Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by twilightsagaaddict »


Hi everyone! thank you for the b-day wishes! I hope all the Mom's here had a wonderful & relaxing Mother's Day!

Real life, as usual, is taking its toll. There's been a lot of school crap going on - they are closing another school in our district which will send the class sizes possibly close to 40....bleck. Not sure if I can attend anymore meetings, its just so depressing and disappointing.

Still haven't seen WFE...hopefully in the next couple weeks! :)

Thank you to whoever started the HH Group on FB! It helps me to keep in touch with you all when I can't make it here :D !
Susie ~ I bet you're so excited for Daughter Dear to come home! Its seems like just last month she was leaving!

Amy ~ so sorry for your loss...I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts.

Marielle ~ thanks for all the pre-party goodies! Hope the headache gets better!

GoldenGirl59 ~ WELCOME TO THE HH! I'm so glad you've joined us! I'm Sandy, a semi-regular (always trying to get back to my 'regular' status, but stupid real-life always gets in my way ;D)

Caryn ~ LOVED your shoes! so glad you enjoyed yourself!

Tonsie ~ so happy for you that your school dist got the pardon!! As a parent, thank you so much for all you do as a teacher. The impact you have on kids is immeasurable! :D

Christina & Ginnie ~ yay for miniature golf! glad you guys had fun!

Tracy ~ Hope you're feeling better!

:wave: to everyone! sorry for the short-ish post!

Gotta run (literally-LOL!) I have to run a few practice 5K's before June 5th when I'll be a Running Buddy for the Girls on the Run 5K. Its a program for girls that works on positive self-esteem and anti-bullying. My middle daughter is running with my best friend, and I'm running with her daughter.


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

In respect for our HH Rob-Bash tomorrow, I took the liberty of getting us some music. I wasn't sure everyone's taste in tunes, so I also brought this..
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Happy Thursday, my sisters!!! I honestly don't know why I'm all happy about it. We have a CRAZY night tonight. Hubs has a meet. I'm supposed to have a board meeting for the soccer club, Littlun' has a soccer scrimmage AND Biggun' has his final concert of the year tonight! As I haven't perfected cloning myself and I don't posess preternatural vamipre speed, I'm betting I won't make the board meeting. Darn! (note: sarcasmface) :lol: But, tomorrow is Friday and on Friday I get off work at noon and the theater near my office is showing WfE at 1:10. Oh but I think that works out perfectly.

Marielle~ As I said, I’m beyond frustrated because the motives of this group look so suspect. I mean, I am absolutely in support of ensuring that animals come to no harm, particularly those who are in the entertainment industry. For gods sake, that’s the message of the film! But, again, why aren’t they going after HWTW rather than the film itself, and why the hell the delay in acting on the information, if it is legit? And, yes, I feel absolutely horrible for Rob and Reese, who are both such animal lovers. Regardless of the fact that they had no part in any of that kind of treatment (if it did happen), they are still both going to be bothered by it. Oh, I do hope you aren’t sick. I’ll send you good health vibes. YAY for seeing WfE again!! That’s all we can really do, other than standing up to the closed-minded extremists. I plan on going again this weekend as well. :D Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I kind of want to just nibble all over that cake.

Susie~ Awwww, I so adore that little hump day gift. What is it about Rob snuggling a little stuffed friend that makes me all gooey inside. Granted, just about everything about Rob makes me all gooey. :lol: I’m not really a regular scotch drinker. That’s hub’s department. But, I have been known to appreciate a fine vintage. Nope, wasn’t wearing my Masen ring yesterday. Because it’s costume, I have to be careful about wearing it too much.

AnnMarie~ Good. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get some good ones to choose from.

Ginnie~ Ugh! That is awful. I lived through about 90 minutes a few weeks ago when I didn’t know where Biggun’ was and that just about put me in a mental ward. I can’t imagine what she must feel. Thank you for spreading the word. Yes, some of those outtakes are new, some we’ve seen before, but they are all just.. GAH!!

