Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Songbird »

Sean, it’s just not worth it to get all worked up over it. If they have questionable morals, that’s all on them. But it’s only going to upset you and you could get high blood pressure, or whatever…and it’s not worth that. You know the truth, and most true fans will, too. You can’t do anything about it, so you might as well take care of yourself and just let it go.

Susie, I knew you would understand about my dream. It was such a nice one! And I am such a protective person…it could totally happen, right? Great minds think alike!

Lynne, how did it go once he was at school? My daughter is always wanting to stay home, too…mostly because she doesn’t want to get up in the morning. But once she’s there, she enjoys it. I hope Little Man was ok once he was there! Yes, I have my fair share of day dreams as well…I’m kind of a dreamer in some ways, I guess. That must be difficult to be objective and make judgements based on content, not style, when you are a writer yourself. I think I would have a hard time with that. But it’s good you have experience. Huh…I’d think they’d be shooting themselves in the foot by letting JK just run with it and not really editing. Sure, they know they’ll make money on THIS book…but if it’s bad and people don’t like it, will they bother with the next? They’d do better to keep up to a consistent high standard so people would know what they can expect. For example…a lot of my friends are really into the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. There are something like…10 books already…but the last 3 or 4, my friends have all been disappointed with…so they aren’t buying the next one. So now there will be fewer people buying her books because they feel she’s lost her touch. It’s in their best interest to keep the standard high so they don’t lose readers over time.

Marielle, Caryn said on FB that she’s really busy this week with soccer and training and such, so I’m betting she just hasn’t had time to get on here. But she posted on FB just today, so she must still be alive and kickin’! So when you go to the hospital with a fever and explain to them why that’s not normal, do they believe you? I mean…they would have access to your medical records, wouldn’t they? What’s wrong with a smutty Rob dream? Yeah..I wonder about Rob’s reaction to HH House, too, but I think he’d be flattered…I mean, we’re not creepy stalker type fans, just loyal ones.

Brenda, I JUST finished reading a book that took place in Arizona and one of the characters was from the Hobi tribe that lived in Walnut Canyon….it really made me want to see that. And I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon…it’s on my Bucket List so to speak. I wish I could go to HH Con…I would love to do Rob Karaoke. I think we’d have a lot of fun…and who cares if you sing off key? The point is to have a blast with the sisters! I day dream a lot, too…mostly about meeting such and such a person on the street somehow and hanging out, or like in my dream, they happen to show up and I hide or protect them. It would be great if that really happened. And the great thing about daydreams is, you have a measure of control over them…why not add a forehead kiss next time?

Oh no…my brother just told me he read in the obituaries that my old voice teacher/diction professor passed away….sad. I can’t say I’m surprised….he was kind of ancient already when I was his student and that was more than 10 years ago…but still….the end of an era. Wow..according to his obituary, he was the same age as my dad. Ok…I need to tear myself away from here and go cook dinner.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening girls

Sorry Ive been mia over the weekend had a bad one one Its a bit of a long story so Ill try and keep It short my best childhood freind got married the weekend.and I couldont go because a freind of hers.who used to be freinds with me fell out with me about.2 years ago was going.and diddnt want me there so i diddnt get Invited which.really hurt me they go out for girls nights out and I get singled out then i see plasteted all over fb about how much fun.they had :( Its like so upsetting I really need a night out with girls.I think thats why Im more upset about.missing out on.the HH Con as your all my best freinds In the world

as a result I spent most of it crying In my room and Im.ashamed to.admit that I measures that I shouldont.have

Its just everything pilling up on me again and I just want to scream...

On to the posts

Jaclyn- you looked a stunning bride which I knew you would I did wonder If.your hubs would wear a kilt Im glad you had the most perfect day

marielle- hope you get your problems at work sorted I can Imagine Its very frustrating for you did you.enjoy the race on sunday?

Susie- sounds like you.had a hectic weekend Im sorry that you diddnt.get to meet up with chrissy In chicago

Jennjenn- so sorry about your recent stressess but am glad things are lookung.up for you

right gotta run biscuits asking to go out again

be back later

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by openfire »

Just flying by!

