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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by newtonscricket »

I saw it!

I can't do the premieres. I don't like big crowds. so it didn't happen til today (Saturday) at 1.

It was great! But I feel slightly disappointed. I can't quite say why. Breaking Dawn is my favorite of the novels. New Moon is my least favorite book, but it is my favorite of the movies. And it remains so. I feel like this would've been better if Chris Weitz was the director, though I really can't quite put my finger on it.

Overall it was wonderful, all the acting was amazing, wedding, honeymoon night just as they should be. But there were just some tinny notes. I thought the Edward flashback scene didn't work. There was a really lame line as the wolves left about not killing someone imprinted on...."It's their most basic rule" (paraphrase, but sounded very very lame).

I never listened to the soundtrack beforehand so I had no familiarity or expectation for the songs. I thought most of them didn't work in place and the film would've been better off with less songs, more score. I did think the call back theme to Twilight when Edward heard the baby for the first time was wonderful. That whole scene was great. I had heard the A Thousand Years song and I loved it (though I was the ONLY person to sit through all the credits and hear it, maybe everyone else was on their third showing).

This was probably reported and I just missed it, but the scene with the Volturi was redone with a different actress? the scene released ages ago was different. What was the deal with that?

Just initial reactions. Will be back to comment more after I've read what others have said.

Oh yeah, Hunger Games trailer! I got a little teary. Looks amazing.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi Everyone:

As some of you know, I haven't seen BD yet, but I don't mind spoilers :)

I do have to admit that I'm glad that you all have really liked the movies, and have ignored most of the critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, only about 40% of critics like the movie, but over 90% of fans loved it.

Now some comments to the ladies of the HH:

Kayla: It's about time that some remembered that the Twilight Saga is Bella's story :) I'm very happy that you like what Kristen did with Bella, too.

Marielle: As some of you found out on LA Premiere night (not to name names, but Ginnie and Caryn :) :twisted: ), I get off on Kristen wearing dresses that show off her legs and the fact that she hates high heels (with the fact that she frequently goes barefoot at premieres between shoe changes), and that KS' GQ, Glamour and EW photo shoots nearly killed me. So when I see BD, I guess I should be prepared to have a coronary? :) :twisted:

Jaclyn (and anyone else who may be interested): Some of you may know about the band Fallen One, of whom I posted a couple of videos here before. Well, they have hired a new producer, and there's a Within Temptation tie to it (the band's members, namely Lia, are big WT fans): Lia also did a cover of FatM's "Heavy in your Arms" at her own You Tube page if you want to check that out.

And BTW, I loved what you said about the film, especially about Kristen and Rob :)

Caryn: Has your rage at MR messin' up a few things subsided yet? I've followed the conversations at the HH Facebook page, and I do know that even though a few things peeved you, that you were very happy with the overall result, so no worries there, hopefully (?) :)

Everyone: I'll be having some soup tonight as I prepare for the coming Thanksgiving holiday. I didn't ask for a ton of food this week on account of that day coming soon, but it's more that sufficient to sustain me for half a week. I don't know, aside from some cooking shows, what I'll be watching tonight. So I'll likely be lexin' much of the night between bouts of cooking shows and VG's.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Jaclyn - yes, I agree, I am sure it was Turning Page that was used in the wedding scene. I remember being delighted, because it's my favourite song on the soundtrack. And it is sung by a man, so that fits. I think A Thousand Years is only used in the credits.