Christina~ I understand completely. Where I am a HUGE NCAA basketball fan, I kind of loathe the NBA. Something about the level of entitlement and prima donna-ness of the majority of the players just makes me wretch. I can get lost in a payless in the spring and summer. Honestly, wearing sandals is about the only thing I find redeeming about the hot months. :lol:

Tonise~ Trust me, girl, you are not the only state going through the whole education debacle. Indiana recently enacted a cap in the property tax rates (property taxes provide the majority of funds for school budgets), and now everyone is wondering why they have no money to run their schools. Indianapolis Public Schools, our largest district in the state, had a school board meeting Tuesday night at which they identified almost 300 teachers to RiF; Another local district will not bus their students to or from school next year! And yet, our idiot governor ( I don’t get political often, but I’m telling you girls, if Mitch Daniels runs for president, he will ruin this country the way he’s ruined our state!) decided it was a great idea to legislate funding for charter schools (coincidentally with a really high number of schools run by corporate buddies of said idiot governor) into our budget this year!! And yet, we wonder why we can’t compete with other countries (even 2nd world countries) in educating our young people. Oh no. I agree with your expression about the WfE controversy. In fact, if it weren’t for the language filters around here, I probably would have used some much stronger language that would have made my reply much less eloquent.

Tracy~ :lol: I’ve played many a game of “name that picture” with myself or friends where Rob is concerned. Sadly (or not so, honestly), I can usually at least name the event or photo shoot at which the photo was taken, if not the month and year. Yep, I’m obsessed like that :shock: I have no doubt that if there is anyone out there who can manage a busy schedule like that, it’s you. Like I said, just remember to steal me-time where you can. My secret is to get my hubs to drive as much as possible to games and such. That allows me to, if nothing else, just put my feet up and enjoy the scenery. Though, more often than not, I’ve usually got my nose buried in my Kindle :lol:

GoldenGirl59~ :lol: Sweet!!! Welcome to the HalfwayHouse!! Shall we just call you Amy’s Mom? This, I’m pretty sure, is a red letter day around here. You mark the first actually-related pair of sisters we’ve had! A while back we all took on e-family roles. But, this is really cool!!

Amy~ Thanks for bringing your mom to play!! That really is soooo cool. Ummmm, Eclipse 4 times in the theater, huh? Yeah, I probably shouldn’t tell you how many times I saw it… or Twilight. I’ll put it this way. I failed completely in seeing NM in the theaters in that I only saw it 8 times.

Rob's Whereabouts~ I'm actually rather happy. We had photographic evidence of Rob landing in Toronto (where he will begin work on Cosmopolis, but he's managed to settle in there quite nicely without being chased down. There have been a number of Twitter reports that talk about seeing he & Kris out and about in Toronto, many involving leisurely walks with Bear (awwwwwww) but thankfully no pictures. I'm loving it! And, of course, we know that we have less than a month to our next event where he will be present in all his hobo glory. *sigh*

Rob's Birthday~ Dude! The big 2-5!! When I turned 25, I got a card from my FiL proclaiming that I was then old enough to be classified as an antique. Yes, that's my FiL's idea of a joke. Anywho, I'm so glad to celebrate his birthday. He's grown so much in so many ways since we first met him, but retained that sweet goofy charm that is almost child-like in it's innocence Oh, believe me, I'm ready to party. I, too ordered some treats. And I'm allllll over some musical entertainment.

Alright, I've rambled enough. Off to work with me!

Sandy~ Duel-posting and you win! Hmmmm, haven't seen WfE yet?! That is something we shall have to fix, and sooooooon! Good luck in the 5K! That's an awesome cause.

Amy~ UNF!! Rob and any instrumentation is a good bet around here. Good gods, the idea of that man strumming or tickling the ivories... it should not be legal, what that does to me. :swoon:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Hey guys,

Just posting to say hi :)

Bit busy the now to make a proper post but I will try and stop by tomorrow for the e-bash!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

How did I miss our newbe!!! Amy's mom non the less... I feel so bad...

Goldengirl, Welcome to our little slice of heaven... you are most welcome...
I'm Marielle, long time patient here, I have been admitted in the halfway house for life as Dr. Cullen couldn't figure a cure for my Rob (and all included characters) addiction... therefore my mental stability has been questioned and the vampire doctor thought is was better that I stayed for a long term... :lol: .. Anyway I'm Dutch, 28 years young...I hope you visit often and join us tomorrow for the Ebash for Rob's birthday...

Caryn, thanks for the Rob update,... I'm happy Kris is with him and they are happy playing the lovely family with bear... I sure hope those damn papz will stay away...

Too All... have a nice evening, I'm going to prepare for the reading Edward smut!!!! (maybe a little Rob smut...)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening ladies

so my laptops arrived i just have to wait to get my internet connection sorted then i will be back to my picture posting self and the girl that stole from me has been sending me abuusive messages which i dont think is to nice anyway tommorow is robs ebirthday bash and i cant believe ive been here a year chatting with my lovely freinds i think i will be watching wfe tommorow but i will be at the party most of the day

marielle- hope you feel better soon headaches are no fun enjoy the tennis

sandy- that sucks about the schools closing it happens quite a bit over here

caryn-thanks mabe there will some rob look alikes

goldengirl59- welcome to this wonderfull place
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by TammyAZ »

Good afternoon ladies!!! Just a quick one before I get the kids from school....

