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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

I'm in for kinda a boring night. There's not much on TV aside from some cooking shows, and I'm not sure what I want to eat for dinner, though I'm leaning towards fish, or trying some sandwich things my brother got me today. But aside from that, it's gonna be a bit boring. It also doesn't help that it's cold and nasty out today.

Maybe as soon as tonight or sometime later this week--preferably when my check shows up--I'll buy some more stuff on my card. At least I know that it's being processed.

This hasn't stopped me from having random thoughts. Such as in my fan fic. I have an idea for a later story--my time line takes place after BD and features the Volturi abdicating and a more moderate regime taking force. However, that doesn't stop them from being "them". I see Caius still spouting off about his ideals and Aro becoming a shady, amoral, organized crime type of character who is a black market weapons dealer. This is actually sort of comical at the end of the day, and allows them to help the Cullens and their allies against a new enemy that settles in Forks.

To be honest, I think that Michael Sheen would be prefect in that role--he has the ability to portray dark humor and to play a John Travolta anti-hero. What do you think of my little story ark? Problem is that I probably won't work on it much until I get my new laptop.

Not much Kristen or Rob news, though. There have been rumored sightings of Kristen at the Coachella festival and Rob meeting with a hair person, but nothing much besides that.

And anyone on the HH's facebook read Suzan's report on what a reviewer said about BD. I'll bet that won't go over well here.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Sorry to double post, but Robstenation has photos of Kristen up from her appearance at the Coachella festival--she was wearing one or Rob's baseball caps.

Also, where is everyone? It's been 20 hours since I last posted. At least Fallen One did another show today--I'm waiting for photos and such from them.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Jazz Girl »

*slinks through the door of the HH and breathes a bit of relief as it isn't horribly crowded*

Good afternoon, siblings. Now, don't do that double-take thing like you don't believe it's me. I haven't been absent that long... Okay, okay, for me it's an eternity of absence, but I wasn't gone on purpose. I know Susie passed along my message at midweek that I was still alive and I was able to drive-by post. It's been a nightmare, honestly. Last week was just bloody insane for me between a four-day training that had me at work for 12-13 hours per day, track meets, soccer practices and games, and then, oh yeah, I still had to be all grown up and stuff and make sure homework was done, showers were taken and the like. I honestly odn't htink I had a minute to breathe until yesterday, and that was when Hubs drove to the soccer park. Oy vey, but there are weeks I forget I exist outside of those things. I suppose that's why I value my time and friends here so very much.

Anywho, enough of my ballywhoing...

I must explain the logic in my replies... there isn't any. :lol: I went back to Wednesday, which was the last day I was able to lurk, and picked up there with responses. I think the mods would kick me out completely if I tried to do anything else. So, here we go...

MiniMe~ I’m glad to hear that your grandfather is doing better. Medications can be such a tricky thing, especially as you age. Your body can change in very weird ways, which then completely alters how meds can effect you. That’s awesome about your class. Are you getting excited? Glad to hear Amtrak fixed their mix up without a fuss.

Susan~ It’s always the start of fitness programs that kick you when you’re down. Stick to it. A short-term goal like the 5K is a great motivator. Once you get there, you can set a new goal, like doing another 5K but shaving so much off of your time. Good luck! Let us know how work and the public school tour go.

Sean~ It’s hard not to agree with you in so many ways. The way people treat each other has spiraled so far down that it’s hard to remember any other time anymore. But, at the same time, I have just enough hope for the human race that I can convince myself that maybe, just maybe, something will happen that will wake us up to the realities of the world we live in. What scares me is that I’m not sure how drastic that wake up call needs to be.

Susie~ How is SonnyBoy doing this semester with school? Has he found a rhythm for himself? What is the circus show for this season? Wow, you can fly?? Just watch the knee on the landing, okay?

