Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

*EDIT: This may not be news to some of you, but apparently Entertainment One has acquired the rights to Cosmopolis for distribution to the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Cosmopolis will reportedly be released to theaters in the US, UK, and Canada "later this summer". When it pours! :clap:

Sean~ Thanks for always keeping us updated on Rob's and Kris' appearances as well as other information you've gleaned from perusing additional fansites. This thread really has been hopping the past couple of days with all the news about Rob's future roles in upcoming movies.

Songbird~ I'm so sorry for the difficult issues your friend is going through with her teenage daughter--that's some scary stuff. It sounds like your friend has responded to and dealt with everything as best she can. I'm sure she's very glad to have you to lean on, even though you can't be there with her in person. Hope LittleMan gets over his sunburn quickly. We're very careful about preventing sunburn and using sunscreen with our kids, and they both wear those water shirts over swimsuits when they swim in direct sun. My daughter is a redhead with very fair skin, and my son has a slightly darker complexion, but still burns first. Unfortunately, I wasn't careful in the sun during my teenage years and have had a few basal cell carcinomas removed because of it. :? Needless to say, I've learned my lesson and try to be pretty vigilant about sunscreen, myself.

Suzan~ I'm so glad you had fun at the cocktail workshop and more importantly, that you stood your ground and didn't succumb to any peer pressure to drink more than you felt like drinking. I also would have have irritated at the patronizing, condescending attitude of some of the bartenders you mentioned. A couple of other "sweet", almost desserty type cocktails that taste delicious are "White Russians" (milk or cream and Kahlua liqueur), or a Brandy Alexander (rich vanilla ice cream and brandy, I think). You also might enjoy a cosmopolitan if you happen to like the sweet/tart taste of cranberry juice, and I tend to like coffee with various liqueurs added, especially Kahlua and/or Bailey's Irish Cream. It does seem a tad irresponsible that one of your professors would drink excessively, and then drive himself home :shock: ....not a great example to set, I guess. I hope you were able to get some sleep. ;)

Jaclyn~ We're glad you like the lovely gift and hope you and hubs make the most of those pillows. 8-) You can thank Susie, the Gift Organizer Extraordinaire, for coming up with the amazing idea and overseeing everything. It's so nice to have you posting back here on a regular basis. I always enjoy reading your and Marielle's posts (and now Lynne's posts) before I head to work in the's a nice way to start my day. Enjoy your final day off work Friday. We'll be sending positive thoughts and vibes your way for a smooth start to your new job Monday. You're right, it is hard to believe that one year ago, we were still gushing over Jacob Jankowski and Rob's amazing portrayal in WFE. I'm glad that you and your hubs were able to attend a Rangers game while in New York. Hockey can be very exciting to watch, especially in person. Our professional hockey team, the Nashville Predators are down two games to one to the Phoenix Coyotes in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You mentioned playing "rounders" in school. What is it, if I might ask?

Marielle~ Good luck with the house hunting in upcoming weeks. Have you made any decisions about pursuing alternate employment? I'm all for seeing Rob looking similar to Jake Gyllenhal with the buzz cut in his new movie. While Rob's very short 'do was a little shocking at first glance, I quickly came to admire how the short hair accentuated his beautiful eyes and gorgeous jawline and lips. :swoon:

Desiree~ What a smart idea to save many of your favorite fanfiction stories on your thumb drive. I enjoy going back and reading through at least parts of some of my favorite fanfiction, from time to time. I hope your family had a nice time at the indoor play center today. Will you be taking any classes this summer?

Lynne~ How did things work out with your publisher Friday? Were you ever able to retreive any of your previous editorial comments from cyberspace? Good luck as you make the final decision about getting a dog--how exciting for your family!

