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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

Missp, Rachel, JennJenn, and Tracy...
Please be as safe as you can.


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Happily there’s nothing much going on in my little world tonight which is wonderful imo, now I get to catch up on some posting =]. Well, other than some possible severe weather. Thanks Amy and Tracy, I am definitely keeping my eye on it! The only big plans I have this week are to chaperone Little Man’s class field trip to the Botanical Gardens. Hope all this weather doesn’t get in the way…

Susie – Thanks for your encouraging words about writing! And I don’t watch TV but I understand exactly what you mean. In 10 years I want to be able to say I’ve done more than read lemony fan fics. Thanks for explaining the Facebook thing, btw. Please don’t get too hard on yourself about only walking 20 minutes instead of 30… Spring has just begun! We all have to allow a little time to get back in the swing of things. I am sure you’ll work back up to your end of summer standards more quickly than you think. I don’t mean to overstep but, have you ever taken a yoga class? I know it has a reputation for all kinds of odd positions but the mentality is beautiful. It not about competing against others (or your previous record) but doing the best you can today. I am over simplifying but I think it’s for all personality and body types. I have done a parent/child class… The ‘dump truck’ poise was a fan favorite in our house, lol. But, my grandparents (who are also great-grandparents) are like polar opposite personality types (ones a liberal artist and the others conservative retired army colonel) and one of the things they enjoy doing together is going to yoga – which they have been doing for probably 15+ years. Oh well, sorry if it seems like I am selling yoga. It’s just a thought, really. But, be patient with yourself and you’ll get where you need to be.

Desiree – Thanks for your supportive words and you are right, Susie’s advice seems very sound. If I get too caught up in the grammar I spend so much time Googling it that I lose my focus on what I am trying to write… It sounds perfectionist but I swear no one in RL would ever accuse me of that, lol.

To answer your question, yes TW is still dear to me but, I haven’t re-read it in some time. Well, I haven’t re-read an entire book but, I have certain chapters or groups of chapters. There are many reasons it will always be sentimental to me… I discovered the saga last June while 8 months prego. Believe me, Forks, WA with ice cold vamps was a much more comfortable place to be (even if only in my mind) than Alabama! I spent hours sitting in a tepid bath reading the saga one more than one occasion. It was sweet relief and for that I will always be grateful. Plus, SM’s personal story is inspiring to me and the fandom has allowed me to make friends with people I would have never ‘met’ otherwise. So it is sad to think about it all being… Over.

Marielle – I have ‘researched’ a handful of religions other than Christianity but nothing too in depth. I’ll agree that most seem to have a lot of similarities and that there is a thin line between NEED and WANT (whenever I find myself in trouble, these blurred lines can typically be to blame).

I can’t take all the credit for said ‘deep thoughts’ though. On Good Friday I was listening to NPR and there was this story about a 7 year old girl from Japan who wrote to the pope and asked why people had to suffer and why children her own age died in the tsunami. My son is seven so maybe that’s why it struck such a chord with me. Anyway, I only heard it second hand but his response did not satisfy me. It was basically, you are not alone – we all suffer, which does nothing to address the heart of the little girl’s question “Why?” I was aggravated for a second because I felt she deserved more of a response than that considering everything she’s been through but, it did cause me to contemplate my own conclusions to her question and maybe that was the pope’s intent along. Thought provocation through incompletion? (Btw, I mean absolutely no offense to any fans of the pope who may be reading this…) I think it occurred to me to post about that here because there is such a huge fundraising effort going on in the fandom for Japan but, of course, I left that part out completely in my initial post, lol.

Oh… Is she wearing Rob’s shorts? I hadn’t thought of it but, now that you mention it, it seems entirely possible!

Jaclyn – You're so sweet. I know you all are here for me but, it's still nice to hear it. I really did have a great Easter. Good Friday was a bit more reflective but, that's ok too, to a point.

And you do have a good point about reading WfE before seeing it… If I see the movie first undoubtedly it will influence the pictures I make in my own head… Of course they will be tainted by Rob so that might not be all together a bad thing but still, I don’t want to be limited in my own imagination!

