The Dating Thread -- take 3

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

I don't think you should totally rule E out because he cheated on A with you. It's obvious that A was treating him badly and you knew how you felt about him and you could guess how he felt about you. Sometimes when you don't have the strength or heart to end an unhappy relationship, you still want more. I don't blame him for kissing you. And I'm sure you enjoyed it. ;] But if you were in his position, you might have done the same thing. That doesn't make you a "cheater." It makes you human. Now, if they had been really happy together and he just kissed you for no reason, then that's totally unacceptable. But put some perspective on the situation. :]

It's totally not weird that you miss him already. It happens. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll see him again soon. It seems to me that you two have been getting to know each other and if that continues, I'm sure a more intimate friendship (at least) will come out of it. Just try and make it through these two weeks. You can do it. ;] :]

Hahahaha boys just kind of exist... How simple that makes life, really. Haha. Nice question, too. I can't really answer it, though... Nothing I came up with was as good as something Bac said! :]

That's so cute! Your romantic life was highly creative! That must have been nice haha. :]

Tom was being such a jerk! That's awful! Why on earth would he say something like that? It's beyond me. But boys will be boys... But that art photo thing sounds really cool! How're the party plans coming? :]

I'm sorry your parents are so whack about dating! Bummer! Hopefully you can ease them into it, though. ;] And your epiphany was great. You're absolutely right, and I'm glad that you could come to that conclusion on your own. :] So how IS Tyler? ;]

I feel horrible. YUCK YUCK YUCK. I don't even know why.
Andy brought his money today and they wouldn't accept it. NOT COOL. I don't know what we're going to do... I'm thinking about giving up and just going with my friend Megan... But I don't know. BOO.
We had a major tickle session today, though. He was texting during our Shakespeare scene performances. And our teacher always yells at him for it. (And guess who he was texting? If you said Cara, you're a genius.) So I just kept tickling him. It didn't make him stop. And yet I persisted. And then he got to my feet (I took off my shoes, unthinking) and that's like the only place I'm ticklish. So yeah, it was interesting haha. But he knew I felt bad, and I was like resting my head on his shoulder for a while because I was about to fall asleep. It was cute haha. I'm going to invite him to see my show Friday night. I doubt he'll come, since it's just New Works. But I'll invite him anyway.
Other than that, boys are good. Joey's and my scene went over well with our teacher. But she said we didn't "connect" as characters. Which is surprising, considering that we're best friends... Hahah. And I saw Patrick today, too. Which was great. Haha. I love that kid. And Will tried to have a whole conversation with me about penises... Yeah, I don't know...
Haha so I guess it's been a good day.
We have to take the ACT tomorrow, though. :[ Which sucks because I don't need a better score. I might just bomb it, especially if I don't feel good. But then again, I probably won't let myself do that...
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

Yeah, remember when I said I was over E..... well I may have lied just a little bit. I was talking to A, and she mentioned that she had refused to official acknowledge him as her boyfriend in the first place, she doesn't call O her girlfriend either. Yeah so I talked to E, told him why I had been acting a little weird and promised not to freak out (or sexually harrass him) any more. And then yesterday me and A are officially not friends anymore because of a very thing she did after church and I told her off. So, since A and E aren't going out anymore (he also FINALLY told her off) and A and I aren't friends anymore that means me and E could start going out.

It still seems like I'm a horrible manstealing sl.ut.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Conzoni al vento »

I could not answer your question. Though I can share a story of something I have seen.
Last year someone at my school completely covered their potential date's car with post-its. ehehhe. And in another color is said "PROM?" soooo cute!

Sorry I haven't been able to comment on the thing with you vs Cara and her actually being nice. Reading that message made me feel uncomfortable..imagine you. I guess this is just something that's going to have to be resolved by Andy. Converse with him ;] hehehee.
Oh, and Boys will be boys. Always suck-ish. It's in their nature to forget things like that. But here's an opportunity for you to tell him to make it up to you somehow.;] way better than prom.

