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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by GrayceM »

marielle wrote: Grayce, I find it very hard to be supportive of our troops as I’m really against the war. (any war for that matter)… it’s very hard to see them as two different things. But I always do hope that they get home safely, in that I’m very supportive…
I'm against war itself but I understand that sometimes it is necessary, and I have a lot of friends in the military...all branches. Supporting the troops means that you do pray for their safe return. It's not necessary to support the war, but I know that I would not have the freedoms I have today without some sacrifices. There are a lot of ways to support the troops...donating to some of the drives for helmets or protective gear, sending "care" packages, so they have things from home...even if you don't know them, it makes a big difference to them. I know none of them want to sacrifice their lives, but the fact that they'd be willing to makes it worth a lot to me.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by vampirelover109 »

Hello ladies

Todays been a good day a nice chilled out day I went to the sports bar to watch the football although we won It dosent look like my team the league as our rivals won and are ahead on goal difference but.were level on points with one game left but atleast we won and we played with pride and thats all I can ask of them really I also checked my passport as I was worried It might of been out of date thankfully Its got 3 more years before It expires so just gotta wait for my check to clear then its all stations go for Chicago :)

Sean- Im glad you stocked up on your groceries and got food to last two weeks I always try to do.that although my mum tends to get what she needs daily although I think that she likes to get out and about and chat to people Im glad are doing well Ill have to have a look at the you tube videos

Lynne- Awww I love your new edition harry he Is so cute I hope he is settling In nicely

Suzan- yep It was amazing to meet rob I tried to take some pictures but was so shaky I got a couple of blurred shots of his face and head lol he signed my wfe book and said hello I.told him I loved him and he laughed and said thankyou I literally couldont breathe

Marielle- sounds like youve got a busy day ahead of you tommorow I hope It goes smoothly yep the money from the cards will got to the church fund my hair Is shorter I like It but I need to redo my hair colour as It needs doing again

Right Im off to have an early night Im so tired

Night night all

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

Harry is settling in like you wouldn't believe. I am really gobsmacked at how well he's doing. He has already learned that, if he wants to come inside, he has to sit on his mat - end of story! (hubby's stipulation) and after only a couple of tries - he stays there! There are times he does try to come a little further, but he knows he's not allowed to, and, once dragged back to his mat, stays put.
He was a bit vocal last night briefly - he's used to living with at least one other dog - but I gave him a stuffed toy dog that I have and he settled down after that. He did make a bit more noise about 4.00 am or so, but settled down again. So we'll see how we go tonight.

Songbird - platforms are something that many authors everywhere are now being asked to have. It's actually more an outside-Australia thing than an Australian thing, but many publishers want one now, so I'd definitely tell your friend about it.

Grayce - that's very good to hear! That's what I mean about it keeping people intrigued. I think most will keep going until they find out what is going on, and I think it's satisfying enough when you get there that most readers will not be disappointed. Of course, you can't please everybody, so I'm sure some people won't be happy with it, but I can only do what I can do!

JennJenn - glad to hear it!

- I know what you mean! *sigh*

Ann Marie - he certainly seems to be. I hope he'll be perfect before long. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

I got some huge boxes of popcorn and a couple of aircraft books from my parents. I have a few shows that I'd like to watch later tonight, and I got a hair cut from my father, too.

Ann Marie: You won't be dissapointed in the Audi videos, as the R18 e-tron and even the R18 Ultra, I feel at least, are more advanced and for sure more road car relevant than an F1 car, or for sure a NASCAR stock car. Audi TV even has their own videos about this weekend, too.

Songbird: The videos are up at Robstenation. GE/Comcast has had most of the You Tube videos taken down that aren't official NBC or Jay Leno releases, so you're SOL there, but Robstenantion has links to official videos.