NewJen - yes, Bianca was a different actress from the one in the teaser trailer. I wonder why they changed her. Maybe they had to reshoot it and the original one wasn't available.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by lulu »

hey you all. :)

i don't really have time to post right now because i need/want to go spend time with hubs, but i've been listening to the soundtrack more and i have to say 'turning page' had me from "hello". seriously, i am so in love with that song! it is just so freaking sweet. i also adore christina perri's song, so much. the portuguese one is like unbelievably perfect for BD and hubs agrees that it's exquisitely beautiful for an intimate song--like true, deep worshiping love. yeah. not saying i tested that out but you know, i might. :oops: haha, lets see, i LOVE that rap song! seriously, i dance to it in my car. ;) i like the trumpeting one too.

i'm glad to see we can talk about the movie now! but i know some haven't seen it yet, so i feel bad for them... anyway, i'll be back to catch up. i need to start reading with susie's report of her b-day. i can't wait to see more about what you think!

i really have to see BD again. each twilight movie is something i really like at first, but it's like i have to process or something because after a few viewings i fall in love with the movies. at first though it's almost like i'm in shock or something. i can't quite tell if i love it or not. for me there wasn't any huge thing wrong with BD part 1 for which i am so grateful. i just wish we got more bella/edward love. as in i wanted to see a first dance where for 45 seconds they spoke to each other intimately and you could feel and see that connection and love. and on the honeymoon, i wanted to see more conversational connection. you know, hugging, holding, speaking of forever and beyond... the wedding and honeymoon was way too rushed for me. maybe that's because i'm a wedding videographer? i don't know. hubs agreed and said it had the potential to really impact and make you cry, but it was missing that salt, that depth. maybe fanfic has ruined me! i get to see such incredible sweetness there. (including you in your last chappie of arms ginnie!) so i'm thinking after i see it again i'll probably think, "i was totally delusional, this is amazing!" :lol: hopefully. but yeah, marielle, i'm glad it wasn't just me. i remember kris saying she was nervous. bella and edward are usually uptight around each other, i was just hoping for more breath-taking smiles and relaxed expressions. even as bella was driving away in the car with edward she looked unhappy. that made it look like she was hanging on to jacob and not really that happy. no? maybe i'm pms-ing and delusional after all. feel free to tell me so.

ok, leaving now! sorry for the randomness!

Edit: just kidding! newjen, i agree, i love chris weitz's directing the best. his movie was so beautiful and that was MY least favorite book as well. i think he just really understood emotion. plus i like his style of filming. very pretty and very cinematic.

Edit again: haha, ok, hubs got tired and went to bed. so i'm still lurking... amy, i totally get that part! so are you saying gianna took a phone message and spelled the name wrong, etc? i was like, "how would the cullens' mail something that had errors?" i was so confused. please enlighten my slowness. brenda, sweet, you didn't have to wait in line for your good seat! there are definitely benefits to flying solo to a midnight showing. i loved hearing about your experience. lynne, i think it was you who asked if my husband was ok? thank you. :) he is just fine. he was a little shaky the next day but it was either food poisoning or an 8 hour flu.

ok, i'm going to search for the ellen video!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Austwilight »

missp wrote:Then, I swear I heard him say last night, "Come back to me, BABY!" Did anyone else catch that?! Right before he is sure the venom worked and goes out to protect his family against the wolves. BD1 RobWard is my favorite!
I heard this too but only on my 2nd screening it was just as he kissed her on the forehead to go out and fight the wolves, I loved it!!!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by missp »

I just got home a little bit ago from seeing BD1 for the third time. I didn't cry tonight, but I am still VERY much in love with this movie! The spine breaking/birth scene was harder to watch tonight. It's kind of like the scene in Twilight when James breaks Bella's leg. It kills me every time!

The star of tonight's show for me was BooBoo Stewart as Seth. He is sooooo darn cute! I love how his devotion to Edward and Bella shines through. He just melts my heart every time!

JACLYN~~Hmmm... Now, I'm beginning to doubt myself! :lol: I could be totally wrong about the song being played as Bella walks down the isle. I will make sure to pay close attention tomorrow during the 4th viewing to be sure!

I know one thing is for sure! If I have to go all Miss P. teacher on somebody tomorrow like I did tonight, IT WON'T BE PRETTY! There were some tweens sitting the next aisle over from us tonight that I finally said loudly to, "Are Y'all gonna talk the whole time?" They shut-up immediately after that, but I was about to lose my cookies! :rant:

By the way... I wrote almost three pages today!! :clap: Time for bed now. Church in the morning and BD1 with my sisters, nieces, and nephews tomorrow afternoon! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Dovrebanen »

I haven't posted in a long time. Facebook is just easier for me to stay caught up with. But I have to share with my sisters when I've seen Breaking Dawn.