Caryn~ I'm glad to hear your back pain is gradually improving and that you're slowly but surely returning to your old self. I'm totally with you, sister, on the intriguing nature of Rob's next role. I wonder if we'll see a little more "brains than brawn" in his portrayal of Eric Maddox, lending credence to the idea that the interrogator may use more mind games and psychological coercion, versus actual physical force. Either way....I'm all in. :D And the chance to see Rob in fatigues, with a shorter 'do, possibly speaking Mandarin or some Middle Eastern dialect.....I may just spontaneously combust. :o Thanks for copying and pasting the article from beat me to it. ;) We'll just have to scoot over to make lots of room for everyone else hopping on Rob's bandwagon..... hopping on Rob's bandwagon ....That sounds a little non-PG 13ish, if you think about it. :lol:

Grayce~ Thanks for posting the SWaTH pics--Kristen looks pretty kick @$$ and I think it's going to make a really cool and entertaining movie, a little bit LOTR and a little bit Chronicles of Narnia, but with a females in the lead roles.

Susie~ Hey there! I've been seriously slacking in the megapost department....too caught up in real life, as well as the MTV awards show debacle and Rob's upcoming movie roles to make a coherent megapost, so this has been my somewhat lame attempt at a make-up post. Hope all is well with you and your kids as they prepare to finish up their college semesters.

Hello to Amy, Ann Marie, Jenn Jenn and anyone else I've missed.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

I noticed mention of The Rover on Facebook, but I hadn't had time to look at it yet ...

Australia?????? Does that mean ... could it mean ... THAT ROB IS COMING HERE??????????? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Please tell me it's so!!!!!!!

Anyway, today I went to work for my publisher. While I was there, we did talk about my book, and she said, "When are you going to tell me you've got a platform?" And I wanted to say, "I could have been working on it for months by now, if you'd told me you wanted me to have one!", but I did not say that, and instead, am now going to enlist hubby's help in trying to create one. For those of you who don't know, a platform is a core group of people who are interested in buying your book when it's released. It's difficult to create one when you have no books currently released, though, because no one knows yet if they like your work. So I guess I'll have to put things like my first chapter out there, with some teasers and things, and hope that it generates a bit of interest. Hubby will be creating an author Facebook page for me, and I will probably use it for my editing business as well, so that's something that could get it going. Hopefully I'll be able to generate some interest without it.

I have thought of a tagline for my novel. Tell me what you think of it:
What if he told you ...
"You are the sole reason I was put on this planet"
... and he really meant it?

Do you think that's any good? Feel free to say if you hate it. I'd rather honest opinions than use something that's not going to work.

Jaclyn - glad you liked your present! Yes, I love dogs, so it would be nice to have one. Hopefully you'll be able to get one sometime too! I hope the first day of your new job goes well.

Suzan - glad you enjoyed your cocktail workshop.

Caryn - I hope you're right. I thought that might be the case with what I read, but because it's also war oriented I don't want to get my hopes up.

Tracy - no the editorial comments have gone! I was telling my publisher today just how annoying I'm finding the book and she said I should probably just leave it, but I really want to give reasons for the cuts I have made, so I don't think I'll be able to do that.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!


I’m alone in the office again, so I brought some cd’s and am playing them loudly! Right now Marcus Forster is on!

Girl, we have to shamefully admit we forgot a bday…and I’m so sorry but…
I hope you have a good day…strange my fb didn’t show it was your bday but I saw really late last night your name here in the bday list…

Apperently he signed on to play in the movie “the Rover” a Aussie movie!!! (pay attention Lynne)… Here is the info on it… Our man will be very busy after the summer… promoting Cosmopolis first, I hope he’ll take some time off after that, and than shooting two movies before going on the BD2 press tour…

Alright posts,

Jaclyn, don’t you know who Dr. Oz is? He is the doctor that would be on the Oprah show. He is a famous cardiologist in the US. His books are really interesting and educational. After Oprah stopped he got his own show at the OWN network.
After our trip to Chicago we fly home from NY, it was cheaper to fly from NY with an extra flight from Chicago to NY than from Chicago to Amsterdam… We now fly to Dusseldorf in Germany, it’s relatively close to my parents, they will pick us up at the airport.
Didn’t your hub think we are one bunch of strange women when our gift arrived? My bf thought we were a bit crazy for doing that…I’m happy you love it…

