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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Nocturnal Lure »

Good morning lexlot...

Obie, loved the story... really, really loved it.

gimp, gimpmeister, gimperino... Good to see things are looking up like that...

Today I'm once again busy with my tarotcoaching thingy (yes while I am actually at my regular job, I'm awful). I am preparing my new logo and scanning the net for good business cards. I actually developed a nice tarot workshop/ course thingy a while back which I can now use again. Things are really taking shape. Still, me being me, I am actually waiting for something to happen to ruin it all.... need those good vibes kids!

First kiss, is kinda funny. It was back when I was seven I believe. The girl Jolanda and I were dating, dating in the seven year old variety. We were classmates, she broke up with me because she felt I had to give her a guilder (former Dutch currency, almost a dollar) or a pencil to keep things going between us. At that point we had already kissed once, so that was all there was to get out of dating for me at that point. Ergo we broke up.

She kept resurfacing in my life, dating my best friend when I was sixteen, working at the grocery store near my home when I was twenty. And eventually she was a team leader at the company I work for. Two years ago I told her about my plans for tarot coaching and showed her the methods I developed. Three months later she quit her job to start mental coaching... I was completely baffled, dumbstruck and flabbergasted when I later found out she was using "tarot coaching".

Now, she is kicked from the shop where she rented a space to do her readings and coaching’s... now guess where I'm starting next week?

Revenge in the end is mine, oh yes... it is.

BTW Cycling to work in the pouring rain put me in a foul mood today.

More later,

Love you my lexlot,

May the moon light your path,

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok »

LMAO----@ Nocs: I still think a boy should have to give me a guilder to keep it going.

They needs to pays to get with this.

Happy Hump day to my lexy. Hey, did you peeps know that you can use that chocolate ex-lax stuff to make brownies? I totally didn't know that until last night.

Now, if you don't mind, the Ruthicon is celebrating her anniversary today, and far be it for me to not join in the festivities since I was told yesterday to make a dessert and to quote "Not taint it like you do most things".

Her fault. She used the word taint, and my mind just went to the toilet. Which is exactly where Ruthicon and her friends will be in less than an hour.


"Has anyone ever shown you the difference between good touch and bad touch? 'Cause I'd love to demonstrate. We could start right now.'"

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

*picker herself up from the floor*

You know Oobs, you really make my day :)
Thank you for existing! :mrgreen:

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by HarryTuttle »

Nice pic of Esmerelda from Hunchback, i was 15 when that movie came out in theaters and she made me a bit funny watching her.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

Wow Obs. Remind me never to get on your wrong side..or barf on/kiss you.

Not that there's any danger of that.
That one's for Ianto. Risen Mitten, Life Knife, and that old classic...Stun Gun.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by twilight813 »

*wipes sweat off my forehead*... I thought the Lex got rid of my account since I haven't been here in forever!!! Hi Lexily!! <3

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Gen Y Thread is <3
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock »


Whew! After much wrestling with phone company and idiot tech guys, I FINALLY have INTERNET!!! Whoot!!

Sarah--thanks for wishing me a happy moving day!

So, update on me. Thanks to the person we had helping us rushing us and packing things haphazardly, we had trouble finding things once we got here. The satellite people were coming the very next day, and we couldn't find any of the cords for our receivers. Thankfully, the very nice installation technician just replaced our RAC cables for free.

It's really peaceful out here. I thought it would be worse than the small town life living out in the country, but it's not. Out here, there's no one to get into your business. Much more privacy. The only bad thing is ::WARNING--POSSIBLE TMI:: that spring+cows+guy to old to AI (artificially inseminate) = bulls making a hell of a lot of noise ALL DAY from like 6am to 3am the next morning. And they are LOUD!

Still mostly living out of boxes, but we're getting there. I'm not going to even start trying to look for a job until we're more unpacked, because we have to have this house company ready by the 4th of July. We're having a HUGE get together and guess what? We're going to South Dakota to get big bada boom!!! (Fifth Element reference anyone?)

I have missed you all, and I did skim the entries, Obs is the queen of making me laugh, as always.

Welcome Whitney, I'm Jen, I'm 25, and I live in Iowa.

