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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:11 pm
by VolturiGirl
Good morning and happy monday...yay.

Just a fly by post today.

Tracy ~
older_twilight_fan wrote:I'm glad they left out Edward's offer for Jake's “stud services” from the movie, as I was never a big fan of that in the book,
I'm glad that they left that part out too. I was waiting for it during the movie, but it never came.

Marielle ~ HaHa, I forgot about Carlisle and Edward's talk. That would have been an interesting scene to see.

Lulu ~ I'm sorry that your husband got food poisoning. Is he feeling any better? I know it can last a few days.

have a great day everyone

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:32 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone :)

I posted in the BD 2 parts thread about why I support the idea of BD being 2 parts, but one way that it could be made into one movie involving the movie being set in late '40s or early '50 England and the Volturi being strafed and dive-bombed by DH Hornet, DH Vampire, and DH Venom fighter aircraft. No disrespect, Amy, but not many people like the Volturi scenes that dominate the second half of BD, and I don't really like them a ton, period. I'm even planning, maybe in the future, a fan fic where they deal with either Beavis and Butt-head or the Three Stooges. I know, man stuff. Sorry :)

Moving away from aircraft, and as some of you may've read in a post I directed mostly at Caryn, the racing season is almost over--only the Brazilian GP this weekend, Thanksgiving is this week, and I got some crap done today. I got my ID renewed, which didn't take long, I stopped by the library and checked out a couple of books, and we got timers for the turkey for Thanksgiving. I was actually born on Thanksgiving in 1986, and I wouldn't be surprised if my mom went into labor while trying to make Thanksgiving dinner.

For me, tonight, I have some Best of TG to watch, but if I tire of that, I'll try and find something else to watch/listen to while reading/eating dinner (possibly fried chicken--I haven't had that in a while, to be honest, though by a while I mean a few days, so, whatever, I'm not Kristen Stewart who has seemingly unlimited money and unlimited cooking talent :) ), and I'll probably try and finish up doing some stuff on the PS2 to kill time--I'm doing some FPS stuff on there that I'd like to get done soon, and I'd like to get back to doing some stuff on GT4 just for fun that I've been doing over the course of a few months, actually.

I'll be online most of today, but having gotten up early today, I might hit the hay early.

Oh, and one more Thanksgiving story:

Lulu: In 2008, I think I had some food poisoning around Thanksgiving that year. I had some fish fillets one night before I was scheduled to work at the library, and everything seemed fine until I woke up the following morning, and I had a hard time getting up and I vomited all over my pillow. Disgusting, I know, but it finally got me out of bed. And in spite of being deathly ill, I tried to go to work, only for them to find out how ill I was, and was sent home after about an hour. I spent most of the following week bed ridden and the only other place I made any lengthy visits was the bathroom. Not one of my fondest Thanksgiving memories :(

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:43 pm
by Tornado
Suzan - I'm glad you liked seeing what I looked like and all that! I really hate doing fan reviews, because they always come across (at least to me) like the person thinks they're some kind of expert. I find that embarrassing. But I couldn't resist doing one! I think that if they put the Darkward scene later, as far as "movie stuff" goes, it would have been too late for foreshadowing. Also, I don't think he would have been talking to anyone about it at that point, afraid to put his fears into words, and that would have meant it was just inside his head, which would have meant yet another voiceover. I don't think it would have made too much difference, either way. Also, I don't think the Volturi could have been told about Renesmee at this point. How would it be explained in just a letter? And wouldn't they immediately take it as the thing they need to attack the Cullens? This scene makes it plain that that is still Aro's plan. I think this letter simply tells him that Bella is now a vampire. The first one, with the other human, apparently was cut because they thought it was too violent (because of Demetri throwing the woman).

marielle - yes, "the talk" was cut. There's a new still from the movie at twifans today, of Edward and Carlisle in the forest together, presumably hunting, and I'm guessing this was when they had "the talk"!

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:01 pm
by openfire
Happy Monday all!

I went to see BD for the 4th time tonight. It is still awesome!! And still stuck in my head afterwards just as much as the first viewings. So many things I want to say about it, but I think it would mostly be repeating what I have already said, or other folk have mentioned.

One thing I do want to say though is just how glad I was that we finally got to see happy Bella & Edward! I loved the Isle Esme scenes, not just for the headboard breaking scene ( ;) ) but also for the tons of happy moments we got to see. They were both glowing, and looked totally in love. Especially in the first sex scene, when they first lie down & kind of giggle.. it's just so sweet!! GAH! I don't think I will be able to fall asleep tonight from all the BD love in my head!!!!!

To the posts!

