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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:02 pm
by Tornado
I'm off to work for my publisher today for the first time since she came back from America. We've been getting a lot of submissions in lately, after just reopening to them after being inundated before, so there will probably be quite a bit of time spent today going over what we've got and seeing if it's worth publishing. It's interesting to experience all this stuff from the other side!

Michael Sheen is apparently involved in the reshoots. It did occur to me that it might be something to do with the end that they had to reshoot, and they've just restaged it in Vancouver because it's cheaper, or whatever, although maybe they're doing an extra scene. I hope that rumour about Rob's hair isn't true. Surely it wouldn't take long for his hair to grow out a little! Couldn't they have waited for that? Maybe no one's schedule would allow it.

Marielle - just keep your story idea in the back of your head until you're ready for it. None of my ideas every really go away. They just sit there in my head until I find the best context for them.

Desiree - yes, it seemed to be a worthy adaptation.

Grayce - I hope you're feeling better, and I'm sorry to hear about the sense of loss you feel with the absence of your father. :hug: The novel? I'm not even going to go there! I'm counting the pages until the end. I've still got over one hundred to read!

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:54 pm
by Susie

That's me flying by just to say "Hi!" :wave:

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:33 pm
by SwanCullen
Just stopping by to say hello! Will be back later to catch up.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:44 pm
by Tornado
Well, I turned up for work today, only to have my boss tell me (she had sent me an email, but I had left for work before it came in) that she can't afford to pay me at the moment, so I shouldn't come. She's got virtually no money in her account, and is paying for a lot of things on credit card. I know how that feels, especially since we have our own business, too, but it's just so hard to deal with, especially since I need the money from the job I have with her, and I want her to publish my book, as well!
So it's all a bit hard at the moment in my neck of the woods.

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:10 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Sorry for being late, but the internet has been out at my house since about midnight last night and it's only been back up for less than an hour. So I have a few things I want to get done before I log off.

Susie and Marielle: That stuff with Jennifer just p***es me off. I was raised in what was largely a single parent household, and I find it extremely offensive for people to be so judgmental. I will definitely tell you this: I'll be damn happy to say farewell to some of the bigoted, insensitive, ignorant, petty people on this planet. I won't miss them in the least. And those who exist just to make others miserable, I can't feel sorry for them, nor do I want to. If they won't at least try and help fix their lives, let alone drag people down, they deserved whatever ill they get, and they definitely are bringing it on themselves.

Lynne: Now that sucks--at least when I worked at the library, I was at least guaranteed some paycheck. Definitely if I worked somewhere and they couldn't afford to pay me, I'd be looking somewhere else, because if I was working again, if not for my food card, retirement fund check (still waiting for that), and that stuff, I'd have no income whatsoever. At least it's not the fault of your employer that this issue exists.

Marielle: I did see the F1 race from China and I enjoyed it--always like a first time winner, and your man got second. And Jenson says that Nico did so well not just because of his tire management, but JB says that the Mercedes-Benz AMG team have a very good car. Remember, Jenson won his championship driving for that team when it was Brawn GP, and their M-B engine deal lead him to drive for McLaren.

Everyone: As you can probably tell, I have now someone else that's the subject of my ire: CenturyLink, our phone and internet provider. These guys are really the embodiment of incompetency. And worse, they have a virtual monopoly in our area, and we'd have to pay extra to get someone else. First, our phones had problems, and then we went without internet from about midnight last night until just after 10:00 tonight because of some update from last night that every time my brother called them (which was several times), they said it would take 2 hours--whose time system were they usin'

I have a few more thing that I'd like to comment on, and I'm probably missing a few things, too, but I have to get a few more things done before I log off.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:16 am
by Tornado
Sean - this is a little different, though, because I believe in what she is doing, and I want to help her. I also know that she needs me, and appreciates my help, and doesn't want to lose me. I believe God put me there for a reason, and whether that is just to help her with what she is doing or because of my book, I don't know. Maybe it's both. In any case, I'm not just going to walk out on her. What's more, working for her gives me a flexibility that I couldn't find in too many other jobs. I only work in school hours, and I don't have to work school holidays, so that I can be with my son then. I'm not going anywhere. I'll just have to hope that some of the money she's owed comes in soon.

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:32 am
by smitten_by_twilight
Hello sibs!

Trying to stay caught up with my life. Tomorrow will be crucial. I will have to discipline myself not to goof off, but to get work done before I play (unlike tonight). Things are pretty good - got the van although we still have to finish the financing; got a bunch of checks in today, so hopefully we can continue to pay the mortgage and bills.

Amy - That footballer pic is from the VF 2009 shoot. Lots of sisters asking, so here's the link. Take your time. But not if there are cockroaches around *shudder*

Ann Marie - That's the spirit! Marielle's idea of missionary work with your church was BRILLIANT. No big committment. Travel with people who will try to keep you safe. Meaningful and hopefully interesting work. Big change of scene. I know, it sounds kind of scary too, but think about it. Maybe a 1 month thing? Even if it's just doing charitable work in the UK? Maybe try a weekend first.