Some photos are starting to appear on fb, if anyone wants to see our wedding. Tonight we got to see some of the proofs of the professional photos & we are really happy with them!!! Once we get the real copies, I'll post some for you to see!

Still busy, even after the wedding LOL! Putting away wedding presents & we haven't even started getting ready for NY yet!! Gonna be soooo busy tomorrow!

Just ordered pizza for dinner so away to get ready for that - talk to you all soon!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

For those of you who asked, yes Little Man was a lot better once he got to school, and he seemed to have a good day. He did cry last night once he was in bed again, though, and I went in and asked what was wrong and he wouldn't tell me. I'm guessing it's still school, but I hope it's just because he had such fun on his holiday that he is missing that, and not because there is a problem.

We're reasonably busy at work this week, which is great after two weeks of very little! But now, of course, it's raining, so I don't know if we'll get any jobs done today! I wish this rain would stop!

marielle - I'm glad your headache is feeling better. Yes, I wish we knew which scene is being reshot. I did wonder if it is Bella's first hunt, as TL doesn't seem to be there, and that, if I recall, would be one of the few scenes with R and K and stunt people (they did mention stunt people, didn't they?) although I guess Taylor wouldn't be around if it was anything that his wolf was in, so maybe it's from the end sequence, or encountering Irina in the woods.

Brenda - yeah, just PM me on Facebook, and I'll send you chapter one. I'm glad you had fun on your driving tour. It sounds great! Yeah, that is possible about Katniss, but something in me still makes me feel that it's more Suzanne Collins' style. But then, I haven't read anything else of hers to know. I am thinking of going to see The Hunger Games on Thursday. I was going to see it when it comes out on DVD, but I feel like going to see a movie, and it's the only one around at the moment that I'm interested in.

Songbird - I've been having weird dreams lately too. Mr Bean was in a dream I had last week, and the Men in Black were in a dream I had just last night! Now, why can't I dream about Rob? :( Yes, it's not good to give a writer too little criticism, but, unfortunately, it's becoming common. I hope JK can get past it and still keep writing quality work.

Christina - I'm sorry to hear about what your childhood friend did to you. It's never good when you're left out like that. It's a shame that she let that other friend rule her. Hold your head up and try and keep going. If she doesn't value you enough that she is willing to still invite you in spite of this other friend, then she is the one missing out.

Jaclyn - I'm looking forward to seeing the professional wedding photos! I have had a look at some on FB, and they look great!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

Lynne~ I'm glad to hear Little Man was okay with his first day or two back at school. I think it's perfectly natural to expect a little bit of difficulty transitioning back to school, especially after a two week break when he had shared so much fun time with Mom. ;) About the're right, there was a mention of stunt people. I'm hoping we'll get some sort of teaser about what scene(s) it might have involved, as we've been in quite the BD news drought for awhile. Keeping fingers crossed for dry weather for you to accomodate all the additional jobs you've scheduled.

Jaclyn~ It's good to hear from you and we're so thrilled that your wedding day was so special! :D It sounds as if everything was just perfect. I've seen a few pictures and couldn't imagine a more radiant bride, and look forward to seeing more as they're posted on Facebook. When do you two leave for New York?

Ann Marie~ I'm sorry you had such a difficult weekend. Please know that we're here for you, but I also hope you're getting the kind of conseling you need, as it helps even more to talk to someone in person. ;) I'm sorry you weren't invited to your girlfriend's wedding, but remember that your absence from the event was their loss, not yours.

Songbird~ Awesome Rob dream....and the forehead kiss? :swoon: We know Rob gives good forehead kisses after seeing Robward kiss Bella on the forehead during the Twilight hospital scene, and again after Jacob carried Bella up the mountain in Eclipse. I'm sure I'm missing a couple of Robward/Krisella kisses from New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I'm sorry about the loss of your old voice teacher. I guess we're getting to the age (me more so than you ;) ) where we will start to lose former professors, teachers, parents of our friends, and it will be quite sad. I saw something on Hypable about JKR working on her next book, and I'll certainly give it a try. I'm also looking forward to the HP Encyclopedia and think it'll be great to add to the collection. Hasn't the encyclopedia been talked about for years?

