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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »

Hi Everyone -

Sorry, No Hump Day Pic!!

Can I do a belated pic tomorrow?

I'm Lexing while at Circus watching Sonny Boy. I'll be taking him out to dinner afterwards as usual for our Wednesday routine. Today I had a staff meeting after class, so I'm a bit limited on my online activity!

Sean - Don't be resolved to think that ALL of mainstream society is judgmental. My experience is that there are many very kind people out there. It's just the bad ones that get all the attention.

- I'm a good singer with good tone, but I'm not really that good a musician. I always had trouble with complicated rhythm and had to listen to a recording to learn it. I'm a horrible sight reader. I'm assuming that since you have a Music Degree that you are good at those things.When we finally meet, we'll have to do a duet, OK?

Lynne - Good strategy for reading the other two Hunger Games books! You are very pragmatic, aren't you?

Ginnie - Just look at you - talking all that Biology!! I really hope you can find a job that uses your interest and knowledge. My friend works for the FDA and they require a certain number of science credits - of course a science degree would be better. I know you're not ready for full time now, but keep it in mind for the future.

Ashley - I'm so happy things are lining up for you now! You've been waiting a long time. I love how you planned everything out in advance. So cool! I'm so happy you confirmed your train tix and also that your grandma is transferring money for the rest of the trip!

Suzan - Very impressive internship info. I can just picture you in a white lab coat. Good luck with it all and enjoy it if possible. I'm sorry I don't have time to read your fanfic right now. Don't feel offended because the only fanfic I am reading is Ginnie's new one with very short chapters - that's all I can handle right now. I really want to read it when I get get more online time, but now I'm trying not to spend so much time online - it's better for my marriage!

- Do you still have enough work to do with your bosses gone? It's fun to see you make frequent posts here at the Halfway House.

- Actually I didn't get to meet Chrissy. I had to leave before she got to the hotel. Is your decision to move to CA making things worse for you there now? I hope it doesn't get too bad for you before you are able to move. Your poor daughter - having to listen to all of that. Hang in there!

- Yes, your mom will definitely want frequent updates while you're on your trip SO far away!

Sorry if I missed anyone - I only had time to do the scroll back function tonight!

See you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Happy Hump Day!

While it's still today on the East Coast, at least. Hopefully I will be back later with posts, but not sure.

My FanFiction Page ~ Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

According to Robsessed, we'll see a Cosmopolis trailer online Thursday (whether this trailer is new or not....I have no idea). Also, we'll supposedly learn whether Cosmopolis (and Rob!!!) will make a much anticipated appearance at Cannes this spring..... keeping fingers, toes, elbows, and knees crossed. :swoon:

Susie~ Hope you and SonnyBoy had fun at dinner together after his circus practice tonight. It's nice to spend good quality time with the kids, especially in the middle of a busy week. How many times per week are you able to attend the water therapy classes?

Brenda~ We always appreciate the picture of the headboard crack heard 'round the world. Thanks for letting me know Rob's pic with the rugby team was from the '09 VF shoot. The Vanity Fair staff have been so good to us Twi-fans and Rob fans with their photoshoots....I worship at their feet and would love to see something Rob-related in 2012. :beg:

Sean~ I'm glad to hear you received your food card. You seem to be smart and frugal about it and are able to make the $$ stretch. Hope you had a relaxing evening and had the chance to make your pizza for dinner. What toppings do you usually put on your homemade pizzas?

Lynne~ Let us know what you think of The Hunger Games, if you have a chance to see the movie Thursday. Now that I think about it....with our time difference, you're probably watching the movie as I post this message. ;) Has your son adjusted well to being back at school the rest of this week?

Marielle~ I loved the pictures of the house you and your bf are considering purchasing and posted about it on FB. Is it close to where you currently live, and how much of a commute would it be to your workplaces? I hadn't thought about Rob's hair being shorter right now....just how will they manage those reshoots? I'm glad you like the Marcus Foster album so much. I had the privilege to see Bobby Long and Sam Bradley in a concert here a couple of years ago, and they were both extremely talented songwriters, singers, and musicians.

Caryn~ We miss you but know you're swamped with work right now. We'll leave the light on for you. :wave:

Ann Marie~ Hope you're having a better day today. Good luck at your upcoming job interview.

