Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

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Good Morning girls and guy.

First let me start off the post with a BANG! because I am going to be venting for the sake of Rob and Twilight below.

Where do I begin well I went onto ... on-in.html and read what I could in the article and was fuming when I read the question about criticism and I am glad he is proud of his work from the beginning including Twilight and that he is not embarrassed. I would be embarrassed if I made movies and they where flops and no one even knew who I was as an actor.

Second thing that has been making me grind my teeth is when I hear the negatives about Twilight. I completely understand everyone has a right as a opinion but that does NOT mean I want to hear it. Why would I possible want to discuss something that we both feel the opposite about. You are not going to change my mind about Twilight! Just like I don't talk to about it with them and try to force them to like it. Ok so you didn't like it move on. It's a book people. For example I heard that their is going to be a book about criticizing why the Twilight Saga is horrible for women. Here is the link that I found today while searching for some books to read. ... 1569758220. Really Michelle Pan you don't have a ounce of an imagination to write your own book that you have to go and uses someone else idea who made it huge and target them by writing controversial issue. Because lets be honest Stephenie Meyer wasn't writing about romance no she was writitng about a girl who thought so little of herself that she allowed herself to be controlled and dominated by a man. Come ON! I don't need someone telling me why I did or didn't like a book PERIOD! Her and this John guy writing Spotlight of Twilight make me laugh. Their books are going to flop cause honestly why would someone waste their money for them to tell them why made a decision on something.
Edit : let me just say I love debates and hearing other peoples pov but when it is something so outrageous that peoples perception is this was a saga demeaning women that is it is pointless for me to even argue with someone who is that ignorant. I feel very strongly and passionately with this Saga that this is the only book that kinda gets my blood going.

Sorry if this bothered some people that I wrote this here so I will end it with one word......

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by despoina92 »

Hey everybody! Yestersday I stayed up all night long to watch the Oscars! (Well, actually I fell asleep at some point and magically woke up when KStew and Taylor showed up on the screen i I totally freaked out!) It's out of question I went to school today... KStew was the epitome of perfection!

Desiree - Twilight and SM have faced a lot of criticism the last two years for their themes and characters. I agree with you, that writing a book about why it is bad it's pointless. I think that people do such stuff not to show the "truth" about Twilight, but just to make some easy profit from it. In my opinion, the whole story is a tale, with a main character quite easily relatable. That's Bella. Of course I see her low self esteem and Edward's behavior, but I'm not thinking of it as a story of manipulation and underestimation of women. Instead, I see it as a story of risk and chances. After all, it's girl power that saves the day in the end of the Saga. Personally, having heard of all this criticism before watching the movie or reading the books, I was quite determined not to do any of the two things. But I fell for the charm and in the end and it resulted, though it may seem weird, to a life-changing experience for me. Because, like I've said, I take Twilight as something that shows how someone should chase what they want and make it real. That's what paradeigm Bella gives me. And from someone who almost dropped her dreams I took my life in my hands again and tried to achieve my goals. That's what I've found in this story. I didn't start like abusive men or aspired to be dependent on someone forever, or estrange myself or anything. No. I only decided to become stronger and seek for true things in my life.
On the other hand, I see that not all people see things like I do but, still, I know plenty of people who read the books and no one was influenced in a bad way or anything.

I'm sorry about the rant, but I have strong feeling about that issue and such kind of poinless criticism annoys me to no end! I see the point of it, and sometimes agree with some parts, but when it's in the form of pure hatred and boycott, I find it downright mean.

Seems our boy gets very positive buzz for Remember Me. It was about time! But it seems to me that those early revies should give away less than they do. Seriously, I wanted to stay completely spoiler-free for this movie, and the Variety review (I think) almost gave away the end! :twisted: Unfortunately, I might not get to watch this movie and catch it when it comes out on DVD. Studying has become quite overwhelming lately :(

New Moon Horror - I had just wke up when I saw this and I was like "Nah! I must have fallen asleep again and now we're on the fantasy part". But I was proven wrong! Seriously, horror? Geez!