SuperJen - Sorry you felt there was something missing with the film. Maybe if you watch it again, you will like it a little more as you will know what to expect? That's so ironic that it's your favourite book, worst film & vice versa with NM! LOL.

Sean - Obviously we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here, but I do remember on several occasions of being really ill at Christmas & not able to eat my turkey! It's just typical for people to feel ill on holidays.. LOL.
Chernaudi wrote:I do have to admit that I'm glad that you all have really liked the movies, and have ignored most of the critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, only about 40% of critics like the movie, but over 90% of fans loved it.

And BTW, I loved what you said about the film, especially about Kristen and Rob :)
I think Twilight is never going to be a movie that is praised by critics: I think it is always going to be regarded as a "teen" novel for girls, with sparkly vampires & a lot of brooding... blah blah blah. I read a review in my local paper that gave it 2/5 due to the "ridiculous plot" and dialogue, eg. when Carlisle says that "needles or ultrasound won't penetrate the embryonic sac", eh, I believe that is a direct quote from the book! Doh! So yeah, if critics don't read the book, and go in with a negative thought anyway, it's never going to get a good review. The main thing is, like you said, is that fans loved it. After all, that's what's gonna bring in the money for Summit, so I guess that is a good thing for the saga!
And also, glad you liked what I said about Rob & Kristen! Totally meant every word!! I LOVE THEM! :D

Tonise - YAY for getting 3 pages of your ff written!

Trine! Hey there Girl! So good to hear from you here :) I am glad that you have managed to move back closer to where your bf's new job is. Have you sold your old house? Are you enjoying your temp job just now?
I loved what you wrote about BD. I agree about Taylor as Jacob in this movie; he certainly seems so much more mature & that has made the character a lot less annoying than in NM and Eclipse. I love Rob as Edward; he just seemed so happy! And! She is going to be incredible next year as a vampire!!!

Raine - Glad you are still enjoying the movie after your 4th viewing - it just keeps getting better doesn't it??
That's cool you got your ear pierced again! Is it just the lobe?

Susie - Yep, I defo think Turning Page is the All Yours of BD! In fact, the instrumental part of the song is so beautiful, it almost makes me wish I was getting that song arranged by our string quartet for our wedding rather than All Yours! But no, that would just be too obvious I think.. still such a gorgeous song though!!

Tracy - I'm so glad you were able to post your thoughts on BD - I have been wondering what you were going to say about it! I agree with virtually all of your comments. I especially agree with you on your comment about during the sex scene when Edward broke the headboard, and Bella touched his face & told him it was ok. Such a beautiful scene, showing how they ground one another... Makes me go all jelly-like thinking about how perfect they are for one another!!
Actually, I meant to ask you how your re-read of BD went before the film was released? Did you enjoy it more this time?

Lulu - Congrats to your hubs on his tennis win! :)
I loved your pictures from the BD midnight release! Yep, that defo is a looooong line! Like Marielle said, I'm surprised you were able to take a picture of the opening screen! The cinema workers were walking all around us for the first 10 minutes of so with their camera things that tells them if someone is recording the film.
I also really love Cold from the soundtrack too!! It certainly has a haunting sound, and fits in really well in the scenes that it was used in.

Lynne - I like your explanation for the DarkWard scene at the beginning of the movie!

Marielle - Haha, yep reading about BD really makes me want to go see it more too! I am already very excited for the dvd release so I can watch it at my leisure!

Suzan - I loved your Stewart-Sundays pics! Espeically the second one; her eyes are stunning!
I loved catching up on your mega post - thanks for letting us know of the other Snow White movie. I will try to watch the trailer maybe tomorrow?

Anyone I missed - Hi! :)

Ok, it's really much later than I want it to be, so I need to head to bed now. Gotta get to work early tomorrow...

I hope to go see BD at least one more time, prolly next week. If I can wait that long...


Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:35 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone :)

Jaclyn: That was no fun, clearly. I was in bed until early the next morning after I went home, didn't have much of an apatite for dinner on Thanksgiving, and spent most of the following Friday in bed sick, or in the bathroom. And to be honest, I haven't eaten fish aside from stuff I've gotten from Long John Silver's since those days.

Everyone: Since TG is mostly highlight shows of past seasons that I've seen a lot (and the only "whole" episode on is one that I've seen god knows how many times, though it seems that they'll strike back, because they now have new highlight specials with the Top 40 TG fan voted challenges), I'll mostly be playing VG's, checking out the books I got from the library (there two in a series of aircraft encyclopedia books), and making some fried chicken to eat while I watch Iron Chef America, or if I can find something good on one of the History Channels.

