Boys in books are just better

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Boys in books are just better

Post by Pel »

One of the most common characteristics of readers of Twilight/New Moon and other fantastic books is the belief that...


This is the thread for the girls who really believe that boys in books are just better. Who are some of your favorites?

Obviously, there are the Cullen boys, the other vampires, the darling wolves, and Charlie, but there HAS to be SOME other amazing boy in a book you're just DYING to get a hug from.

Who is it?

I'll start...

One of my favorite characters in the WORLD is Lancelot, specifically in this context from the musical Camelot, but also featured in many many many books written with King Arthur.

Lancelot, or the one I saw on the traveling Camelot musical cast just recently, is HOT. He is gorgeous, he's got the most beautiful voice ever, and my heart melts every time I think about the song "If Ever I Should Leave You."

He's also the definiton of a dangerous dirty little secret. Wink
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

I believe boys in books are just better!!!!!!!!
Boys can't get much better than that.

1. The Cullen boys. :D
2. Edward Cullen *swoon*
3. Jesse-The Mediator
He was my favourite before Twilight came along
4. Julian-It Girl
I still love him.
5. Jamie-The Host <3

That's about all I have for now.
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Jasper<3 »

Ummmm after virtually every guy in Twilight....... harry potter and Ron and all his brothers!!!
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Amethyst1 »

tell me about it, i have a whole list
-Alec (hehe!! i love him)
-Landon (a walk to remember)
-Noah (the notebook)
those are the ones on my mind right now...
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by catieolacullen »

-Ian O'Shea & Jamie Stryder from The Host
-All the Cullen boys of course!
-Jacob Black <3
-Cameron from Revenge of the Wannabes
-Victor from Cathy's Book (very mysterious, intrigued me with that, I recommend it for all the Twilighter's out there!!! You'll like the end :))
-The guy (whose name I cannot remember right now) from The Break Up Bible
-Doug (I think!! CRAP can't remember anyone's names!) from the TTYL series! Such a geek, very cute.
-Ben (I think) from Fake ID!
-A lot of other I know I'm forgetting
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Edward's Vampheart »


Guys in real life just don't match up to those in books. Here is a list of my faves:

Edward (No duh! :roll: ) - Twilight
Jasper - Twilight
Jacob - Twilight
Emmett - Twilight
Carlisle - Twilight
Seth - Twilight
Jesse - Mediator Series
Stefan - Vampire Diaries
Jace - City Of Bones
Seth - Wicked Lovely

Ok, there's many more but I don't want to go overboard (If I haven't already :oops: ). This is probably why I don't have a boyfriend.

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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by twiheartx »


Edward -Twilight
Seth -Breaking Dawn
Jasper- Twilight
Noah- The Notebook
Mr. Darcy- Pride & Predjeduce
Garret- Breaking Dawn

Magical Almost.
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Shugo_vampire »

mine are
1. The Twilight boys >.<
2. Jasper Hale
3. Ed Elric (I've hugged the dude who voices him >.<) -Full Metal Alchemist
4. Ayumu Narumi - Spiral
5.Jasper Hale
6. Emmett Cullen
7.Seth - twilight saga
8.Zero - vampire knight
9. L-Death note
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Miss Vengeance »

Ian O'Shea from The Host, Jasper Hale from Twilight as well as Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter.
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Lisa_bryony »

I totally agree!

My favourite books all have a male character in them that I can have a crush on, expect Harry Potter strangely. None of the HP characters have ever really caught my attention to be honest.

But favourite boys:

1) JACOB! Seriously, I literally love him. He is everything a guy should be.
2) Edward Cullen - he is so caring, loving and plain lovely. Also, the way he growls is pretty hot.
3) Mr Knightly from Emma, he is just so sweet and also kind of arrogant and self-assured.
4) Dave The Laugh from Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. I love him, he is so cheeky and you can tell he'd be really attractive.
5) Robbie a.k.a the SG from Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, he is just so nice and also quite mature.
6) Magnus from Four Play - gorgeous, blonde, passionate, talented. Phwoar!

As you can see I think about these guys a lot. I'm actually a massive nerd. :geek:
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