Ashley - What a good plan - a CNA so you can pay your way through school in interior design. That's great! Glad to hear grandpa is doing better. Tim Burton is a genius, so his Sleeping Beauty will undoubtedly be stunning and unexpected. Do you not like Angelina Jolie? As an actress or as a celebrity? Her looks took quite a while to grow on me, but I think she's quite a good actress.

Ginnie - In the very long picnic that is the HH, you have merely strolled down to the creek for a few minutes. We're still here, and happy to welcome you back into the conversation whenever.

Grayce - I know, sometimes it seems silly to make a big deal about the Grand Canyon. But it's a really BIG hole in the ground, and interesting. Did you know there is still a viable Native American village at the bottom somewhere? I'll try to check it out whenever we get back there to overnight. Are you happy with your Nook? Can the same format e-book be read on either the Nook or Kindle, or are they customized for just one?

JennJenn - Yes, you will be our new Westernmost sister! So Cali ... will you pick up a pair of binoculars so you can scout for Rob? :) OMG, someone is threatening to take your daughter away?! So over the top judgmental. Small piece of info to use as you wish: both hubby boy and I work in local child welfare, and whenever someone privately tries to use the court to say someone is an unfit parent, here at least, the state child welfare system ALWAYS gets involved. Usually the people end up regretting going thru the courts, unless it truly is a very bad situation. If you think this person could be serious at all ... well like I said, use the info as you see fit.

Joyce - If you're reading, hope you are doing well!

Lynne - I love LotR, but I seem to be in the minority here. I began reading it before I hit my teens and it is really in my head as much as Twilight. But nothing is for everybody. Finally read your THG review. Yes, Woody Harrelson was born to play Haymitch! Great casting. The first book does follow a natural progression that is well suited to film, so it will be interesting to see how they work out Books 2 and 3, which are quite different. I will await your opinion. Sounds like Little Man is making a good transition to school! Sorry about your former worker backstabbing you that way. And about how your publisher/boss' finances impact yours. At least she's honest with you, and tells you to take the day off, instead of lying.

Marielle - The fanfic world seems to have experienced a general holiday and post-holiday slump in productivity, so you are not alone in having trouble getting going. I kinda wonder if it's related to the increased employment in the US, though - like, we are generally busier working, so have less time to write. You should be able to use the Internet at either your hotel or a coffee shop on your vacation to email your mom, to maybe avoid sky-high phone rates. Maybe you could develop a code so that she's sure it is you and you're ok? You're right - a wig will never, ever look right on Rob - they'd better be shooting from a long ways away. BTW is "Drag Racing with Alice and Edward" for real, or did you get a custom one? Cuz that is so on for you right now!

Songbird - That's an AWESOME prank. You should be an honorary Cullen. I will be careful to try to stay on your good side!

Susie - "Wouldn't you love to shave him" didn't sound improper until you said. *giggle*

Suzan - If you're watching Rob's back I'm right next to you with popcorn. Hypnotic! Your new project sounds incredible and really meaningful. Good luck with it! Biology is not for me, I love understanding the mind, but I boycotted high school biology when we dissected fetal pigs. Thanks for asking, the new van is very nice, a little more open feeling than the old one.

Tonise - Sorry to not address the Gangster Tour earlier. If it's not too pricey it would be very fun, but really, any walking tour would be great, and lots of cities have self-guided ones that are free or close to. With all the movie watching we are bound to do, we should definitely stretch our legs once in a while!

To everyone I missed - hugs.

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:00 am
by marielle
Good morning everybody!!

TGIF!!! I’m so happy it’s almost weekend… though I don’t have much fun planned.. it’s a racing weekend but on Saturday my BiL and his girl are going over so I won’t be able to watch. And I do not look forward on spending a whole day with my BiL… they are so slow!!!


Tracy, Rob got a week to magically grow Edward hair… I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen.
So I think it’s logical that they are using a wig but that doesn’t mean I like it!!!
From what I understand Rob and Kris will be at Cannes together. I have heard something about Kstew being there for SWaTH…

Desiree, in Holland we have never a whole week of rain free weather… and if we have it it’s because a extreme heatwave or extreme winter dry period but they are always followed by a period of a lot of rain…

Grayce, yeah, I’m coming to the US for the HH-con! We are planning a road trip around it from Toronto, going north of the great lakes and than back south to Chicago. I’m really excited about it.
I think with Jennifer in THG they have the same problem as they had with Kris in NM, as we saw in BD with a lot of CGI and make up you can make somebody look sick but you just can’t make somebody so beautiful look bad… it’s just impossible. They would have made Jennifer and Kris look sick rather than hungry, skinny and scared.