As mentioned before my break from the Halfway House, my bf and I have moved since he got a new job. I got a temporary job here, at least until the end of the year. Hopefully it'll be extended but I don't know yet. I have a temporary leave of absence from my old job, so in theory I can go back and work there for a few months. But this long distance thing was really not working out for me, so I hope I won't have to.
We got a new apartment that we'll be moving into in January. For now we live in a small small apartment, where it's essential to stay friends because there's nowhere to be alone.... It's frustrating at times.

We went and saw BD last night. Like NewJen I don't do premieres anymore either. It's too many screaming annoying kids and that ruins the movie for me. Overall I loved the movie.

Taylor was awsome as Jacob in this one. It actually made me like Jacob just a little bit, and that's saying a lot. He's really grown with the character. Kristen was fantastic. I cannot wait to see her as a strong vampire mother in BD pt 2. She's going to own that movie. Rob was amazing as Edward. Really for the first time he was 100 % the Edward I've imagined. The hair, the eyes and the face. And the man is so full of different expressions in his face and his voice that he captures every emotion that Edward feels so strongly.

Wedding: Beautiful scenery. I loved the dress, and the wows and the speeches. I loved how they never stopped kissing and the rest of the world disappeared. Just the pure happiness in both Bella and Edward.

lulu wrote:bella and edward are usually uptight around each other, i was just hoping for more breath-taking smiles and relaxed expressions. even as bella was driving away in the car with edward she looked unhappy. that made it look like she was hanging on to jacob and not really that happy. no? maybe i'm pms-ing and delusional after all. feel free to tell me so.

I thought she looked like I imagined her in the book. I didn't feel that she was sad for Jacob, but she was sad for her mom and dad because at that point she knew that she would never get to see them again. So I saw this scene as a girl who was determined about the path that her life should take, but allowing herself a moment of grief for what she was giving up. Idk, that's just how I see it :)

Honeymoon: Isle Esme looked beautiful. More so than I imagined from previous clips. I loved how Bella was so nervous, just like I pictured her from the book. I think they did a nice job with the wedding night. Showing a bit of skin and romance and still keeping it age-appropriate.

I see that people have problems with Edward's outburst to Bella after Carlisle basically tells her that she's likely to die. It was a bit OOC from how we know Edward from Bella's perspective, but not from how I imagine him. I think it is highly like that Edward might have yelled at her in frustration. It's really the only thing that he can do when she is so determined to keep the baby and essentially kill herself, and I think it shows his pain and hopelessness.

Literally from the time Bella lost her cup and until she opened her eyes again, I hardly breathed. Even though I knew how it was going to turn out, they managed to keep the excitement in the movie. It was horrifying, scary and beautiful all at the same time. The spine breaking almost made me want to vomit. And the pain in Edward and urgency that he worked with was amazing.

The ending: I really liked it. I was scared that they were going to end it right in the middle of the birth or before we knew that Bella would be alright. Ending it with her bright red eyes was perfect.

Overall, the way I see it now, it's my favorite movie. And it is my least favorite book...

Sorry for the long post... I'll stop by again soon. Hope everyone is alright. Hi to everyone I don't know.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by dazzel21 »

Hey Ladies!!!

Another weekend gone. Just got back from my 4th screening this time with my college buddies. This is their first time to see BD1 although they all read and are a great fan of both the books and movies. I just can't get enough of this movie. So far it turns out to be my favorite among the 4 that's been made. Maybe I'll have another screening before its taken out of the theaters here then the agony of waiting for the DVD release. I don't like watching regular showings, the crowd is so boring. We're the only one's who appreciate certain scenes in the cinema. And there's this couple who brought their 4 year old son (at least I think he's 4) who's sitting a couple of rows to the our right who started whining halfway through the movie. I mean come on, the kid won't understand what the movie is and he's waaay to young to be in a PG13 movie. It's a good thing I've seen the movie a couple of times now, if this happens to be my first time I would be really irritated with all that noise.