Songbird, not all cities have festivals during liberty day but there are some big cities who have big stages. Here in The Hague we have a bit of a boring line up. I would rather go to Zwolle but it’s too far driving…
Your skin is even more sensitive than mine to sun then. I can go out without sunscreen but in the summer it will only take five minutes before I get sunburned…I normally use spf 30 or 50 depending on where I am but it’s no guarantee that I won’t get red. Only two times I had blisters but I’m very careful not to let that happen again… besides that I’m slightly allergic to the sun, I get itchy spots if I’m in the sun more than two days in a row…So I totally get why you prefer to stay inside…

Caryn, I honestly can’t get why Rob would play a almost bald man (at least that’s what it looks like to me…) it’s such a waste of his beautiful hair…you know that Rob will have us whimpering in our seats as he is growling out questions. I mean I don’t need a smutty mind to imagine other kind of questions come out of his mouth like that…
The remembrance celebrations have been always like that here in Holland. Today there will be a royal ceremony at one of the war statues in Amsterdam where they will have a 2 minute silence to remember our war victims after that somewhere else an old canon will fire saluting shots… than tomorrow we will celebrate the liberation of Holland from the Nazi’s and the continuing of freedom.

Lynne, I wonder how violent Blacklist will be…I always imagined the interrogations to have been aggressive but because they won’t show the US army in any bad way nor do I think they will go in rumors of torture but on a true story (almost always much less horrid and exciting than the rumors) I think it won’t be friendly but I don’t think it will be too violent.

Suzan, I’m happy to hear you had fun… do you remember the name of the guys that gave the workshop. An old school friend of mine gives workshops like that…
No it wasn’t very smart of your professor to drive but maybe he was smart and didn’t drink all cocktails with alcohol…BTW, you are cute!!! So the guy was right… ;) hihi no I totally get you were offended…I would have been as well…

Tracy, I still prefer the Rome hair style on Rob but I can so understand that the short cut creates miracles as well…
Yeah, I’m going to start looking for something else… Right now I’m updating my resume on all the jobboards and after the vacation I’ll start a more active search. I’m hoping I can find a new job to start after the summer. I know it won’t be easy, the job market is really bad here but hopefully I’ll find something I can really enjoy…

Edit, Lynne we were dual posting!!! YAY for Rob in Australia!!!
Btw, I love that line in your novel… it gets me excited about reading it… I hope you publish it soon…


Oh yeah, just wanted to share this with you all!!!!
Don't know if I should laugh or cry but I can't imagine Kellan in just a lioncloth!!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by openfire »

Oh man I just lost my post! Serves me right for not saving it!

Oh well, I need to go now. Maybe I'll be back later if I have time....

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

I know that this is early for me, but I have a few things that I'd like to report on.

First of all, Audi's 1-2-3-4 demonstration continued in a dry final practice session at Spa this morning.

Also, here's a couple of Fallen One videos that just got released: ... plpp_video ... plpp_video

And there's photos of Kristen heading to and hanging with fans after the Jimmy Kimmel taping at Robstenation, along with some some new Rob/Cosmopolis photos.

Songbird, Marielle, or Suzan: Here's the Fallen One article that I was talking about:

I really have to get to bed. I have a few things that I'd want to say, but I have to save them for later.

I'll be back soon :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Good morning HH

Not much going on today besides cleaning, grocery shopping and finishing up on some orders so I can close a Scentsy party that I had.

Robnews~ I for one am extremely excited for him taking on all these different roles. Especially so quickly that way he won’t get stereo typed like some of these actors who can only to action stunt movies like Jason Stratum or the Rock (can’t think of his name right now). I think he is making smart choices with the roles that he is auditioning for. They might not be oscar’s but they are roles that are not easy to do either.

Jaclyn~ It’s totally rubbish since my husband has been working for 12 years with his company but in order to move up he needs to go to a different department and with that comes the crummy schedule. His days off are Thursday and Sunday. How did your new job go? Everyone friendly?

Suzan~ Are you going to become a bartender? Sounds like you’re in school right now and enjoying it. How long do you have to go for that?