Tracy~ Aww, thanks. I missed everyone here so much. It was nice to have a light to guide me home. YAY for Cannes is RIGHT!!!! I was so excited to see that, not only is it going to Cannes, but it is competition for the Palme D’or, which is the highest prize at Cannes! And, on top of all of it, Kristen’s OTR will be there as well. It’s going to be a beautiful few weeks on the Riviera, isn’t it? Ummm, sweetie, please forgive me if I’m misreading something, but I read your response to Susan, and it rather sounded like you were separating Fifty Shades from fanfic… I know you know that that essentially IS fanfic, right?

Desiree~ Hey there, lady! What did you think of MI? I didn’t see it, but I heard a lot of mixed things about it.

Lynne~ That’s a very interesting point about THG using the commentators to put voice to Katniss’ inner monologue. I still haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t have an opinion about how it translates. That’s really a downer about your former employee. I understand the argument that it’s just business, but I think, honestly, that that is part of the reason the world economy is where it is today. People stopped understanding that what they do has a wider effect than just them and theirs and started engaging in business practices that had largely detrimental effects. Once those practices were started, people lost sight of the bigger picture. Trippy is definitely one word you can use to describe the trailer, but that is part of what DC is known for. It falls right in line with his traditional work. I’m actually hoping that the Cannes schedule will now give them more time to move away from the idiocy of having Rob wear a wig. Let’s face it, The Saga has earned its’ reputation for producing some seriously hideous hairpieces *coughCarlislecough*. I was having serious giggle fits at your dream! Honestly, from everything we know about Jax, that’s not that far from the realm of possibility as it is. He’s a complete prankster and absolutely loves getting a rise out of everyone. His girlfriend was even quite stern with him when they announced she was pregnant talking about how she now got a big pass on all his practical jokes.

Marielle~ I saw your post about this on FB and I tend to agree with most of the replies there. A: The Sun is NOT the most reliable source. B: Reshoots don’t start for another few weeks, which gives ChiaRob plenty of time to keep working on the hair. C: The irony that BD is the shortest hair we see on Edward is going to end up working to his advantage.

Grayce~ I know the feeling! I hope you are feeling better. Those kind of lingering cruds are the worst. I have to tell you, I was giggling hysterically at your discussion of the SB series. I happened upon those years ago and was a bit shocked. The irony that getting through those was what gave me the… courage isn’t the right word… understanding that I could at least delve a little into some of the BDSM fanfic is just a little funny to me. The reality is it’s either to your taste or not. I don’t know a single person who learned to appreciate it, if that makes sense? Dealing with the loss of the important people is never easy. And, it always seems harder when it feels like others didn’t value them as much as we did. He’s alive in you, and your memories of him will eventually fill you with peace and love. The journey to that point is never easy. Keep your head up, sweets.

Ginnie~ :lol: I love that! I'll need to remember that the next time I am kept away.

Karenna~ Hey there! As I said to Marielle, I wouldn’t worry overmuch about RobWard’s hair just yet. They were not originally set to do the reshoots until the beginning of May, and now I’m wondering if they’ll push it back even further because of Cannes. From what BC and his partner David have said, they are not crucial scenes, or any dialogue, it’s basic visuals that they discovered they needed in the editing process, so the rush isn’t that great. If they push it back to after Cannes, that gives them plenty of time for RobWard’s hair to be as it should be but for them still to be edited into the film.

Tonise~ I’ve been following your adventures on FB. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. What a treat!!!

RobNews~ Of course you've all been discussing the announcement of the reshoots. As I've said, I'm holding on to hope that we haven't much to worry about as far as Rob's look goes. The last photos we had of Rob, which were the surfing ones from the beginning of April, his hair had already started to grow out. The last firm date we had for reshoots was the first week of May, which gives him an additional month from that look to the beginning of reshoots. We've seen in the past how fast Rob's hair grows. He's like a Chia Pet. I think we'll be in the clear, even if they hold to the May dates. If they push it to after Cannes, which is a possibility, no worries at all. Also, as Sean mentioned, it looks like Tracy is getting her way sooner than she realized. The same hairstylist who gave us this heavenly image was tweeting over the weekend that she was doing a shoot with Rob again. No further details, but that’s something, right? Personally, I'm hoping it's another VF shoot, but we'd sure as hell better get more than we got from the Leibowitz shoot. We haven't gotten diddly from her and I know she did some beautiful shots that she's just hording.