Songbird~ So you're quite the prankster, hmmm? That's great! I love that your former fellow choir member was too impressed by your antics to be mad at you. That's good news that your BIL is out of the hospital and feeling better. Good for you starting up with your exercise program. I'm sure you can do the 5-K if you gradually build up your endurance; that's the right way to do it with less risk of injury. I hope your best friend can come for a visit this summer. When did you see her last? Good luck with the school tour tomorrow. Thanks to you and Susie for explaining "light lyric coloratura". I'm a second alto by nature and have always enjoyed harmonizing with the melody. It's also somewhat by necessity, as I have a pretty paltry singing range before my voice sounds like a shrieking jungle bird. :lol:

Amy~ No bosses for two weeks?! We expect funny daily posts from you with lots of sexy Robcrack (and Facinelli Friday pics, as well). :D I probably would have passed out if a cockroach crawled (or flew) out of my pants. I honestly cannot see any logical use or reason for those gross, disgusting creatures, and wonder if there was a minor slip-up or technical glitch on whichever day of Creation they came into being. We're sending positive thoughts and prayers your Mom's way for a successful surgery--keep us posted on any news please, if you have a chance. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying reading Sempre.

Ginnie~ It's so good to see you sweetie! Don't sweat it about not posting as often around here. We understand completely, and real life always takes precedence over the Halfway House. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way, hon. ;) I'm so enjoying your drabblefic--I actually check for updates often and was so pleased to find a new chapter this morning before work....made my day. :D I also majored in biology in college. I actually have a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology, which is kind of odd. But it meant that I needed five instead of six biology classes....and more importantly it meant I wasn't required to take organic chemistry; only inorganic chemistry, instead (which was bad enough--in my book.)

Ashley~ We're glad to hear your grandfather is feeling better without any residual complications. Good luck with your CNA training course in a couple of weeks. Yay for train tickets coming soon in the mail, and especially for grandmothers that make attendance at Halfway House Conventions possible with their financial contributions. :D

Jenn Jenn~ I'm glad you have someone with whom you're close, to help you deal with this stress. Good luck with the job hunting and all the arranging and finalizing of plans for your eventual move. You are doing the very best you can as your raise your daughter in the best way you know how....and don't ever let anyone tell you differently. Hang in there, hon. ;)

Suzan~ Thanks for posting the link to your fanfic's sweet and funny and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Your internship sounds very interesting and challenging, and should keep you busy and on your toes. That's nice that you already know some of the people with whom you'll be working on a daily basis. I mentioned in Ginnie's post above that I too majored in biology in college before attending physical therapy school after graduating. One of my most difficult classes was an Oncology class which was taught by adjunct professors who worked at St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN. The class was very interesting, but thoroughly kicked my booty and I remember being thrilled to barely scrape by with a grade of "B".
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

:wave: HI Everyone,

Watching the latest Mission Impossible with my husband. So far it is ok from what I have seen since I am trying to get caught up on the computer.

I miss you all way and this amazing world to much that I told myself I need to come back. Starting tomorrow I will pop back in a her at least once a day.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Okay, I saw The Hunger Games this morning.

I thought it was good and very well done. It was an accurate adaptation, but the story is the kind of story that naturally works well on screen, because it follows normal parameters for that kind of movie (lots of action, with a bit of drama and love thrown in). It adapts easier than any of the books SM writes, because they don't always go in the "natural progression" of the stories that translate best into film. I thought it was helpful, too, that a number of the things that Katniss explained to us in her thoughts could be explained to the audience via The Hunger Games' commentators. It was a good and easy way to overcome the problems of explaining those things without having to simply have the characters talk about it for no reason, or try and explain it simply visually. I must confess I spent most of the movie trying to remember who was playing Haymitch. I knew his face, but I just couldn't remember the name! Then, of course, I kicked myself when I got to the end of the movie and the credits said: "Woody Harrelson". Of course! He was born to play Haymitch!

I had a bit of a downer when I got home, though. Although we've had a good week at work, it is still a little quiet for next week, and we have discovered that someone who used to work for us is doing work for a client of ours who we have done a lot for in trying to increase his business, including doing a lot of stuff for free, as we were trying out some new marketing ideas, and offered them to him at no cost to see how we'd go. He knows this guy used to work for us, and obviously, he's undercutting our price, and using the techniques we taught him to take work from us. It's really got me down.

Oh, and here's the link to the Cosmopolis trailer. It does look ... interesting. I think Rob's accent changes to different kinds of American throughout. It looks kind of trippy!