Tracy~ I haven’t even read most of those fan fics. I have read probably 10. :o I know crazy to have that much but with so little time to read I could barely keep up with writing them all down with all the ones everyone was reading. I started keeping them since they everyone is pulling their stories. School is going good. I am still only taking 1 class at a time till my lil ones start elementary then I will bump it up to full time. This summer I am not sure if I want to take a class it just depends I might want to read and have a little down time at night. How have you been? Summer is just around the corner are you and the family going to take a vacation? We use to do that when I was little. We had a camper and my dad would drive all over. The only vacation we will take is at the end of May to see my parents who live in the desert before it gets to hot.

Lynne~ I don’t know what your book is about but the tagline had me intrigued. Without giving to much about do you mind telling me a little bit what it is about?

Marielle~ How is the house hunting coming along? Any of them yet on your maybe list?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by openfire »

Hey again folks,

'Fraid I don't have enough time to re-do my post, as we are going out tonight for our friend's (the Best Man!) birthday. We are going for dinner to an Italian place and then going to see American Pie: The Reunion. Should be good!

But I did want to reply again to Tracy - About the hockey; I seen that Nashville were still in the playoffs and thought of you! If Rangers go out, maybe I'll support them the rest of the way (although of course, Rangers aren't gonna go out LOL). In fact, did you see game3 of Rangers v Capitals (the one I was watching yesterday morning while making my post)? It ended up going to 3 OT periods!! Mental! Rangers enventually won though - whoop whoop!
And also, to answer your question: rounders is kinda similar to baseball in a couple ways (or maybe more similar to softball - although I don't really know what that is!). You have 2 teams (usually mixed boys & girls), one that bats & the other that's in the field. Same idea as bb when hitting the ball (although you use a wee bat, not a baseball bat), and then you run round 4 bases to try and get "home". You gain "rounder points" when you do. Tbh, I know nothing about baseball so I'm not sure if the actual rules are different or not. But it was always a fun game to play when we would go outside for gym, if the weather was nice!

Anyway, I need to go wrap birthday presents now & then go pick up our friend. I hope you all have a great weekend! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by GrayceM »

I swear this sore throat, cough and sinus mess must be viral. Everyone is getting it now. I know they didn’t get it from me though, because I still have it. And I’ve tried to give it away…

