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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by catieolacullen »

-I can wiggle my ears
-I can touch my tongue to my nose
-I can kind of put my leg behind my head
-I can move my scalp without touching my head at all
-I can crack my knuckles and neck/back reeeally loudly if I don't do it for a while... haha
-I can touch my foot to my head
-I can put my hands in like a prayer position behind my back, haha.
-That's all I can think of.
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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by bittenbyEdwardCullen »

*I can make my hands move like spiders.
*I can make my fingers do the worm.
*I can make my toes do a dance because I spread my toes apart and cross them over each other.
*I can fold up my tongue like a taco.
*I can put my whole fist in my mouth.
*I can put my leg behind my head.
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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by BeautifulVeins »

I can shake my eyeballs,
hyper extend my elbows (they bend waaay past where they are supposed to)
and I have a small bone missing in my back, so I can bend at really strange angles.
I also have this thing called dermitographism, so if I like write quite firmly on my arm, the letters pop out like I have bugs under my skin. Its hard to explain, but its really weird. :D
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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

i can bend the tops of my fingers back real far
i asked my bio teacher and she said it was un-natural

i can fold my tongue into a three leafed clover shape
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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by darkrider »

i can stick my hole fist in my mouth.


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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by museicalking »

read when i listen to metal music
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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by Waffle of Doom »

This is gross, but I can pick my nose with my tounge. :oops:

I can also put my feet behind my head and eat a banana with my feet, I have monkey toes, meaning I can pretty much use my feet like hands.
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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by fireice99 »

`I can bend the top joint of my fingers and put my thumb back in joint
` I can twist my hand all the way around
` i can make my knee crack really loud

and i can hold my dog in a way that it looks like i ate him, with him sticking out on either side of my stomach. heh heh he actually lets me do this.

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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by Christine! »

My friend can lick his elbow.

I can't do anything special.
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Re: Weird things you can do

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

And I can lick my elbow.
And pop every joint in my body. except my hips.

I can pop my fingers, elbows, knees, ankles(2 different parts of my ankles actually), all my toes, my neck, my back, my wrists, and sometimes my shoulders, but not very often. :D
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