That's all for now! Later lexlings!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by SarahGoddard »

Woah! Havnt posted in like 5 pages – that is very unlike me. But I swear I have been reading and keeping up to date. Apologies in advance that Idont reply to everyhitng – some of the conversations are gone and passed now so any input from me would be pointless.

Warning: Doctor Who reference. Feel free to skip. Sami...Amy a slut? *Puts* I love her. Personally although not the Matt Smith variety how could you NOT want a piece of the Doctor? Good on her for not being all “Sob, mope, unrequited love” a la Martha and just going for what she wants. IMHO anyways.

Woo hoo! Ally the senior survived! Woop woop! Can we get a party going in the house for all of our hard studying lexlings – hale yes they deserve it!

And Ally – seriously the check engine light? Your name is now officially Penny. :lol:

Chiara glad the new Doc is working out well. Yay!

Obie as always you brighten my day and cause hysterical snort inducing laughter. Please please please can we clone you in miniature so I can set you on my desk and have you amuse me and sort out my co-workers. Pretty please with cherries on top? I’ll bake you mine and Ally’s speciality cookies and bring you Nachos!

Becca/Vicky: My mum bless her was all excited because she’d heard somewhere about The Flynn’s London dates. I was all “Ah mum, bless ya – I knew!”

Sid I’m really excited for you and this opportunity for Tarot coaching! There’s a website in the UK called Vistaprint that do business cards and all other forms of business materials for “free” (PnP is overpriced but it still works out really cheap) Depending on how quickly you need them I can order them and include them in yours and Janny’s swap for you? ... d%3d2&rd=2


Megs there has already been much squeeing and excitement but lets add it on here just for good measure eh? SQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!! SOOO excited and happy for you hun!

Happy (Belated) Birthday for Tuesday Sami!

Snowflake I’m super excited too! I have no idea about the Al Gore reference but umm...I like cereal! Hehe yup just 3 short weeks until I jet off back to Fort Collins to spend the summer with my Twi-Guy. *Jumps up and down in super excited “FUNNYBUNNYHUNNYBUNNYFUNNYGUNNYHIIIIIIIII” manner*

Obs your first kiss story is freakin hysterical (sorry to laugh at your pain and all) but the doll? Seriously? That thing didn’t creep you the frick out as a kid? *Shudders*

Ninna so where is Pup’s betrothered currently living? Where ya jetting off to? Ash cloud not hindering you at all I hope?

Kimmy and Honey – we just had our elections too. *Ugh* So not going to get into boring politics but lets just say I’m glad I wont be here! My friend Janna reckons I’ll be coming home to a Civil war (ok thats not that funny seeing as things like that are going on around the world but the way its heading at the momemt...who knows!) I said if that happens I’m claiming refugee status in the states!

Sid: Mwah ha ha to having final revenge! Revenge is sweet! Mwah ha ha! Hmmm where’d I put that white cat....

Gilder. *Smiles* Reminds me of one of my fav films. :D

What else is new in my world. Works fine. Couple of stupid people who are a bit muppett-esque but nothing stressful to be honest. Apparently I am the most IT-literate in the office which is pretty cool cos everyone thinks I’m magic at being able to do relatively simple things. 'Tis nice to be appreciated. :mrgreen: Early starts are killing me though. Sarah does NOT do MORNINGS! Ask anyone of the Lexlings she stayed with. “Do you mind if we don’t get up until late?” “Not at all! Thank you, I love you!” Cue sleeping until Midday. Nice!

Getting very annoyed at US postal system *Looks at all the American Lexlings as if it is their own personal fault* 5 working days, should’ve been there ON Cinquo de Mayo. Nope still aint turned up. Not a happy bunny. Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad if it aint there soon! :twisted:

Anyways I should probably go do some work now, although I am doing a couple of lil bits at the same time as typing this. Walking back and forth from computer to laminator 5 times = excellent exercise! Hehe.

Ok my lovely lovely Lexily family. I love you all. Giving you all huge *smooches and huggles* Speak to you soon! :mrgreen:

1/2 of....oh you know the rest! Hehe :lol:

:ugeek: <------- 'Cos that's how we roll in the shire!

~1/2 of the infamous Snowgod~
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Lily! :shock: you're here ♥ I've missed you TONS!

