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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Okay, so I’m a hideous sibling. I had the most insane weekend ever, and then it was compounded by a crazy morning meeting that ran an hour over schedule followed by a phone call from the school telling me Littlun was not feeling well. Once we got home, he’s been much more clingy than typical, too. All that adds up to this being the first time I’ve even had the laptop fired up since Thursday night. So, as it always seems happens, my apologies for my prolonged absence. I’m going to try to catch up.

Suzan~ I’m sorry family life has been so crazy. I’m also way bummed you won’t be able to come for HHCon, but as with our other siblings who cannot attend, we’ll make sure to set up a Skype session or something. Mmmm, yes, Tom Welling is a yummy specimen. Did you know that SM actually thought of him for the role of Edward. They were concerned about his age, though.

Lynne~ I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. It is always sad when we lose family, no matter how distant they may be.

KSter~ They really are truly awesome. So bloody comfortable to wear, yet, semi-dressy enough that I can wear them with my dress clothes. Believe me you are excelling at your job, especially with your latest posts! :swoon:

Marielle~ I actually think that neither is true. Like Rob, Dan has been very selective, very careful in the other roles he’s chosen. His runs on Broadway, first in Equus and then How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying will do a lot for showing his abilities. Rob is the same way. He’s being very selective about what he does, showing that he is much more than what he’s being pigeon-holed as. It’s the best way to fight that perception.

Songbird~ Oh believe me, the Lego Store was on the visit list several times. I hope your cold is better.

Jaclyn~ Hope the weekend with BabyE went well.

Need to cut this short. Littlun is needing some attention. Should be back on later.

Oh!! Voting closes at 5 pm. Go get in those last minute votes for Cosmopolis!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

I just dropped Little Man off on his second day. He was a little more reluctant to let me go today, but still no tears. This is good, as he normally spends all of Tuesdays with me and comes grocery shopping with me and my parents. So no tears today is a major achievement.

Sean - yeah, life's treating Ann Marie a bit roughly at the moment.

Suzan - thanks for your thoughts. Yes, the first day at Prep was a bit stressful, but it was much quieter when I dropped him off this morning, and I was able to say a nice hello to the teacher today.

lulu - lucky you to be able to go to Chicago!

Songbird - I'm glad your surgery's sounding a little less scary. Yes, they stay at school the whole day. I don't think he will be able to advance if he's bored. I'm not sure they'd be that flexible. Anyway, the area he needs the most growth is in the social aspect, as he is a lone wolf, like his mother! So I'm not sure moving him from one set of kids to another would help with that.

marielle - ah, I can always count on you to brighten my day! :D

Jaclyn - I went with cream flowers in my bouquet and red ones in my bridesmaids'. Not what I wanted, but never mind.

Caryn - I've missed you! Yes, sometimes life just gets busy, doesn't it?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by SwanCullen »

Just a quick hello! After this past weekend, I do NOT think I could handle having 3 or more kids! My daughters cousins spent the weekend here (their parents are divorcing and their mom lives with us) and drove me INSANE! It even affected my daughter who was acting like a bad bad bad child. My nerves were fried. I don't know if 2 boys is something I could handle! They didn't want to listen, were smart mouthed, and spent a LOT of time in time out. I was so glad when 5 pm came around on Sunday! However, I am now watching Eclipse, which is nice.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »

Hello, Everyone!

Looks like we'll be getting a new thread very soon! We'd better start preparing the decorating...

Susie's Catch-up Post:

Lynne – It sounds like a real milestone at your house! How exciting! I remember loving that freedom. It sounds like your little man is adjusting well. Thanks for helping take care of our Ann Marie.

Suzan – Keep us posted on your plans. Remember that we are pulling for you!

Lulu – Good to see you on the thread! Love your dream! I’m selfish – I’d prefer you to stay in our hotel in Chicago! I’m pretty sure there is still room!! WhooHoo! (no offense to your very fun hubs)

– My surgery is just arthroscopic, and recovery isn’t unpleasant nor is it painful. It’s just that it will be a while before I can be on my feet and walk around like a normal person. Good luck with your surgery! Your Christmas tree is still up? I knew there was a reason I liked you!

– I hope you get your flowers sorted out. I think it is because there is so much choice! I read a psychology study once about how people are often less satisfied with their choice if they had too many options to choose from because they are always thinking that they might have preferred one of the other options and are always second-guessing themselves. It’s like that with DVD rental (if anyone does that anymore – but you get the idea) Anyway- Just pick what you like knowing that there is no perfection and that other possibilities exist. I love how everyone is giving you advice on flowers – many detailed suggestions. I hope it helps.