Songbird - Oh I hadn’t thought about all those things...I don’t think we have a weather radio but we have headlamps and flashlights that we take on the trails with us so those would already be in my backpack. I think there are blankets down there already but I’ll have to check now and the batteries are all upstairs. Thanks for the add to my list
I watched Gilmore Girls and Melissa McCarthy was in that. I love her character and she’s just cute! Agree, she is hilarious.
Now I want cheesecake! :roll: ... I’ll have to look that one up. I think: one package of cream cheese, one can of condensed milk blened together, one tb or tsp of vanilla and 1/3rd cup lemon juice. Blend well and pour into graham cracker crust. I’ll double check the measurements for the vanilla and lemon juice. Put in the fridge overnight and top with whatever fruit you want…I sort of like it plain but my husband prefers cherries.
You should do it! :clap: Would you be able to run a bakery out of your house or would that be a big venture that is risky?
Kalua! That’s right! I obviously don’t drink much but you can actually get that brand at the ABC stores here. Taste just like a chocolate milkshake to me. I think the Bailey’s is usually put in coffee. I’m thinking Bailey’s Irish Cream sort of mint flavored.
I’m sorry your friend is going through such a traumatic time, but I sort of think like Marielle on this one. I think most kids need to test the limits and experiment. I admit that I smoked it in my 20’s as well. Granted she’s considerably younger and I was not living with my parents and stealing for it. In all honesty though, I think that behavior is something they would have had regardless. I mean, the type that will steal for pot would steal for other reasons as well. Smoking pot just makes them forget why it’s not okay. I don't think pot affects people the way some other drugs are said to...maybe because it's natural instead of synthetic. You may enjoy it a lot, but it doesn't hook you and turn you into a strung out addict.
I think your friend has done everything in her power and threatening to turn her in if she’s caught again…that is very tough love and very difficult to stick to. Sometimes though, teenagers have to learn lessons the hard way. I know I had to learn most of mine that way…
I have to keep that in mind whenever I think about the boys drinking. At 14 and 16 (Oh my! He’ll be 17 next week. Insert anxiety attack) I am not under the illusion that either one of them have not tried drinking or smoking. I don’t think they have tried pot but it’s entirely possible. The oldest has anxiety attacks and we’ve told him how much stronger those can be when you’re high. The youngest thinks it’s wrong and has even told one of his friends that they couldn’t be friends anymore when he found out that kid smoked. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not easy on them at all and we talk about anything and everything with them. There’s nothing taboo for conversation. We want to make sure if they do get into a situation that they know they can talk to us, ask questions, and realize they are not the first ones to go through this.
I know they preach that pot is the “gateway” drug, but in all honesty it never made me want to try anything else. I’m way to hyper naturally to ever try cocaine or any kind of speed. Anyway, some of my friends did get into some other stuff but I never chose to join them on those trips.
The only thing bad I could say about pot is that nothing happens to you when you smoke it often. Nothing happens at all. You aren’t motivated to go out with friends or experience life. Sitting in the dark watching TV and eating everything you can get your hands on. A lot of the states have made it legal now, which is something I’m in agreement on. I haven’t smoked it in 10 years but think of the money the government could make if they allowed the legal sale as they do alcohol and cigarettes! Cigarettes are about $4 a pack now…which makes me glad I quit smoking those about 7 years ago too. I just know that it’s something that is out there and if you haven’t talked to your kids by the time they hit middle school, you’d better do it quick. My first real boyfriend was in 8th grade. I was 13 and I know the kind of things I did…what I got away with… :shock:
What we’ve told the boys is that if they are going to do something stupid, don’t let us catch you. If you find yourself in a situation that you will be caught in or is dangerous, your best bet is to call and confess. Let us pick you up and deal with the consequences after. Better to be grounded to your room for a month than to be gone from this world.
Hopefully, the actions she’s taken with her daughter has worked and she can regain some trust. It’s tough to be 15 years old…that point where you need your mother the most, but also the age where you don’t want to have anything to do with her because by that point you are so much alike all you do is argue.

THG were probably inserted into this year’s awards because people will forget by this time next year. It’s not like TW with NM and Eclipse back to back…they have begun filming the other two films yet.

Sean - What kind of things do you buy off eBay?

Desiree - How long do you have left in school?

Marielle - I am not sure that being against war and doing this type of movie are the same thing. This man was an interrogator. I don’t think he was on the front lines. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that Rob was against war…but then again, you can be against war in general and still think that someone in the war is a hero. Similar to what some of us believe in the states. You don’t have to support the war to support the troops.
And I think Rob’s waiting to sink his teeth into something that has a little more to it. I think he really enjoys the historical stuff and the true stories. Playing someone that notable and that’s still alive…it will be interesting to see pics of him and Sgt. Maddox together the way they got pics of Kris and Joan together.
About the house hunting...I was thinking that since you said you can’t really ask questions or comment without them jumping on it, you should just do like Henry did. You and your husband should think of all the things you know you need to look at and then just walk through and say, “Nope, this isn’t it.” I felt that way in the home we’re in now. We bought our home from my husband’s former step father in law…very confusing, but he wasn’t even there when we went to look the first time. My husband asked me what I thought about the house and I told him we were home. :D I just knew this was where we could spread our wings and put down roots too. It was right from the start.
Do you guys remember when Kris and Rob were nominated for the first “Best Kiss” award where Kris told him she wasn’t going to kiss him on stage but made it look like they would? The way Rob “got into character”…he was joking around, removing his gum, and then rubbed his eyes and across his face and suddenly he’s serious and smoldering. With wonderful jaw action! :swoon: I think he is great at jumping into someone else’s skin so to speak. And he’s able to tune out distractions which makes him serious enough that it can be believable.