Missp~ Good luck with the state testing of your 5th graders this week, and have a wonderful, relaxing, and well deserved trip to Hot Springs for Spring Break. Will you be going with your sisters? Thanks for keeping us well informed about HH Con stuff.

Susie~ I'm sorry you and Chrissy weren't able to meet in Chicago due to a technicality, and am impressed that you managed to sneak in yet another HH visit under our noses. ;) The Westin sounds plush....and good for you to snag a free lunch. I hope you've enjoyed the lovely weather you had recently. Were you affected at all by the terrible midwestern tornados? I completely understand you staying internet-free on Saturdays and think that's a wise plan. It enables you to spend more uniterrupted time with your family. I usually have a chance to lurk at the HH House, but rarely can make any kind of a coherent post over the weekends because we're so busy with family stuff. That seems to be a pretty common theme and probably why the HH House is relatively quiet through the weekends....unless it's movie release time, or special coupley pictures of Robsten have been spotted.

Brenda~ I gratefully accept your humblest apologies for being away, especially when you post Robcrack like that! :D Where did you find the one of Rob with the soccer or rugby players? That's adorable! I'm glad to hear your family had a wonderful trip and hope my family can visit The Grand Canyon ourselves, someday. I appreciated your assessment of THG and thought your description of Katniss regarding her emotional state was spot on. Jennifer Lawrence gave an amazing performance and is a beautiful girl.... but like you, I imagined Katniss to look thinner and more malnourished. Good luck finding an affordable new car. I haven't heard of the movie your hubs mentioned, "44 Inch Chest", but it sounds intriguing. Hubs and I tend to watch and enjoy television shows that I consider rather edgy and dark: Rescue Me, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, and that movie might be right up our alley. ;)

Sean~ I'm sorry the job market seems to be so terrible there in Mansfield. I imagine your grandmother is appreciative that you and your brothers help take care of her, as that's a little rare in this day and age.

Marielle~ It sounds like you and your bf accomplished quite a bit this weekend. Do either one of you play guitar? Surely I should know that by now, but I don't remember you mentioning it in the past. :) As far as an eventual job search for you have any former coworkers who have moved on whom you might contact for ideas about potential jobs?

Hello to Lulu, Grayce, Amy, Raine, Desiree, and Sandy and her bedazzled vest! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »

Hi Everyone!

Caryn asked me to tell you that she is still alive. She had a crazy busy weekend and now today she is at a training with limited internet access. I'm sure she'll be back later with some goodies for us.
She always has goodies!

Brenda - Very impressive make-up post! Sounds like a very fun vacation. Kudos for wanting to train for the Grand Canyon walk up/down. Nothing like "I'll show them!" to motivate you, eh? Sorry your paychecks have to go to a replacement for your van, but at least you have that additional income. Let's just say I'm awfully glad the HHCON works out with your professional conference. It's like magic! Loved that first pic you posted - Rob in Green... :swoon: Sorry to your hubs, but I don't think that movie he suggested will work for me. :?

Jaclyn - Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Jaclyn!!! I've seen some of the pics on facebook and you look SOOOO happy! So does your new hubby. You'll have to get used to saying "Hubs" instead of "bf"!

Tracy - You know I can fool y'all with my traveling adventures!! Especially when I call someone from the airport and leave a message saying that I'm getting on a plane to fly to her city and hope that we can have lunch!! :? :lol: Don't worry, I'll give you more notice next time. If we both had the same day off it could happen pretty easily, but we don't. I love how you stay caught up on the Lex over the weekend - you know how you said you "can rarely make a coherent post on the weekends..."?? That's because your usual posts are so very coherent, very complete. You are so thoughtful to respond to everything and everybody. You are amazing because, in addition to that, you insert quite a bit of bawdy humor when we least expect it. Way to go! I can handle a break from your posts if it means we get such quality when you do post.