Amy – Vent away girl! One of my best friends works in [my] doctor’s office and I get to learn more about it than I ever wanted to. Thanks goodness she doesn’t work for my doc directly but one of his partners, otherwise it might get a bit awkward at times. I know, I know HIPPA and all that but whatever, she my bestie, she’d look and I know it, lol. I’ve worked with docs professionally (but in a different context) and I KNOW exactly how difficult their spouses and office mgrs can be especially when rolled into one. It creates a delicate balance for those who work with them. Doesn’t sound like your love struck co-worker is doing anything to help with said balancing act, she’s like tipping the scales for ya – in the wrong direction!

As far as writing goes – thanks, you’re opinion means a lot *blushes* I’ve only done some initial research and jotting down notes but I will definitely keep you posted!

Hope your work week gets better!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by SwanCullen »

Tracy and Amy-Thanks for the thoughts! We have had bad weather for a week now. I was watching "The Voice" and didn't get to watch the last 30 minutes because they broke in with severe weather warnings. So far where I am, nothing yet but high winds. Although tomorrow we are supposed to get some really bad storms. Tonsie, Rachel, Tracy, (and anybody else getting bad weather!) Stay safe! Let us know when it passes and how you all are doing!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

Halfway into the week and I’m already in need of a weekend. Everybody at work is getting ill, I’m wondering if I’m getting it too I sleep so much…

Anyways, gosh those pics from the BD…they were amazing…I’m really jealous of Kris’s body, she looks good. I wonder how she is doing that…

Caryn, I’m thinking I’m going to watch the movie first on my own…from what I hear it’s already causing me the chills, best to be sure. I want my mom to like the movies I’m showing her. I went already wrong with Sweeney Todd since that day she never trust my movie selections…

Susie, I hope you get your students to understand the ideas behind the lock-down drills. I can totally understand that they would flee in panic and that it brings up very bad memories…
I’ll let what happened underwater up to my imagination and it’s overworked already…I think they taped the bikini to her body so that they can look like she is naked in the water…
I was wondering do you like biking or swimming? Biking and swimming are really good for exercise when you have sore joints, it relieves the pressure of your weight from the joints and make exercising much less painful. Just an idea but I really think you have to find a solution, you can’t go the second half of your life walking around in pain…that would be ridiculous…
I’m trying really hard to get in shape before any sorts of hormonal imbalance hit my body and prevents it…I just have so much difficulties with chocolate…I have to find a way around it…

Jaclyn, yes we are selling the house. My BiL couldn’t afford to live there on his own…we are hoping really hard that it is sold before the end of the summer, that would be a dream but the house market is really bad at the moment…
Yep, Kris is definitely my girl-crush…together with Ashley that is…both girls always look so beautiful…

Amy, I’m sorry but I had to laugh about you hub calling about the tv remote…I’m sure I would have yelled at him. You’re sure right about men being babies when they are sick, they are just pathetic…it’s a good thing we woman have to bare babies or the human race would have died out a long time ago…
I’m sorry your co-worker is being a pain in the butt…maybe you should talk to your boss about it…I know it’s so un-ethical but really if she thinks you are doing it all wrong it only hurts your career…
About the picture thing…it’s really easy…say you post a picture of Rob and want it to do with the text “OMG”…you have to copy the url of the picture….type down OMG and select it, press the URL button above the writing area and you’ll get [url]OMG[/url’] now type in the first box [url=] and paste the url location of the picture behind the = ….
Your result should look like this [url=http//:……]OMG[/url’]
(I really hope this makes sense I have added the ’ to prevent the site from creating the link)…

Tonise, I have a co-worker who is going to the Backstreet boys and NKOB concerts here in Europe, she’s a really big Backstreet boys fan…

Tracy, oh my goodness, I hope you are okay… please be safe…

Rachel, Kris is famous for steeling Rob’s clothes, specially his jackets and vests…you’ll see them sharing that black and white vests regularly…
I heard about the pope not being able to answer the childs question, it was really pathetic, tell the girl at least that when time is right she’ll understand…and give her a bit of hope that everything is going to be alright in due time…but on the other hand I like that this pope is at least honest…

Well, my boss is away today so it will be a quiet day, I’ll hang around I think…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Wheels »

We heard yesterday about the school buddy will be attending in September… and I'm absolutely gutted! We weren't given any of our choices and were given one of the few places I didn't want him to go. So it looks like I'm going to be even more busy while I fight the decision to get him into a school where the kids seem happy and that I can actually get to at the times I'd need to.
The 'feeling sorry for myself' thing I had a few weeks ago has spiralled downwards, so I'll leave you all now so I don't bring you all down with me.
I hope you're all well, and that those who may have the severe weather are safe and sound.
Love to you all x

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

It's Hump Day!! Whoop!!