I am rather bored this week. I had a fun weekend with my friends though.
Guess what is this friday that I CANNOT wait for???...CONCERT!!!! Woot! I am so excited beyond belief. I just need to buy an outfit, which I seriously hope doesn't prove to be difficult. Apparently I need something skanky.
I went to the club on saturday and even then, nothing eventful happened.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by samajama »

Alright, I'll admit it. I'm a bum. I've been completely slacking. So, here are my feartfelt apologizes. Do not take them lightly. I love you all very much, but I've been SO stressed and SO busy. Feel free to yell at me. Heh. :]

Anyway! Since I'm a bad bad bad girl and haven't been reading posts/updates I don't have any comments to make. BUT I do have updateS (yes, plural) to tell you!

But first! Anna's question.. Yeah, only been asked out once and it was lame/weird. We were *erm* on my couch ... and then he asked me. Randomly. *shakes head* And I've never asked anyone out because I don't have the cahones! *shrugs* And I'm not creative so... (by the way, that video..that guy..YUM!)

Crap! One more thing before my updates!
Christine: I'm probably WAY wrong (beacuse I was half asleep when this happened)...but I think someone from your high school named Megan (could be spelling that wrong) visited Siena College this weekend. She said she's interested in majoring in Classics if that helps..? Um, long straightish brown hair? Anyway, I think I might have been mistaken..but it sounded like she said she was from your school. Like I said, it was early. Which leads me to...

I visited Siena College this weekend. And by "weekend," I mean Sunday and Monday, so I missed school. It was for the Presidential Scholars Weekend. Basically, I'm smart and am up for a scholarship. By going there, I'm already guaranteed (supposedly) $7000. :] So yay! And also... I've decided I'm going there! Definitely! Yay! I've made a decision. (And you know you're proud of me for that!) I just need to send in my letter saying that I'm going. I'll get to that eventually.

But now for "dating" news...
I have a prom date! :D Danny's been randomly texting me, but I've been avoiding him (not on purpose!) because of the Siena thing. So I finally got home and he IMed me and said he'd love to go! So I'm super happy. And because I don't want to buy a new dress, I'm going to wear my Sweet 16 dress again (this is a weird picture because we were singing Summer Nights...). I've only worn it once, and I love it, so why not!

FIN! (now I'm off to do homework *scurries*)

I got accepted to the University of Denver! Not that it matters at this point. But yay! :roll:
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by tiffi »

my oh my its been awhile.
ok sooo update?
-last week i got to marrying requests
#1:CB. hes one of my bff's friends who randomly started talking with me. requested me, wrote on my wall, exchanged numbers, flirted randomly, and then sent me a request. i sorta thot he was creeperish (despite him being my friend's friend) so i deleted the marring think the next day. tj said i was a tease. but then me and him started messing with this CB kid. hah it was funny.
#2:JAN. yup, tj's ex seems to STILL think shes best friends with me. oh and one of my closest friends (i forget what i called him so lets just go with kerry) who shes met twice. i feel so bad for blowing her off EVER SINGLE weekend. but ugh shes annoying. i ignored that request. poor kid.
-FRED: ok so yeahh i guess we're flirty. i mean its not unusual for us to walk together in the halls, but we havent texted each other or anything so irdk. but yeah. he was sick for like the longest time. then he came back and yeah...
-PARTY: so there was a party and with guys and i flirted and blah, nothing new but i decided to waste 12 seconds of your time with that. yes, i know. story basket.
-nothing terribly interesting. me and tj are tight. hes off drugs (he claims) yupp..

ill tell ya what was missing from Breaking Dawn! a full paragraph... page... CHAPTER of edward cullen naked!!!

splenda is splendid........:D
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by keds723 »

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by simplymortal314 »

So I tis back. I've been waiting for something exciting to happen and post, but alas nothing has really happened. Now, I have been reading everyone's updates, so I'm not lost and that is very happy-making. =D

Anna, you always come up with the best questions! And I'm almost in the same situation as you. Boys are just there.
way to ask out on a date:
Can't say this applies to me. At all. I still have NBOAD. I like the idea of sending a person on a scavenger hunt. Just telling them you have something to ask them, but have to complete the hunt before they can know what it is. That would be highly amusing. Plus, if they can go through and willingly do all the things, it shows they care. Or like to embarass themselves. =D Either way it would be a kick.

