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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by YouAreMyLifeNow »

urcoolcarrie wrote:I was with a group of friends last night, and we were all wearing matching scarves and hats (it was her birthday party, and her mom bought us them.), and some guy came up and was like "oh wow! you guys look like pippi longstocking! cool!" we were like, :? um...ok?
You seriously just made my day! ( it was a good day, that was just really funny)

I was with my mom and this girl that i know but shes not really my friend came up to my mom and was "like you look just like that girl on desprate house wives!"
my mom was like ooookkkkaaaayyyyy :?
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by littlelamb »

My teeth. I always get told that I have nice teeth and that they are really white. I used to cocktail waitress at a bar when I was in college and a dentist used to always come in and make me smile for him and then he would tell me that he wanted to use my smile in a commercial. I think he was trying to get free drinks ;)
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by »

The other day my best friend's dad asked me if i wore contacts, and i said no (i have almost 20/20 vision, not that anybody cares, but just clarifying). and then he asked if my eyes were always that blue, and i said "yeah i guess so."
and then he said "if i had those eyes i'd be a male model." :lol:

and then the other day this girl at school complimented my eyes. I really don't think my eyes are any different from any other blue-eyed person. so i thought it was really kinda strange.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by iamthevampiregirl »

i was sitting against a wall in my school beside this guy and he was sorta close I guess cuz he randomly said ; you smell good today! at first I was creeped out, then I was thinking "what's with the 'today' part? is it a compliment? My friends are always telling me i smell good, and the one day I wasn't wearing any body mist or anything he tells me I smelt good. For the rest of the day I was wondering if he was secretly trying to tell me that my perfume stinks and that I should lay of it. :lol:
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by lovvetwilight »

Some of the stories on here are really hilarious!!

I was in my history class and my teacher told me (in front of about half the class) that she really liked the bird design on my shirt, and then went on to ask if I had drawn it myself, still looking at it. It wouldn't have been awkward if it hadn't been on the chest area...and if she hadn't said it again the next time that I wore the shirt, as if she hadn't said it before. I mean, it was nice of her to compliment. Just kind of odd. << please press

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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by -Jasper »

I haven't got any strange compliments, but my best friend always comes out with compliments about my eyelashes at the weirdest times. Like when we're waiting for the bus he'll say "Your eyelashes are really long, they look like butterfly wings" and I just laugh at him. :D

Also, my feet. They are huge, and really narrow and I always get compliments...
It's so hard to find shoes though.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight »

people always give me complimesnt on my eyes...
sometimes my friends will be like ... "thanks for acting dumb"... cause im kinda smart but i dont like to act like a dork in public just when im doing school work... ewww school..
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by StupidxLamb »

"I don't care what people say, you are special."

It was said by one of my youth leaders (who is 22). He was laughing when he said it and it was after I did something to make myself look extremely stupid. Lol. Oh well.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by TeamJake »

This thread makes me laugh so much. I have gotten my fair share of weird compliments.

- I have been told I have cute ears which I think is really strange because who looks at people's ears now days?

- This guy on my bus was touching my friend's hair and then he touched mine and he was like " wow you have really soft hair!". So I was like" uh..thanks" and he kept going on and on about how soft my hair was and he kept stroking it.

- I have been told I had a cute nose. What exactly classifies a cute nose? I don't even want to know because this person was obviously high.

- I have been told I had nice legs by several people which isn't a strange compliment, except when your principle tell's you that right after after yelling at you for breaking the dress code.

- I have been told I was voluptuous by a guy which makes me roll on the floor laughing because I have a small chest.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by Niinella »

- "I'll kill you if you ever cut your hair." Well, we all get the compliment - she obviously liked my long hair, but dude.. seriously, that sounded scary. :D She said it while playing with my hair, staring into the distance.. it was kind of scary.

- "You have nice eyebrows." Err, thanks? I guess some people pay attention to stuff like eyebrows.

- "Oh, you have SUCH small hands!" Said in a complimenting tone. And right after that, she started saying how cute I looked with the huge bun on my tiny hands. Actually, it was rather irritating. "Oooh, that bun looks HUGE on your hands! And even compared to your head, it's big.. how cute!!" Err, isn't it more logical that the bun was actually big?

- We were doing a Lord of the Rings movie with my friends, and they told me about the movie when they had already decided the characters for everyone. Well, they had cast me as Frodo (lol :D), and some of them said, "well, because you're short." Then suddenly one of my friends said that, "you're Frodo because you have big eyes! Frodo has big eyes, right.." I really don't have big eyes, and I was wondering about that when another friend said that "you have that twinkle in your eyes that makes them look big." She said that in eerie, distant voice.. that was very weird.
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