Amy~ I am soooo gonna do a wallpaper with that pic!!! Black leather lacket..... :swoon:

Amy's mom :) ~ WELCOME TO THE HH!!!! (I forgot I had the HH specific wallpaper...maybe I've gotten carried away with making too many of them......NAHHH)

For the B-day bash tomorrow I'll try to do what I did last year. If you post a pic with a comment, I will do my best to personalize it and re-post it within 5 minutes....I may be a little slower this year, but I have a much better program for the edits :) Does anyone remember this little piece from last year? Wow, I sure have learned alot about photoshopping since then LOL :blush:

Ok off to get the squirts I will see you lovelies tomorrow!!!


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

Hi Ladies!

I'll be back later to make my regular post. I've been actually working this afternoon and now I have a hair appointment.

I will say -


Goldengirl - I just need to know if I am still the Matriarch of the Halfway House - is the 59 your birth year? Then I'm still the oldest because I'm '58. OR is it your age???? Then I'm no longer the oldest and I will therefore pout like a two-year old.

See you all later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Wheels »

Hey ladies, been a really hard, strange day today. Remember last august I told you about a young lad I worked with who had discovered he had stomach cancer? Well we found out earlier in the week it was terminal and he had between 5 weeks and 5 months. Unfortunately he didnt get anywhere near that. He died in his sleep last night. Within the space of a year he felt poorly, was diagnosed with cancer, went through numerous types and courses of chemotherapy, turned 18 then heartbreakingly disintegrated and passed away.

So very sad, and it's heart wrenching seeing all the posts on his facebook. He was obviously hugely loved by all who knew him.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Hello again,

Turns out I do have time for a quick post tonight Haha!

It was my goodbye lunch today at work. My last day isn't until tomorrow but not all my work mates work Fridays, so we went out today instead. It was good; a lot of fun. I really will miss them!!

Susie - I know, I was shocked that EW got here so quickly!! Thank you very much again! :)
Btw, I loved your mega catch up post!!

missp - Yay for finally getting confirmation of the tornado days being pardoned - whoop!! Not long before you can hit the beach (but I still think it's so strange you guys finish school so early!).

Tracy - Aw thanks for the nice words about me! *blushes* Right back at ya girl!! :D
No I didn't really post any WfE specifics, but I will do on my next viewing. Didn't really have time to go this week; hopefully we will make it next week instead though!
Sorry to hear that your work is a bit understaffed just now. Is there any reason why they haven't hired replacements yet? My alomost old work is going to be like that too; so many people have left or will be leaving very soon, that the people there till it actually closes is going to have to do so much work, for pretty much no extra money. Bit rubbish!
Wow, your kids are out of school next week too? And they don't go back to August? Kids here finish school the very end of June (actually July 1st this year) and go back the second week of August! LOL.

Amy - I am thinking of you tomorrow girl. That's awesome you made your mom a lex account! Is she Team Edward or Team Jacob? Does she think Rob is oh-so-gorgeous?? Hi Amy's mom!!

GoldenGirl59 - Ah, I see you have posted! Hey there! Welcome to the world of Twilight, and of course to the land of Rob ;) I'm Jaclyn and I live in Scotland. Everyone here is so lovely; you will have a great time!!

Christina - Wow, 5 viewings of WfE! Very cool! Do you plan to see it many more times?

Marielle - I hope you don't feel too ill now! Did you make it to tennis?

Sandy - Hello! Sorry to hear about the school closures, 40 kids in one class is very crazy.

Caryn - WfE sounds like a great way to start the weekend! I finish half an hour earlier on Fridays (I am mega jealous you finish at noon! LOL) and love it. That wee 30 mins makes all the difference. I really do love Fridays :lol:

Ann Marie - I can't beleive your ex-friend is sending you abusive messages! Can you not report her to the police?
Yay for getting your new laptop!

Tammy - Thanks for posting the "old" wallpaper - I actually quite like it!! LOL.

Mel - I'm so sorry to hear about your friend :( That is horribly sad, and I am thinking of you all just now. *hugs*

I will try my hardest to get online lots tomorrow, but I won't be able to at work and I don't know what we're doing tomorrow night yet... But hopefully I will be free-ish!

Until then!
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