Jaclyn - I haven’t been to Ground Zero exactly…but I went to the Twin Towers. I found a picture that my mom took when we went to NY way back when. I still have to post all of these on Facebook. I was probably 7 so there’s not a lot that I remember about it. I remember the Statue of Liberty and that it took us 3 hours to get out of NY. My mom was navigating and my father driving. Lost in the streets of NY we got to see Skid Row…which I’m fairly sure is not on any tourist map. When I say we took “Griswold” trips, I really mean it. We’re in the station wagon driving through NY and stop at a traffic light. A man comes out into the street carrying a cannon ball and we got our windshield spit shined. :? Daddy: “Roll up the windows and lock the doors. Do NOT look these people in the eye”. :worried:
What I actually meant to say is that I would love to go back to NY now that I’m older and I’d love to see the monument at Ground Zero. If I’m not mistaken both the 9-11 Remembrance monuments in NY and the Pentagon both have water themes. The huge fountain in NY and the benches at the Pentagon. From what I’ve seen on TV they are beautiful but I would love to see them in real life.
The thing with the donations…I think about the fact that it’s going on 11 years now that people have been giving to the foundations to help those victims and their families. While it would be worth more personally to see this, I think it’s also similar to the museums in Washing DC. The Smithsonian Museums are all open to the public at no cost and they are open every day except Dec. 25th. It’s a history that we all share so we all should be allowed to enjoy it. There are 19 Smithsonian museums in all in DC so and you can never see everything you want to see in one visit unless your visit lasts a month. The World Trade Center was essentially for world trade…and many nations were affected.
I loved your experience with flushing. I never thought about it being different elsewhere. The ones that will really scare you are the ones at the rest areas off the interstate! No doors on the bathrooms themselves, no handle or button to flush (they use a sensor so that you don’t have to touch them) nothing on the faucets or soap dispensers either. When you stand up and the sensor “see” that there’s nothing blocking it, it will flush…loudly. Occasionally you go into one that is a little sensitive so that it flushes when you sit down. Especially if you’re short :lol:

Suzan – Glad your workshop went well and you got along with everyone. Uhm…no, normally alcohol doesn’t make you energetic. I makes me sleep really good…

Lynne – I’m thinking this won’t be as violent as you think. This is what I’ve seen on the site:
The story begins with Sergeant Maddox’s arrival in Iraq in July 2003 and extends through to when he pinpoints Hussein’s location, just hours before the expiration of his tour in December 2003. Central to the story are the interrogations of progressively more important insurgents as Sergeant Maddox closes in on Hussein’s location. During these interrogations, Sergeant Maddox undergoes his own process of self-discovery, as he learns the art of interrogation, how to find the right psychological lever among the target’s fears, hopes, ambitions and pride that, once pressure is applied, coaxes the target to divulge the information he conceals. From the clutter of truth and lies that Sergeant Maddox learns in these interrogations, he assembles a blueprint that leads him to the leaders of the insurgency and, ultimately, Saddam Hussein.
Unless they show a lot of the stuff that happens because of him, I think the majority of the movie will be in an interrogation room of sorts.
That tagline gave me goosebumps! :good: I love it and I really can’t wait to read the whole thing.
Wonder how long Rob will be in Australia…wonder if he’s got to try that accent as well or if he’s supposed to be American for this one…?

Caryn - I love the part you posted about “He’s Ready for a Transformation”. Though I agree some backhanded compliments, it will be very cool to watch him "transform".

We have a friend in the Army who is absolutely going to hate this. He’s one of those that only watched Twilight because his daughter asked him to watch it with her, but absolutely refused to watch the rest and insists on making fun of it constantly. We go back and forth and my husband won't even back him up. We play an online game and he moved to Northern CA about two years ago. I immediately let him know he should think of taking his wife to WA to the Twilight tour. His wife loves Twilight too. He loves Band of Brothers and this is the same guy who did the screen write for that. He’ll absolutely hate that Rob’s in it. And I’m going to enjoy immensely, making sure he knows it! :taunt:

Guess I’ll be back on later if I we don’t do movie night.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

Not much in the way of Kristen/Rob updates, but I got the Eclipse movie guide that I ordered from Amazon today. I have a few errands to run later on--mostly grocery stuff.

The Audi R18 e-tron quattro became the first hybrid car to win a pole position for a major professional motor race today, as the e-tron and Ultra R18s got the front row today all to themselves in qualifying. I've also read some interesting tidbits on the development of that car.

