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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by ♥midnight_sun♥ »

I have this problem a lot. I'm usually quite graceful, but in the winter time I start tripping and walking all funny. (Kinda reminds me of Rob and Kristen a bit with their odd quirks like that) Luckily, I rarely fall, but I do trip a lot.

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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Timothy »

During a snow storm a few years back I had to walk to the grocery store. Here in the South we don't have many or hardly any salt trucks for ice. So, when there's ice the roads are usually impossible to drive on. On the way there I saw a patch of ice on the sidewalk. I couldn't really avoid because there were cars idling at the light and a fence on the other side of it. So I braved the ice, and of course slipped and fell. As I get up I see a group of rather attractive girls in the car enjoying quite a laugh at my expense.

A time that actually left a scar to this day was when I was riding around on my bike with a friend. I was looking to my left and didn't notice that he stopped. I hit his back tire and flipped over the handlebars of my bike. I had a major gash on my forehead that had to be stitched up. I still have the scar down the middle of my head. It is a conversation starter though, lol.

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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by best_beating_heart »

I have tooooooons of clumsy moments. I don't remember all of them but my mom always tells me I'm gonna end up killing myself, that's how bad it gets. :lol:

Like today, I was putting clothes away and I pulled my dresser drawer out but I didn't know it went out so far, and I leave it open because I'm dumb, haaa. I crash into it later and it falls on my leg. It hurt.

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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Cullen_Lover »

Once I was on one of those sliding bar thingys on a playground and my grandma accidently pushed me really hard(she's a strong little thing.) and I went zooming with the bar all the way to the end of the bar track then when I hit the end, because I was going so fast, I flew off the end(and I mean FAR) and bruised my knee really bad. I'm serious it was a rainbow; red, yellow, green, blue,black & purple. I had to walk around with that for EVER. Another time in grade 4 our teacher forced us to play with this new girl(I don't think they're allowed to do that...) and me and my friends were twisting some kid on a swing, and we were running around with our hands on the chain and since I'm me my finger got caught between two chains and I was in shock so I couldn't tell them to stop pushing, and I couldn't stop so I ended up spraining my thumb. I almost passed out, meanwhile my teacher is yelliing at me for not playing with the new girl, then they realize whats happened and take me to the office.(first aid room is IN the office.) Also another time I had a slight pain in my knee when I walked right,(thought it was growing.)the next day I stepped out of bed and my knee buckled and totally face planted,I had to use crutches for like a week, now that sucked.

I also bruise my hip alot on corners of counters, and fall up stairs, and fall over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
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