In other news, I did take a small break for myself and see what I later realized to be my first non-Rob film in a theater in over a year!!! I went on Friday to see The Lucky One. Now, you all know that I'm not a massive Zefron fan. Nothing against him, I just find him to always be a little... stiff, like he doesn't know what to do with himself when he doesn't have choreography to do. But, I had read the book and I really wanted to see it translated to the screen. I'm almost sure that the revelation that Rob had been first choice for the role of Logan had nothing to do with that desire, but I digress. The movie wasn't bad. They made a few key changes to the storyline, but they ended up working fairly well. The little boy who plays Ben steals the show. But, on the whole, it wasn't a bad way to spend 2 hours.

Last but not least, the Cosmopolis trailers OWNED me on Thursday!!! Of course, I was so busy all day that I didn't get to see them until late Thursday afternoon. But, thank gods the office was empty by that time because I was squeeing and OMRing so loud, I'd have drawn a crowd for sure. I still can't help but see the irony in the complete 180 of most critics as far as Rob's performance goes. But, I'd also be lying through my teeth if I said I was anything other than completely stoked to see him play the enigma that is Eric Packer.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Also, and I posted this on Facebook, but Kristen won something called the "Bella Beauty Award" for being inspirational or something--something I read off IMDB and they said that the source was PopSugar. Some made up award, taking a swipe at Kristen, or some actual deal? After all, I didn't read the whole article, only IMDB's snipit.

Oh, and what's Kristen's deal with black nail polish--it was back this weekend.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by vampirelover109 »

Hey ladies

Gosh Its Been a hectic week I started making my own handmade cards Just for fun and.because I enjoy It and Ive had a few orders which was a complete suprise but a good one Ive also have a job Inerview tommorow Im really nervous but Im gonna give It my best shot and fingers crossed I get it.

Today was busy I went to my local sports bar To watch the football which was not the result I wanted concidering we were 3-1 up and managed to draw 4-4 :( I then watched F1 and my driver won so I was happy sorry MARIELLE

Ooh I also got a tax refund of 200 pounds which is a nice chunk towards the HH CON and Im blooddy dertermined to be there

Rob and kristen together at Coachella bless she was wearing his cap Be still my shipper heart And rob Is looking yummy not to sure about the hair though I miss the tousled hand running through his hair look

Im gonna go pick my.outfit for tommorow and have a bath.Ill try and pop back later

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Suzan »

Happy Stewart-Sunday!

I’m so proud of our guy and girl for both of their movies making it to Cannes! In Competition no less! It’s going to be a fantastic week.

Not much going on with me. I’m reading up on literature. Scientific literature, that is. A.k.a. boring as hell.

Ashley – Nice to see you here again. I’m glad your grandparents are doing better. What exactly will this CNA course entail? (I’m sure you’ve told us already, but I can’t remember what the abbreviation means. Just need a little reminder, I think. ;) )Your birthday plans sound fun! Very original theme. I’m afraid to say that I haven’t watched any of those shows though.

Ginnie – That is a small world! I didn’t know you had studied that. Luckily I won’t be working with mice. I don’t have the strong stomach for that. Thanks for checking out my fanfic and thanks for the reviews! It means a lot to me that you guys think my English is really good. :) Which reminds me:

Question for everyone who uses – If I try to respond to a review it goes to pm’ing. Is that normal? And is it normal for a writer to respond to every review? Just trying to figure out proper FF etiquette. ;)

Susan – I’ve done some cancer research during my internship last year actually. Luckily I’ve never had to do animal testing. I get that it’s necessary, but I just can’t do it myself. My stomach is not strong enough, hihi. I’m sorry you can’t go see Bel Ami. The sex is not really a main thing in the movie, though there are some pretty risqué scenes. But I can understand why it’s not a movie for everyone. Good for you, for starting the running program! I hope you can keep it up. We’ll be here to cheer you on.