Oh! And was it me or Robert Downey Jr. wore the very same eyglasses last night?

Just something I'd really like to see last night.

Something for goodbye

Yup, I know I haven't replied almostto anyone. I'm so sorry but I really have no more time! I hope I'm posting soon!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Hi Deb I just wanted to let you know that I pm'd you my itinerary for the Uk. I would love to hear your thoughts whenever you get a chance.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by Jazz Girl »

*Caryn puts on her RANT hat and warns all to just skip this part if they are really not interested

Desiree~ These arguments have been around as long as the series. Almost as soon as Twilight was published, the arguments about it being antifeminist, Edward being abusive and controlling, Bella being a bad role model for young women, they all came flying for every direction. I have said this in so many places and in so many forums that I almost feel bad suggesting it to you, my compatriots. However, as a lifelong and cardcarrying feminist and as not only an advocate for survivors of abuse, but a survivor myself, you have hit upon the two arguments that boil my blood most when people make them. My first reaction is always that these are clearly people who are looking for negatives without looking beyond the surface. If you mearly glance at The Saga, I can rightfully understand how one might say that. Bella gives up her entire future for a man who comes in and takes over her life. Honestly, I can see where that opinion would be formed.

HOWEVER, only when you look no further that the surface would those theories remain. And THAT is where I fault these individuals for their irresponsible and reprehensible commentary on The Saga. If you are offering an OBJECTIVE AND THOROUGH commentary and analysis of The Saga, then your job is to look beyond the surface of things, to do away with pat arguments and theories and find the underlying currents. Clearly, these opportunists have not done that.

As to The Saga being antifeminist and Bella being an antiheroine, my response is rather simple. Have you actually read the books? Yes, you know those things with words in them where, through the development of the story, Bella actually ends up being the strongest out of all of the characters, ends up saving the ENTIRE family, as well as their entire gathering all while averting a bloody battle that could have and would have claimed countless lives, human and preternatural? Did it occur to you to read beyond the first words or first page on your own?

Secondly, why is it The Saga and Bella are considered "antifeminist"? Is it because she chooses to follow the love of her life rather than go to university? Decides to become a wife and mother rather than some high powered "career woman"? Chooses love over anything else? Why is that "antifeminist"? The truth is, it isn't! The point of feminism, at least the feminism that I was raised in, with and espouse today, is CHOICE! It is the OPTION to go to school, to become a doctor or a lawyer or an astronaut or a teacher or a nurse or the president of the United States. To have the OPPORTUNITY. Not to force someone to make a choice that we think they should because of some societal constraint or expectation. It works both ways. Just because Bella makes the choice (and yes, the choice was hers, clearly) to follow her heart and become a wife and mother doesn't make her any less a feminist heroe, and quite honestly, in my book makes her more of one. She did what our feminist foremothers did. She made the choice that went against what everyone else, INCLUDING HER HUSBAND, thought she should do. Edward begged and pleaded and cajoled and bargained for more time, for her to go to university (going so far as to say he would pay for Ivy League), for her to move a little further into her future and see what a career might look like etc. But, Bella knew WHAT WAS RIGHT FOR HER AND MADE THAT CHOICE. THAT is the point of have the choice and to make it as SHE saw fit. And that's what she did.

As for the argument that Edward is abusive (and mods, I promise to tread lightly) it is utter nonsense. I have posted and discussed this argument ad nauseum on other threads. This is not the place for it, I know that. But, suffice it to say, there are markers and dynamics of a violent relationship (and again, I have lived through it and I teach it and live it every day of my professional life) that simply ARE NOT present and never could be between Edward & Bella. Can Edward be a bit of a controlling backside? Yes. Can he take his need to protect Bella too far? Abso-fracking-lutely. Is he in any way an abusive partner? No. If you want to engage in this debate with me, I welcome your PMs.