Everyone: I'll be mostly playing VGs and watching some motorsports shows. Bad Brad won the NASCAR race today, and Matt Kenseth finished 3rd with a car that I though was gonna gonna explode or litter the track with itself.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by missp »

Okay, Y'all! We've got to get down to the nitty gritty, so here is a re-post of the HH CON 2012 info! Be sure to look past the re-post for the business I promised I'd bring up yesterday. The Lex was being kind of fickle yesterday, so I waited until today. :D

HH CON 2012:
WHEN: June 21-24, 2012 (Check in after 4pm on 21st; check out before 4pm on 24th) Con Activities will take place on the 22nd and 23rd. Those will be decided on in the coming weeks with all of your input, hopefully!
WHERE: CHICAGO Renaissance Magnificent Mile
ROOM INFO: We have 6 rooms reserved right now in my name.
The HH HUB is a 2BR 1Bath Suite with 1king, 1queen, 1sofabed, and the option of 1 -2 roll aways at $20/night. My idea is to put 4 people in this room with only 1 roll away. The cost of this room would be between $98-$105/night per person. I am the hostess of this room and it will also serve as the hospitality room for us during our HH Con. We will have it stocked with snackies, drinks, etc. We will also gather here nightly to indulge in ROBWARD watching! LOL!
The other 5 rooms are 1BR 1Bath 2room suites with 1king, 1sofabed, and the option of 1-2 roll aways at $20/night. My idea is to put 3 people to a room with only 1 roll away per room because they are not a guaranteed availability. The cost of this room would be between $100-$106/night per person.
Susie, Caryn, and Sandy have each agreed to host one room. If our numbers run high enough, we may need hostesses for the other three rooms. Each room has a fully equipped kitchen. The hotel has a free breakfast buffet and free WiFi.
Chicago MidWay Airport is 16 miles from the hotel. The taxi will cost you $25. The Airport Express will cost you $22.
Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is 18 miles from the hotel. The taxi will cost $35. Airport Express will cost $27.

As of May 2012, this is the list of YES’s I have received. Please let me know if it has changed. Tonise, Susie, Ann Marie, Amy, Joyce, Sandy, Ginnie, Christina, Ashley, Kayla, Caryn, Tracy, Brenda, and Marielle (down the street in another hotel with BF.)
Trine is the only MAYBE I have left on the list.

This is the first item of business:
I need to know for sure how many of you are going to be staying in the hotel with us and how many nights you'll be staying. This will affect the price of the rooms and how many sleep in each room. It will also allow me to cancel the registration for unnecessary rooms without a penalty on my debit card. I'm thinking if we have 13 staying in the hotel, we could put 4 in my room, 3 in Susie's room, 3 in Caryn's room, and 3 in Sandy's room. You may PM me or send me a message on FB with your response.

This is the second item of business:
We need to discuss the idea of doing some type of registration deposit to cover expenses for the HH Hub. I want to have drinks and lunch time snacks for us to munch on as well as bed time snacks to eat while watching RobWard. Sandy and I have talked briefly about her being our special shopper since she'll be driving back and forth some. Would you be willing to contribute $20, or do you think this is too much? That would give us $280. I also think it would be good to send the contribution to Sandy a couple weeks before the HH Con so she would have the money to use while shopping. What do you girls think? I need honest feedback. You may PM me or send me a message on FB with your thoughts if you want.

There's more to come in the next several weeks, but that's enough to chew on for now! :D I need your answers and feedback ASAP so I can mark these items off the list and move on to the next stuff. Y'all have a good week! (((HUGS!)))
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Openhome »

Hi all!
I will also post this on the FB page.

