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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Shannon »

Well, since you asked, I have many "Bella" moments....

I fell down 2 flights of stairs at school infront of my teacher and principal and class.... that was bad
I ran into my doorway and fractured my wrist and had to get stitches on my forehead not to long ago
I was playing tennis and ran into a fence.
I tripped over my feet walking on the sidewalk.
I slipped on ice and got bruises all over!
I missed the step on the bus for the first day of school and scraped up my leg pretty bad.
And I ran into my screen door and broke it when i did a dive into the living room
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by twiheartx »

well... im clumsy.. so i fall down.. a lot..

but this is my friends story:

i was over her house, sleeping over. and she had this wooden bar.. with an opening.. in the kitchen. but it stuck out into the living room. and she did a cartwheel. and her foot smashed into it and split the wood. we went to the hospital and the docotor gave us popcicals. he asked her questions like " are you married?" she says no. he asked" How many guys have you dated?" she says "none." he practically screams " YOU MARRIED A NUN?!" she turned bright red and denied the whole thing.
it was hilarious!!
(we were 12)
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by simple_love♫ »

I was walking up the stairs at yesterday school and tripped over myself... but the guy behind me caught me haha... it was kind of embarrassing... then later I dropped my books and they scattered all over the place and the same guy from the stairs helped me pick it up... then I thanked him and ran away... tripping over myself in the process... :oops:
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Crooked_Rose »

Okay, I thought of another moment.

So my theater company was doing something called a Broadway Revue, meaning that we just perform a variety of songs from musicals. Anyway we were performing America from West Side Story and we had to do this very difficult dance.

So during one of the rehearsal I completely twirl the other way and knock over half the set.

Gah, so awful.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Gabbie »

I always have Bella moments. :shock:
I've fallen UP stairs more times than I can remember. Not so much down stairs because I'm really cautious when I walk down stairs,hahaha.
Umm..I've fallen flat on my butt when I was standing completely still.
I always trip when I'm standing still. Like my knees give way or I just lose balance.
Without a doubt, at least once a week, I walk into the corner of my bed and end up with a giant bruise on my leg.
About two weeks ago, I was home alone and a little hyper. :roll: So I thought it'd be a good idea to slide on the kitchen tiles (with socks on), and I fell and put a massive hole in my pj pants.
When I was in grade 9, I was walking through the quad, which is like.. the middle of the main building (but its outside) aaand all the verandas were lined with seniors because it was just after lunch and they were waiting to go into class, and I tripped over my own feet and fell flat on my face. That was SO embarrasing.
I think in grade 3, we were doing a bush walk and we got to this giant rock thing that we had to climb off, like it wasn't that high, less than a metre.. and the girl behind me lost her balance and tripped, and then she grabbed me for support, I fell forwards and pushed the girl infront of me (who jumped off without a scratch anyway) and then I fell off and scraped all the skin off my shin. Haha.

SO theres some of my Bella moments. :lol:
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by HipsAndHearts »

On Thursday, I had a meeting with my new piano teacher. We were leaving her studio and my mom was walking really fast. I wanted to catch up and didn't realise that there was one step leading out. I tripped and fell and my ankle is still swollen and sore. I don't know if I tore something or if it's just acting up because it's stupid, but still, it hurts like heck. I also ran into a shelf at Wal-Mart today. I also fell on my bed and bruised my knee last night.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by eternitys_charm »

When I'm nervous, I blush like crazy and trip.
Sadly, when I'm around a cute boy, again I blush, may trip, and occasionally stutter
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

My most recent event was about 10 months ago. I was coming around a corner in my nursing unit. We have open bays with infant treatment beds lined up in rows on each side of the bays. Well we have these bubbles in the linoleum on the floor and I took a wrong step, my ankle buckled, and down I went flat on my face. I jumped up and kept on going.... all the while the daddy of one of the recent newborns witnessed the whole thing along with two of my co-workers and all were laughing at me. To this day I have yet to live it down! :roll: And, they bring it up at every possible chance they get! :oops:

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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by tinuviel2006 »

I'm very clumsy, so I pull a Bella lots of times! Either I drop something, or trip!
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by samajama »

i tend to trip up/fall down stairs quite often. not bad enough to injure myself -- i dont consider bruises injuries anymore -- but yeah, a lot. lol. i remember one distinct time.. freshman year, no less. a bunch of seniors were walking up the stairs behind me and i was rushing to my locker or class or something. tripped up and fell down in one foul swoop. i cracked up, which i think is what frightened them more than anything and just scurried away. i sat on the step for a bit before scurrying because i couldnt stop laughing. ah, good times.

i dance, so i generally have good balance, posture, and the ability to walk without faling down, or so you'd think.. haha. i tend to randomly trip over my own feet/random things lying around. thats how i sprained my ankle twice and knee once. haha.
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