This is actually one of my many fears about Eclipse. Because much of Edward's behavior and the discussions that explain and mitigate certain things are, at least at this point, apparently left out of the film. And, that means RobWard, KrisElla, The Saga and SM are going to take a beating in the media. And that bothers the crap out of me.

*Caryn removes the RANT hat and returns to her previous happy status*

Caryn now returns youto our previously scheduled, blissfully happy and wonderful programming.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Thank you CARYN for that. I only wish I could write as well as you do. Makes me want to go back to school after reading your posts. I won't write anymore after this b/c like I said and you stated this isn't the place. I didn't know about the criticism that the Twilight had until today after someone voiced their pov. Of course I had comments to fire back right at them. So I came home and when I saw that book going to be sold I just about lost it. LIke you I know someone very close in my family who was in a abusive physically/emotionally/mentally relationship. That is why I think that argument is ludicrous. I haven't researched every thread on where this came up to be honest I just don't have a lot of time in the day. But thank you again for putting it so Beautifully written.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by Susie »

Monday night and about to drop....
(stayed up too late last night to watch the Oscars, but not as late as Deb!)


Kristen DID look lovely. She is a real beauty and chose a very appropriate dress. Here's what the Minneapolis Star Tribune said in its fashion review:

"Twilight to Midnight - Killer but not vampish. (Pulese!) Kristen Stewart looked elegant in a navy satin gown by Monique Lhuillier. We just wished she hadn't fidgeted so much."

Too bad they had to add that last part... :x I feel bad for Kristen, I'm sure she was disappointed. We love her even more.

Taylor - Wow, did he look young...and...SHORT! I can really appreciate all of the positioning tricks done in New Moon to make him look taller. He seemed a little nervous, but pulled it off. For both of them, it must have been overwhelming to be there among all the great legendary actors.

Caryn - Regarding not liking the Jacob character - Please excuse me if you have already discussed this angle, which I'm sure you have by now, but - we need the character Jacob to solidify the Bella/Edward relationship. It helps Bella/us be sure that Edward really is the right one. If she had never had another option, how could she/we feel like she was thinking clearly when she makes her decision? She knows she can have Jacob, but chooses Edward. This intensifies the her love for him, and in turn, Edward can be selfless and let Bella make the choice, again intensifying his love for her. So, Jacob is a good thing. Old discussion, right? Well, I just read The Saga for the first time in January 2010 so I've missed a lot!

Criticism of The Saga - I agree with all, and yes it is unfair to judge it just on the surface. I guess I'll have to PM Caryn if I want to discuss the BD honeymoon scenes.....

Update on loaner Twilight copies - It is so sweet that my Korean student is lending her copy of Twilight to my Somali student! This Korean woman was the one who got me interested in reading the books that were in my daughter's bookshelf at home! She (my student) would get to class early and be intensely reading Twilight. In a nutshell, she said Twilight was great, New Moon was "a little strange", Eclipse "stranger yet" and Breaking Dawn "Are you KIDDING me???" Unfortunately, she told me about the baby (but at least didn't give any details, just said they had a baby.) She enjoyed them all, though!

Nightie Night!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by marielle »

Good morning girls.....

Wow a lot of rants posted.......
Caryn, Desiree, On a lot of website people are critical about twilight for Edward "controling" Bella....I have stopped discussing with them...if that is what they like to think, so be it....
I think that Bella and Edward are actually a good example for children and young a world with a lot of diseases transmitted by sex, they show it's ok to wait until you are married. Also that it is ok that man defends and protect the woman.

Deb, I can't believe you stayed up to watch the Oscars....I didn't even made it to the start...

OK I'm loving the Bel Ami set pics..but were are the steamy shots...???