Lynne – Hihi, I don’t blame your eyes for glazing over. I’ve been reading all these scientific articles and my eyes are guilty of the same thing. I’m sorry about your former employee. Will it affect your business very much? Is there anything you can do about it? And I’m sorry about your publisher being in some financial trouble too. Makes you realise these really are difficult economic times. I hope everything will get better for you soon.

Susie – I’m not at all offended, because you’re not reading my fanfic. I absolutely understand being busy. There’s so much I wish I could do if I had the time.

Tracy – That’s great that you’ve also majored in biology! I actually think organic chemistry is better than inorganic chemistry though, hihi. I did some cancer research last year during my internship then. It’s one of the more interesting subjects for me.

Marielle – My internship will take 9 months with extension if I take some time off in the summer of course and if I take some classes meanwhile. The project will be in Leiden, yes. We’re required to do this internship at the university’s research department. After this I will need to do one more internship of 6 months outside the university. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Bel Ami DVD. Oh no! Not a wig for Rob! That would be terrible! I sure hope they only need some wide shots then; no close-ups.

Desiree – Hope you and your family had fun at the baseball game.

Grayce – I’m sorry you’ve been sick. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now. I can’t work with human blood or animals or anything like that either. I don’t have a strong enough stomach, hihi. I’m sorry about your father. That must be really difficult to go through all his stuff. Best of luck to you and your sister.

Sean – I hope you get your internet troubles sorted out. Can you maybe change providers if they continue to give you trouble? And I hope your ankle and shoulder are feeling better. A new enemy in Forks for which the Cullens have to team up with the Volturi? Sounds interesting. I hope you get to work on it soon.

Brenda – I’m really thankful that I don’t have to do any animal testing. I (or rather my stomach) just can’t handle that. I hope everything at work went alright.

Karena – Thanks for checking in with us. Your 4 year old sounds adorable. We can definitely understand that you have to spend time with your kids rather than us crazy ladies, hihi. I hope your 8 year old is feeling better. I completely agree with what you said about BC. He seems very passionate about the saga and his part in it, which is a huge plus.

Caryn – It’s good to see you here again. We’ve missed you. :) But I certainly understand the priority of real life and it sounds like you had plenty of that on your hands lately. I think you’re right about Rob’s hair for the reshoots. I think they can get away with it. Especially since it’s only going to be second unit shots, so probably (hopefully) no close-ups.

Ann Marie – I’ve seen your handmade cards over on fb and they’re really beautiful. Keep it up! Good luck with the job interview. What kind of job is it for?

Hi, Tonise and everyone I missed! :wave:

Bedtime for me! Good night!

P.S. For everyone following: Chapter 3 of my fanfic is up.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Hey there! Back to work for our business today.

With regards to our former employee, he left our employment about 18 months ago. We had quite a bit of trouble with him; not that he did anything illegal, or anything, he was just lazy, and constantly complained that he wasn't being paid enough. We were very relieved when he announced he was leaving.

When he left he signed a two year contract saying that he would not compete with us. Because of this, we could easily take him to court for what he's done, but, the honest truth is, we aren't those kinds of people. We just can't do it. Not to mention that we can't afford a court case! He's probably just finding it hard to make ends meet himself, as he is married with at least one child, and times are tough at the moment.

My publisher employer has asked me to come for a few hours on Friday and she and I are trusting that God will give her the money she needs to pay me. I've also offered to take a few manuscripts home with me to look at them. She is also asking for my CV again, as she is planning to recommend me to prospective authors as a professional editor. This probably means that I will have to become my own company! It will be good because it means I can earn a little more money. Also, the editors my publisher currently recommends don't seem to be much good. The novel that I am reading for her at the moment, the one I'm having trouble getting through, has been through four professional edits! I don't know what the hell they changed, because there's heaps wrong with it!