Susie - that's me! Mrs Pragmatist!

Tracy - yes, Little Man seems to be enjoying himself again. On the way home from school today he said to me, "Mummy, do you know what my favourite day of school is? The first day I went!" I thought that was a good sign!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…and gentleman.

Did I tell you it rains a lot in Holland? Because it does… and I hate it!!! I’m all for sun, beach, sea and a good glass of wine…
I’m getting a bit depressed by this weather…


JennJenn, that’s a big move… are you going to start over completely? Everything new for you and your daughter? My knowledge of California is limited, all I know that it’s, sunny and warm, the ground shake there regularly and that LA is located there, where are you going to live?
I’m sorry you had such a bad day… people can be really mean sometimes…why are people so mean to you? are that people you used to be friends with?

Suzan, your internship sounds really exciting. Also the project is really interesting. For how long will you have to work there? Where are you going to do the project? In Leiden or somewhere else?
If I have heard it correctly the Bel Ami dvd in the UK will be released at the end of May or the beginning of June. I expect the same will be for Holland.

Ashley, I totally understand that you want to work during the summer. I understand that in US you have to take big loans to pay for college, it’s such a shame…
I’m happy your grandpa is doing better. Your grandma must have felt so guilty about it…

Songbird, I think my phone is a triband… I’ve got a smart phone, I think all of them are triband but I have to check it out to be sure.
Dreams can be insane…I often wonder how my brain came up with certain things…

Lynne, I’m happy liked THG movie. I had the same thing with the guy that played Seneca… I remembered him from some where but I didn’t know until I looked him up on IMDB… he played in the Ghost Rider. In which I liked him a lot… I’m going next week with my mom again. It’s a good idea to keep up with the market. Last night I had an idea for my own fantasy story but I have to work out a lot of things before I can even think of writing it to an end.

Sean… I don’t think it’s a good way to make you happy… though sometimes I agree with you…There is a song by a dutch band that describes it perfectly… a bit goes like this “Nobody knows what’s inside my head, but inside my head you are all dead.”
It’s a perfect song for when you feeling like that.
I agree with you and JennJenn, that raising kids as a single parent isn’t a crime and that kids will be raised properly and all, though I also agree with people who say that kids do need the other gender around as an example, but that could easily be a good teacher or grandparent…

Susie, my mom is insane, she is demanding us to call every other day, so I promised her that when I have free wifi or a cheap card that I send her e-mails with updates. Calling is just too expensive to do that every other day…

Tracy, the house is about the same distance away from our work than where we live now, for my bf it will take a bit longer by bike but for me the traveling time will be shorter because I have a direct connection with the tram.
I think most of the musicians Rob hangs out with are really good… he had really good taste when it comes to music and friends… I would love to learn more about these other artists he is friends with but most of them are very unknown in Holland.

Okay, I’m off, I’ll be back later today…

Edit: DANG!!!!!! The Sun (not the most reliable news paper I know) is reporting that for the re-shoots Robward will indeed be wearing a wig!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

marielle wrote:Good morning ladies…and gentleman.
Edit: DANG!!!!!! The Sun (not the most reliable news paper I know) is reporting that for the re-shoots Robward will indeed be wearing a wig!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Marielle~ Say it ain't so! :o Surely Robward won't have to wear a wig for those reshoots....that's criminal. It seems like if that's the case, they could wait a couple of weeks for the reshoots until his hair is more Edwardly, but I guess "time is money" in this business. :?

Some good news.....
Apparently Cosmopolis will be screeened at the Cannes Film Festival :clap: That's such exciting news for Rob and this project. Let's hope for some public appearances as Rob certainly looks gorgeous at Cannes 8-) .

Here's a link to the 2nd "new" Cosmopolis trailer

Lots more of these gems where that came from ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Ok busy day between doctors and dentist appointments and then later on the fam and I are meeting another family friends to watch the Padre baseball game at the park. Which is perfect b/c of the super cheap tickets plus it is open lawn for families with little ones such us who is going. The kids can run around it is gated so the children will be safe.

Marielle~ I am sorry you are down. I didn't know it rained a lot in Holland but then that would explain all the lush greenery that surrounds you. While I do have sunshine about 80% of the year we get to look at brown mountains and foliage since we don't get much rain.

Lynne~ I thought they did a great job with HG as well. I didn't remember all the characters b/c I read the books so long ago. I liked Woody though playing Helmitch (however you spell it).