I can be at the HH con with my car on the 21st through the 24th. This means that I can possibly help transport if they arrival and departure times work out. I don't care where I sleep. When we travel, it's usually with a tent and sleeping pad, so bed space doesn't matter.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by ♥midnight_sun♥ »

Well nothing is set in concrete right now, but I may be going to Chicago exactly a week after getting back from HHCon. :lol: It seems the mission trip for the youth group this year may be going to a Japanese church on the west side of Chicago for a week to do construction work and paint. Should be interesting as one, it's the only Japanese church of its kinda in the US, and two, we've never done construction work for missions before. It's always food pantry work, or door-to-door/vbs type stuff. Even more, is that even though most of the group that will probably end up going are boys, I'm pretty much the only one who knows how to do most of the things that will be required of us on the trip. Though as I said, nothing is set in stone yet, but this is starting to look more and more like what we will be doing for missions this year.

Also, it seems last weekend the world was out to get me or something. I had went out driving around last Sunday night again, and on the way back there were two deer that jumped out in front of me from opposite sides of the highway. I'm fine, though tomorrow I have to take my car to the shop so they can put a new hood on it because they wouldn't just simply take the dents out of the one that is currently on there. Thankfully though the insurance is covering it all.

Susie~No it wasn't too bad, but I had a 2-step, not the 1-step - which is the one you were talking about. With the 2-step you get 2 shots, a week apart from each other, and then a few days after the second one, I go in for the results. And yes the driving test went fine. :)

Caryn~I think I got the driving thing from my mom. She used to pack me up, and just go driving - usually getting lost in the process - so that we could just get away from the house/apartment, and at times roommates. I think I've been out perhaps every other day since I got my license, just to get away for a bit.

Brenda~No, as I told Tracy, there is no possible way to get the book used, as it's partly a workbook. Though I'm not driving all the way to the college every day for classes. They are about 5 minutes from my house at one of the 'outreach' sort of buildings. And yes, last week's OUaT was interesting. Though Sherlock is airing here in the US tonight, so I won't be able to watch tonight's episode until tomorrow.

Suzan~Yep. Art school. Going to major in Interior Design, concentrating on residential as well as historic restoration and preservation.

Tonise~ I'm still a yes, and will be going up Thursday morning, and leaving Sunday afternoon. So 3 nights for me. I could definitely spare $20 to contribute...though we'd need to figure out how we're sending it all to Sandy if we do it a little bit ahead of HHCon.

Phew. Well, I'm off to watch the rest of Sherlock and then probably head to bed, as my class starts Monday, and I need to get used to getting up early in the mornings again. Will try to get on here again before Monday, as I don't know if/when I'll have time after my class starts.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

Hope all of you are well. We've been busy this weekend with a little more activities than the usual: my daughter's AAU basketball tournament (five games in two days), my son's baseball game, Nashville Predators playoff hockey game (son and hubs went), my daughter attended a birthday party, pre-youth group age activities for our 5th and 6th graders at church tonight, etc. :dizzy: I enjoyed relaxing Friday evening with six of my cowokers at a local winery called Arrington Vineyards. It's a beautiful place to gather with family or friends to listen to live music, with outdoor seating on the patio and hillside overlooking the beautiful grounds. You can taste up to four different wines free of charge, and you're allowed and encouraged to bring in your own food and non-alcoholic drinks, and may purchase their wine to drink on site, or take home if you wish. All in all...a fun way to stat the weekend. ;)

Jaclyn~ Thanks for sending positive vibes to the Nashvile Predators. Unfortunately they're down 3-1 in the playoff series, and head to Phoenix to play again Monday night with their backs against the wall. :? The game "rounders" you described did sound very similar to baseball, although I don't know whether players use gloves or mitts as they do in baseball. You mentioned something about softball....the main differences between softball and baseball include softball using a larger ball, the pitcher pitching the ball to the batter underhanded (as opposed to throwing it overhanded like in baseball), and the bases and pitcher's mound are usually closer together than in baseball (also depending upon the age group playing, I guess).

Newjen~ It's great to see you! :wave: Hope all is well with you and the boys. Will they be out of school for the summer soon?

