Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!

I’m alone in the office today… I don’t know if anyone else is deciding to show up but I brought a pile of cd’s so I can listen through things I haven’t had the chance yet. Though I started with Marcus Foster.

Brenda, it’s good to have something to train for… I’m training to get in walking shape for our trip to Canada and the US. I don’t want to be in constant pain just by hiking and lack of stamina. I have to pick up more intensive training but the weather here isn’t working along…
I’m working on so many fanfic projects that I’m getting behind on the one I’m posting at the moment…but I’m lacking inspiration at the moment…

Songbird, at the hospital they just think I’m weird with my low body temp… It’s always have been like that though…my mom regularly asks if I have met a vampire because I’m so pale and my skin is so cold…it isn’t often that I feel warm.
Hihi, there is nothing wrong with smutty dreams but it would be nice to report here that I had a really cute Rob dream for once…

Ann-marie, you really need to start to be much more independent, you have got to realize that it’s just not worth crying over others, especially if they don’t see you as worthy enough to be invited. Because they aren’t worth the tears… Have you ever thought about picking up everything and just start over somewhere new, at the other side of the country or world?
Yes, I enjoyed the race greatly. It was just brilliant how the seven of them raced for it.

Jaclyn, when are you leaving for NYC? I saw the pictures on fb, you looked absolutely stunning, I had never seen your hubs before on pictures but he was definitely not what I expected to go with you… but you two just look so happy and perfect together…

Lynne, yeah they are talking about a stunt team will be present at the re-shoot and because it is in Vancouver I really thing that it will be the hunting scene that they will re-shoot. The cottage scene was shot somewhere else and if the were filming some other fight scene than the other Cullens and vampires would have been present too.

Susie, my general idea is that they just don’t take me serious at this job. I think it has to do with my lack of education in the right direction but when they have issues in the direction of my education they don’t ask me to help out either, they just ignore me completely. That’s why I am thinking about looking for something else but at the current climate it’s not as easy as it was.
I should have never gotten a smart phone…it’s like and extended piece of me right now… seriously I am hoping that during my vacation the thing just won’t work… though I do need to be able to get in contact with you and/or Tonise for the HH-con…

Suzan, no sadly I haven’t had the chance to go to see Bel Ami and I don’t think I will get that chance. I have looked at going to Leiden or Rotterdam but the shows are indeed limited and I just don’t have to time to go.
I’m so sad I can’t go with you to see Marcus Foster!!! I was really bummed when I saw the dates… was about to send him a message to tell him to plan one more in August or something… but maybe he’ll to a festival tour as well…most artist do festivals in the summer.

Tracy, I use to play guitar. I wasn’t good or anything but I just loved to make noise with it.
I have some friends that work in the HR business, maybe I should contact them about my job search but one of them doesn’t work in the right direction.
older_twilight_fan wrote: just love the ladies over on Robsessed, and the following words posted by Kat reminded me exactly why....

So the news yesterday gave me hope that Operation Cover The Jaw may soon be defeated and the jaw shall be released once again. I'm sorry it means he has to get back into Edward mode (17 years old? Really?) but I'm selfishly ecstatic about the razor and hope we get to see StubbleRob shortly thereafter.

You and me both, sister! I'm so ready to see some jawporn, and a little ScruffyRob won't hurt, either.
Yep me too!!!!!!!! I'm just worried about Edward's hair... Rob shaved it off, though it has been growing at incredible rate... It will look different...

Well, I better do some work...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

I'm happy to say that the rain cleared up by about 9.00 am, and the sun was out for most of the afternoon, so we got all our shoots done. Hooray!

By the way, please don't mention anything on Facebook about the book I've been editing. I'm not supposed to talk about it. But I needed some people to vent to.

Tracy - BC did say, in his letter, that there should be another trailer out before long. I took this to mean that there will be a longer teaser before the official trailer is released. I'm hoping for a May teaser!

Susie - He had ten weeks at school before the holiday, which is the usual time. I think it just went really fast! Yes, it's really hard not to take comments personally. I've been careful to keep the comments I am leaving for this woman constructive, rather than emotional. I'm happy to say that something has just happened in her story, so I'm hopeful that it's going to improve from here on in!

Suzan - I think it's is a lot like Lord of the Rings, actually. I tried reading The Hobbit once, and didn't get far. I didn't even attempt Lord of the Rings! I have seen the movies, and they were good, but they just didn't do it for me. I guess I don't really gel with this kind of thing.