Ok girls and gentleman as I promised I am really trying to make a effort to come back here because I miss this place and all of you toooo much! :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by GrayceM »

I can’t believe I’ve been gone since last week. I was sick, but I think I mentioned that. I was out of work Thursday, which is the first time I’ve called in sick in like 8 years. And we already had two others out on vacation, which only leaves three of us to cover the entire hospital purchasing. Little overwhelming. The doctor told me it was a sinus infection. I’ve never had a sinus infection that made my throat sore like that, and lost my voice for a week. So, now I’ve been taking an antibiotic for 8 days and of course I am getting issues from that as well.
I’ll apologize now, if this jumps around a bit. I started catching up on page 103…so I keep going back and reading another post…

I’ve found that it’s getting more and more difficult to fit all of my hobbies into a week…so I may take a page from Susie and designate a day for each one. I’ve got my online game, reading several books, finishing a footstool, bench and jewelry box for my dollhouse, loading photos to the computer and on FB, and Twilight stuff. Luckily, this week one of the boys went to Washington DC with his school and won’t be back until Saturday, which means I don’t have to cook. :clap: YAY! I usually only cook during the week when the boys are there, otherwise, it’s difficult to cook for two without having leftovers for three days. So I have a little extra time to walk the dog to the mailbox, and read before the husband gets home.

For everyone who mentioned it; that’s exactly the reason I gave the warning for the “Sleeping Beauty” series. I enjoyed most of her other novels, though they are a bit dark. I didn’t think anything about it when I bought the first book from B&N web site before I had my nook, (with nook you can get a sample of a book). I had no idea what it was truly about. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is the first book and as I said, I think the explicit material starts on page 2 of the story. The prince doesn’t wake her up with a kiss…but with rough pre-baking. :shock: I’m not interested in mixing pain with pleasure so it really was not a story for me. I guess the title for the second book should have given me a clue; Beauty’s Punishment, so I had to give the first one away. If the boys got a hold of that…well, let’s just say it’s not the type of baking I want them to learn about.

Marielle - Thanks for the heads up on reshooting scenes. I missed something somewhere…you’re coming to the US? When?
I’m wondering about which scenes are being reshot too. BC said they weren’t adding any dialog or scenes so I’m wondering if it will actually be a reshoot of a scene with dialog or just the lighting wasn’t right when E&B are standing in the meadow or running… I forgot he shaved his head since then…maybe it will be back to normal for this…
By the way, I completely agree that the lead in THG I pictured all of them to be quite a bit skinnier and Peeta to be the only one of those three to have much in the way of muscle. Jennifer does a great job, but they maybe should have done a little more makeup on her so that her natural glow didn’t show quite so much. It would have made the contrast greater in the scene before she’s with the prep team and after.

Jaclyn - Congratulations! I am glad to know that everything went well for your wedding. I’ve been in a few weddings and I’ve found that even if something small goes wrong, it’s just part of it and the end result is the same. My sister’s first wedding; the ceremony was on Lake Lure, on a boat dock. I had to walk down 6 flights of stairs, in heels…Contrary to my middle name I am not graceful at all. I just knew at any moment I was going to slip, roll down the hill and land in the lake. As it was, I got the heel of my shoe stuck in the pier and swallowed a bug. :lol: The best man, had to sit down during the ceremony because of the heat…he almost passed out. They still ended up married…
I haven’t gotten on FB on my actual computer at home in some time. I can’t pull it up from work anymore and it’s just too terribly slow to try to look at pics on my blackberry. I will get on and check them out soon though.

Tracy – Thanks for the link on the reshoots too. He always seems very considerate of the fans. I think when they were looking for a director, he said something like, “I imprinted on this saga” and they knew he was right for it. I do hope Rob shaves soon. He doesn’t look right with a beard. Not that he can’t pull off the look because he absolutely can, but I prefer to see the jaw too.

Songbird - I guess I’ll have to check out the Rawlings new book or at least see if I’d be interested in reading it. You’re welcome about the warning.