Ann Marie - You are currently being bullied by those girls. I guess they never grew up. That's terrible! Facebook, unfortunately, can just be another way to bully someone. I don't blame you for being upset. You should have been able to go to your friend's wedding. Isn't there anyone who is mature in that group who can tell them to knock it off and who can defend you? We wish you could come to the HHCON too. I'll pray for you to win the lotto.

Lynne - I'm glad your little guy was able to make it to school. It seems like such a short time since he started school, maybe it wasn't long enough to really get established before having a school holiday? Regarding the editing process. You sure do have to have a thick skin to be in this business! Yikes. It's hard not to take it personally when it really isn't personal. It's the 4 paragraphs, not the writer. Try to put your "objective" hat on when you get back your edits.

- Forgot to respond about food - So are you saying you are a picky eater? HAHA! Well, I've had raw herring and raw onions at the Hague! I've had camel and frogs' legs, etc. Not to brag or anything. The thing I'm picky about is processed foods. I hate processed foods. Sorry to hear about your old voice teacher dying. It makes you feel nostalgic for that time in your life, doesn't it? What did you study with him? I forgot - are you a Mezzo? I'm a light lyric coloratura (or used to be!) I've done a lot of Mozart Arias and the Mozart Alleluia which was SOOOO fun. I don't know if I could do it now. It's been almost 20 years.

Sean - Taking care of your grandma is very important. How much care does she need?
Hang in there. Better days will come.

- I'm sorry I forgot to comment about your job worries - sorry things have gotten bad again. Perhaps you could ask WHY you aren't getting to do the other job tasks, but only part of the job. You have a right to know. If it is because of your part time hours they should say that. If it is because you need more training and education - at least they have a reason and then you know what you need to do to move up is to get more training. If they have any complaints about your work, they should tell you so you have a chance to improve. It's not fair to keep all this information away from you. Good luck confronting your boss and/or HR. Regarding being offline on Saturdays. I don't have a Smart phone, so it's easier because when I use my phone, I don't get distracted by the internet. I can see why those of you with internet on your phone can't get away from it.


Well, I didn't get a headache today from the drop in temperature, so that's a good thing. I had my pool therapy, which I love and now I've caught up with the Halfway House and can start on dinner.

See you tomorrow, all!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Suzan »

Hey guys!
I’m really busy right now with setting everything up for my Master. I have my first meeting with the supervisor of my internship tomorrow (edit: today, because it’s past midnight now), which I’m super excited about. I’m glad I could be at the party last week though! It was amazing! You girls really are THE BEST!! Sorry I couldn’t stick around for the cleaning up. :blush: LOL

Jaclyn – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m really happy for you that everything went smoothly. I’ve seen some of the pics on fb and you looked so beautiful! I really loved your hair and the cake was really pretty. Have fun in NY!

Tracy – Thanks for your review of 50 Shades! All the commotion surrounding it is kind of intriguing to me. The lovely ladies here just send me MotU, so I’ll see if I like that. If I do, I might buy the books… The Cosmopolis poster really is something, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s the watch though. It’s the beautiful hand and long fingers attached to it. :swoon:

Marielle – Have you had a chance to see Bel Ami already? You and Susan/Songbird are always welcome to come to Leiden to see it. (I need an excuse to go again. ;) ) Though you might have to decide fast ‘cause the last date on the list right now is this Wednesday. It’s playing at least until this weekend in Rotterdam, so you might want to go there. Anyway, just trying to help, because it would be a shame if you couldn’t go see it. Thanks for letting us know about Marcus Foster. I’d so love to go there! These are the times I miss having a bf… Well, I still have a few months so who knows right, hihi.