Pup's betrothed lives in south Sweden, so we'll be going by train, because driving is 6,5 hours straight without breaks. Don't think I could pull that off since it will be only me and pup going.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

@Harry: we -all- USED to have Disneycharacters assigned to ourselves cause of a facebook tag thingy. Apparantly Im the only one that still has it. *looks around the room with a brooding look*

Our tax-returns have been returned, YEAY us!, so The moneyprobs are off my back now. I can breathe easily and dont have to worry about a thing. Well, at least for now, we'll see how long it will last.

I dont have much to tell other that that. I bought lots of makeupstuff to celebrate(all budgetthingies and new in store). And my retrodress came in the mail *twirls around*. Its a black halterdress, kneelength, really wide(mb i should get me a long petticoat), and has cherries printed on it. The cherries are actually little skulls. :mrgreen:

FIrst kiss story. pffft. My best friends were all guys...and I was 'one of the guys' , so they were always talking about stuff I shouldnt have heard. ABout girls they were dating, how they kissed, and failed at it, and so on. Made me really really nervous about ever kissing a guy, so decided against it. lol. I wasnt really into guys that way anyway. BUt I met my first (puppy)love at 17 and we really connected. Looking back on it we were more like best friends than anything else, but I was looking through pink glasses and would be for 5 years to come. Anyway, we met in a weird way. This was back in 1998, when I was a first year chemistry student. I just met the internet and since we had unlimited acces to it, i could be found there daily. Yes schoolwork did suffer, who cares :P. I was on this chatprogram of a Dutch musicstation. Lots of people were really dumb on there, just having hit puberty, if you know what i mean. BUt i met a guy on there that was a student on the university across the street from my school. He studied chemistry aswell. We talked a lot and had fun with it, but nothing else. And then I got an email form a guy i didnt know. Apparantly, he was a classmate of the guy mentioned before, and when that guy told him where I lived, he stole my emaildress from him. He lived 'close' by and knew of my town, because he had been there once or twice. We started emailing and it clicked. After a lot of talking we had a 'blinddate'. He had already came to my town on saturday when i was going out with friends, but he had been standing in front of the bar and decided against going in. He apparantly was nervous. We still hand t seen eachother and didnt have any pics. Our blind date consisted of meeting on the trainstation and going to MacDonalds. It was not just him, but the guy i met before aswell. Although he was pretty much ignored rest of the evening, oops. The guy I liked brought me home in his car. Which was stupid ofcourse, and he told me that aswell, but i didnt want the day to end let alone have an hour busride alone. He met my parents that night, and we pretended to have known eachother really long,. hahah. My mom thought he was nice, untill i told her he had piercings and tatts, hahah.
ANyway, we were glued to eachother for 2 months, platonically. I still didnt want to kiss a guy, because my friends ruined it for me. So finally after 2 months, we were already down to second base, before we finally had our real first kiss. Yeah, im weird like that. The Final Countdown was playing at the time.(which funnily enough, a band was playing when i was at a concert with Sid and my ex was there with his gf,. He was drunk and whispered to me I shouldnt tell her it was 'our' song. Which to me was really funny for some weird reason. I didnt talk to her anyway(cause she hated my guts for some reason), so why tell me?)
We ended up being together for 3 years. split up for 3 or 4 months, having someones else. For some weird reason they both lived close to eachother on the other side of the country. ANd after that we got back together for another 2 yrs. The last breakup was weird, and he doesnt really talk to me anymore. He does on internet on fora where we both post, but never personally or anything. It's weird though, we shared 5 yrs and he just let it go like that, when he met his new gf. Right up intull that day he begged me to get back together, even threatened to jump off a building, he blackmailed me emotionally for a month. That all changed when he met her(A girl -I- told him to talk to because she reminded me of me), and he instantly became this fake-happy guy. I dont have any feelings for him anymore, and can see him for what he is now, but still, that feels weird, to be 'forgotten'' so soon.
BUT, to me, Sid is my first anything, i mean REAL first, because to me he is my first REAL love. When i look back, it was just a teaange puppylove, even though it felt heartbraking real at the time. I was blind to that guys faults and i can see them clearly now. We always did wat he wanted and he never listened to me. I even forgot about my friends for him. I dont regret our time together, but I would never want him back. What Sid and i have is so much more, we really connect on every level, can talk about enything and except eachother for what we are. So yeah, Sid is my first reall love, and will probably be my only aswell :)

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