Beth: I mostly ordered books and informational pieces on aircraft from there on Monday, but I usually don't buy stuff off of them too often--only if it's something that I can't really find elsewhere.

And I hope that everyone remembers that Kristen will be on Leno tonight :)

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »

In a coffee shop right now and “A Thousand Years” is playing on the radio!

Cosmopolis Screen Cap - great jawline and ear nibble fantasy

I’m going to try to catch up now –

ChristinaHAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! So Sorry We missed it. I was swamped yesterday at work and then after work I had to take something to Sonny Boy at his college. I hope you had a great day and will continue to celebrate this weekend!

– Hopping on Rob’s bandwagon – You are too funny! Well, we’ll just have to get a bigger wagon. We’ll have to tap into the MamaBear side of our admiration for Rob – the side that is so proud of him for all his accomplishments. Might that mean that we have to minimize the other side, the side that wants to, how shall I say it….keep him in our fantasies? No. I think we can handle both expressions of Rob appreciation.

– Yeah for getting back into the swing of things! I’ve enjoyed reading all of your thoughts on Rob’s recent movie roles. I’m equally excited for him and also hope that the military role will indeed be more of a psychological thriller rather than physical violence. I’d really hate to see Rob play a torturer. Rob and Kris leaving Vancouver – I’ve been in that airport – why is it that they are never there when I’m there?

– That’s so upsetting about your friend’s daughter. She’s really cracking down hard on her isn’t she? I’m sure there are two schools of thought on that. I might have a problem being that harsh, but I’m sure that’s effective for some kids – it certainly makes them wake up and smell the coffee.

Suzan – I’ve never heard of a cocktails workshop. I don’t know if we have that here. It sounds like you had a lot of fun in spite of not wanting to drink much alcohol. I’d like to slug those cheeky bartenders! Not the kind of guys you’d like to date, eh?

– I don't think I'd like to hear Dr. Oz talk about 50 either. How are plans coming to move to CA?

Brenda – Congrats on getting a new van!! What a relief not to have to juggle cars – I know what it is like in your household when your kids have to walk to the bus stop. That was quite an organizational feat when you were down to one car.

Tonise – Hey there! Stop back on the weekend, OK?

Ann Marie – That’s great that you can sell your handmade cards at the Jubilee festival. How great that you won that prize! Glad you put it straight in the bank.

– Hi there! Hope real life is going OK. It sounds like your mom is doing great with her recovery. A Butter Baby? What in the world is butter schnaps? Yikes.

Grayce – What a perfect use for the “taunting” emoticon! I think your army friend will change his tune about Rob after he’s seen him play a military role. When you went to the Twin Towers as a child, were they still letting people outside on the top? I have a picture of friend and I standing on the top of the World Trade Center in open air. After 9/11, I found that pic and enlarged it and put it in a frame. I’m holding a 1986 guide book in my hand, so I’ll always know when that was.

Jaclyn – Drat that evil post gobbler! I’m sure there was a lot of effort put into it. I can’t take credit for the gift idea, it was NewJen’s idea. She’s so clever, isn’t she?

Desiree – What’s Scentsy? Is it like a Tupperware party but with perfume? I agree about Rob’s choice in roles – they will help him avoid being forever a vampire.

Sean – Thanks for the heads up on more Kristen info. I’m so excited for SWatH! What a great opportunity for Kristen to break out of the Bella role.

Marielle – Thanks for noticing Christina’s birthday. Rob in Rover – very cool. Thanks for the news. How fun to be alone in the office playing tunes! I can see Kellan as Tarzan. Agree about RomeRobHair being the best. Sorry I can't comment on all of your posts from the week. I ran out of steam!

Lynne – I hope you get to meet Rob when he’s filming Rover in Australia. Wow – you’re going to be busy now with the pre-marketing of your book. So much work to be done even before it is accepted to be published! I like the tagline, but is it a little close to what Edward says? “sole reason for my existence” Maybe another adjective to replace ‘sole’?

OK I'm sure I missed someone - sorry about that!

Gotta Go!

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!
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