Lynn – How are you fairing with the novel? A book has to grab my attention in the first few pages or I’ll never enjoy it. Usually, it’s better if it starts out with action and then goes back to explain, introduce, or describe what’s necessary.
The Hobbit was actually a lot more difficult to read than the LoTR trilogy. The movies were very close to the books, but the books sucked you right into the story. If I’m not mistaken, The Hobbit was written well before the publishing date of 1937, which I think is why it is so much more difficult to read. The LoTR trilogy was written between 1937-1942. I believe they are filming The Hobbit now…
I’m in agreement on THG, though there were a lot of emotions and things that weren’t explained, the commentators helped a great deal.

Brenda - That sounds like an amazing trip. We always took those “Griswold” trips when I was growing up. I’ve been out as far as Arizona and Texas, but no further West. I remember all the petrified rocks we bought and seeing a jackrabbit when we went to the meteor crater, and wondering what the big deal was at the Grand Canyon. But I was only 5 or 6 so I don’t remember a lot about some of those trips.

Anne Marie – Have you ever gone to a therapist? I know the bullying and being left out was something being done to you, but it sounds like you could benefit from a professional. Please don’t take offense. I know how difficult it can be and sometimes admitting you need help is the hardest thing in the world to do. Moving may be a good idea, but it will not solve your other problems.
I have a couple friends who are the type that draw everyone to them. I feel like it’s always me calling them, me going to see them. Although I know if it ever came down to it and I absolutely needed either of my best friends, they would drop anything and be there. I had a lot of really good friends from school that I would only consider associates now. I’m blessed to have two best friends, not counting the husband. In my 20’s one of them had another friend who worked at the same place, we called her Skipper because she wanted to do everything exactly the same as my friend. Same hair cut and color, same makeup, same clothes and shoes. And Skipper is Barbie’s little sister who wants to be just like Barbie so we sort of started calling her that. She absolutely hated me. She called and harassed me, she said nasty things about me to my friends, slept with my ex, and even threatened to fight me. The best thing I ever did was to begin pretending she didn’t exist. I told her that I was having my calls traced and not to ever call my house again or I would press charges. I didn’t care if she thought it was God himself calling from my number, she was not to call back. When she threatened me physically, I told her to bring her happy butt right on over and we’d settle it. She never showed. I told her that my life did not revolve around her and that I didn’t care enough about her one way or the other for her words or actions to ever change who I was. After that I wouldn’t even look at her. If she spoke, I acted like I had not heard anyone say anything. I didn’t react or respond to anything she did or said, and after a while, it sort of became reality. Mind over matter, DearHeart, mind over matter. Those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter. Send your friend a congratulations card with a note saying that you are terribly sorry you missed her wedding and hope that she has a long and happy marriage. If you still want her to be your friend, don’t worry about that other one and just do what you would for a friend. Heaping kindness on someone who is behaving petty often makes them feel guilty enough to change their ways…
Regardless of what you decide, I’m glad you know you have friends on here.
“If someone says something unkind about you, live so that no one will believe it.”

JenJen – Who in the world would say such nasty things about you or to you like that?

Suzan - That sounds like very interesting work. I did do basic laboratory and phlebotomy in school for my Medical Assistant, and I enjoyed that part probably more than anything. I love science. But I had a few incidents that scared me away from working with human blood and fluid. I wouldn’t begin to know how to create a cell receptor but it sounds very intriguing. Thanks for the link to your FanFic. I’m going to have to read some of all these when I get done with the books I’m on now.

Ashley - I worked as a CNA for several years, along with other jobs when I first got on at the hospital. I’ve found that most CNA stuff is common sense. Good Luck!

Today would have been my Father's 69th birthday...still doesn't seem real that he's gone. My stepmother has rented the house out so my sister and I went over this past weekend to gather some more stuff we wanted. I still have to go back for my grandfather's cradle and a cabinet he made. I asked my sister if she ever felt like an orphen now. We never were close to our mother and our stepmother has moved in with her 3rd husband and is more involved with his family now...
Then every time I start thinking about it, I have an anxiety attack and have to take a pill...guess this is life though. None of us make it out alive and there's only one alternative to living every day so I'll make it through today, and maybe Father's day this year won't be so difficult.

Guess I’m going to try to get some reading done with what’s left of my lunch. Have a great day!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Gracye~ I can understand being busy and trying to make it over here. I totally give props for the girls who can do this. I know that is why I disappeared for awhile. Glad though that the girls always take me back.

I just looked up the version of Sleeping Beauty that you read on B&N. I am not a huge Anne Rice fan. I did try to read the Vampire Chronicles again but her writing is boring. I couldn't do it in HS and I certainly couldn't do it now.
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