Caryn - yeah, I think the world really needs to stop for a moment, and everyone remember everyone else. It's amazing how different the world would be if we all thought of people other than ourselves regularly. I'm not too worried about Rob's hair either. I think it's had a chance to grow enough. Yes, I was thinking of seeing The Lucky One as well. It sounds like it might be worth watching.

Ann Marie - glad you're getting the funds to go to HH Con together! I hope you make it!

Suzan - I'm glad I'm not the only one with glazed eyes! I don't know if what our ex-employee will effect us a great deal, but losing any business in this climate is not a good thing.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »

Hi All!

This weekend Hubs and I took a little trip – driving ( believe it or not) We drove up to Duluth (a little less than a 3 hour drive) to go to my daughter’s on the road choir concert. They’re doing it at her college on Tuesday night, but I have to teach, so I can’t see that performance. This way we got to see it AND have a little vacation. We also got to see our niece who lives there. For those of you unfamiliar with Duluth – it’s the largest Great Lakes port, so Lake Superior is the central feature – HUGE. It feels like the ocean, but a very cold ocean. The weather is always 10 degrees colder up there. Anyway, Hubs and I stayed in a nice hotel that had a revolving restaurant on the top so you can look at the lake and we eat breakfast there this morning.

I had a Twilight related anxiety dream a couple of nights ago. For some reason, it was already BD2 time and I had neglected to arrange my group of friends to go with me so I had to go alone. I had to buy my ticket at a grocery store and then I had all sorts of problems getting to the cinema – I actually never got there! The problems were – finding parking and then finding my car and then cutting through a big building but not being able to find the other door, etc. It ended with my car being auctioned off because I parked it in the wrong place. I had to bid on the car to get it back! Yikes! That is SO NOT going to happen on November 15/16!!!

– Your dream was an interesting use of Jackson and sounds like an anxiety dream like mine. Maybe if your son’s alarm hadn’t gone off, you would have been able to work Rob into the dream! Your writing/editing career -you’ve got a lot of possibilities happening right now through your publisher employer-friend. Just follow all leads – you never know where they may lead. I understand what you mean about that former employee. I’m not the type to sue someone over something like that either.

Suzan - I do hope to read your fanfic eventually, though! Could you please add a link to your fic to your siggy? That way I’d easily be able to get to it when I have time. I agree about Cannes! Whoo hoo!

Ann Marie
– I’ll have to check out your cards on your facebook page. That’s a great hobby. Congrats on the nice tax refund. Things are looking up…Good luck with your interview tomorrow!

– Nice to see you back, babe. Sonny is actually happy this semester and handling things on his own. The only glitch was not realizing that he should have taken advantage of extended testing time for Econ for the first test which was disastrous. He was able to get it for the subsequent tests, though. Maybe Rob is eating foods known to make hair grow faster (although I have to admit I don’t know what those foods are!) I can’t wait to see him with a full head of hair again. *sigh*

– Sorry the HH is so quiet on the weekend! I love your fanfic idea. It’s hard not to think of the actors, when we think of the book characters, isn’t it? How are your ankle and shoulder doing?

JennJenn – I hope things are going alright at home.

Brenda – You’re right. That “shave him” comment did sound a bit risqué!

– I’d love to see your birthday cake! What a cool idea. Congrats on getting your train tickets for Chicago.

– That’s really cool that you can say your hiked up and down the Grand Canyon at age 6. I loved your pledge of allegiance comments and how kids just don’t understand those words! I had quite a giggle. Back to your previous post – you have so many cool hobbies – you must keep very busy. I think you may feel less scattered and more productive if you plan specific times to work on each of your hobbies, like you suggested. Sorry about your father’s passing and that it makes you feel like an orphan. Do you have an uncle or aunt you are close to?

– Sorry your son’s game was cancelled, but you still got to enjoy some quality mother/son time. I enjoyed the Descendants too and was struck by how “normal” George Clooney looked. He was sooo convincing as his character. It was very subtly played. The movie had some complex emotions – he had to make peace with it all and forgive his wife in order to go on. Well done. I thought the actress playing his older daughter reminded me of a younger KStew. What do you think? Water therapy – 3x a week unless I have a meeting or something. I love it.