Susan – How is your BIL doing? That sounds really scary that he got that sick. LOVED your dream! What a fun way to spend your afternoon; providing refuge to Rob. I imagine your husband wasn’t too happy about his unexpected birthday gift, hihi. And you all came up with a pretty good plan to get him out; very Mission Impossible. And a forehead kiss?? :swoon: You have the best dreams! I never dream about Rob. :(

Caryn – Your “Happy Easter”-pic cracked me up! I saw it first just after brunch with the family and I nearly fell off the chair laughing. My sister took my phone and passed it around to the rest of the family. That was embarrassing, hihi. They laughed too, although they probably have no clue who that guy was (aside from my sister). :lol: How’s your grandfather doing?

Lynne – How’s the editing going? I hope the rest of the novel you have to read is better. It sounds like it’s starting off as sort of a documentary. I’ve had that feeling with Lord of the Rings. I started reading it, but the first like 50 pages were just an introduction or something about the world it’s set in and I just could not get through it. I never read the rest of the book.

Raine – I’m glad you had a nice time with your family. I used to love family get-togethers like that, but ever since my great-grandmother died and my grandparents divorced we haven’t had those big events anymore. Thanks for sharing that story about your nephew. That was really sweet. 13 is young for a girlfriend! I feel like kids these days grow up so fast and start these kinds of things so early.

Amy – It wasn’t me… :blush: ;) How did the sleepover go? Did all that sugar give you trouble?

Sean – I have to agree with you that Kristen’s look at the Stella McCartney event wasn’t my favourite. I thought it looked a bit sloppy and just thrown together. I know that’s her style in her personal life and that’s great. I love her style. But this was just really a bad combination imo. Especially with the lip color that didn’t really suit her. She’s still gorgeous though and I’m sure she’ll do better next time. And as far as Rob not going with her to the event – Since when do they go together to events like this outside of Twilight related thing? People just don’t get that they’re not going to show up as a couple; they never have. This was Kristen’s thing, so there was no reason for Rob to be there.

JennJenn – I’m sorry you’ve been having some troubles lately. I hope things will continue to look up and the move will be a good change for you.

Susie – Sorry you missed Chrissy. Were you travelling there just to meet up with her? That would be very disappointing. Glad you had a nice weekend other than that. “brownie points with Hubs”? Does that mean you’re allowed to buy a brownie if you walk to Starbucks? Hihi, I think that’s an excellent arrangement!

Brenda – Glad you had fun on your trip with the family. Aww, thanks for the encouraging words! I really hope I can stick it out. Only two more years to go… (I’m kind of tired of the whole studying.) I’m glad you liked my fanfic. It’s just something fun and as long as it makes other people smile as well, I’m happy. :)

Ann Marie – I’m sorry your feeling a bit down right now. That was kind of childish of your friend that she didn’t want you at the wedding and that you weren’t invited. If one of your best friends is getting married, can’t she put your differences aside for one day? :roll: I hope you’ll feel better soon. Hang in there! Hugs!

Phew, all caught up now. It’s 1:30 am, so I’m going to bed as soon as I post this. Good thing my appointment is in the afternoon so I can sleep in. Just really wanted to catch up with you all. Sorry to everyone I missed. Bye!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

Songbird: The paps and tabloids are just a symbol of what I think is wrong with the world. This is a world that I sometimes wish that I had nothing to do with. I don't even consider what these guys do as work. There are people like me who are struggling to find work, yet these morons make a lot of money by harassing and lying about people. I guess that's just how the world works today...the easier the buck, the better.

Susie: My grandma is fairly independent, but she has a bad knee and sometimes has blood sugar episodes, which means that one of us has to be home during the day at all times. That also makes it a bit hard to find work and such.

Everyone: I had a really horrid, crappy day. I only got a few hours of sleep today, we had issues at home with the phone line, and I visited the library, because I checked online for my book that I've been waiting forever to get, it said it was there, but when I got to the library, I was told that the damn thing wasn't there, so my trip, again, was a waste of time. I then checked a few minutes ago for it, and now it shows that it's there. So I'm pretty enraged about this whole mess. I had to call to the main branch to get someone to find the friggin' thing, at least two weeks after I put it on hold, and now, a few hours after I got there, it shows up today. Just another reason I think that Mansfield sucks and is a big hell hole.