Sean - sometimes library databases aren't all that reliable. I found that when I was waiting for my copy of The Hunger Games!
Enjoy Top Gear!

Brenda - an email has been duly sent, supplying you with chapter one. I hope you enjoy it! I probably will see THG on Thursday, so I'll be sure and report what I thought of it.

marielle - I sure hope it's not the cottage scenes. Surely, they won't need stunt doubles for that! ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning, siblings!!!

Thanks to Susie for passing on my regrets and greetings. It has been an insane several days. Last week my conference, then getting caught up from being gone and then prepping for this weeks training and then yesterday was "my day" where I was fully responsible for the training content. The rest of the week will be a little easier as I only have to monitor and oversee the training as opposed to actually facilitate. Gah, it never fails to hit me how much I miss this place and you all when I'm kept away.

I'm just doing a driveby at the moment, but I at least wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and that I miss you. I'll be back later this afternoon when I can actually post in a leisurely manner.

Miss y'all!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Songbird »

Ann Marie, those aren’t your friends. People who would act like that are NOT your friends. If the one person will let the other dictate who can and can’t come to her own wedding, and they purposely leave you out, that is NOT a friend. It sounds like you need to make some new friends who are mature and will be REAL friends. And I agree with Brenda…if your best friends are the HH Sisters, reach out when you need support. I know you don’t really know me, but I would certainly listen, and what I know of everyone here, they would all do the same.

Jaclyn, I saw a few pics on FB and you looked lovely! Gorgeous dress and hair! Pizza….sounds so good!

, poor little guy. It must be hard to be so young and not have any control over your schedule, and just when you get into the routine, it changes. My daughter in particular has problems going back to school after a vacation. She likes staying home with mommy. Huh…Mr. Bean dream? Interesting…I’ve actually never dreamed about Rob before…this was the first one. Glad something finally happened in the book...hope it stays that way.

Tracy, I’m at that age already, as far as my parents friends etc…my parents were a lot older than the norm…my mom was 37 when she had her first child, 38 when she had me. I’m younger now than my mom was when she had me…so her friends are all in their 60s and 70s now. My dad is 79. I dread this stage actually…it’s very sad, but we all go through it. Yes, the HP encyclopedia has been talked about for….YEARS. Go you! 2 posts in one day. That is a very sweet picture of Rob! He looks like he’s pretty good with kids. A light lyric coloratura is a high soprano that has a very agile voice, to do runs etc. I have a pretty agile voice, but I’m not as strong with projection…I can’t be heard over an orchestra. I don’t have an operatic voice at all, so I’m not sure what I classify as in terms of voice other than garden variety soprano.

Susie, thanks for the message from Caryn! Yes, I’m a very picky eater. I’ve gotten better in the last few years, but I have a hard time with textures…if it feels slimy or gritty, I can’t handle it. And I don’t like condiments for the most part…mustard, ketchup, mayo….won’t touch them. The smell of mustard makes me nauseous. Yes, hearing about my voice teacher did make me nostalgic. I loved my college years. I studied mostly German art pieces with him. I only had him for one year, and then I had his wife for a couple of years, but they had both spent several years performing in German opera houses, so their repertoire is largely German. But I don’t have an operatic voice. I don’t have much vibrato and I don’t project well, so my voice is more suited to Jazz or musicals. I think I have some videos on my FB so you can hear, but I am a pretty high soprano when my voice is in shape. When I was in college, I could get up to about an F6, but D6 was probably the last really comfortable note in my range, and after that it’s a stretch. Anymore now I wouldn’t attempt an F6. The most fun piece I did (not with this teacher, but with his wife) was Romeo et Juliette by Gounod. I LOVE that piece. But I did sing 2nd soprano in choir. The director thought about moving me to 1st because I have the range, but he needed strong singers on both parts and I had started in 2nd with him, so he decided to leave me there and then just made me section leader to give me experience for my education degree in my senior year. There were 4 sopranos in the Ed program graduating that year and he wanted to give us each experience as section leaders, so he divided us so that 2 were 1st, 2 were 2nd, and each section then had a section leader and one assistant section leader so if we were absent the other could fill in. But as far as my classification goes…I have no idea. I’ve sung everything from Alto to first soprano, wherever I’m needed, but I’m not really a soloist. I get stage fright and I don’t really like singing solo if I don’t have to. And I’m very sorry for the long explanation that really explained nothing.