Tracy, missp, JennJenn & Rachel - I hope you are all ok after the storms! Take care!!

Amy - Sorry to hear about your work, that is indeed very frustrating!! Is there not anyone you can report your colleague to? I really hope it's gets better for you soon!

missp - I love your countdown to the beach!! Will that be you on summer holidays from school? How long will you be off for?
The gardening is getting there, but slowly LOL. We hope to have the front completed in the next few weeks, then I guess we'll need to start on the back garden... We have almost got all the weeds up (finally!) but still have to buy things to put down in the garden (edging, stones, a tree maybe, and some plant pots) so it may take us a while yet LOL. It's a lot harder than it looks!! :lol:

Caryn - LOVE the pics!! Made me gasp out loud at work Hahaha!

Rachel - I would love to try out yoga, but they don't really have any classes near me :( One day I will find one though!!

Marielle - Oh yeah, whoops, I thought you meant you were selling your own house, but now I know you meant your FiLs! I hope you manage to get it sold...the housing market isn't very great here either, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

Mel - Sorry to hear about Buddy's school choice! I hope everything goes ok with your appeal. Sending you eHugs!

After work today me and my bf are going through to visit his SiL to give the kids their Easter eggs. Should be good as haven't seen BabyE and the other kids for a few weeks!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

It's gonna be a LONNNNGGGG DAY! We were awakened at 5:30 a.m. by the tornado sirens. Bella wasn't very happy and definitely NOT very cooperative this morning as I buzzed around taking our "tornado precautions!" My emergency kit consists of a couple of blankets, a pillow, and a hoodie in the downstairs bathroom with a flashlight and a baggie filled with peanut butter, protein bars, bottled water, and dog food/treats. As many close calls as we've had over the years, we have been soooooo blessed to go unscathed thus far. School has been called off for the day, so between snow and tornadoes this year I wonder if we'll EVER get out of school on time! Today means yet another make-up day... probably another Saturday. :rant: Well, we are having a short break in the storms. I think I will catch a quick nap. I may spend the day - when we're not under warnings - reading fanfics and writing. Have a terrific hump day, Girls!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Alright, formalities first...

Happy Hump Day!!

Ach, but it looks like the German premiere of Wasser fur die Elefanten (or at least the press conference for it) was a plethora of RobLovliness. CheeseNRice but that man can smolder with the best of them. :swoon:

St Thomas Pictures~ Apologies that I caused mass brain failure last night. But, what kind of sister would I be if I didn't share shirtless shoeless wet BeachRob? I mean, I love you all dearly, after all. :D

Tonise~ Stay safe, sweetie. I'll keep hoping for the rough stuff to steer clear of places with people. But, must say, goodonya being prepared with an emergency kit. You're a smart cookie, you are.

Jaclyn~ Oooh! I hope I didn't get you in trouble. But, I mean, like I said, I HAD to share. Hmmm, maybe if you showed your coworkers the pics, they'd completely understand. I know I would.

Marielle~ Well, I'm in full support of seeing the movie an additional time. And, I think you are right. It will help you best advise your mom about it. I am curious though. She didn't like Sweeney Todd? I find that very interesting. It was a pretty bloody good adaptation of the musical and throw in a little Johnny Depp and I'm sold. :lol:

JennJenn~ We have that a lot too. I get pretty steamed sometimes, actually, because it never fails that people will post snarky comments or downright witchiness on the FB pages for the local TV stations for interupting their TV program. I just want to say, "well, don't complain then when the tornado comes down your hallway and you didn't know about it because they were too busy showing the Parenthood finale!" Priorities, people!

Rachel~ Here's hoping LittleMan's field trip goes off without a hitch.