Had a great time with my girls tonight. We went out for coffee after the movie and just sat and laugh and talk. I don't know exactly what happened but we ended up getting our 2nd piercings to our ears. Its so much fun. It's like college days all over again...

Tonise - I like BooBoo Stewart as Seth too. I'm so glad he has lots of lines in this movie. My star of the night's show however is Jackson Rathbone. I just love the way he says his line. My southern gentleman :swoon: .

Lulu - Love Turning Page too. The music is just so perfect when Bella was reminiscing their night at Isle Esme. Requiem on Water is also good.

NewJen - The Hunger Games movie, 1 of the things to look forward to next year while waiting for BD2. I don't like the flashback scenes of Edward too. They could have just stick with the book.

Jaclyn - I'm planning to have 1 more screening, I'll have to remember to stay in my seat until the very end of the credits. We keep leaving too after the Vultori scene. I so wanted to hear A Thousand Years.

Marielle - Hope your feet feels fine after your rest. You'll still have BD1 in your theaters in the next 2 weeks? Lucky you...

I'm off to bed. See you all next time.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Susie »

Just a quickie, folks!

I'm so glad we can discuss freely here! And so happy you are all enjoying all of your viewings!!! I'm trying to figure out when I can go again. I already posted in the Spoiler thread. I should move it here.

NewJen - Different actress for Volturi scene - The first one, the brunette in the red dress, was delivering the wedding invitation. That was only in the first trailer. They either cut it in the final film or never intended to have it. The actress during the credits was seen face on and they wanted to match the Bianca from New Moon (was it the same one?) and this time she was delivering the note about Bella's transformation. (although it may have looked to the non-book-reader like it was announcing Reneesme's birth) LOVED the grammar and spelling reference!!! I WANT THAT CLIP.

Jaclyn - Turning Page was woven into the score in many places. Just like All Yours was for Eclipse.

I had an exhausting day yesterday at the Holiday House Tour with my friend Mary - We were somewhat stranded because we were relying on the shuttle bus from house to house and the weather got really bad - our first SNOW!!! The houses were spaced out quite a bit and not in walking distance, although we tried at first before we realized the map was not to scale! It was a real adventure. Very picturesque for the Christmas theme, though! The snow was sticking to all of the trees so nicely. Both my knees are bad now, so walking through the houses,up and down stairs was killing me and for each house I had to take off my shoes at the door and put them in a plastic bag. That's just so hard to do standing up with two bad knees. Plus, my feet were freezing. When we got back to the starting point on the shuttle bus (5 hours later) we went to the craft sale there and I ran into my good friend Maureen who had gone to my BD Part 1 viewing birthday party! She and her husband had a booth at the sale!! It was so great to see her just when I was totally exhausted. After that we had to scrape the snow and ice off of Mary's car and then she took me to a German restaurant for my birthday- hearty fare - which was perfect for my chilled bones! Then once back at Mary's house, I had to scrape the snow and ice off of my car and drive home. I was totally exhausted last night!! I sure slept well. Now today, I'm not quite sure if I'll make it to church. It's a little depressing seeing all of that white stuff outside.

I promise more Breaking Dawn talk in my next post!

Love you all!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Trine - Hi! I don't think we've met. I'm Lynne. I hope things work out with you and your job and apartment!

I agree that Bella's look when she's in the car is related to leaving her parents behind. That's why she says "I'm ready" to Edward. She's ready to leave her family. The howling wolf doesn't help at this point, either!

Susie - the receptionist in New Moon was Gianna, and I'd gather that, by this stage, she has met her untimely end. There is speculation on other sites this morning that the girl in the teaser trailer is a different girl from both Gianna and Bianca, and was from one of the cut scenes. Apparently there were quite a few scenes cut including scenes with Charlie and Renee before the wedding, and between Carlisle and Edward. They'd better be on the DVD!