I'll also be switching laptops soon, and I'll be Lexin' on there until I decided to retire to bed, Maybe this is a good thing with Thanksgiving coming up soon, and I tend to help mom cook and stuff every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I'll be back soon :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:43 pm
by Tornado
Jaclyn - The critic had a problem with that line from Carlisle? Carlisle's a doctor, for heaven's sake! What does he/she expect a doctor to say? "The x-ray machine just won't work. There was no cute little piccy of a itty bitty baby! I don't know why. Maybe there's something strange going on! Duh!" But then, he/she probably missed that Carlisle is a doctor anyway ...

Anyway, it's lunch time here, so I'd better go and get it ready. I hope everyone's having a great day! :D

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:52 pm
by velvet409
Hi everybody!

Just to let you know there will be spoilers in this post, but it looks like almost all of us have seen the movie so I don't think I'll be ruining it for anyone.

Ginnie and I went Thursday night to see Breaking Dawn. We took a picture but it's on Ginnie's camera so hopefully she'll post it here (hint hint ;) ). We had a pretty good experience. The crowd was fairly well-behaved, although there was some inappropriate laughing during some serious scenes. We got to see the SWatH and Hunger Games trailers before the movie too. The only problem was that the theater seemed to be kind of disorganized with their event planning. When I got there, Ginnie was already standing in line outside which wasn't pleasant considering the weather (almost 80 degrees and humid), and they weren't giving any information about when they would start letting people in. I hadn't eaten so I went to go get something and and then hold our place in line so Ginnie could go. Unfortunately the food court turned out to be slower than molasses in January and I was still waiting for my food when Ginnie texted me that they were letting people in. Of course you're not allowed to bring in outside food, so I was stuck outside scarfing down a sandwich and soda as fast as I could while Ginnie went in to get us seats. Then five minutes before the movie was supposed to start some employees came in and started checking people's tickets to verify we were supposed to be there because apparently some midnight show people had snuck into our theater (which was sold out). Of course this wouldn't have been a problem if they had had someone checking tickets as people went in. :doh:

So far I've only managed two viewings, but I plan on getting a third in sometime this week. It was even better the second time around, so I'm looking forward to the third.

Overall I thought the movie was very well done. The major elements (wedding, honeymoon, birth and imprinting) were all handled expertly by the director and the cast and crew. I remember thinking while reading the book how difficult it would be to adapt, but they've done a good job bringing the story (the first half anyway) to the screen.

Specific thoughts:
~I liked getting a glimpse of Edward's rebellious years. Like others have mentioned, it helps explain why Edward has so many self-loathing issues.
~The wedding was beautiful. The dress was gorgeous and the toasts were hilarious! I would've liked to have seen ExB's first dance though.
~Charlie steals every scene he's in once again.
~The love scene was quite well done, very tasteful and emotional. I liked the morning after with Bella flashing back to different moments from the previous night.
~I liked the wolf beach scene but I don't see why they needed to insert it during the honeymoon sequence. That scene would have been fine coming after Bella calling Rosalie for help (rather like the book).
~No "puppies" line when Edward asks Jacob to talk to Bella. I am soooo happy they did not include this part.
~Bella looked absolutely awful during the pregnancy (as she should), so a big thumbs up to the special effects department for making it look so convincingly like she was wasting away.
~Wolf telepathy. Works fine in the book but not on film. There must have been another way they could've shown Jacob's break from the pack. Both Ginnie and I were cringing in our seats during that scene, although I will say that on my second viewing of the movie it was not as bad. I still don't like it but I wasn't squirming as much.
~Edward yelling at Bella. It was a bit harsh but I'm going with Tonise's position that the situation has him so frustrated and scared that he can't help lashing out. He apologizes to her later for his outburst so I'm okay with it.
~Edward hearing the baby for the first time. I really like that they changed that scene so ExB were alone. It made the moment more special.
~Edward trying to revive Bella after the birth. Rob totally knocked it out of the park in that scene, he was so heartbreaking.
~Rob, Kristen and Taylor's performances were all amazing. They all really stepped it up for this movie.

Susie~ I share your frustration with the movie critics bashing Twilight, although I've come to expect it. The franchise seems to be a favorite punching bag for them. I actually would've been more concerned if they were giving BD good reviews, because then I'd be wondering what they did to screw it up. Sorry those drunks made your movie experience less enjoyable, although it sounds like you still had a great birthday weekend.

Trine~ :wave: Thanks for stopping in to let us know what you thought of the movie! Good luck with your job situation.

Lynne~ That's too bad about the Edward/Carlisle talk getting cut. I watched your review video and I too noticed (and was disappointed) that the Edward tossing Jacob scene was missing. I'm very interested to see the deleted scenes on the dvd.