Kristner – I hope you didn’t catch anything from your nephews. How old are they? You have arthritis in your knees too? I was assuming you are way too young for that!

Raine – Happy New Year! I know you will be having a FUN time!

Marielle – Now I understand why it is hard for you to address those digestive issues. You are a very complex woman, aren’t you? I hope you can figure out something to help you feel better. I’m glad you are still playing tennis, but sorry you pulled a muscle!

Sean – I hope you got your library volunteer application done in time for your brother to take to town. I think you have some good ideas of how to make things better for yourself. Don’t get discouraged.

Amy – I hope you’re feeling better! Moms just can’t get sick.

– I’d like to say I’ll be thinking of you on your Lexiversary, but I will be flying high on drugs!

– Nice to see you! You’re doing all the right things with your kids! As I’ve said before, when my kids were little, no one had their own computer at home and no one had cell phones either! I’m kind of nostalgic about those days.

Tonise – It is probably too late for my opinion of the Take-out Tuesdays. You have probably already made plans for tomorrow’s meeting. See how it goes. My initial feeling was that with all those different fast food bags/packaging/items it can be a bit distracting. I personally prefer the communal feel of a potluck. How about ordering pizzas – that would still be communal.

Tracy – I agree about the strange weather this winter. Be safe. I’m really worried about storm this winter/spring. Thanks for you-know-what. You’re a sweetie! I’ve been doing my PT exercises and I actually feel better! Wow.

Caryn – Aww – Littlun is feeling poorly. Too bad. I hope it is short-term. We’ll catch up later. Looks like our boy won. Probably thanks to all of your campaigning!

Note: I talked to NewJen (newtonscricket) on the phone and she is doing well, just not online much lately. I do hope she will post again soon, though. I just love her dry humor!

See you all tomorrow!

EDIT: JennJenn - We were posting at the same time! What a stressful weekend. I'll bet those kids feel the stress of their parents' marital problems and then it's a lot for your daughter to be around - just the numbers would get on anyone's nerves. She'll get back to her old self soon. Will you have to take care of those kids often? If it will be routine, then perhaps you can set some parameters. I feel for you having to deal with all that.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by DarkMuse »

Hello all! Ya know, with all the sickness & injuries we've got going on here, we should just rename this the Halfway Hospital. :lol: Why don't we build a hospital wing on to our house? And a wedding wing, since there are people getting married soon? Hehehe.

Also, I'm so happy Cosmopolis won! 3 million votes is just crazy!

Tracy - Yes, sadly there really was *NSYNC fanfiction. Lmao! I didn't know that was what it was called at the time. I just remembered being on AOL & talking to some people & one of them linked me to a story and I was hooked! :lol:

Lynne - I didn't even think about how self publishing could make someone look like a lesser writer. Oops. :oops: I'm glad you found Little Man's classroom. I can just imagine how stressed you were! Whew!

Suzan - I work at a department store called Big Lots. I stock the shelves for 5 hours before the store opens. Since my car is still in the shop, I have to take a taxi. I only live 1 mile away, so that's cool, but it still sucks. My hours got cut to either 5 or 10 a week, so I only work 1 or 2 days. Hence the reason I'm trying to find a new job. Oi!

Songbird - I didn't really interact with my nephews cause they were having too much fun playing in one of their rooms. One just turned 8 and the other is 10, so they can entertain themselves. And as for staying with my sister, that would be nice. Now that the house payment is going up here, it would really help them out if I did stay. Well, if I get a better job anyway. Lol. Is it sad that the ONLY reason I want to move to Florida in the 1st place is because of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? LOL!

Caryn - Sorry Littlun is feeling sick! Sounds like you had a crazy weekend. Yeesh! Hope you've been able to get at least a little 'you' time. Cosmopolis won! *happy dance*

Susie - Fortunately, I didn't get sick by being around my nephews. As I told Songbird, they are 8 and 10. I have arthritis in my knees because they got injured in a car accident. Otherwise I'd be fine. I just injured my back at work a couple weeks ago (totally my own fault) and so now I can tell when the weather is changing there too. Fun times! Haha.