Genny, how's the party planning going? Aww, I'm sure Tom was just being a typical boy. Maybe he's trying to act different to show he has moved on? I'm sorry you're upset though. =[ Just ignore hiim and throw yourself into that party. Whooo!! *Throws arms into the air*

Chelsea, Random hugs are fun. And for sure, as the song goes, "Forget regret or life is yours to miss". Keep us updated on Tyler.

Christine, that really complicates things, doesn't it? Cara sounds like such a sweetheart. Why can't she be some cold hearted woman? Well, it would be nice to meet her. And no chemistry with Joey? That is just plain outragious! Oh those silly boys, when will they realize your high immunity to awkward sex-related conversations? :roll:

Contessa, I don't think you are anything of the sort. Fo out with E, you two deserve it. You've both went along with A's little games far too long. Show him what it is like to be appriciated and to have a wonderful girlfriend. Go for it girly!

Lena, that is so exciting! The concert. Yay! Something skanky? Go with a micro mini faux leather skirt, midriff baring tube top, fishnets, platform heels, and your whip to complete the look. hahaha. Actually, on second thought that might not be the best outfit. Although I'm sure you'll get some lusting stares. =P

Sam, claps for you! *begins to dance to a little song going 'Sam has a date, Sam has a date!'* And that is gorgous dress! I heart it. You'll look beautiful. This is all very exciting!

Tiffi, so many people proposing to you. That is insane. You are so cruel, poor CB. He is going to get his hopes up for nothing. Yet, I am oddly intriguied by how you will go about this. I'm glad TJ has you for a friend.

Kristen, oh don't worry hun, I haven't been on in a while either. I'm sorry to hear about Evan, but do you know what? If he didn't even consider telling you when he was back in town, he's not worth your time. It's time to focus on yourself, which is always a good thing. Have fun hanging with B. He may be taken, but that certianly does not mean you can't hang. And those dreams, try not to pay too much time over-anylazing them. I think they are just showing how your mind is trying to wrap it's mind around you not being with Evan anymore. Time does heal all wounds, or at least makes them bareable.

As for me...
I have no real news. Prom planning is in fulll swing at my school. Am I going? No. Would I go if someone were to ask me? probably not. I don't really want to go. If a guy were to ask me by some odd miricle, it could go two ways. 1) if he someone completely random that I do not really speak to nor see all that often and my potenital guilt is low. I would say no and explain I'm not interested in Prom. 2) if a guy that even though I don't really talk to asked me and that potential guilt is high and he is plainly an amazing guy. I would say I would think about it, but eventually say yes. Anyway I have a dress already that fits the theme, Masquerade. I do like the theme though. It's my Quinceanera dress, there are pictures of me in it on facebook or else Click. and Click.
So even if I end up going to prom, I have a dress. As for Brad, well now it's no longer just the smiles, but it's a also 'hello' or 'hey'. So that is most definatly progress. =D And I'm also convincing one of my friends, that he is not creepy. And well back to prom. Ashley wants to go, but doesn't have a date. So I've been trying to egg her on to asking her 20-year old co-worker, the only problem is that she thinks it will be awkward and if he didn't graduate from our high school she or he would have ot pay for a background check. Now, why am I doning this? I don't know why I keep nagging her to ask her co-worker. Or more so I don't want to admit why. Gah, I am sounding so two-faced in all of this. But do you know what? I'm just going to go with the flow. No more worrying about a guy or anything of the sort. No how long will I last on this resolution? I have no idea.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

I just wrote the biggest message ever and it just got deleted! Why does my computer do that?! :x

Bac It was so cute how you asked those guys out! I wish I had the guts to do that!