My parents are planning to go see Breaking Dawn tomorrow. Hopefully they'll like it.

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:57 pm
by StellaBlueBella
Sneaking in with my blinders on! Just wanted to say "hi" and let you all know I can NOT wait to join the discussion after I am finally able to see BD1 this Sunday. Waiting has been hard but I really don't have an opportunity to go before then so in a way it's easy since there's nothing to do but wait. Hope I am making sense, lol.

Hope everyone who celebrates it has a wonderful Thanksgiving (and a safe Black Friday if you're the type to venture out)! I will be making my first completely homemade, including the crust, pumpkin pie on Wednesday. My mom makes this every year so I am just going to head over to her house and make one with her. I feel confident about the filling. I remain cautiously optimistic about the crust, lol. And the crust is crucial to good pie don't ya think....?

Ok well basically just checking in since I am not reading any posts at the moment. From the fb updates I gather the response to BD1 is generally positive. Seems like SM made a difference in her new role? I don't know why I am asking questions since I won't be reading posts until Sunday night. Just ignore me lol.



Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:52 am
by older_twilight_fan
Hello everyone~ I'm finally back to respond to everyone's posts the past couple of days. Hope all of you are well and recovering from your post-Breaking Dawn haze.

Lulu~ Congrats to hubs and his recent tennis achievements! I'm sorry he became ill with food poisoning during the movie, but what a trooper he is for staying. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and reactions to Breaking Dawn, and thanks for sharing. During the Isle Esme scenes, I believe Bella was remembering their wedding night as she examined herself in the mirror the next morning. I thought it worked very well cinematically and was a nice way for us to see those scenes a little more indepth, and to see them through Bella's eyes.....maybe to signify that she was too blissful and too much in the moment to have ever noticed when she might have been inadvertently bruised by Edward's strong grip on their wedding night. I agree with what you said about Bella appearing a little more alone in this pregnancy in the movie, than in the book. Maybe it's because we were given more pregnancy scenes in the book than in the movie, due to time constraints. Bella always seemed to be surrounded by so many people in the book, even Jake and Seth, and was always carried everywhere by Rosalie or Edward because she was so weak (and obviously this wouldn't have worked so well in the movie as I can't picture Nicki effortlessly carrying Kristen around. :lol: ) That's why, in addition to the out of character yelling by Edward, I was even more irritated when both Carlisle and Edward left Bella just lying on the exam table after her x-rays....what's up with that? I hope you all had a great time at the zoo.

Christina~ I'm glad you and Ginnie enjoyed the movie so much, in spite of the less than stellar organization at the theater. I mentioned in my review post not being crazy about the wolf telepathy thing either, although I'm not sure how it could have been portrayed more successfully.

Rachel~ Only a few more days to go sweetie! ;) We look forward to you joining us officially here with your thoughts and reflections on the movie. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and good luck with the pie-making.

Missp~ I can't believe you're on your 4th viewing already--I think you're tied with Raine, Jaclyn, and maybe Marielle and Caryn? Turning Page is also probably my current favorite from the soundtrack, and I loved how we heard bits of it during the wedding and the honeymoon. Requiem on Water was a perfect accompaniment to the scene where I like to think of it as Bella imprinting on her baby. Boo Boo Stewart is adorable and I just love his rapport with Taylor, and he and Julia had the perfect brotherly/sisterly vibe going on as Seth and Leah. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and reactions to the movie, especially the eloquent words you used to describe the amazing cast performances. You're right about Kristen as a vamp in BD Part'll truly be her time to shine.

Susie~ I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday....seeing BD twice in one day is a pretty amazing feat! I can't believe you already have snow but am glad it didn't stop you from enjoying your home tour and time with Mary. I'm so sorry about your poor knees, hon. Are they feeling any better today?

Raine~ You're already at viewing #4 too! I can't believe someone brought their four-year old child to this movie.....what were they smoking? :? That person was just too selfish to stay home because they were unable or too lazy or cheap to find a babysitter. Sounds like you had a fun evening with your girls.

Trine~ It's great to hear from you again! I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie, and thanks for sharing your thoughts and reactions with us. Breaking Dawn was also my least favorite of the books and is probably my favorite of the movies at this point. (I'll know for sure after I see it a second time, in a quieter theater where I can fully absorb more details.) Along with Rob and Kristen, I too thought Taylor gave a great performance as Jake, and the imprinting actually rang truer and made more sense for me seeing it onscreen, than it did in the book. Good luck with your job, as well as your new apartment. We'll keep fingers crossed that your temporary position is extended.