I'm sorry if I left anyone out that had said something to me after my last post. I forgot where I left off last time I was reading through the posts. :oops:

For all of you that are ill, I hope you get better soon. For all of you that are getting surgery soon, I hope it goes well for you. *muwah*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

Kristiner~ ....Halfway Hospital--too true! I'm familiar with Big Lots as we have several around here. That is a pain that you have to take a cab to and from work. Is there any chance your car will be repaired soon? I'm now showing how uncool and "out of the know" I am, but what does "muwah" mean? I've seen it before at the end of posts and such, and always felt too silly to ask. :blush:

Susie~ Glad to hear Newjen is well, and hopefully we'll see her around The House when she has some free time. I'm glad to hear your exercises are helping your knee feel a bit better--hopefully the exercise will help with recovery time as well. You're welcome--enjoy! ;)

Jenn Jenn~ I'm sorry to hear your cousin's boys gave you a difficult time this weekend. Susie's probably right--some of their acting out might be related to the family problems at home. Watching Eclipse is a good way to reward yourself for making it through the weekend without bloodshed or body parts flying. :D

Marielle~ Which fantasy series did you purchase at the book fair? I think I mentioned it awhile ago, but have you read Cassandra Clare's City of Bones series?

Lynne~ I hope Little Man enjoys his second day of school as much as his first. Thanks for keeping us updated on Ann Marie, and we'll definitely keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

Caryn~ It's good to hear from you again. You've been so busy since Christmas that it's probably been difficult for you to restablish your pattern of regular posting. Hope that Littlun feels better soon without missing too much school. Sometimes the best medicine is a little extra special attention from Mom. ;) Yay to Rob and Cosmopolis for winning the MTV movie brawl :clap: , and kudos to you for reminding us to vote! There are a couple of interesting articles on Robsessed about the surprising win, and how amazing it is the way Rob's fanbase mobilized in support of Cosmopolis.

Jaclyn~ We love hearing about your wedding plans and can be pretty good sounding boards anytime you want an extra (or fifteen) opinions on wedding details. :D . I enjoyed The University of Edward Masen but never read the published version of it. I think Caryn might have read it, but can't recall. Which fanfic are you reading a published version of currently?

Songbird~ That's a cute story about your daughter as a flower girl in your brother's never know what you're going to get when you have little ones take part in a wedding. ;) I hope you continue to feel better prior to your surgery, and it sounds as if you're taking the appropriate measures to stay healthy beforehand. I'm glad you were reassured by the anesthesiologist about the surgery and anesthesia, and will be sending postive thoughts and vibes your way for a successful surgery and smooth recovery. I, too am very excited to see The Hunger Games and enjoyed reading the books. My hubs also liked the books and I can probably persuade him to watch the movie with me in the theater (which he would never have done with Twilight. :roll: ) I won't try to see THG over opening weekend as it'll probably be a little crazy in the theater the first few days.

Lulu~ Great to see you again! :wave: We all understand how real life and work and families can get in the way of regular posting. Good luck potentially finalizing filming the wedding in Montana this summer.

Suzan~ We'll send postive thoughts and vibes your way that you have the opportunity to retake the exam, and/or use additional credits and begin your Master's in February as planned. I imagine that Bel Ami would require rather slower and more intensive reading than the Twilight saga ;) , and we look forward to eventually reading your review.

Sean~ Many of us are certainly dealing with some crazy winter weather. We've already been under tornado warnings three times this month, and it's supposed to be the dead of winter. Hope you had the chance to complete the library application and send it into town with your brother today. We'll definitely keep those people from Alabama in our thoughts and prayers.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

Jenn - sounds like you have had a stressful time! Yes, a lot of boys can be difficult - I know a family with five of them! But yours sounds extra difficult. Maybe the divorce is getting to them.

Susie - yes, it was really odd to go shopping by myself today. I kept looking around, thinking I was leaving something behind ... It was easier to do the grocery shopping, though!

Kristina- yes, unfortunately, a LOT of people who self publish are publishing works that simply shouldn't be in print. Some of them are absolutely terrible. And although you do hear of success stories in the self publishing business, they are the exception, rather than the rule.

Tracy - no problem. She posted about it yesterday evening (my time) when most of you would have been sleeping the night away!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody…

Ah well so good isn’t my start of the day… I’m already fed up with my manager and the public transport. Though I’ll not complain about the tram because I know in the US it’s often worse…
But my manager… urgh, I could kill her right now. Yesterday after I left she send me all this emails with things she was missing or things I supposed to have done that I have not…I NEVER KNEW THE DAMN DOCUMENTS EXISTED!!!
She always thinks she told me or asked me something when she hasn’t….urgh…I’m really steaming now… * taking deep breaths*…

Anyway, a quick run through the posts..

