Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Well, I want to murder the Australian Tax Office, which has taken my husband's tax return and used it to pay off his WORK tax, which WE HAD ALREADY PAID! Now we have to pay our accountant a few hundred dollars to ring them and sort it all out. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!!!!! (that's an Australian expression).

Raine - yes, it looks like I am definitely going again this Saturday. And this time I actually get to go with a Twilight fan! That's the first time that's happened. She hasn't seen it yet, so I'm really looking forward to her reaction!

Caryn - yes, I like snow. I haven't had much experience with it though, but it would be nice to see it occasionally.

Suzan - wow, I bet that's really frustrating. I hope you get it all sorted soon.

Susie - I think I did see that you'd seen it. Yes, the dream's an interesting take on the dream in the book.

Sean - I really think people should just mind their business when it comes to Rob and Kristen. I'm trying to dodge pap shots at the moment. All I ever keep seeing are pictures of Rob at the airport or leaving his house! Poor guy!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Chernaudi »

Lynne: This didn't start with Kristen and her GQ comments or similar comments made later by Rob, this "outing" has been more recent than that--it started I think with the David Moss "Movie and a Meal" thing that the Cleveland Fox channel does, where he blurted out that Kristen and Rob are together (don't know where he got the info from, and I probably don't want to know). And because of David's H'wood ties and credibility, some people are now thinking "if Dave got away with it, maybe we can too". Only other guy that may've let that slip is Bill Condon, and I'm fairly sure that Bill let it slip on accident. I can understand that. But what I don't get is just saying it on purpose for whatever reason, usually to bring attention to themselves. I'm not the biggest fan of Ashley Greene--I used to really like her, but she's sort of become an airhead and let fame get to her the past couple of years (this is why I like Kristen, Rob, Peter, Liz and Nikki so much--they haven't let fame get to them and they haven't take such advantage of it), but at least she hasn't said anything about Kristen and Rob's relationship.

I just hope that one of the main cast doesn't out them, and there seems to be some understanding there, too, that some things should not be said.

Granted, we can see that they're a couple, but if they don't want to talk publically about it, people have to respect that.

To add to that, Star just ran a typical article about Kristen and Nikki reportedly fighting over Rob (just great, another anonymous source spilling a tabloid), and at Robstenation, there's an article about Kristen in OTR, and some vintage Rob from BD promo on Jimmy Fallon.

I'll be back later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Not a lot going on around here this week which is good because I don’t have much energy right now. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. In fact, it was my favorite Thanksgiving in recent memory. I am feeling good about my Christmas shopping which is rare at this stage in the game as I tend to think I work best under pressure… This is true in a lot of situations but not when stores sell out of what the kiddos really want, so I am ok with taking it easy for a few days. Ah sweet contentment I will not take thee for granted. Anyways, I’ll just get on to the posts then.

Raine – Thanks! I am glad you like my SWatH siggy. I did it myself so I am a bit proud of it!

Brenda – Yeah I’m back! I also turned away when Bella drank the blood and it was all over her teeth. I agree that Billy Burke stole all his wedding scenes from whoever else happened to be on screen. He has such a presence. It makes me want to check out more of his work.

Tonise – I know you won’t see this but I will miss you ;[

Amy – Yeah I had to remind myself that I knew how this was going to work out lol. I was about ready to yell at Edward what’s taking you so long? Venom man venom! Pump, pump! Honestly, I had to look away at a few different points. Bella’s bloody teeth kinda got to me. But thinking back, it strikes me as funny.

Jaclyn – I am glad I’m not the only one who’s had this response to the movie. I am doing a pretty good job convincing myself I need to see it a second time. =] I hesitate to share my thoughts because in my own mind they sound negative and so don’t want to do that. Maybe if I just typed them out and got it off my chest that would help clear the way for more positive thinking. Maybe I just really need to see it again, lol.

Tracy – I wondered too if my feelings were somehow pregnancy related but I am not feeling hormonal overall… I am feeling tired a lot of the time lately and that tends to show up in my emotional state but I am out of that “weepy” stage. Of course watching Bella go through all that and thinking about her and Edward’s POVs might have hit closer to home than it would have otherwise. I think I am the one person who was dying to get to read Vampella. All the books were complete by the time I picked up the saga and I kept thinking “maybe this one will get to meet her….” I can’t think of another way to put this although it sounds like I am talking about food… I craved to meet her. I wanted Bella to be strong. It was like I could see she had it in her, she just had to find a way to allow herself to be so. My main gripe with the book BD is that there isn’t more of her. I think really the book was too long but rushed at the same time if that makes any sense. It should’ve left off where the movie did and then given us a flushed out story for Vampella… Taken it’s time to show us not everything worked too perfectly. She did give up something we just don’t get the time to see it in BD.

Caryn – Wrung out is a good way of putting it. I almost think I should write out my feelings too. Just to clear my head… Maybe I am judging my own thoughts as negative prematurely. I just don’t like seeing myself in that light so it’s not comfortable place for me to be.

Susie – I’m glad everyone here has been raving about BD but it makes me wonder, like what is wrong with me? Every time I think of something to say, I realize it sounds like a complaint. I don’t like that. I purposely steered clear of a lot of the trailers, etc. so I could go in with an open mind. I (thought I) had the attitude that the movie tells the story in its own words so to speak. But once I got in there I felt myself comparing it to the book… Or really since it’s been a while my SiL and I kept turning to each other saying “I don’t remember that from the book..?” or something similar. Neither of us cared for the blood-faced Edward pre-wedding dream. And I kept wondering what scenes where going to make it in to the movie. I guess I am doing a good job of convincing myself I need to see it a second time, lol. But yes, you are right. It is much harder to squeeze in more viewings during the holiday season. Wth am I saying… It was hard for me to get in the first one.

Everyone – It feels so good to be back I got the warm and tingles just opening up a blank Word doc to type this post, it’s been awhile ;] Is that the dorkiest thing ever that Word brings feelings of nostalgia lol. Shhh don’t tell anyone. And long story short, I need to see BD again before making a real review. Now if I can just figure out how to do that…..

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Sean - yes, I noticed that on the Today Show interview with Rob. The interviewer said, "and you have a lovely girlfriend". They seem to think if they just mention it as a passing fact they might confirm it publicly for them!

Rachel - pregnancy. Yikes! I didn't have much fun with that ...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by velvet409 »

Happy Hump Day to the Halfway House!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been in a sort of Breaking Dawn-induced fog for the last two weeks. I've seen it five times so far, and I'll get in a sixth sometime this weekend, hopefully with my gym Twi-friend.

My parents saw the movie and they loved it. My mother was really funny. I called to ask them how they liked the movie and she answered the phone with, "It was fabulous!" :lol: She thought they did an awesome job adapting the book, and that Bella's dress was gorgeous. The love scene was beautiful and the birthing scene was well done. The only complaint she had was the ending. She wanted it to go a little further in the story, through Bella's first hunt and finding out about the imprinting. They're hoping they get the chance to see it again.

Last Wednesday was a lot of fun, as Ginnie and I met Sandy for breakfast! We didn't have very long to visit but it was a great time. I can't wait to see her again in June.

I think I saw that we have a new resident here at the HH. Welcome! :hello: I'm Christina and I live in Florida. Look forward to talking with you!

I have a ton of pages to catch up on so I'm going to go get started on that. :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by VirginiaMay »

*Drags self in on hands and knees, finds comfiest chair imaginable and closes my tired little eyeballs* (Just resting them, I swear! ;) )

Happy Hump Day Everybody! And many, many apologies for being absent the last week or so!

Like my Sunshine State Sister above,(Christina), I've been in somewhat of a Breaking Dawn haze since the 17th. I've also been all over the place with the holidays coming up and other things. My daughter has a busy, busy performance schedule in December, which means a busy, busy rehearsal schedule in November. I've also begun giving private music lessons to a friends' daughter recently, AND on top of everything, we got a new dog unexpectedly this week. Like I said... I've been all over the place.

Anyway, I'm surviving. I'm hugely fond of Breaking Dawn Part 1(on my fifth viewing now),very excited for the holidays, and thoroughly head over hells with our new canine companion. Oh, yes, and I'm still trying to write all those stories.

So pictures, to make up for being gone. (I hope.)

Our new pup, Lucy.

Christina & I at Breaking Dawn, opening night.

And.. one for Hump Day, or should I say Bump Day! ;-)

Okay... all, now back to page 120 for me. Much to get caught up on! Hugs to All!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Ginnie - oh it's a Boxer! Gorgeous! Love the photo of you and Christina! And I love that still from the movie ... although it would be a nicer family moment if Bella didn't look quite so close to death!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody….

This is the last day of my working week!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to a Deep Purple concert with my dad and brother. And Saturday evening I’ll be going to see BD again…

I saw this morning an advertisement for BD in one of the free newspapers they hand out at the station, they claim BD is the best twilight movie yet…

Anyway… lost of posts!!!

Sean, I have been laughing my socks off with all the articles that are released around Rob and Kris…Gossip Cop had an article on ‘in touch’ claiming Rob and Kris are planning a wedding on the Isle of Wright, while not a month ago they claimed that Kris and Rob’s parents didn’t get along…I mean for the real fans it’s obvious that they are together and happy… if anything the BD red carpets showed that!

Brenda, I generally tend to agree with our prime minister… we shouldn’t interfere too much… let people who have the knowledge deal with it…though it’s getting scary here… the bank I’m with for years now just got degraded… they say it’s nothing to worry about but that was the only bank in Holland that came out of the first crisis unscratched…
Here in Holland the cinema’s do things so different… for any movie that is released the price per ticket is the same, everywhere it’s around 10€, the movies that don’t do well will be out of the cinema in three weeks, the movies like Pirates, HP and Twilight will be in for at least 6 to 8 weeks, some even until the dvd release, but the others will be pulled out and than you have to wait until the dvd release but ticket prices always stay the same…

Raine, I wish we could swap…at the moment it’s relatively warm, last year we had a feet of snow already, now there isn’t falling anything and the temp is around 10C which normally is around 5C… but they think that next month it will be getting colder…I already miss the summer…I hate thinking about wearing enough layers to keep me warm…

Caryn, hihi, yeah your right, Krisella is definitely doing a little fist-bump there…I just love that scene completely, though it’s so different than the book I think they doe it really well with a good feeling for the story and the non-reading fans…
I’m getting really excited about planning the route we will take to Chicago…any tips? I really don’t know if I should go south of lake Erie or take the northern route…
Did you ever try that Legolas story? I found a new really good one, if you are interested I can pm you that one as well…

Suzan, you’ll feel better after you have seen Jackson play next week… I’m sure of that… are you getting bouncy already???

Susie, nah, not that many days off… on contract we have 23 days a year we can take off. Maarten has 35 days on contract (that’s a lot) at my company we can buy extra days cheap. So this year I bought 12 days extra so that I too have 35 days, it the maximum… how is this different from the US, how many days you have?
My bf tends on either driving to the airport and ditch the car there or to the hotel, he isn’t faced by US city traffic…(sigh)…but we plan on renting the car from here so we can arrange a meeting point that they advise.
Yes, I got some answers about passing the border, I just have to make sure that all my meds are packed according to custom standards and that I have a letter from my doc, and we need to fill in the ESTA- form… I only still have to make sure that the Canadian custom doesn’t make an issue about us traveling with a one-way ticket.

Lynne, I know how you feel about the tax office, it’s the same in each country…we had issues every year until my aunt advised a tax expert that could help us, he only costs 30€ which is no money at all for the work he is doing for us…
I hope you get your money back soon…

Ginnie, I love your puppy!!! She is adorable!!! And already such a camera loving dog…

Well, I have to get something finished today!!!
See you all tomorrow…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello all~

I'd like to get the serious, "real life" stuff out of the way first, if I may. I want to ask for your thoughts and prayers for the family of one of my younger cousins, who passed away Tuesday. He suffered from an addiction to alcohol over the years that he had been unable to successfully manage, even with a great deal of family support and encouragement, a stay in an inpatient rehab facility, etc. His younger brother was the one to find his body, and they believe he asphyxiated after essentially passing out, although an autopsy and toxicology results are still forthcoming. This was not the first time something like this had happened to him, and this terrible addiction had cost him his marriage, among other things. Because this part of our family was never physically or geographically close to us (they lived on the other side of the country), we kept in touch mostly via Christmas cards and phone calls, and in person at weddings and the like, throughout the years. My Mom, my brother, and myself attended my cousin's wedding two summers ago because it was within about 10 hours driving distance, and I'm so thankful that we did. It was one of those very busy weekends where you almost spend more travel time in the car than you do at the actual event, but it was so worth it. ;) We had a wonderful time visiting with my cousin and his family and meeting his fiance, and enjoyed spending time and reconnecting with a few aunts and uncles whom we hadn't seen in several years. My cousin was only twenty-nine years old, and his death is just so tragic and senseless. :( I am so sad for his parents and younger brother who did all they could to help him fight his demons....but I guess you really can't help someone who doesn't want (or isn't ready) to accept that help.

.......thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I wanted to post about this Tuesday night, but was a little too emotional at the time to be very coherent. And I attempted to make a mega post last night, but our stupid cable and internet went out :? and I lost the parts of my post where I had responded to most of you the past couple of days.

On to more enjoyable topics.....

I'll (finally!) be seeing Breaking Dawn for the 2nd time today at noon, assuming I get all my errands run first and don't get a call from school to pick up a sick child. :D I only have eight places to go :shock: (mailing cards, picking up a couple of things at the grocery, buying a few Christmas presents, dropping off some things at church, etc.), but surely I can accomplish all I need to accomplish knowing that a second viewing of this will be my reward. :swoon:

I'll check back in with you tonight and hopefully have a chance to respond to all of your posts. This is such an amazing place frequented by very special people, and I almost feel incomplete if I don't get to check in with all of you each day. ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Thursday everyone.

just a fly by post today. Belated Hump Day pic. I have been stuck on fanfic this week so I haven't been reading or posting. During Thanksgiving while up in Riverside, Ca. we went to Mission Inn which every year after thanksgiving does a lighting ceremony. It's a real family oriented thing. They even hadraindeer for the kids.

We got hit with a dust storm this morning. It's real gross when it gets in your ears and up your nose. It doesn't make for a good hair day today. My oldest son asked if he gets to stay home from school because it's dusty outside. *I wish we could.* . Well, phones are ringing real bad at work so I gotta go.
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