In holland they have finally catched up...yesterday I drove past the cinema, they now have finally noticed that Remember Me will be in theatres soon... they had a huge poster hanging to promote...

well, have a nice day....
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by pennybug84 »

Hi everyone!!! Irregular here. I have a question. I heard that Rob was mentioned in the opening monologue/song thingy at the Oscars??? Does anyone know what was said??? I watched part of the Oscars but missed the beginning & was curious. I loved how Kristen looked! Her gown was beautiful. And when Kristen & Taylor came out they were playing "The Meadow" from the NM soundtrack!!! NM was on the oscars!!!

I really want to see Remember Me but I'm not sure when/if I'll go. I don't want to go to the movie by myself & I'm not sure if any of my friends or my mom (my usual going to the movie buddy) will want to see it. I've heard that it's been getting good reviews & that Rob's been getting really good reviews too. Good for him!!! I really hope that he can have an awesome career when he's done with the Twilight films. And that people will take him seriously & not just see him as that vampire from Twilight. I LOVE YOU ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edwards Ragazza - I've heard these arguments & stupid thoughts/comments before. I just can't believe that someone is going to write, print & sell a book about it. Do they have nothing better to do with their time? Have they even read the whole saga before? It definitely sounds like some is just wanting to do it to make $$$$.

If anyone is interested SM discusses the anti-feminism criticism on her website. (Scroll down to almost the bottom.)

That's awesome that Rob is proud of ALL OF his work as an actor!!!! And that he's not embarrassed! That shows what a
wonderful guy he is!!!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by DarkMuse »

Hey everybody! Sorry I've been gone again. At least I only missed 5 pages this time. This isn't a regular post, btw. I'll do a regular one tomorrow.

Caryn - I'm currently trying to get the pics ready and in a photo album. There are extremely too many. Like, way way way too many. Boy was I camera happy. Holy cheese. In my defense, they looked like they were gonna turn out too dark, so I was trying to get at least one good shot. Ended up with almost 100 good shots. :oops:

As Caryn said (thanks! ♡), I got up close & personal with Jackson. I didn't wanna post that cause I look like utter rubbish, but I'm telling myself it's cause it was freezing & windy outside and I couldn't feel my face. I asked him for a pic & he said 'sure sweetheart'. *melt* I thanked him and shook his hand. He has an iron grip! Holy crap. His hand was so warm, which was nice cause mine was freezing. Then it was the next girl's turn. She hugged him and I was jealous so I stuck around.

When she was done rambling on (and he actually listened to her every word cause he's super fracking sweet), he asked if I needed something. I asked if I could have a quick hug & he said "oh sure! no problem" It was like this except no table between us and no rocking back & forth. It was nice. :D But then I had a Krisella moment. After he let me go, I was walking away and he told me to drive safe...I turned around at the sound of his voice and stumbled off the curb of the sidewalk. *idiot* :lol: Oh yeah, this all happened after the concert. I actually met him earlier in the day when the band did an in store mini concert & autograph signing. I told him I like his hat & that's when he said "I thank you. My hat thanks you" and he tipped his hat. So fracking cute.

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He's looking at me! LOL.

Staying on topic now. Here's some Rob! Sorry for the incredibly long Jackson post. :|

Mmm mmm mmm

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Like I said, I'll be back tomorrow with a regular Rob filled post. :)
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by despoina92 »

Kristiner - :shock: :shock: Wow!! You got to meet Jackson and you guys talked! How perfect is that! He seems so cute from what you've said... You're one lucky girl :) :) :D :D

Caryn - Beautifully put. I think what you've said expresses the opinion of most of us in the HH and generally in the fandom.

Marielle - Actually, I lasted for the whole red carpet and pre show (we watched it with my bff and were totally let down by the dress choices of the atendees -until KStew showed up) and managed to see a part of the beggining, something in the middle and the end of the Oscars. It's like those things you see and thing "I'd like ot be there, too!"

pennybug84 - Hey! How did I miss that? My parents were sleeping in their bedroom, so I had the TV sound very low in order not to wake them, so I didn't catch everything they said. I'll check the video later and tell you!


Maths lesson in some minutes! Bye!!