Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

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Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by Nena »

Dylan wrote:WE TOTALY NEED AN ADMIN+ MOD (I think thats what the green ones are :/) + STEPHENIE APPRICIATION THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you all work so hard and i think it would be great if you guys could get some positive feedback that everone could see...
Without you guys there would be no lexicon!!! and I would be sad... But your here and I thank you....
Post away :)
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by Variety »

Ooh, new thread! And what a great chance to say how much these ladies have done for us. The admins and mods actually spend a lot of time keeping things running. And they aren't paid for their time. Alphie and Pel have created this site partly because they felt we fans needed a place to gather. And it has brought so much to so many people.

Thanks for all you do to keep the lexicon running. I appreciate it every day.

Ultimately, the biggest thanks goes to Stephenie herself for creating such a world that has drawn so many of us together. I have met so many friends online and in person, and it has enriched my life. THANKS!
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by Granuaile »

Ha! Dylan's soooooo right! All the lex admins and Alcy, Ouisa, and the seekers and Elizabeth (Steph's sister) and Seth (the webmaster) and Pancho (Steph's husband) and STEPHENIE MEYER put so much work into having and awesome place to chill, twilight style. As if the books weren't enough!
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »


I totally posted Pel about this so i am glad this is happening!

Dear Administrators and Moderators.
You guys do so much for us!

I appreciate you all so much. You work day and night so that we can discuss the series we love so much.

I know it takes so much work to do this but you guys keep working and join us on the threads and have a good time. You somtimes even pretend to act as the chracters for us! Which is so much fun becuase you all do such an amzing job with it. You let us imagine and make our hearts stop when one of our favorite chracters post. YOu even make up fun special days for us.

The lex was hacked and many would have given up and not restore the site. But you guys did restore it. So i like many thank you for that.

You bring us together. So that we are able to see other veiws of how others see the books.

You all are so amazing and must never forget that! You all should be proud of yourselves and shout it to the sky.

Thank you ever so much
Lots of love

Dear Stephenie!

Thank you for everything. For this Saga that has captured out hearts.You have been so sweet to us and have cared about us. And i appricaiate that.

You have done so many special events for us. Like the Amazing Eclipse Prom and the Breaking Dawn Concert Series. You have taken us into your heart like we have taken you in ours.

You have brought us happiness.

You have even given us the chance to make new friends.

You are such an amazing person and you will always have my love in support in what ever you do!

You helped me save myself through your writing and i am ever greatful for that.

Thank you for all you have done. I am so proud of you. And you should be poud of yourself.

And know you deserve the love you we offer to you. You are amazing!

Love always
Love Always ~KaseyHeartEdward

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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by porscheturbo911 »

I want to thank all the Administrators and Mods for making such a great place for us Twilight fans to hang out.
I have so much fun on the forums, and I love the blog. What would I do without my daily Twilight update ;)!

When I can't talk to my friends about certain things in Twilight (lest they think I'm insane), I'm so glad that I can come here and know I'm among hard core fans, like myself, who won't judge!
The Lex has made the whole reading experience just that much better! Once again, I want to thank the Admins and Mods &&& Stephenie Meyer for everything they do that makes this whole fandom such a great place to be! ♥
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by srabrgr »

Thank you Admins and Mods! You guys are brilliant :D Thanks for keeping up such a beautiful site.
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by oleander »

There are no words in my vocabulary that could best describe how the Lexicon has changed my life, nor are there enough words to thank the Administrator and Moderators of this site. Thank you seems so petty and thin, but just the same, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Without the Lex I'd be sorely lost. Until recently the members of the board were the only people, short of hanging out at the local bookstore, that I could talk to about all things Twilight. I was still in the process of trying to convert my friends (three down, a few more to go) and the frustration of having no one to talk to was getting the best of me. The Lexicon made me feel less alone in the Twilight universe, but also introduced me to some great new friends.

So, again, Thank You to the wonderful people who keep the Lexicon running. Thank you for your hard work, your diligence, your love of all things SM, and introducing me to the most wonderful people in the world!
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by brunetterebel010 »

ah a place to be thankful how nice.

I thank Stephenie for bringing us the Twilight Saga, the MOST amazing books I have ever read (and I've read ALOT of books (nearly 200 in middle school alone) including great classics). For sharing with us her most amazing of amazing dreams!

I thank the lovely people who built and maintain this site. A place for us to talk about our shared love :) I can't even begin to imagine the work it takes to run and police something like this...

You ARE appreciated :)

rock on!
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by Nala »

I am not often online here in this beautiyful place but when I read that s.b. hacked this awesome place down I nearly exploded because I was so angry and full of energy to punch someone.
And here you are again. Someone hit you (the mods) in the middle of the face and you all are doing this wonderful work for us like nothing or almoust like nothing happened.
I want to speak out loud how much I appreciate your work and your patience with us.
I love this place so much.
When I read the names Pel or Alphie and all the other admins's name, ah Eri, I sigh, and think, what a great couple of souls

Thank you so much!!!
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Re: Administrator+Moderator+ Stephenie Meyer appreciation :)

Post by Destani »

I'm new here but I also want to thank everyone who created the Lexicon and keeps it running smoothly. Before I found this place, I had nowhere to discuss my new obsession. I was driving my husband insane because I wouldn't shut up about Twilight. He just doesn't get it yet. Maybe if I can ever get him to read the books... :roll:

So thank you for providing an outlet where I talk about Twilight with people who don't think I'm crazy. :D

And a huge thank you to Stephenie Meyer for sharing these wonderful books with us. I'm so glad she decided to publish her dream. I support her while she's going through this difficult time and I hope she never completely loses the desire to write. I'll read anything she decides to give us.
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