Ashley~ I'm glad to hear you're okay as I know hitting a deer is often just as dangerous for the driver of the car as it is for the poor deer. I hope you're able to attend your youth group mission trip in Chicago, and I'm sure they would appreciate your "handy" skills. Those kinds of trips were always so fun, and I remember feeling blessed to be able to help people that truly needed it. ;)

Songbird~ Sorry you've had to deal with the idiot from high school posting info about your brother on your Facebook page. What a he trying to make some kind of point, or maybe he thinks he's funny? :roll: I think that's one of the downsides of having so much computer access through Facebook, Twitter and other sites....things can almost become too personal and too intrusive at times.

Desiree~ I hope you enjoy the visit to your parents' home in May. When you say they live in California? The summer would be a little more relaxing I'm sure, if you can take a break from classes. I think taking one class at a time while the kids are home with you makes perfect sense. You can always take a greater course load once they start school. I worked only occasional weekends while my kids were young so I could be home with them during the day, and started working weekdays only after both kids were in elementary school.

Sean~ I didn't catch Kristen's appearance on Leno but hope it went well. I agree with you that Leno seems to put his guests at ease, while Kimmel can be somewhat condescending, almost as if he's making a joke at his guest's expense. Letterman is even worse, and can be downright rude at times.

Tonise~ I'm still happily a "yes" for HH Con for Friday through Sunday, and my flight was booked about a month ago. I'm fine with sleeping on a roll away bed, which might make more sense as I'll only be there for two nights, as opposed to three. I'm happy to contribute $20 to Sandy to help with the cost of snacks and drinks, and greatly appreciate her offer to be our special shopper. Thanks again for all your hard work and organizational skills with the HH Con, and for keeping us well informed. ;)

Lynne~ Harry is a cutie, and I'm glad he seems to be settling in and adjusting to family life so well. I liked the tagline of your book and am always intrigued by those YA romances, especially if there is an element of sci-fi or dystopian future to the story. I enjoyed reading your first chapter and look forward to having the opportunity to buy a copy in the future. Yay for Rob possibly shooting a movie in Australia.....maybe you could give him lessons on his Australian accent. 8-)

Marielle~ Let us know what you think of the house you visit tomorrow. Is it in a nice neighborhood as well? Are you still suffering from the skin inflammation you mentioned the other day? I know what you mean about Kellan Lutz.....after seeing him embody "teddy bear" Emmett so well, I have a difficult time picturing him in a more serious role.

Jenn Jenn~ It sounds like things are going along smoothly for you. Will you have a great deal to do to prepare you and your daughter for your move in June?

Hello to Ann Marie, Grayce, and anyone else I missed.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by missp »

Thanks to KAYLA, TRACY, and ASHLEY for your feedback! I have you all down for the number of nights you gave me, and I have you marked ok with the contribution amount. :D I also received word from JOYCE and AMY over on FB, and they are ok with the contribution amount as well! Ok... it's off to bed with me. Night, Siblings! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Happy Stewart Sunday! That's in honor of her injuring her foot again, this time for BD2.

So exciting to hear about all the new Rob roles. He is really doing some interesting material. And after 5 Edward movies, I think he's working hard to play against that role as much as sensible, which means avoiding the role of romantic hero as much as possible. Sad. But exciting too. Now I'm ready for some Kris news!

I bought my Nook this week! I went with the regular Touch, rather than the new Glowlight. I thought about it some more, and an extra $40 seemed excessive for a booklight. Also, the Touch was discounted $20 this week for Mother's Day - happy early mother's day to me! I also saw (most of) The Muppets (the new one) with my kids on DVD and laughed my socks off. That was *funny.* And it had "The Rainbow Connection," and "It's Not Easy Being Green," both of which I love. Real flashback time.

Ann Marie - Did you sell any cards? That was yesterday, right? I loved your story about meeting Rob at the WfE premiere, what a wonderful, overwhelming moment. I wonder how I would hold up? I'd probably be lucky to be stammering and blushing, rather than melting right down to the ground.

Ashley - Maybe you can spray deer repellant on your car? