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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by SwanCullen »

I didn't think that we would be able to post today, until I saw the note on the HH fb group.

Marielle- that is so amazing that everything is okay! Thank goodness!!!

Caryn- you about killed me with those pics! Wow!

Sorry for not responding to all. Will try better tomorrow!

I need to be added to the no list for HHCon :-(

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by DarkMuse »

Happy Hump Day!

Lynne - I so want to read your book when it comes out! That sounds pretty interesting. :D We're borrowing my sister's extra fridge that they use downstairs in their bar area until we can get a new one, so that worked out ok. And yeah it could have been worse like it was for the neighbor across the street. A tree fell on their house. :shock:

Marielle - So you didn't see them too long ago then. Ah I wish I coulda gone over there to see them. Woulda been so awesome. Do you remember the name of the improv song? Or "make up a song" as they call it. Lol. Did you get to meet them? I once got a hug from Jackson & thought I would die. LOL! He is so thin that there's barely anything to hug! But yeah, that voice could melt butter. Mmmm. Also, so sorry you had such a bad scare! I'm glad it turned out to be pretty much nothing. Whew. I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you. *hugs*

Caryn - Hiiiiiiiii! *tackle hugs back* I've missed you so much! I was gonna ask in this post where you've been, but alas you are back! Where did you go, anyway? Hope you had fun wherever you were. <3333

Amy - Thanks for the suggestion. As I told Lynne, we were able to borrow my sister's extra one, so things worked out. :)

More Hump Day treats.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

Well, I enjoyed The Muppets, but Little Man got bored. I never understand why they make kids' movies so long.

Kristina - I'm glad you like the sound of my book. I'm growing more and more stressed about it at the moment. I was just imagining the argument I might have with my publisher if she turns me down.

I read it for the first time last night since I originally handed it over to her (back in October!) and I didn't like what I read. I could see all the things that I'm betting she doesn't like, and I don't think I stand a chance. I love my story, but I know it doesn't meet certain guidelines, and I'm a newbie, so I can't break the rules. :(
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Amy~ Girl, I will say this until the moment I draw my last breath. The man could go back to the Cosmopolis haircut dyed three colors and I would still think he was one of the most beautiful creatures to walk gods’ green. It’s about owning it, being comfortable in who you are. Rob is shy, yes, but he’s comfortable in his own skin. That makes every look on him sexy as hell. As for the buzz, I like to imagine how soft it would feel…. :swoon:

Lynne~ Aww, thanks! It’s good to be back for sure. Yes, I’m betting that is one of many moments in BD where Rob needed no direction whatsoever. Can’t you just imagine BC prepping him? “Okay, Rob, very simple. You’re completely lost in her. Just look at her like… Never mind. Looks like you got this one dialed in…” :lol: Hope Little Man enjoyed Muppets. We actually haven’t gotten to see that one yet.

JennJenn~ I didn’t even realized the Lex was blacking out. Very cool that they are in my opinion. But, I treat them as two separate pages anymore. To check the main page, I go straight there, and to check the forums, I have the login page bookmarked. Aww, bummer! But, you can skype or chat, right?

KSter~ :lol: Didn’t mean to scare you. As if I could leave this place. No, I was just on a family trip. Littlun had a soccer tourney in Disney World and our plan for internet access didn’t work as well as we would have liked. Thus, I was only able to post from my phone, which is great in a pinch for a driveby but sucks rocks for regular posting. Glad to hear the whole refridgerator situation had a simple if temporary solution. Dang, girl. Cut a girl some slack! Between the BlastfromthePastRob and Jax hotness, you’re raising my temperature. :swoon:

RobNews~ Looks like BA is picking up steam. It's just been confirmed to show at the Glasgow Film Festival. And, in even bigger news, MTV's MovieBrawl 2012 returned a shocker yesterday. Of course, they started out trying to kill us, making us vote between BA and Cosmopolis. Cosmopolis won that round and got the honor of facing BD2 next. Here's the shocker. Cosmopolis took out BD2. Granted, it was by a total margin of 3 votes, but still. Even better. It is currently handily downing The Dark Knight Rises! Granted, that puts it in a final match up with The Hunger Games. I know which one I vote for in that moment. It's others I'm not so sure of.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »

HAPPY HUMP DAY without RobCrack -my apologies

I'm on our old computer which freezes up when I try to do anything fancy like link to pictures. Luckily many of you have posted enough Hump Day pics to make up for my lack of pics.

My laptop is still being worked on by my IT Guy. He said he had to re-image it (whatever that means) I said -Oh, you mean it needs an exorcism? He said yes, and that he intends to use fire. He sounds funny, but he does it all with a straight face, so most people just think he is grumpy. They just don't understand his comic delivery, but I detected it and play into it and he likes that since no one else jokes around with him. Hopefully I'll have it back tomorrow.

I have a handicapped parking pass now. It is very cool. I still have to walk a lot once I get into my school building, though, since it is an old high school, so by the time I leave after teaching, I'm in real pain. I can't have any Advil from now until surgery because it thins the blood too much - I'm feeling it. Tylenol helps, but I certainly don't want to take maximum doses of that 7 days in a row. I just have to use a combination of ice, rest, and Tylenol interspersed with as much walking around as I can tolerate. I can't wait for the surgery!

Now enough about me - sorry about that!! On to what you've been talking about:

Sean – I’m so happy that you’ve reconsidered volunteering at the Library. I know I would be going crazy if I wasn’t going out at all. I really hope it works out for you. I read about how you hurt your foot. Make sure you are up to date on your tetanus shots. That stuff is serious. If it broke the skin, it doesn't have to be deep to be of concern.

Marielle – Hooray! So glad that little bump isn’t anything to be concerned about!!! Now the lemon juice and water thing – sounds a bit challenging. I know you’ve talked to your doctors about this – can’t they figure out what is causing your symptoms? In the U.S. they’d probably have you go off gluten and/or dairy. That’s no fun, but people say they feel so much better. I don’t blame you for being upset that your brother was a no-show after you had already given up on seeing Bel Ami. Hey – What do your and dad and your brother think of the Italian Cruise Ship tragedy? I mean, from a professional perspective. Scary, eh?

Caryn – I think I’ll call you the Tina Fey of the Halfway House with your natural sense of comedy! Such a funny post you made! Welcome back (although I haven’t been around much either). Can’t wait to see a pic of the latest HH gathering at the TooJay’s Thanks for posting my requested pic. Even though I did raid your photobucket account for it earlier, it is just divine to get to see it now. *sigh*. I’m so glad you agree with me on the RobQualities of that pic. Funny what you speculated about how Rob was directed by BD on those loving scenes with Krisella. - never mind. You've got it! :lol: Good to hear about BA Buzz. (which makes me think of how you want to run your fingers through Rob's buzz cut......)

Amy – So funny about earning interest on your HHCon account money!! You gotta watch things like that, or before you know it hubs will have “borrowed” it all!

Lynne – Regarding your book – it IS hard to keep perspective when you’re smack in the middle of it with tons of emotion and time invested in it. What if – just for the sake of exploring different paths your writing life may take – this book was an EXCELLENT exercise in how to write a book. If you hit a dead end with this story – What if it leads you to write an even better story, one that you can publish? You can’t give up. You are obviously a born writer. It’s just so hard to look ahead right now for someone in your shoes. I know it sounds a little “New Agey”, but it does always help me to step back and try to look at the big plan and what was meant to be. It is all positive in the long run. There you go – Unsolicited Susie Advice. Everyone gets it eventually here at the Halfway House! Working back through your posts – thanks for telling me more about your church and your minister. Do you think of your group as being conservative? I loved the Sonnet you posted for Jaclyn. Really beautiful. Did you just have that up your sleeve? Finally – Hooray that the tax return has been rightly found!

JennJenn – Yes, I know that two of the missing passengers on that cruise ship are from Minnesota. I don’t know them at all. It doesn’t look good as far as being able to find them alive at this point. So sad. Two other Minnesotans were able to get out. I still hoping we find a very rich person to help finance the HHCONand then everyone who wants to attend will be able to. A girl can dream, right?

– I hope you can get rid of that fluid in your ears. Does it make you dizzy? When we finally meet someday, I definitely want to sing together somehow. Karaoke? I haven’t been singing much the past few years. Not quit sure how to resume – I’m not that interested in choral singing at this point.

Tracy – You remembered correctly – Wed Jan 25. I saw my PT today and had ultrasound and got some exercises to do. And guess what? I actually did them tonight! I have a checklist so I don’t forget. I’m doing them on both legs since my other knee isn’t in great shape either. Taking time off – I plan to take a little more time off than last time because of all of the walking I have to do just to get to my classroom and then walking around the room and standing at the board. etc. It will be fun because I will actually feel pretty well and can do anything that doesn’t involve a lot of walking and/or standing. So going out for coffee/lunch/movie/dinner/movie are all things I can do!!! How are you?

Kster – I’m sorry about your fridge – that is quite disruptive! We don’t realize how much we refrigerate until we have to empty it all out. You’re right – at least a tree didn’t fall on your house. My knee –I tore my cartilage and will have scope surgery to trim it and clean things up a bit. I had it happen to the other knee a year ago and had surgery then too. I also have arthritis in both knees so it’s a bit of a chronic problem until I eventually get a knee replacement.

Nighty Night, All!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by missp »

Hello, All! Only a drive-by tonight. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are just going to be crazy during the winter quarter with a different church thing going on each night! I'm doing the CR group on Mondays, teaching the LIFE group on Tuesdays, taking the CR 12 steps on Wednesdays and also going to do my original life group on Wednesday nights! :shock: So, I will be limiting my LEX, FB, Fishing, and Mingling to the latter part of the week in order to stay on a healthier sleep schedule. I'll be back tomorrow night to hopefully catch-up.

MARIELLE~~My heart actually stopped! I am sooooo very thankful that everything is okay! (((HUGS!)))
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~
Jazz Girl wrote:The man could go back to the Cosmopolis haircut dyed three colors and I would still think he was one of the most beautiful creatures to walk gods’ green. It’s about owning it, being comfortable in who you are. Rob is shy, yes, but he’s comfortable in his own skin. That makes every look on him sexy as hell. As for the buzz, I like to imagine how soft it would feel….
Loved said it, sister!
Caryn~ That's good news about Bel Ami; it's like "the little engine that could". I can only imagine that internet release of the Bel Ami trailers and movie stills has sparked a great deal of interest from Rob's fans everywhere, which have hopefully served to fuel the fire to gain more widespread release for Bel Ami. Hope you all had a very enjoyable trip and that the boys are settled back in at school, and you and hubs with work. I'm swooning along with all of you at the lovely shot of Edward and Bella in the cab in Rio, and also assumed that the absolutely and utterly adoring way Robward gazes at Krisella wasn't really too much of a stretch for Rob. ;)

Missp~ You certainly will be one busy bee....although that's really nothing new for you. ;) I hope you're enjoying all of your church activities and am glad they've become such a vital and important part of your life. Good for you for getting back on a better sleep schedule. That's so difficult for me to do as I've always been a night owl anyway, and with work and the kids and their activities taking up most of our weeknights, it seems that after 10 pm is my only chance for a little time to myself for reading, Lexing, fanfic, or watching television.

Susie~ It's definitely a good thing to be on the IT guy's "good" side, especially when there are HH posts to finish and plenty of Robcrack to peruse. With your winnng personality and outgoing demeanor, I'm not sure there is anyone whom you couldn't charm. :D Good for you for working on your pre-op exercises--A+. Hang in there the next few days until the surgery...I'm sure it's tough without the Ibuprofen and I bet Tylenol is not very effective at relieving your pain. Glad to hear you were issued the parking pass and hope that makes things at least a little more convenient for you. That's also good news that you'll be able to take a little more time off work after surgery, this time around. Try to take it easy and not get back into the swing of things too quickly, as you're so inclined to do. We're doing well, thanks for asking. We're just busy with work, school, and basketball (games or practices) most nights of the week. I attempted to jog a couple of miles this past weekend (after not having done so in weeks) and now have a rather sore knee (nothing as serious as yours, of course). But now my back is also a little sore from my compensating limp....and let's just say that I feel every bit my age of almost 44 years old. :? Looking on the bright side....I'm having an eighty minute Swedish massage at a frou frou (is that even a word?) local spa tomorrow. Hubs and the kids gave me a gift certificate Valentines Day of last year, and I need to redeem it before it expires in a couple of weeks. Let's just hope that whoever works on me can do wonders for my various sore and tense muscles.

Lynne~ I'm glad to hear you enjoyed The Muppets, even though it was a little long for Little Man. Isn't he five or six years old? I took my kiddos to see it over Christmas break and we all enjoyed it very much, but they're several years older (ten and eleven years old). I must've heard the "Faaaarrrrrrrrt Shoes....Waka waka waka" (sp?) line recited by my son umpteen times afterwards. :roll: I guess school-age boys are never too old for fart jokes. I too love seeing kids' movies, and encouraged my kids to see Beauty and the Beast when it's rereleased briefly in theaters because it's such a classic....but neither one was interested. I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed about your book just now, and know the waiting for eventual news must be the hardest part. I think it sounds like a very intriguing story and look forward to having the chance to read it someday, in whatever form that may be. ;).

Songbird~ Good luck with your visit to the ENT specialist Thursday--hope you're able to find some relief. Yay for receiving new books in the mail, donating clothes, and clearing your house of excess clutter--all good things.

Kristiner~ Sorry about the fridge-fail, but glad you were able to make do with your sister's as a replacement for now. Thanks for the delectable Hump Day treats you shared. A couple of days last summer when the kids were out of school and I was off work--instead of cleaning the house, playing with the kids, or doing laundry, I spent a couple of hours reviewing some of our old posts from the very first Halfway House threads and had way too much fun. I hope you're able to pick up a few more hours at your workplace, and am glad to hear that living with your Dad and stepmom seems to be working well for you.

Jenn Jenn~ Hey there!

Amy~ I always love your posts and never read them without smiling or laughing out loud. Maybe your hubs borrowing money from your HH Con fund is a good thing, as the interest charged for his repayment plan will be more spending money for you. :D I know what you mean about husbands thinking we HH members might all be serial killers or something, as my hubs probably had the same thoughts a couple of years ago. Luckily, the fact that I've already visited with Susie and Tonise twice, and Rachel once has helped ease hubs into the idea of me attending HH Convention, if it doesn't coincide with our family vacation time. Either that....or hubs had just given up on me and my crazy obsessions and washed his hands of me. :lol: I still prefer Rob with a little longer hair--something slightly more tuggable, maybe along the lines of Jacob Jankowski. But the buzz cut is growing on me also, because it seems to make Rob look more masculine, macho, manly, and kick@$$. 8-)

Marielle~ I'm so glad to hear that everything is okay, and you were so right to have it checked out immediately. That's just not the kind of stuff to ignore or mess around with, and I know you were extremely relieved. My Mom had a slow growing and rather non-invasive form of breast cancer in her early 50's and was treated successfully with surgery. I started mammograms a couple of years early because of my Mom's history, and have also had a couple of biopsies over the years which turned out (thankfully) to be nothing....but I know how frightening that can be.

Sean~ Hope you found something interesting to watch on TV tonight. Kudos to you for considering a volunteer job at the library--sounds like a great way to get your foot in the proverbial door. And meeting someone through a relative or friend is a good way to least you would already have an idea of the person's background, likes/dislikes, personality, etc, and whether they might be someone you would enjoy getting to know.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

I found out some important (at least to me) news, though it pertains mostly to my fellow motorsports fan Marielle. Remember what I was talking about with Peugeot having financial issues and that it could affect their racing program. Well, barring some major 11th hour changes, Peugeot has pulled out of the WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year. This will leave only Audi and a part time Toyota effort as the main headliners in the WEC and Le Mans this year, but at least the Toyota will be a hybrid car and Audi is reportedly heading down a route that up until now has been also researched by Peugeot--the diesel electric hybrid.

Marielle: For the motorsports news of the day, refer to the above. And thank god that your issue isn't serious. My mom had cancer and I was a wreck for months until she got better enough to work. I was also trying to find work back then, so that didn't help either. And if you want to know what Toyota has been up to since Toyota Motorsports GmbH pulled out of F1, well, here's TMG's latest product:

Susie: I've had a tetanus shot recently, so the big battle is to try and keep it from getting infected. It's a bit sore, but then again, it's only been about 3 days since I did this. And as I've said, what's the worst that they can tell me at the library? That there's no room. Granted, because I'm looking for an excuse to get out of the house 1-2 days a week, I might get a bit PO'd at being told no, even if I expect it, but at least I'm trying something.

Everyone: In addition to the stuff above, yes, the area on my foot immediately around that cut is sore, but it's healing and I can walk on it with a bandage on. Also, on Twitter Josh Horowitz is asking for people to send him questions as he'll be interviewing the SWATH cast, including Kristen, soon. And Robstenation has details of the Scottish premier of Bel Ami and details on the BD1 DVD, though it's basically confirming the same stuff we know and has pissed so many of us off.

I'll be making a TV dinner soon and watching some TV and reading the rest of the night.

I'll be back soon. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words about the book. I am trying to remain positive, but this has been going on so long now that it is difficult.

Caryn - Yes, Rob just 'gets' that part of Edward so much, and he excels at showing it!

Susie - thanks for your advice. I do appreciate it, although I don't like thinking that this story is just a practice run! I've kind of had enough of practicing. In the nineties I wrote three novels, none of which I tried to publish (they weren't good enough), and then I became a journalist, and got lots of practical experience at writing, learning a lot about that kind of writing, anyway.
Then, when that job disappeared, Little Man came along, and I had a mid-life crisis, realising all the things I had wanted to do with my life I'd never done. So what did I do? I wrote a screenplay for a feature film. I spent most of 2010 trying to find an agent or an interested party. It's very difficult to do that when you are a nobody far off in Australia and have written a film set in England in 1885! I don't handle rejection very well, and I got rejection after rejection for that one. The only up side was that I did get a professional telling me it was written well ... it just wasn't commercial enough.
I looked for another screenplay idea and drew a blank, so I started writing a novel, as I had an idea. This novel was The Heir. I then wrote two sequels and a companion book for it (does the word 'obsession' fit in here???) In spite of the fact I was still stinging from the rejections from my screenplay I dove in again, and tried to find an agent for The Heir. No dice. Then I start to work for a publisher! Could it all fall into place? I don't know ...
The worst part is, I don't have any other ideas. She will probably say to me, "This is good practice, but you'll have other ideas!" But I don't at the moment. Also, I must confess I'm dreading having another idea, because now I know all "the rules" I don't want my creativity and enjoyment of my new story to be spoiled by the fact that I've got to tick all the little boxes just to get it published.
End rant.

Tonise - my goodness, you are busy, aren't you?

Tracy - yes, Little Man is five, so he was probably a bit young for it, but he knows The Muppets, and I wanted to see it too. Anyway, we made it through!

Sean - Josh is interviewing the SWATH cast, hey? I'm waiting with interest, too, to see what rating Bel Ami will receive in Australia.

Everyone - just came across this in an interview with Carter Burwell:
Q - At what point in the filming process will you come onboard? Is the film usually finished by the time you see it and set the score?
A - Generally, I don’t actually write anything until a film has actually been shot. But, there are some exceptions.
In the movie I’m working on right now, which is “Breaking Dawn: Part II,” they needed Rob Pattinson and the actress who plays his daughter to play piano onscreen. I had to write this duet before they shot the film so they could actually learn the parts. Rob is a musician, so he prides himself on working out the fingering for these correctly.

Of course he does! He's a hard working, talented man! :swoon:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Happy Hump Day for the last HH time zone (until we get a sib from Hawaii)!

Sorry to have been MIA for so long. Not much has really been happening - took down the Christmas decorations, cleaned up my shabby-looking gardens, settling back into the school year routine. I've increased my work hours this year and I'm trying to discipline myself to stay away from the Lex and Twilight long enough to get my work done! I did run across someone recently whose first and last names reminded me of Renesmee and Bree (because I have long since been at the level where everything reminds me of Twilight).

I did not have a Blue Monday because I have been keeping my New Year's resolution! I have been walking for a half hour most every night, and I have been trying to adhere to a schedule so that I can fit everything in (including the Lex!) and still sleep. I hope I can keep it all up! I am also now the proud owner of a Facebook page (under a pseudonym - ever obsessed with keeping my professional and personal lives separate)! I have not updated at all since I opened it, but I'd like to link over to the HH FB page, to see Jaclyn's invite. As I can I will set up my page. I would love for you all to see me and my family!

Megapost! This will go back a bit. I have kept up, but I will try to keep out anything that seems irrelevent or obscure now.

Amy - My hubby boy was also very worried about my HH friends at first - REALLY worried when I first went to meet Ginnie and Christina. I think meeting Susie finally reassured him that we are all normal people with a really particular fascination! I prefer to look at Rob's hair long, and I certainly know what Susie means by liking tuggable hair, but I confess to some curiousity about rubbing that buzz cut. Buzzes are usually so oddly ... soft.

Ashley - Welcome back and hi! I'm Brenda, and I'm really glad to see so many "oldies" coming back to the HH. The more, the merrier!

Caryn - It's not the same here without you. :wave: Can't wait to see those TooJays pics!

Christina - I missed you! The more I see your Rob-in-a-hammock picture, the fonder I get of it. :D It sounds like you had a great holiday, and total props to your dad for speaking up for himself. Hope you and Ginnie had a good time with Caryn!

Desiree - As many have reassured you, we're all in complete agreement about the lack of extras on the DVD. Presumably, they're going to continue to milk this for some time to come. It makes a modicum of sense - it will be hard to show only extras related to the first movie - but it's still very disappointing. :x

Jaclyn - Congratulations on buying the wedding rings! :clap: I'm excited to see your invite, it sounds lovely. I'm no good at picking out romantic prose, but there've been some good suggestions here, so I hope you find something you like. With the news that Bel Ami will be at the Glasgow Film Festival, do you think you'll try to go?

Kristener - Hi! It's so neat to see "oldies" I've never seen here come back! I'm Brenda, working-outside-the-home mother of four young 'uns in Arizona, and in my "spare" time I read a lot of fanfic and have started writing it. I'm in total agreement with you on the Twilight tv show issue. It would be too wierd, plus there's not that much uncovered territory.

Lynne - The birthday party here was fun, with nerf gun battles all over the house. The query for your book sounds really intriguing, and certainly made me curious. I will hope that the version snafu works out for the best, somehow. It's really easy to second guess yourself now, looking back at your book, so I hope you can relax until she gets back to you with an opinion. (Look at lots of Rob pics, that should be distracting! :twisted: )

marielle - You are killing me with those pics! :blush: Your hormones must be going wild! Sorry for the smut dream interruption - if I remembered my dreams that's not one I would want interrupted! Going back a bit - Google maps should be able to give you time estimates on any driving route that you pick, and the estimates are reliable, although if you are not used to driving in Canada and the US it may cost you a little time to get acclimated. If you like science jobs, why not try something entry level where you can meet people and ask them about their jobs? And back to now - good on you for checking yourself, and asking for a medical opinion so quickly. :clap: EDIT: I see you!

Raine - Thank you for explaining Media Noche, it sounds like a great family time. And thanks for letting us know you were all safe, I had not heard where the typhoon hit and where it didn't.

Sean - I love it! Volturi: A Warning From History; They laughed, they sang, they played, they killed uncounted millions of humans without remorse. I think it's great that you're going to volunteer at the library. You cook so much, you could volunteer as a cook also ... which could end up looking pretty good on a resume.

Shauni - Hi, and welcome back! I'm Brenda, a working mom of 4 in Arizona, and I've been hanging around here for a few months now, whenever I can. Thank you so much for the Bel Ami review, it definitely sounds worth it, and that I have a US release date I am much less jealous of you!

Songbird - Taking notes is the only way I can respond considerately to people. I read on my mobile and take notes there too, sometimes for a couple of days, type up megaposts on my computer in Notepad, and cut and paste to the Post Reply page ... after losing some megaposts. It doesn't feel like cheating to me, it feels like trying to be thoughtful. And I think moving to Holland from the US without knowing Dutch is incredibly brave - bravery is in the doing! So thoughtful of you to clean house and donate to needy children all at once! They do grow up fast and slow at the same time, don't they? I hope the fluid in your ear resolves soon, I've had that problem, and it felt awful to me.

Susie - Squee for the US Bel Ami release date! The last time I had checked it had none! So happy to know we will get to see it before DVD! I am sorry to hear about you injuring your knee again, but glad that they can schedule your surgery so soon. Don't do what I always do, which is rush getting better - it always backfired on me. I will pray for you.

Tonise - Like you and Songbird, I am fond of Jacob and Taylor as well as Edward and Rob ... but in my case, I have this natural eww factor in thinking of Taylor *that way*. Taylor is 6 years older than my son and they look quite a bit alike. Some day I'll post a pic of him on FB in cutoffs and you'll all see what I mean. I guess you can move me into the "no" column for now for HHCon. Our finances will have to turn around dramatically for me to go, which could happen, but I can't make plans til they do. I hope I will be able to commit later.

Up too late again, but all in a good cause! I'll be back sooner next time.
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