– Nice to see you! The outing to watch the Padres sounds perfect for kids. It is great they let the kids run around.

Marielle – I’m so glad you had fun with your BiL and his girlfriend – I know you were dreading having them take up your weekend.

– Kudos on keeping up with your running program. I never could run – even when I was young and skinny! That’s great that you were called in to work next week. Thanks for reassuring my musicianship! I’m actually sitting here wondering if I’m retired or just on a lengthy sabbatical. Just wait about 10 years and you might feel the same way. I still have that sparkling tone, though – just not the stamina and possibly not the motivation. Fly-by posting, that is/was, which we all do occasionally!

– Your vacation sounds divine! You really deserve it! I can’t believe how long they make you teach after Christmas break!

Welcome back! I have noticed you making an appearance in the HH fb group. It’s nice to see you again. If I remember correctly, your work involves childcare or preschool, right? I’m glad your son tested negative for pertussis. That is nasty stuff.

– Lurking? We’ll take what we can get of you, Ms. Virginia May!! Actually, when I see you lurking I get warm fuzzies all over…

OK, I'm all caught up now! Ready to start my week of teaching!

See you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!!

I’m so sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. My laptop just stopped functioning and I have been working to fix out the whole afternoon… when it was nearly bedtime I managed to get it working again…some automatic update had gone wrong and needed to be deleted but I couldn’t find the right file,…

Anyway, Rob has been sighted as Coachella with Kris…I’m happy to see that they are enjoying a little fun time… but seriously Kris should be arrested for steeling clothes… I wonder if she had clothes herself…

Now posts…

Grayce, I think they failed with all the District 12 characters in making them look like they are described in the book, it’s just not possible to make beautiful people look like that.. especially not Jennifer and Liam who seems to have a natural thing with the camera.

Sean, that contract rumor is going around for a long time already. Though I do believe that for their first two movies they had something like that in their contracts (just to make sure the movie stays believable) there has always been the issue of Kris still being under age when they were starting on Twilight…
Don’t let that Dutch review bother you…it has been like that with every Fantasy movie that is been released. Most people in Holland are to superficial to enjoy them or embarrassed to admit they like them… even my adult co-workers laugh at me for liking HP and Twilight… the press is just building on that spot… here in Holland you can enjoy fantasy till you are 18, after that you are expected to be an adult and behave like that…

Hey Karena!!! I’m happy you found your way back here…

Songbird, I think we have been lucky this weekend in the west. It seemed like the coastal region did get a lot more sunshine than the rest of the country. We had two afternoons of blue skies.
Thanks for helping me remember the charger, I still need to buy an adaptor for the difference in voltage.

Tracy, sadly there is no such thing as privacy during the Cannes film festival… all celebs will be hunted there like crazy. I hope Rob and Kris won’t let it bother them too much and enjoy the beautiful town. I hope they will be able to do carpets together…

Lynne, have you ever heard Jackson speak live, like right in front of you…I’ll tell you when you hear that voice in you dream, it’s always a good dream!!! That man has a voice that make my panties drop.

Caryn, I think you are wrong about your statement that Rob still has a few week for his hair to grow… from what I know they are starting shooting next Monday. I don’t think he’ll manage to create Edward hair in a week…
But I agree with you that the Sun is known to write BS regularly.

Ann-marie, I still don’t understand how Vettel was so good this weekend while the last three races they had been so bad... I wonder if the Red Bull car has issues with colder track temps. I haven’t been able to watch coverage on the BBC so I haven’t seen any driver interviews after the race, so I have little to go by… Just hoping that McLaren is better next race.

Suzan, I don’t respond to every review. It’s just too much work when you get to 700 review…I do respond to specific questions or comments but normally I use pm to do that.
9 months isn’t really that long for the research you describe. Will you be able to make conclusions or is somebody picking up where you left?

