Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Well, I've just posted a massive and very complex post at the Explorations thread, and my brain now faces the other way!

Austin - it's nice to meet you as "you"! Hope we get to chat a bit. I appreciate your posts at the Explorations thread. It's very interesting there at the moment, to say the least!

Sean and marielle - yes, I don't know if the girl was arrested or not. She certainly should have been. No one can be blind to the fact that people like that can follow through on their threats. She should definitely have psychiatric evaluation at least.

lulu - yes, owning your own business is not all it is cracked up to be!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Susie »

Happy Tuesday, All!

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday. I know that worries some of you when I miss a day!! I'm just busy with work and talking to my kids whenever they need parental counseling. Of course I had time for my 3rd viewing today! I snuck away for a matinee showing in the VIP theatre again - only $5 with my "Extras" membership. I went with my friend from college - we had a fabulous time!!! This time Pino Grigio (last time in the VIP theatre, it was Cabernet) In the VIP lounge (bar area) there is this cool circular room with a red circular couch around the perimeter. I SEE us all there sitting together before a Breaking Dawn viewing. Who knows? Maybe for Breaking Dawn Part 2!!

There's no way I can catch up with the posts right now! Sorry!

I'll try to stop in tomorrow before I get crazy busy making pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving!

Nighty Night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

I know that I talk about this all the time, but you have to check out Robstenation. In a couple of videos, Rob says first that Kristen likes Germany, and that Kristen in SWATH reminds him of Xena Warrior Princess.

Just a short one for now, as I have some things to do and a couple of shows to watch.

I'll be back later before I retire to bed :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

Totally swoonworthy pic :swoon: Love, love, love seeing Edward and Bella so blissfully happy! :clap: Thank you Bill Condon for the addition of this sweet little scene. ;)

This is just a quick drive-by post from me tonight. We're headed out of town to the in-laws for Thanksgiving after my daughter's basketball practice tomorrow morning. I wanted to send a quick shout-out and welcome to Austin, who cracked me up with his Breaking Dawn spoilers....good thing I'd seen the movie already. :D I'm sure Sean will appreciate the moral support from another Twi-guy around here. ;)

To those of you who celebrate it, have a happy Thanksgiving, and travel safely if you're headed out of town. To the rest of you, have a wonderful week. I'm usually not able to Lex from my in-laws' computer, as it's probably enough for them just knowing that I love the books and movies, without wondering about me posting on a fansite forum from their computer. 8-) I'll check back in with all of you Saturday or Sunday.

Take care,
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by missp »

Hi, HH Family! It's been a crazy couple of days! I'm beat tonight! I'll be back tomorrow for a bit of catch-up! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Tracy - thanks for that lovely photo! *sigh*

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my American friends a happy Thanksgiving. I hope it's a wonderful celebration for you and your loved ones.

And I'm soooo jealous of all those who have been to see BD multiple times! Oh, for a disposable income!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!!

I can’t believe I have only half a page to catch up on!!!!

I think it’s time for more drastic measures to draw you all back into the HH…

Maybe with this!!!
Or Red carpet hotness!!!

Okay my mind is in full Twilight mode, after the Cullen family dream, last night I dreamed SM announced she was doing a new project, she was going to write the whole Saga from Edward’s pov…and with that starting with finishing a certain book under an other title…

Now to some posts…

Sean, I wish Kris and Rob would find this website… I know we area bit rowdy and sometimes a bit insane but at least they find only positive comments here, it should make them happy.
In Holland somebody who makes a riot like that will be taking into custody until they have cooled down… than most of the time they are released or bailed out…
I’m pretty sure Rob (and Taylor) was probably ready to kill that woman for saying such a hurtful things to Kris… I know I would. If that woman would have stood next to I probably gave her a good right one…

Lynne, what I don’t understand is that, that woman was standing between fans, why didn’t do the fans anything? My hands are itching to hit something by just thinking about it…

Tracy, I really love that picture…it’s making me wish my BF was a bit more romantic…

Some news on the Wedding dress…. Apparently it will be on sale in stores!!!! I have already asked my bf if he ever plans on marrying me because than I should already buy that dress!!! But his answer wasn’t very positive…

Now for the HUMP day gifts…
The black Sweater!!!
The Stare!!!
Just SWOON!!!!

And something for us all!!!

See you all tonight…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

marielle - I think the fans around did tell security where she was, although I'm not sure of that. I do believe it was fans who made them aware that she was going to be there, but they can't really do anything until the woman starts making a scene.

Hmm, methinks your boyfriend needs to learn a bit about women!

Thanks for those pics, although some of them were Rob with his model face on, and I like the goofy version better! ;) That shot of him in his wedding outfit is wonderful! He really suits those period clothes.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Suzan »

Happy HumpDay!!