Christine I just wrote you an amazing, witty, insightful comment and it just got deleted. I'm far form impressed! Anyway, to cut it short, the tickling sounds good although I still don't see the attraction in it! Seriously, I don't understand! The play sounds like it's on form! (I have play news as well in my up-date! So weird!) The prom thing is not good! He should go and give an excuse like there was a family tragedy! They can't ask then can they because it might be something like domestic abuse or drugs! Genius! :D By the way, do you have Facebook? (I know the internet does harbour some weirdo’s but I'm not one of them! Seriously!)

Jennifer Prom season has arrived! I think you should go anyway even if you don't have a date! It'll be really fun! The Brad situation is improving as well! :D My prediction is that you'll be married in a year! No joke! The party planning is going interestingly too (Read my up-date!) May I ask why you don't like prom? I think you'd have loads of fun!

Chelsea Yay for your epiphany! You're totally right! Joseph is in the past and Tyler is the one you should be focussing on! :D

Up-date The blood pressure is so high it's not even funny! About 200 people think they're coming to my party!! I can't have 200 people there! That's stupid! I'm going to have to get nasty. I did have a bit of a rant today as I heard a rumour that people were bringing pills in which obviously is awful so I stormed up to Jep and told him that if so much as half a joint is lit in my house then I will come down on him like a lead balloon! I bloody well mean it as well!
In other news, I'm taking a GCSE in drama and for my play I'm with Jac, Tuds and Catrin and I have to share a full make out scene with Jac!!
How wired is that going to be!? The storyline is that we're madly in love, he's very clever and popular and then he takes a pill and dies and I'm devastated! I don't know what I make of it to be honest with you! It’ll either be very bad or very good, hopefully that latter!
Anyway, my weekend is jam-packed I have to say!
Friday = The Party
Saturday = I'm staying at my exes house (It sounds weird but it really is not! Trust me!)
Sunday = IM GOING TO SEE LILY ALLEN!!!! How amazing!? I'm so excited!
What a weekend!
I'll speak to you all soon!
Genny xoxo
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

You're not a horrible manstealing slut! Everything has just magically worked out in your favor! Take advantage, girl! I'm serious. Don't worry about it, you're totally fine. Let us know how things are going with E! :]

The concert is Friday, the concert is Friday, the concert is Friday! That's so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it. :]

I do not recognize this Megan that you speak of... Haha but I have a fairly big school, so who knows! Weird! Anyway, I'm glad you finally made a decision about college. I'm sure you're going to have a BLAST next year. :] And YAY, you have a prom date! That's exciting! That makes one of us anyway... You can read about that down below... But I'm glad you're well. :]

Hahaha those marriage requests are totally weird... Those two people should NOT be trying to marry you! Hello! Hahaha. I'm glad you and TJ are tight. And let us know if anything exciting/interesting ever happens with Fred. :]

Don't worry about it! Sometimes leaves of absence are necessary. I'm glad you seem to be dealing with the healing process really well. You're still hurting, but that's totally normal. Things WILL get better. And you know that. And with B there--at least to make you feel good about yourself if nothing else--it should be a little easier. I hope you're doing well, hon. :]

Hey, it's just Junior prom. No big deal. If you don't go this year, you can just make next year even more fabulous! Hahaha. And I'm glad things are rolling along very smoothly with Brad. Hopefully, little by little, you all can get closer. ;] :]