Susie, I can’t believe you are already worrying about BD2 :D …even I haven’t even thought about harassing the cinema for tickets…
Yeah, we are always dreading having to spend time with my BiL and his girl, it’s not like we don’t love them or anything it’s just that we can’t seem to communicate, they are just too different. Saturday my future SiL has a mission, she needed to find a dress for a wedding so we had fun shopping and searching for shops that sell good dresses.

Alright, today we are going to see the house I posted on FB… I’m curious about it…
I’ll tell what it was like when I’m back…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Well....good morning to you too. :shock: :swoon: Who needs coffee, now? :D

Susie~ I'm glad you and hubs had a nice weekend getaway. How was the St. Olaf choir concert? What sort of things does the choir sing at this time of year? Bless your heart for having that angst-ridden BD Part 2 dream....and then not making it to the movie after all. :shock: Breathe hon...breathe. :D That's good news that SonnyBoy's semester seems to be going well and he's able to take advantage of the extended testing times given. I too liked the movie The Descendants, (I guess that was pretty obvious from my glowing review), and I remember you enjoying it from something you posted here, I think. George Clooney definitely did look a little older and more "ordinary", as you described. The actress who played his older daughter did remind me somewhat of KStew....good call. She was so spunky and feisty, and could certainly cuss naturally like a sailor ;), which worked very well for her role. I might like to read the book from which the movie was adapted. Do you know anything about the book? My son and I did have a nice, relaxing weekend together; thanks for asking. My inlaws and hub's aunt and uncle actually spent Saturday evening with us as they were driving back home from a visit to Memphis, and it was nice to spend some time with them.

Marielle~ I'm glad to hear you had a nice time with your BIL and gf, after all. Alice would be happy that shopping made your weekend run more smoothly. Good luck looking at the house today; hope you like what you see even more in person.

Lynne~ That's great news that your employer will be recommending you to others as a professional editor. We'll also send positive vibes your (and her) way for a financial boost, so that you can be paid very soon for services rendered. I loved reading about your Jackson Rathbone dream, and thought it sounded funny and quite fitting that he and your brother were exhibiting annoying behavior (as that sounds quite like my older brother). And who the heck knows where our husbands are and why they're often missing in our dreams? :blush:

Suzan~ That is such great news for both Rob and Kristen regarding their appearances at Cannes--what a wonderful honor for them. We had mentioned on Facebook how Rob's appearance this year is so different than his appearance at Cannes in '09. I guess he mostly served as window dressing that year (not that anyone minded, I'm sure 8-) ). But we know that having Cosmopolis vying for the top award in Cannes is such an amazing opportunity for him. I enjoyed all of my Biology classes in college, but Chemistry and Physics were my personal nemesis (whatever the plural for that word is). Good luck to you not going insane reading through all the technical and tedious scientific literature.

Ann Marie~ Good luck with the job interview; sending positive vibes your way, hon.

Caryn~ It's good to see you back; great mega-catch-up post, by the way. I hope you had a nice glass of wine or spirits (or four) after making it through your incredibly busy week. Yes, I do know that Fifty Shades is the author's published version of MOTU (which I regrettably never had the chance to read). I did laugh when I checked my post to Songbird after reading your query about that...and noticed that I had inadverdently mixed up the character's names. I actually typed Christian and "Bella", instead of Christian and "Anastasia"....Freudian slip, I guess. :D I have to agree....I think Cannes in May will be quite beautiful and bountiful. It will be fun to compare the pictures of this loveliness, side by side with Rob at Cannes this year, to see the inevitable growth and evolution in his physique and general manliness. 8-) I too saw the bit about the new photoshoot with Rob on Robsessed, and am keeping fingers crossed that we have something new to drool over in upcoming weeks. It would certainly be perfect timing, with both Bel Ami and Cosmopolis being released very soon.

Sean~ Interesting idea for a fanfic, and I think Michael Sheen could portray just about anyone he wants to with aplomb.
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