These had me :lol:
Something that isn't his taste at all apparently...
This reminded me of an older Ellen interview: "I have a problem with thinking, period."
And finally: SmilieRob!
Lots more where that came from (Robsessed). I'd post them all 'cause they're all classic, adorkable Rob, but I've run out of url's. :(

I’m typing this with my new contact lenses in. Rob was complaining so much about them, I had to try it. ;) No seriously, I was tired of my glasses and wanted to see if contacts would work for me. I got them yesterday, so today is my second day wearing them. The putting them in and taking them out is going to require some practice though.

Little question: When exactly is Thanksgiving? I know essentially why and how you guys celebrate it, but I always get confused with the dates.

First of: Welcome Austin!!! You are absolutely hilarious! Your post had me LOL. I’m sure none of us would mind if you pay regular visits here. As long as you don’t mind us girls gushing over Rob, that is. ;) We do gush about Kristen on a regular basis too, though. Are you a fan of hers?

Marielle – Yep, I am excited. LOL. I only brought it up though, because we’ve kind of been talking about it on the fashion thread. I just wanted to say that I can’t really make plans until I know where I’m at with school. So you don’t really need to stress about it already. ;)
I can’t believe they cut The Talk out!!! It better be on the DVD! Just a theory, but I think they might have wanted to stay with sort of a Bella’s POV before the wedding. But I am really bummed that Edward’s wedding (and honeymoon) jitters had to be cut because of it, if that is the reason. Thanks for the news about the release dates. I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD. Too bad we have to wait until the end of April! I wish your dreams would come true. Especially that last one about SM and The-book-that-shall-not-be-named. ;) Poor BF! He thought he was just going to see this movie with his GF, but now he suddenly has to deal with wedding preparations! Hihi. Thanks for the HumpDay goodies! If that doesn’t get them all back, I don’t know what will. :swoon:

Sean – I hope your Thanksgiving will be better this year than in 2008. That sounded terrible. I was cringing in my seat reading your conversation with Marielle and Lynne about that woman who was shouting death threats at Kristen. How awful!!! Poor Kristen! I hope she isn’t taking it too hard. I just want to give her a big hug (although she probably wouldn’t appreciate that from a complete stranger) and let her know we all love her. I hope that woman is facing some serious consequences for her actions!

Lynne – I already knew what you looked like from facebook, but having a voice with the writing is even better. Your Australian accent wasn’t as obvious as I would have imagined. ;)
I really hate doing fan reviews, because they always come across (at least to me) like the person thinks they're some kind of expert.
You didn’t come across like that at all. It was really good, sort of professionally done. It was really clear that you were just giving your opinion. About Darkward: If they can make him fight with and run out on Bella; they can make him have a normal conversation with her about the consequences of the pregnancy and his fears for the monster he put inside her. When I first saw that scene with the Volturi, I was kind of confused about who they meant. But now that I think of it, I do think you are right and it was about Bella being a vampire.

Jaclyn – I couldn’t agree with you more. Seeing Bella and Edward so happy, put a big goofy smile on my face for at least three days after I saw the movie, hihi.

Christina – Loved reading your thoughts on BD and I’m glad you had such a great time seeing it with Ginnie! Sorry the theater was a little unprepared though.

Rachel – I’m sorry you have to wait so long to see BD. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and I’m sure the pie will taste delicious! BTW, I love your new banner!

Tracy – Yes, critics just make me angry when it’s clear they have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about. They don’t have to like the movie, but at least pay it a little respect and do your research. I found some good ones through the Lex though. If you’re interested: This one is more about how Twilight in general is perceived in the media. / This one is from Mark Kermode on BBC radio. (Click on the link in the first comment if you can’t listen to it.) / This one is by Laura, so you know it’s going to be good. ;)

Lulu – I’m glad I’m not the only one with only one viewing of BD so far, hihi. I’m itching to go again as well. Hopefully somewhere this week…

That's it for now. But in the words of the Governator: I'll be back. ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Hi ladies,

This is going to be a quick fly by post, since every time I want to get on my kids interrupt me within seconds. I loved the movie. I love the fact on how much time they spent on the honeymoon and the wedding; it's suppose to be that way. I do have a question though that my husband pointed out. Why was Bella's wedding ring on her right hand after Isle Esme? I wasn't sure if this was an old tradition to only have your band on you wedding finger. My husband also wondered how come Edward isn't sparkling while he is on the island. I told him I think it is suppose to be cloudy I don't know. I told him to stop asking me question during my movie. :lol:

Another thing I noticed both times I viewed the movie, some of the people in the crowd would snicker when Edward is in the water, and Bella is walking up to the beach in her towel and the camera shows Edward waiting for her in the water. I know it is an odd shot but wasn't he trying to balance himself on something while be in the water? Which is why he looked awkward out there.

Another thing I really liked, which I think finally got perfected, was the the wolf pack finally wearing clothes. I think that was the only thing so cheesy in NM was how much shirtless screen time they got. David S. did better with Eclipse minus the seen were Jacob drove up to meet Bella to take her back to the reservation and his shirt is off. He drove so there was no reason why his shirt would be off.

Ok my daughter is wanting her breakfast. If I don't make it back here, I wish everyone a safe and wonderful Happy Thanksgiving.
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