Only good thing today is that Fallen One will be in Up Magazine, a Dutch rock music magazine, that will come out on the 25th--maybe someone can offer a translation of the article, though Fallen One will probably be allowed to post a scan of their interview on their website and Up probably will have it available online. But other than that, my day's been a waste.

So I'll be watching the Top Gear stuff tonight and I'll probably retire to bed after I'm done watching it.

Oh, and did any of you read where Kristen "dissed" Twilight? That's nonsense, and she was commenting on Snow White in SWATH, and Kristen's said the same things of Bella in BD. Remember what I've said of the media. They get money from advertizes for each hit they get. It's all about money, and nothing else matters... No wonder why I think that the media sucks today. And I found out from my brother about this who showed the article to me as a joke, but being my brother, I'd think that he'd know that I don't take jokes like that well, on top of my already craptastic day.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Wow...two posts from me in one day. What is the world coming to? :D Hope all of you are well and enjoying a relaxing evening/morning/afternoon.

Here are a couple of interesting things I found when perusing the Robsessed website earlier this evening:

Obviously this pic is old, but I don't remember ever seeing it. It's a picture of Rob with a fan outside the Dave Letterman show:
Could the man be any sweeter? ;)

They also posted a rather funny little ditty about Rob's beard, and how it's approaching epic-TomStu-facial hair proportions. :lol: They entitled the post Magical Monday Urges Robert Pattinson to Release the Jaw, and they suggested that the rumored upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2 reshoots will require Rob to shave his beard.

I just love the ladies over on Robsessed, and the following words posted by Kat reminded me exactly why....

So the news yesterday gave me hope that Operation Cover The Jaw may soon be defeated and the jaw shall be released once again. I'm sorry it means he has to get back into Edward mode (17 years old? Really?) but I'm selfishly ecstatic about the razor and hope we get to see StubbleRob shortly thereafter.

You and me both, sister! :D I'm so ready to see some jawporn, and a little ScruffyRob won't hurt, either. 8-)

Sean~ I'm sorry you had such a crappy day and hope tomorrow is a better one. That's such a bummer about your wasted trip to the library for the book you requested, and I hope things are straightened out soon. I also hope you get some extra sleep tonight/today.

Suzan~ Good luck with the meeting tomorrow for your internship--that's so exciting! How many hours per week will you be participating in the internship, and what will be involved? You may prefer reading the fanfic MOTU, as several HH and Lex readers seem to based on the reviews they posted. But I just happened to see Fifty Shades on sale in the local bookstore for a good price, mere hours after I'd been discussing it with a coworker.....and I couldn't resist buying it. 8-) Let us know your thoughts about MOTU, when you have a chance. I enjoyed reading your fanfic as well, and you just reminded me I need to check for updates again. ;) Could you post a link again, please?

Susie~ Thanks for keeping us in the loop about Caryn--I assumed she was probably crazy busy with work, soccer, etc. Thanks for the kind words you said about my posts--same goes for you, hon. ;) I loved your impromptu visit here last fall! You'd be amazed by how quickly I raced home from taking the recycling that day to get a shower, change, and hurry to the airport to meet you, just after receiving your phone call. If we had the same day off work, you might make a quick trip to Nashville every other month or so.:D In choral terminology, what exactly is a "light lyric coloratura"? I'm familiar with mezzo soprano and the obvious voice parts, but my background was more church choirs and ensembles, and college a capella choir. I'm guessing it's some type of very high soprano?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Hi sibs!

Trying to be good about posting. I haven't made a Hump Day in months, I think, so that will be my posting goal this week! Unexceptional day. Testified in court this morning, better prepared than usual and I think it went pretty well. Dashed off to "new" job and that went well today too - busy, but good. Picked up the girls 6 minutes late, though, and paid $6 extra, due to poor communication with hubby boy. We'll do better in future. We're planning on buying the new van tomorrow, which is exciting to get something new (not to mention reliable), but you know, distressing because of the expense.