Haha, yeah, I do have a facebook. This is the URL, but I don't know if it'll work: ... ef=profile. If it doesn't, just let me know! Haha. And wow, you ARE busy! First of all, this scene sounds interesting... You're going to have to let us know how that turns out! ;] But your party sounds like it's going to be a BLAST! I hope no one brings anything bad to it, though. That would not be fun. But I'm sure you'll look fabulous and everyone will be so impressed! So why are you staying at your ex's house...? And HAVE FUN AT LILY ALLEN! :]

So basically, I feel horrible. I was sick a couple weeks ago, I got better for like four days, and now I'm sick again. BUMMER. And I have a matinee tomorrow and an evening performance Friday and I have to yell and stuff in my show... So I hope I feel better!
As for prom... Well I messaged Andy. I pretty much just said that since he didn't pay his class fees and I know he never really wanted to go to prom anyway, he doesn't have to go. But if he chooses not to go, he has to make it up to me. (Lol Lena.) So yeah. We'll see what he says. My guess is that he'll say something along the lines of, "No, I really wanted to go with you! But okay, if you say I don't have to go, I won't." Yeah... And I'm seeing if, in the even that he does respond in that fashion, I can go with my friend Megan so I at least won't have to go alone.
Other than that, I've been a little unhappy with Andy the past couple of days anyway. Yesterday and today, we had a film workshop in theatre. So this guy basically just came in and we watched him shoot a scene with two kids in our class for an hour in a half. It was super boring if you didn't pay attention. And Andy, of course, had his phone right out in the open, texting Cara. Now, the film guy of course wouldn't say anything to him about it, but obviously that's just RUDE. And Andy KNOWS our theatre teacher hate hate hates it when he texts during class. So I kept telling him to put it away and he just wouldn't. I tried tickling him, I tried giving him a stern face, I even tried giving him a sad face (which was SO CLOSE to working!) and he wouldn't put his phone away. He was like, "We're in the middle of a fight!" And I was like, "All the more reason to put it away!" And I even took his phone from him and hid it behind this chair and he made this big production out of getting it back. So I was just pissed off about it. And he kept trying to tickle me and stuff and I was like, "You know this isn't funny." And he was like, "I know, but I'm trying to be cute so I can get out of this." And I said, "Well you're really cute, but you're not getting out of this!" So today he did the same thing. And as we were walking into the room where the workshop was I even said, "You know, you should probably leave your phone in the classroom, Andy..." And he just said, "Yeah, I know. I probably should." But he DIDN'T. So I was just like, "I don't like you today. You're a horrible person." Then FINALLY about halfway through class he put it away and I just decided to let it go because staying mad at him would have served no purpose. And I was sitting in between him and Will and they started dogpiling on top of me... It appeared very uncomfortable but it was actually kind of cozy (obviously not the effect they were going for haha) and everyone else was just glaring at me like I was doing something wrong. Whatever. I was just like, "Why do I put up with you guys again?" And Will goes, "Cause we're your boys!" Hahaha.
As for Cara (wow, this is a long update!) I'm still talking to her. She's SUPER nice. And funny. She has my sense of humor. And it's AWFUL. It SUCKS when I like her this much. What a BUMMER. Honestly, I was considering just messaging her and being like, "Hey, I like Andy. I just wanted you to know that." But I won't do that. I couldn't do that.
No other real boy news. Except that Joey's girlfriend (this Senior theatre major) and he look super awkward together... Hahaha.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by samajama »

Thanks, Jennifer! Pretty pictures <3 And you should go to prom. Don't be such a party pooper! ;]

Genny: I'm raelly jealous that you're going to see Lily Allen. Grr.

Christine: Maybe I heard her wrong *shrugs*. Who knows. *reads update* Andy is being lame. I am not cool with this. But at least he's being sort of normal-er..? Is it bad that I'm happy he was fighting with Cara... Probably not. Oh well. I don't care. :] That is all for now. Oh, and I love you. But that goes without saying. Duh.

I'm doing Humanities homework and I have to study for 309587294239 hours for Latin tonight. That's about it, though. No dating updates. Le sigh.
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