Suzan, how exciting! What will you be doing with your internship? My BIL is doing well, thanks! He came home from the hospital already on Friday night….he was supposed to get out that morning, but I guess 5 people had either quit or had been fired and the Doctor was having to do a lot more work so it was after 6 pm when my BIL was released. But he’s good now. That was my first ever dream about Rob…not a bad one, in my opinion. I usually either dream about being back in high school dealing with all that awkwardness and making an idiot out of myself in front of a crush (I was a bit of a nerd….oh wait, I still am!) or I dream about people being after me trying to kill me. I wish I could get there and go to Bel Ami! That would be so much fun!

Sean, sorry you went all the way to the library to find the book missing. Maybe you should call next time before you plan to go, just to double check. Ask for the person’s name so that if you get there and someone says it’s out, you can say “Well, I called and talked to so-and-so, and she told me it was in.” That way, if so and so put it somewhere else to hold for you, and didn’t tell someone else, you know who to go to to find it. I’d be happy to do a translation of the article for you. Do you have a link to it?

Brenda, that sounds soooo neat. The book I read was Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. There were some interesting traditions mentioned…like, it talked about Prayer feathers, how they were placed to catch all the bad that happened in the year and would make a person sick if they got too close. And how the tradition of marriage took several years and the groom’s family would make the bride’s robes….one for her wedding day and one for burial. That she would wear it on her last day when she was taken by the wind to be a cloud, and that a person had to be buried within 4 days and then when it rained or snowed, that’s how the family knew their loved one had reached their destination. I don’t know how much information there is on their customs and such at Walnut Canyon, but that kind of stuff fascinates me and there was a lot of that stuff in the book, and they did perform a ritual on the ancestral grounds. Even though it wasn’t a main character or storyline, it was really neat to read it and then to come on here and you are talking about being there. Jealous!!

Marielle, so you’re a good match for a vampire is what you’re telling me? And I wouldn’t mind having a smutty Rob dream…my dreams are pretty tame. Too bad we can’t bottle our dreams and trade once in a while!

Caryn, thanks for stopping by to let us know you’re alright! Good to see you, even if it’s only a drive by!

Nothing new here. Choir tonight.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by VolturiGirl »

For the next two weeks my bosses are going to be in the Phillippines. My bosses mother passed away two years ago and from what I understand from the Philippine culture, this trip is to end the two year morning period. It’s quite interesting. Boss Lady said that during the event(?) they wear red as a means to celebrate life. So while they are gone, I will be able to Lex a lot.

I was so glad that no one was here at my work this morning. I was reading the last few pages of the HH thread when I felt something tickle my knee cap. I reached my hand inside my work pants to see what it was and a HUGE cockroach came flying out my pant leg. Needless to say I screamed like a girl.

Anne Marie - I am so sorry that some people who you thought were your friends turned their back on you. But it is true what others have posted, you don’t need people like that around you. And they are not worth you doing negative things to yourself.

Marielle - I wonder how they are going to be able to do the reshoot with Rob’s hair cut as low as it is. They better not try to put a wig on him. I really do hope you get the job that you are looking for. I am going to start reading Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy after I get done with Sempre which is turning out real good. Question: who is Marcus Foster?
marielle wrote:
Uhm, Amy, I though that happened between the karaoke and the 3 robgasm you accepted from Caryn…. Though I think the rainbow look suits you… :D hihihi…
Ya, I kind of remember the shots we took in between karaoking Within Temptation’s Ice Queen and the second hit of Caryn’s JawPorn.

Tonsie - Have fun at Hot Springs.

JennJenn - I’m sorry to have read about your headaches and your anxiety, but kudos to you for making the change to better not only your health but your daughter’s too. Do you know where about in California you will be moving too?

Lynne - Good luck with the fantasy novel you are reading. I have tried to read those kind of novels, like The Hobbit and LOTR and I just couldn’t do it. I loved the LOTR movies though. Yay for Little Man being ok to go back to school. Monkey did that too when they closed for Spring Break. He clung to my leg when I tried to take him back that Monday.