Tracy~ Everything I've seen is that $17.5 million is fairly substantial for the genre and is actually better than what FoxSearchlight estimated. Most are saying that they think that WfE will have longer run as it will get good word-of-mouth from fans. The Official Water for Elephants FanPage on FB is encouraging everyone to go to IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango to post viewer reviews. It keeps that word-of-mouth going and we want to make sure that we counteract the biased reviewers with chips on their shoulder. I did a review on IMDb and Fandango.

Okay, have to be off. Work and all.

But, before I go...

In the immortal words of Pink... "Raise Your Glass" to the end of something wonderful and the start of something even better. :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by dazzel21 »

Hello Ladies!!!

I'm starting to hate summer again. It's freaking 37 degrees here in Manila everyday. Even my 10 minutes walk from the bus station to my office is a hard work.

So, I'm home alone (for the 2nd time in my entire life) for the whole week. Big bro, SIL and my baby niece are visiting my SIL's home town. Though my aunt and uncle who lives just 2 blocks from our house invited me to stay over while my house mates are still on vacation, I decided to just stay put and see if I could survive and try to feed myself for the whole week. I hope I don't poison myself with my cooking :lol: . And no Susie, there will be no party while big bro is on vacation. He actually warns me no wild parties while he's gone :lol: :lol: . I don't even know how to throw a party :lol: . It's weird though, the house is so quiet without my baby niece, they haven't been gone for even a day and I miss her already...


Caryn - Yay! Shirtless and barefoot Rob is my favorite kind of Rob :lol:. I'm out of the loop though, where is that pics taken???

Tonise - Woah! Tornado sirens!!!! Stay safe...

Ooooppsss it looks like Tracy, JennJenn and Rachel are also affected by tornado warning. Please be safe all of you. I'll say a prayer for all of you ladies before I go to bed tonight.

Mel - Nice to see you back at the HH. So sorry to hear you're having problems with your son's school. I hope it gets sorted out. Every child deserves the best education we could give them.

Marielle - Hope you don't get sick. Take lots of fluids and rest.

VultoriGirl - So sorry to hear you're having a bad day and that your boss blames you for the things that's not your fault. Your co-worker should be ashamed of what she did.

Susie - Your lock down drill sounds creepy (just like what you said). Is it mandatory for every school?? Yes my mom loves cooking. And even though she playfully complained that she mostly stayed in the kitchen cooking nonstop in the 5 day duration that we're all home, I know she enjoyed feeding us. You do know by now that I have no skills in the kitchen, right :lol: . I stayed with her in the kitchen though sitting on the counter chopping veggies and handling utensils when mom needs them. It's pretty much our bonding time, her cooking and me telling her stories of what's happening with our lives in the city.

Jaclyn - Good for you then. You won't have to adjust too much if your work is pretty much the same.

Tammy - Yay for photobucket working again. Love the new wallpaper.

Desiree - Oh I've read Fallen already and its sequel Torment by Kate Lauren. Have you read it??? Right now I'm currently reading Beastly by Alex Flinn, and loving it. I'm trying to steer clear of the cinema because I so much wanted to watched the movie but I haven't finish reading the book yet. Hopefully I'll get to see it before WfE hits the theater here...To answer your question: Yes Twilight will always have a special place in my heart. I may not pick up the book for quite sometime now but the story, the characters and their legacy will always stay.

Tracy - Hey you brought ActionRob to work. I'm glad he enjoyed all the exercise he did and I'm glad he's back to wearing trousers. I don't think the kilt will work with his looks while working out :lol: . Love the pics.

Sorry I might have to cut this short its almost midnight here. Gotta go to bed.

Okay, I'll admit I'm a little freak out tonight. I'm jumpy with all the little noises I heard. Our next door neighbor's dog is bad tempered, keeps on barking and it freaks me out a little. Gah I really need to go to bed. Nothing to freak out about, the main doors bolted, there's light in the living room, I have the guardhouse emergency phone number, my bedroom door is locked. I'm out of here, try to go to sleep.
See you all later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Raine~ The shirtless barefoot SexyBeachRob pics were taken during reshoots done last weekend in the US Virgin Islands. Scuttlebutt is that Summitt was not entirely satisfied with the honeymoon/first night scenes shot in Brazil in November and thus, set up the reshoots last minute. So, essentially Rob&Kris got a few days in Carribean during which they got to play and make out in the ocean before he had to leave for Europe. :D I'm really not seeing the bad there, honestly. :twisted:
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