly in love, but she had some good moments of chemistry with Rob. Can't wait to see if she can pull off all the different feelings she has in New Moon.
Carlisle- Really well done for the few scenes he was in
Jasper- His tortured look all the time definitely came off as looking funny and I don't think that is what they were going for. He was cool in the baseball scene.
Alice- Not bad. She gave off the feeling of being happy and energetic all the time and that's how I think of Alice.
Emmett- Perfect for what little he did. When you first see him coming into the cafeteria he really had kind of a scary look to him like you wouldn't want to mess with him and I thought that was awesome.
Rosalie- Pretty good. She looked like she thought the world revolved around her which is how Rosalie is in the books.
Esme- Good, but didn't have much of a part.
School People- Bella's friends from school were better than I expected and I thought they all did well.
Charlie- Best performance in the movie. He portrayed Charlie and all his emotions perfectly and he provided some good comic relief.
Renee- Good, seemed just like in the books.
Jake- Felt friendly and did ok, but I'm interested to see how he will do in New Moon.
Billy Black- Played his part perfectly. He felt just like Billy in the books.
Nomads- Ok, I'm interested in seeing how Victoria will be in the next couple movies.
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