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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by meganleann »

I am FOREVER pulling a Bella...

Like at my job, I am the clumsiest of all my co-workers. I trip over rugs, run into the safe (I work in a convenience store), run into chip racks, drop customers' change, etc. I've also fallen over the baby gate that divides our store room from my boss's office so many times that if I have to take something to my boss, or get something, she has to bring stuff to me or take stuff from me because I'm now not allowed to cross the gate! And at home... ugh... has anybody ever walked into a door that was wide open? I have. Twice. And I fall up and down steps. I'm also notorious for slipping on ice every winter! I could go on forever about this!

But my most recent, and by far most embarrassing clumsy moment was at home. My parents were frying tacos and needed a shallower skillet for them. So I bent down into a lower cabinet to grab a different skillet, lost my balance as I was trying to get up, fell forward and hit my head on the counter. I had a nice little scrape on my forehead for about a week. And to really make matters worse, I had to go to work that night and answer to "What'd you run into this time?" repeatedly.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by BellaJen »

I had one last week, and seriously, it sucked :lol:

I was sitting down at the cafeteria with all of my coworkers, and I was in a booth. I went to get out of the booth, and somehow my foot caught and my hand slipped off of the table and I completely face planted out of the booth onto the floor in front of all of my coworkers :oops:

Talk about embarrassing I thought I was going to cry. Plus, I really bruised my knee up badly. I totally felt like Bella and was wishing Edward was there to have caught me, or put his cold hands on my bruised up knee! :twisted:
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by WishIWasACullen »

Alright, so this is SOO Bella. We were having a blood drive at my high school and my friends kept pestering me to give blood because it's "just the right thing to do". And I always hated the sight, thought and smell of blood, but succumbed to peer pressure anyway. About ten minutes before my appointment to give blood, I was sitting in the choir room trying to focus on a competition piece and all of a sudden my head turns to thoughts of giving blood and, wouldn't you know, I wake up a minute later on the ground and in a cold sweat. I seriously passed out in front of everyone in class, merely THINKING of giving blood. Needless to say, I didn't give blood that day.

And one more.....

I'm a dancer so I basically dance everywhere. In the eighth grade I was a teacher's aide for a P.E class and it was towards the last day of school so we didn't have to dress down into P.E clothes in order to do some physical activities and whatnot. So I was wearing some awesome jeans, practicing the tryout routine for the dance team at the high school that I would be attending the next year. At one part of the routine we broke out in a long tombe` pas de bouree leap combo (for any non-dancers that's a few steps then jumping into the splits in the air) and as I was doing my second leap in the series I hear "RRRRIIIIIPPPPP" and oh jeez. I split the crotch seam of my jeans as I was leaping and, of course, I had already cleaned out my P.E locker so I didn't have anything to change into. I had to borrow a nasty pair of school shorts to wear the rest of the day.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Krystal »

I have lots of them. But only the really embaressing one stick.
One day I was walking home from school with my friend, and I was braided some thing we learned in Art class. As we were walking I was looking down at what I was doing and not paying any attention to what was infront of me. Then all of a sudden my head hit a mailbox, and I feel down into the mud, while all the buses were driving by and my friend was laughing at me, while trying to see if I was okay! :( I will never forget that.

Then one time, a few of my friends and I were on top of a hill in the winter and there was mud. We were in our snow pants and stuff. While we were just standing there talking, I moved my foot a bit and hit the patch of mud and went rolling down the hill. When I got up, I was full of mud from head to toe, and they were all laughing at me ):

oh, and one other one...
This one isn't totally my fault, but still embaressing..
I was at a school trip in Ottawa, and a few of my friends and I were in the store Fair Weather. As we were walking around, my friend in front of my other friend hit her foot against a wheely clothes cart (by accident) and then fell. My friend behind her fell on top of her, and then the cart came flying back to me and I dodged out of the way, but while doing that I tripped over my friends and landed on top of them. Everyone in that store stared.. it was creepy and really embarressing..
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Lioness Rampant »

I HATE being an oaf. I am so clumsy. Its so embarassing at times I feel like I want the earth to swallow me.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by CéliAmbre »

In P.E., while walking backwards with a mat, I tripped over another mat. And my crush was right beside me. I think that's why I actually tripped :oops:
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by isabel »

I have two moments that are totally Bella.

1) I was walking across a parking lot with my husband and it was really icey out. I slipped and feel directly on one of the parking barriers. When I looked up at my husband he was just smiling because he said I just not so cute. Little did he know that I bruised two ribs and my shoulder in the process.

2) I was getting something out of my car and went to close the door, and completly misjudged where my head was in respect to the door. Needless to say I slamed my own head in the door giving myself a concussion.

There are many more in my live but these are the two that stand out.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Christine! »

I managed to hit my head and trip on everything possible yesterday.
It was baaad. My friends got a laugh out of it though.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by rain.on.me »

Every time I get into my best friend's mom's minivan, I always hit my head on the thingy on the ceiling, in between the seats. It really hurts! Sometimes, no one notices and I just wince in pain quietly.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Edward Cullen Fan »

I'm constantly bumping into things. LIke doors, tables, chairs, etc. I don't fall a lot but I almost always come very close to falling. I drop things all the time, too. I'm pretty bad with the clumsiness. I probably seem helpless the way I am with things, haha.

When I first tried to drive I got the gas pedal and the break mixed up. Oh, it was bad. Then in driver's ed I went too fast and I drove onto the grass. I can't even drive straight. He wound up quitting on me. I was also the only girl in that car. :roll: I haven't tried driving since and I don't plan on it, either. I'm so clumsy and uncoordinated that I'm just going to have to be in public transportation for the rest of my life.

That's only naming one embarassing moment, hah.
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