Lynne, I’m not happy to hear about Michael Sheen being in the re-shoots… and with stunt people around…. I so don’t want to see a Cullen/Volturi fight scene…I can’t stress how much I would hate the movie if that would happen…

Sean. Yeah, Mercedes has indeed a surprisingly fast car… I’m only not sure about it’s reliability. I don’t see that car performing a steady streak just yet… but they are on the good way… making the season much more exciting as the last two have been with only Redbull and McLaren racing for the win.
Yes, Jenson has been very gracious towards Nico. He is normally like that, I have yet to see him say something negative about others. He is normally very critical about himself.

Brenda, I am writing a lot of fanfic but I don’t post stories until I have them almost done. It’s to prevent I’m going to get stressed out about wanting to update like I have with the one story I really need to finish. I’m writing HP and cross over HP LoTR at the moment…
We did use the wifi in pubs on our other holidays… it makes life a lot cheaper. I’m sure that I can find a pub in Canada and the US.
OMG!! :shock: I hadn’t even noticed my status changed!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!! (Uhm no it’s not a custom one)

Alright, apparently I’m Drag racing with Alice and Edward… I hope he’ll lend me his Aston Martin… or maybe I should have a try in the Lamborghini…

See you all later!!!

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:32 pm
by GrayceM
Brenda - I love my nook. I have the 1st edition though. For some reason I thought since I’d heard of the Kindle before that this wasn’t something new or I would have waited to get mine. I had to wait for it to be shipped because when I ordered it had not actually been released for sale yet. Here’s a link that may help. It’s really more of a preference thing now.
I don’t read many magazines so I didn’t need the nook color or tablet. The 1st edition and the nook touch are similar except the touch is smaller and has a much longer battery life. All of the eReaders can use .pdf files but the different models are all formatted to for their specific type of files though…they obviously would like you to purchase all your eBooks from them. But there are options.
On mine, I can download a pdf or .epub file to the added memory card and then pull the book up under “My Documents”. Called “side-loading”. For the B&N eBooks, when I connect to search eBooks, I can buy directly and it downloads immediately to “My Library” on the internal memory. B&N has literally thousands of free eBooks though, and 2.5 million eBooks in their bookstore. Almost all the classics are free and there is a section for $5 or less. I have only bought one eBook from somewhere other than B&N. The one I’m reading now, Rachel Higginson – Endless Magic from I downloaded to my memory card and started reading…
One of the best things about mine is the print. It's like having a book in your hands. I think I've mentioned before that my bookshelves are full and the husband had asked me to please not buy any more. With the eInk screen insteead of an LCD screen, there's no back light. Yes, you have to use a book light, but it's not nearly so hard on your eyes. It's one of the best investments I have made. I have an added 8GB memory card in addition to the 2GB internal memory already on it so I can put about 4-6000 books on it. I currently have about 47 on it...some I haven't read yet but were free and looked intriguing. If I don't like them, I can erase them.

I don’t think it’s silly to make a big deal out of the Grand Canyon anymore…but I did when I was 6. Of course, at that time, I still didn’t understand all the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. I could never figure out why we had to be invisible if we were underground… “…One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty…” :blush: I'm afraid some of the meaning behind this is is lost on 6 year olds.

Marielle - I probably knew that already. I still have trouble remembering who does what, but the notes on my cheat sheet are getting longer though ;) . You girls will have a great time!
I think part of the problem is the clothing. Take another look at this photo and her outfit when she and Gale are in the woods. Her leather jacket and boots match color and they look new! I think that's part of the reason she doesn't seem as "run down" as the book character is.

Okay, back to work for now.

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:24 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Not much Robsten news aside from the stupid article about Kristen and Rob having written into their contracts that they don't have to show up for most non-Twilight events together. We all know that Kristen and Rob wouldn't allow a studio to dictate their lives to them like that, especially with the wishy-washy way that Summit was with promoting their relationship, which was down right disgraceful, and I don't think that they'd also request such a thing to be written into their own contracts. I have a couple of links to photos of something I'd love to show to Summit/Lionsgate: ... tm&act=url ... tm&act=url

The original website is in Russian, so I'd definitely use a translator, but it's a good source of aircraft photos.

I also have a nice place where they--and every other rumor monger, or money hungry studio who only cares about the bottom line--can take it, but that's another story.


Lynne: I hope that things work our for her and you--I can tell you what it's like to have no money.

Tracy: I knew I missed someone last night. The pizza was good, not great, and I think I'll be getting something else from here on out.

Everyone: I decided to check the status of my refund check today, and that was a fraught expeirence. OPERS site sucks on Firefox, so I had to use Internet Explorer to log in with a new pin number. After that it was easy, and my thing is still being processed.

Overall, I don't know whether or not to call this a good or bad week. Some good stuff happened--my card and stuff. And some bad stuff--library issues, things p***ing me off, etc. Maybe I'll just get wasted on tea and coffee tonight while playing some video games, watching F1 practice, and whatever else I decide to do.

I'll be back later :)