Susie - Good call on RiceGate. $21 goes a long way and I’m sure you used it when you went to Starbucks on Sunday. What kind of coffee / tea did you get? I’m waiting on one of our pharmaceutical reps to bring us our Starbucks right now. What a bummer about your almost visit with Chrissy. Regarding hub's mom...she did need help around the house and I know she doesn't know how to do it. I'm not irritated with him going...not at all. That's his mom. But what does frost my cookies is that she wants him to go up on holiday weekends. Like for instance, Father's day she wanted him to come up to put in a screen door. Christmas Eve to put up her tree. Why not the weekend before? :rant:

Sean - You sure nailed it when you called the paps “stupid douchbags.” I wonder if the gossip magazine people have a wall with suggestions and they throw darts at it to see what celebrity is doing what then write an article about it. What book are you trying to get at the library?

Songbird - . The boys’ sleep over was a blast. We stayed up til 11:30pm watching movies. They did, however wake up too early. After I cleaned my house, I took all three of them to a birthday party where they had one of those jumpers. Whoever came up with that idea was a genius. It tired my kids out, so when I dropped off their friend, they were awake enough for a shower and dinner before they went to bed. I loved your “Rob dream.” I think forehead kisses are so sweet. I’m really sorry about the passing of your vocal teacher.
Songbird wrote:
Sorry, Amy….that was me. I couldn’t resist. I love rainbows and they made such a great addition to your ensemble. At least I didn’t freeze your bra…
It’s always the ones you don’t suspect that pulls the pranks. :lol:

Tracy - Thank you for posting the link. When I get a few minutes, I will check it out.

Brenda - I accept your apology. Where did you find the pic with Rob and the team pic? You are so lucky to have done a family trip like that. I have yet to go to the Grand Canyon. I think you will like Lynne’s novel. It’s going to make for a real good read. Although it is a teaser that she only gave us one chapter to read....

Suzan - If you are currently reading MOTU, we can expect you to be AWOL from the Lex.

Jacklyn - YOUR MARRIED!!!!! I loved the picture of you and your hubs dancing. How romantic. Enjoy your honeymoon.

Caryn - Come back when you can. :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

Songbird: I did finally get that book at the library, and something else in the mail--more on that later. I have done the phone call deal, too, in the past. And that's been a pretty aroundabout process too. I do wonder if the budget cuts have really screwed things up, but I've rarely had any issues like this since I lost my job.

And no, I don't have a link, at least yet. That article won't come out until the 25th, when the new issue of Up is released, but Fallen One are in the Upcoming section of the magazine and their website when the new mag comes out.

Everyone: Guess who's a happy camper today, unlike 24 hours ago. I got my food card in the mail today, and as I told Songbird, I finally got my book at the library today. I bought a few things at Meijers today--OK, $117 worth of stuff, but it's a $180 card (will be $200 after this month), and I still have $60 left, and a bit of that money is stuff I bought for my brother. Now, I have to buy a couple of things for my grandma later this week. But hey, that's part of the reason I got the damn card in the first place, to help out.

I'm also still waiting for my check from my retirement fund to come in the mail. My brother and I will check on that in a few minutes when I'm done writing this.

But I wanted everyone to know that I'm a lot better than I was last night. Now I just have to figure out what I want to do tonight. I don't think that there's much on TV I wanna watch, which sort of sucks because I have this huge pizza that I want to make and I usually watch something while eating.

Oh, and Robstenation has some SWATH stuff up, too.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by vampirelover109 »

evening girls

So Ive spent the whole day with.simon today weve had a just chilling at home really which.was fun Ive been thinking alot today about everything and Ive realised with (all your advice) that.there not my real all and I dont need them at all.Im a good person and its there loss

marielle-you were spot on with.what you.said its funny ive been thinking.about moving.somewhere new but wouldont know where to start really but my mum said.its worth.thinking about Im glad you enjoyed the race on sunday it was.a proper race

Susie- yep Im praying I win the lotto or something but we will have too see I so upset if I dont make It

Right im off to eat Icecream.while watching Twilight.all kinds of yumminesd.ahead

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[ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

There's bright sunshine here at the moment, in spite of the fact storms are forecast for every night this week. It will be interesting to see if we get them! At least we have work this week. I hope it will continue to pick up in the coming weeks.

Caryn - I'm glad to see the blue font again! My goodness, you have been busy!

Songbird - I don't dream a lot, but I've had a couple of vivid ones lately. Very strange ones, too!

Amy - That's interesting about your boss' culture. I wasn't aware of that. Ew! Cockroaches! We had one in the house the other day, and it was crawling on the curtain that I was sitting next to! It did not live much longer after that!

Sean - I hope you get that cheque soon.