Newjen~ I remember you being very partial to Chris Weitz and his treatment of New Moon. Other than the fact that we didn't get a lot of Edward 8-) , New Moon is right up there at the top of my list too. I agree with you that having Edward mention something to the wolves and Cullens about Jake imprinting seemed a little bit random and underwhelming; it kind of came out of left field. I'm sorry you weren't too thrilled with the soundtrack and the way it was used in the movie. I guess it's kind of like cheating.....but I like purchasing the soundtrack in advance, just so I can familarize myself somewhat with the music, before seeing the movie. The Hunger Games trailer does look amazing on the big screen, and that movie will be just what the doctor ordered to treat those late winter blues, come next March.

Brenda~ I hope your hubs' hand is feeling better, and can imagine that was quite a scare....getting home and not being able to find his car, or him.

Sean~ I'm sure your Mom appreciates you helping cook over the holidays. Do you have any traditional family favorites for Thanksgiving?

Jaclyn~ I can't believe you've seen Breaking Dawn four times already, and it sounds like you've enjoyed the movie just as much each time. You're right about how wonderful it was to see a clearly happy and in love Edward and Bella on their honeymoon, with very few cares in the world. I remember the giggling you mentioned when they first hit the sheets, and thought it was adorable they could laugh together during an intense moment like that. :D I could have easily watched even more Isle Esme scenes and wonder if there will be any deleted scenes on the DVD (thinking of the still photos we saw in the kitchen where Edward appears to have just cooked Bella's breakfast.) I hope to see the movie a second time soon, but will have to wait until after Thanksgiving as we'll be visiting my in-laws. I've always sort of snuck in my extra viewings of the Twilight (or Harry Potter movies) whenever I can, usually on my day off work while the kids are at school. Hubs just doesn't understand why anyone would pay $10.00 to see any movie in the theater more than once, and it's not worth hearing the grumbling about it if he knows about my "extra" viewings. those additional viewings are just my little secret. 8-) I did have time to reread the first half of Breaking Dawn last week, and I definitely appreciated it more the second time around. I didn't even mind reading Jacob's book too much, and had forgotten how funny and sarcastic the chapter titles were in this section, as well as some of Jake's internal monologue about the Cullens and the wolf pack dynamics.

Lynne~ I meant to tell you that I loved your BD review, and agree with Suzan that it was nice to put a face (and voice) with a name. :D I am bummed that Edward and Carlisle's "talk" was left out of the movie, but imagine this certainly isn't the last scene that will end up on the cutting room floor. Thanks for the clarification about Carlisle's announcement to the Volturi. I'd just assumed it was a birth announcement for Renesmee, but you're right that it makes more sense that the Cullens were notifying the Volturi that Bella had been changed....probably in the hopes that they would not feel the need to visit Forks anytime soon to check on Bella's status. I'm so glad to hear that you heard good news from your accountant and your business has survived the year intact. I'm sure that's a huge relief to all of you.

Marielle~ I'd completely forgotten reading about any scenes with Edward and Carlisle having the we know if said scenes were actually filmed, and can keep our fingers crossed they might be on he DVD? I'm sure you and Suzan will have a blast at 100 Monkeys next month, and I bet Jackson has a ton of energy when he's playing and singing. I agree with you that the likelihood of us receiving a director's cut of this movie with extended or deleted honeymoon scenes is slim to none.....but a girl can dream..... 8-)

Suzan~ I hope you hear about your exam results very soon....I'm sure the waiting is very frustrating. I too made the mistake of surfing the net reading various critics' lackluster reviews of BD, and it just made me more irritated with those idiots who don't even read the book and take the source material into consideration. :evil: I enjoyed reading your thorough review and thoughts over on the spoilers thread--thanks for sharing them with us.

Hello to Amy, Karena, Caryn, Ann Marie, and anyone else I missed. Thanks to everyone for sharing your reactions and thoughts to the movie--great reading!

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:21 am
by Tornado
Christina - thanks for your indepth review! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I'm hanging out to go and see it again. I hope my friend can come with me in the next week. It will be fun to see a Twilight movie with a fellow fan girl, rather than my husband with a sacrificial look on his face, or just by myself!

Rachel - I sympathise sooo much! It was hard enough keeping spoiler-free for even a couple of days, let alone this long! I hope you like it. I have had a couple of friends who were disappointed, but most fans seem happy.

Tracy - judging by a still from BD that I saw at twifans the "talk" scene with Carlisle was filmed, yes, so we'll have to hope it's on the DVD! I am sooooo looking forward to the deleted and extended scenes already! Thanks for the kudos on the review. I hope I didn't sound too cocky. Yes, I'm sure the note at the end was to keep the Volturi away from Forks.