Lynne, thanks for the heads up on Ann-marie, the poor girl never gets a break…

Suzan, if we are lucky we get to see BA in march, Pathe is saying the release is 3 march…and it will get a world wide premiere in Berlin in February…
Urgh, I know what you mean with the winter blues, at least it isn’t really cold but the dark is just so depressing…

Lulu, I’m sure there is place in the hotel for you, my bf and I booked an other hotel so you can have my place for sure…

Songbird, yesterday I was pain free but I went to play tennis and it came back… luckily not as bad as it was this weekend…at least now I can still walk…
I got fantasy books mainly, nothing from series or anything just one book stories. Yes, I read almost exclusively in English, I prefer it to Dutch just because in general translations are done really badly…

Jaclyn, my bf is really good with orchids so I’ve got my house full with them… they make me think of tropical holiday…

Caryn, that is what I meant, I’m happy to see that Rob is very selective and he is doing so good, I’m just really afraid that the critics will always see him as Edward or at least compare him to that… it will only change when he get rewarded (Oscar, globe or something) for his after Edward work… I really hope BA can give him that…

Susie, nah I’m not complex, it’s just my body that has a mind of its own…if I say left, the rest goes right…something like that…but it keeps you on your toes…
Of course I’m playing Tennis, I’m now finally getting good enough that I can win from my BF…and I’m still waiting for your Rob prediction to happen… ;)

Kristener, what a brilliant idea, a hospital wing… with Edward and Carlisle as our doctors… :swoon:

Tracy, thanks for reminding me of that series, I had forgotten how wrote it and couldn’t find it… I’ll set it on my wish list…but no I bought a few celtic myths romance books, books about the time of dragons, knights and magic,… but also some mystical modern day stories..

I’m still angry at my boss but I have to start working at some point…
I'm going to Ikea tonight so see you all tomorrow...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Songbird »

Jaclyn, bribing BabyE’s brother might just be the way to go. My son was the ring bearer for my bro’s wedding and he was only 2 and a half, so we didn’t have any problems with him like we did with my daughter…the problem we did have was that the wedding was right when he normally had a nap. He fell asleep and wouldn’t wake up to walk down the aisle, so my husband had to carry him. So there was a ring bearer and a ring bearer bearer! My daughter also refused to throw the flowers…so my husband had my son in one arm and the other was holding on to the flower basket with my daughter, shaking flowers out of it. Ah the joys of children. And at one wedding I went to, the flower girl got really annoyed with the photographer and just kept rolling her eyes at him…she was 3 or 4 I think…then at the reception, the minister’s daughter asked her to dance and she punched him. Just remember, anything that goes wrong will add character to the day and you’ll be laughing at it later. If babyE’s brother refuses to do pictures, maybe you can get some candids.

Caryn, how’s Littlun now? Is he feeling better? My cold is much better, thank you. Just a slight stuffy nose now.

Lynne, no tears is a good thing! He must have really enjoyed his first day to be ok without you on his second. I don’t want you to post details, I don’t need them, but can you give me a hint about what to pray for for Ann Marie? Healing, strength, comfort, guidance, just God’s presence?

JennJenn, other people’s children are always more difficult than your own, or nearly always. They have different rules and boundaries. Throw in issues from a divorce and it can be a recipe for disaster! Don’t judge your limits by that…my nephew is more active and troublesome than my 2 kids put together. Fortunately he’s only a few months older than my daughter, because if I’d known how he was going to be, I might have decided I didn’t want kids anymore. Gah, that must sound awful. I love him, but I wouldn’t be able to handle him. And had I seen his behavior before, I might have questioned my ability to raise children a lot more. And my son always ends up in tears because my nephew is aggressive and doesn’t know his own strength. So he throws things or tackles my son, and my son is a cry baby in the BEST of times. Together they are overwhelming! Don’t let this one experience stop you if you WANT more children. Yay for Eclipse!

Susie, still…you are dealing with pain every day. You are strong! My surgery will only take 20 mins and then I deal with a couple of days of pain. Nothing compared to your struggle. Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you! And my tree is still up as a result of 2 things…number one, we didn’t get it up until 2 days before Christmas, so I didn’t want to take it down so soon. And number 2: pure procrastination. I think we took ours down last year around Valentines day, too. Perhaps a bit more procrastination than late set-up.

Kristina, good idea….halfway hospital. So does that make Rob the doctor, or the medicine? And I think WWoHP is a very HAPPY reason to move to Florida! Good thing they are expanding it though. Have you been there? We went about 2 months after opening and it was so packed you could hardly move. The park opens at 9, we got there at 10 and got into Universal just fine, but there was a 2-3 hour wait to get into the WWoHP. We couldn’t do that with 2 toddlers, so they told us that after about 3pm it died down and you could get right in. So that’s what we did and we had NO time to do anything because the wait time for the rides was at least 90 minutes, and even the SHOPS had a wait time of 30 minutes. I about got clobbered just trying to look at wands. It was INSANE. They made it way too small.

Tracy, Muwah is a kiss…it’s the sound one makes when doing air kisses. At least that’s how I’ve always thought of it. Some people also spell it “mwah” or “muah”. Thanks for the positive thoughts…I’ll take whatever I can get in that department! I won’t be able to watch THG on opening weekend either, even if I knew when that was. I have to have time to arrange a babysitter. But I’m making my husband read the books first. He’s on the last of the Percy Jackson ones now, and then I told him he needs to read THG next.

Marielle, that must be beyond frustrating. Can you ask her for a list each day of things she needs, so it’s in writing and you know for sure what you are dealing with? That way, if something doesn’t get done, it’s her own fault and she knows it. You’re right about translations. I tried to read a translation into Dutch (a lot of places here don’t have much of an English section, I have more books than the whole English section of our local library!) and it didn’t go so well. The Diary of Anne Frank was no problem, because the original language is Dutch. But translations are just not that great…you miss out of so much of the context because expressions and jokes and certain words can not be translated literally.

Anyone else, howdy!

I did the vacustep this morning…not what I had expected, but not too bad. Not sure if I can do it again tomorrow though. I’m already a bit sore…we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. But I did sweat a lot and got my heart rate up, so I have to have burned off some fat, which is the point. My legs felt like jelly afterwards, though. Anyone ever tried zumba? I’ve heard it’s fun and a great workout…I might try that. I have choir tonight and I’m thinking I’m riding my bike there if I’m not too sore.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning siblings. Thank gods for a litte more laid back morning. I have a training this afternoon that is only 20 minutes from my house, but the opposite direction from my office. So, I decided to stay at home this morning and leave from here. So, I'm just getting in my post before I head out.

MTV Movie Brawl 2012~ :clap: :clap: :clap: Yep, you all know how ecstatically proud and happy I am. Yes, I totally understand that it's MTV and not the academy. But, I don't care. It's acknowledgement that Rob's fans will continue to follow him well after the "sparkle of Twilight" has faded to a warm memory. :lol: And, though I will make apologies to my siblings who are THG fans, I'm honestly way jazzed that he and the production team took down that franchise. If you haven't checked, Robsessed has some great write-ups on the wider reaction.

Lynne~ I’m so glad that Little Man is handling the change so very well. My question to you is how are you doing? ;-) Awww, thanks. I’ve missed you as well.

JennJenn~ Glad you are able to relax after the craziness.

Susie~ I’m sending preemptive healing thoughts, so I know you’re procedure will go smoothly. Honestly, I think Littlun is just exhausted. He really hasn’t slept well for the last two to three weeks and he’s been up and down at night. He’s at that point where he is so tired that he can’t seem to sleep. I’m trying to get him to catch up on his rest in batches. However, you know how much of my son he is and sleep doesn’t seem to interest him until he’s about to pass out
KSter~ *joins KSter in happy dance* YEAH!!!!!! I was ecstatic. I just think it is so very cool. No promotion yet. No trailer. No anything. And yet, the power of Rob and a great film team… It’s all there. Robsessed has some great write-ups on reactions, including a video of JH telling Paul Giamatti in Sundance which is really funny. Yes, he got to feeling better pretty quickly once he got a nap under his belt.

Tracy~ That’s so very true. I do so much posting from work (I’m lucky I can) and I haven’t actually worked a full week since before Christmas. I feel almost guilty saying that! But, it’s amazing how things just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Oy! Yep, so very proud of our man. Yes, I have read Gabriel’s Inferno, which is the published version TUoEM. I actually really enjoyed it. It was odd reading it with the different names and details, but the story is still the exact same. Plus, I enjoyed seeing what changes they did have to make to publish it.

Marielle~ I’m so sorry you’re frustrated with your job. I understand that problem. I have a coworker who does the same thing. To deal with it (and prevent her crazy from biting me in the butt), I started keeping a running list of dual projects or things I was doing for her. I would check in with her in a running email conversation to verify where we stood. I’m going to be very interested to see the critical/industry reaction to both BA and Cosmopolis. I actually think Cosmopolis might be his best chance for industry recognition.

Songbird~ Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Littlun is doing better, but it’ll take him a while to completely regain all of his sleep (which I think is the big problem) Good job on the workout. I haven’t done Zumba, but BabySiL swears by it.

Toojay's~ Christina was finally able to send me thepicture of me, Ginnie and her at breakfast. It was kind of funny. We asked a passing samaritan to help us out and he had a bit of trouble getting the camera to work. When we looked, we thought there was something odd, but let it go. Turns out, the gentleman helper accidently took a video in stead of a picture. But Christina was able to capture a screencap and send it off.

Alright, I need to be getting ready to head out. Talk to you all later.
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