Christina - I'd still keep the door open to your old friends. They may need you sometime, and then you can show the depth to your character by being friends with them, even though they were mean. But just remember that they don't define you. Their acceptance or rejection does not reflect who you are, but who they are.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »

Happy Tuesday, All!

I have to teach a night class tonight, so I'm staying on this side of town - Lexing at the Starbucks. My class is English Pronunciation and there are 20 students on my roster. Three hours of fun tonight from 6pm - 9pm.
I'm going to be one tired teacher. Tonight is the first class and it runs every Tuesday night for 6 weeks. I can tell you how to make any English sound, but for the life of me, I CANNOT make that G sound in Dutch!!

Suzan – That IS exciting that you’re getting going on your Masters. Keep us posted. I hope you like your internship assignment.“Brownie Points” means something similar to “bonus points”. I’m not sure how it originated. Brownies are Jr. Girl Scouts, but I’m not sure that has anything to do with it. Brownies are also little fairies I think. Of course I’m not bothering to do any research on this even though all I have to do is Google it – that’s how lame I am! The meaning is sort of like you do something that the other person thinks is a good thing and they will remember that and think you are a better person and this can make up for the fact that sometime we do things that have the opposite effect! That’s why we need lots of brownie points! You got brownie points for walking me back to my hotel in the pouring rain that night!

Sean – I’m glad your grandma doesn’t need a lot of physical care like lifting and bathing. Is she clear headed? How does she spend her time during the day? Sorry you had a wild goose trip to the library. At least you got out of the house, though. Think on the bright side. That kind of thing happens even in thriving cities like mine that are not a “hell hole”. It’s happened to me. I think it is due to the computer system being ahead of the actual physical location of the book. Hooray for getting the book today, though! Also, I’m glad you got your food card and that you bought some yummy food.

Ann Marie – Ice Cream and Twilight – What a perfect evening! Both meanings of Yummy – the ice cream AND Rob!

Tracy – I’m so onboard with the “Release the Jaw” movement! Of course the impending shaving is because of the reshoots. Wouldn’t you love to shave him? That sounded a bit improper, didn’t it? Light Lyric Coloratura is very high and clear, not heavy. I could definitely hurt some ears!

Karen – Misunderstanding about who is picking up kids and/or when to pick up kids? My hubs was often a real problem as far as kid responsibility. Sheesh! We get along SO much better now that we don’t have childrearing in the mix. (although we still disagree about how tough to be on the 18 year old. Guess who is the softie?Me.)

Marielle – Yes, you need to be able to use your phone in the U.S. to contact your HHCON Sisters! Have you checked that out yet? Is it supposed to work? Rob’s hair for re-shoots – pray for miracle grow! I like his hair longer too!

Lynne – OK It will just be our little secret about that other book! I’m glad it’s getting better. 10 weeks of school already? I guess I’m just totally off on my perception! Wow. Time either goes fast or slow, doesn’t it?

Caryn – I’d love to attend one of your super trainings – the day that you are fully responsible. You wouldn’t notice me sitting in the back, would you? Come back when you can.

Songbird – So you must have studied some German Leider, right? I’ve done a few. Can’t remember the names, but I do still have the book. 2nd Soprano – I’m the opposite – I can’t sing it because I’m not a good enough musician. I keep wanting to move up to the SOPI part!

Amy – A cockroach in your pants! Yikes! That’s one good thing about living in a colder climate – we don’t have many of those things. Maybe your MiL doesn’t want to be alone on holiday weekends? What do I get at Starbucks? Well, I’m old fashioned – just a Double Latte with no sugar, no flavors!!

Time to go back to school and get ready for my class.

See you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by VirginiaMay »

*Sneaks in on tippy-toes and looks around sheepishly...*

Hi, Everyone,

So... you may not remember me, but my name is Ginnie and I used be rather well-known around here, lol. ;-) All joking aside, I'm so sorry I've not been able to play here in the HH with you all as of late. Life is still completely nuts for me and I just cannot keep up with everything. I have missed 50 pages worth of your posts and will not even pretend that I'll try to catch up on them all, but I have missed you guys & gals and wanted to pop-in to say "hi" officially.

I'm off now to peruse the pretty new siggies and some avies I see on the thread, and I think I read that there are some pics from Jaclyn's wedding somewhere so I'll be looking for those as well. Congratulations to Jaclyn & hello to anyone new! Nice to meet you & I hope i'll be around more in the future.

Hugs for everyone!! :hug:


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