Maybe Rob and Kris will be reshooting something more like this part of the time? Well, probably not, but it's a nice pic.

Ann Marie - I'm so sorry your weekend was so dreadful. That kind of behavior never stops hurting, really, it just becomes a little less frequent overall as our friends get more mature and stable. Sweetie, you call us your best friends - so reach out to us when you feel like this. Someone is usually monitoring Facebook - post on the HH page, so your friends won't see it? PM one of us? If you are busy FBing, maybe you won't be doing other things you will later be sad about.

Jaclyn - You were a beautiful bride! Those are great pix. Enjoy your honeymoon! Sorry, no idea about MSG seating for Rangers games. Probably all over. Maybe ask the ticket office?

Lynne - I'm glad Little Man is doing a bit better. My kids always have a bit of trouble with transitions, especially big ones like on and off vacation, afterschool plans, etc, and hopefully that is all of his distress, because he will adjust. Underwriting emotions could very well be Suzanne Collins' style. I wonder if she has written anything else? If you see THG in the theater (do you say theatre?), I think you will enjoy it. They do follow the script quite closely (obviously someone learned something from the Twilight fiascoes), although obviously a lot is also cut. But I agree with what others say about how the ending deviates from the book, and wondering where that will go, especially after re-reading and reflecting on the series end. Have you read all the books yet, or just the first? PMing you as soon as I'm off!

Sean - Nobody sez it better than Scarlett: Tommorrow is another day, hopefully less craptastic. At least the book should be waiting for you.

Songbird - I think it doesn't matter if I'm off-key either. I have good rhythm and timing and I remember the words ok ... but some people seem to object to the flatness of my voice. Like my hubby and kids, once they're about 4. I wish you could have been with us on our trip! Walnut Canyon was beautiful, in the high desert where it is still dry but much cooler, with short scrubby pine and deciduous trees, and we could go into some of the ruins. They were not spacious dwellings, but they looked snug, protected from the wind and cold to some extent, and readily defensible against intruders. I would have been nervous about kids playing on those ledges, though. And it was A LOT of walking up and down. Apparently their descendants still come for ritual celebrations on the ancestral lands, which is cool. What was the book? I daydream about Rob a lot. (No, they're not always smutty.) But even daydreaming about a forehead kiss makes me blush and duck my head!

Susie - Yes, there's nothing like a little condescencion (that looks wrong) to get me motivated. I'll hike the Grand Canyon even if I come out with bleeding feet! Yeah, I just hope my new paychecks can cover the cost of the car. We found a minivan, Dodge Caravan base model, for 19,999, which is about the best we can expect. And we have to have a van. Glad you liked the pix! I had fun. Feel free to "borrow" Rob In Green.

Suzan - It will be fine. I remember all the grumbling I and my friends did when we started our graduate school, and most of us stuck it out all the way through doctoral level - those that didn't mostly managed to complete the master's level. Once you're in the groove, it's just about keeping up. I'm sure you're sick of studying, but think how good you are at it by now! I'll look for you to post more of your story.

Tracy - I finally stumbled across an archive of Rob photos from the VF 2009 shoot, which is where I got a bunch of those, including the rugby pic. There are 2 or 3 rugby pics, actually. My photobucket went from 1 page to 3, and I'm not done yet! I also follow karenecwriter on twitter, and she posts bunches of photos daily, occasionally great Rob ones ... which I favorite and steal. Mostly I use Twitter to keep up on the news, but the Robcrack certainly helps cheer me up between earthquakes and tornadoes! I guess it was too much to expect Jennifer Lawrence to starve herself half to death for a movie role - that's why it's acting. I will have to mention to hubby boy that you and your hubs are interested in his movie! If you see it, be sure to let me know what you think! He's so excited to have some participation in this part of my life. (Part 2) I heard about Robsessed early but didn't check it out until your link reminded me. Holy jawporn! Those chicks really are hysterical - they make me blush. And read more. And, always, look.
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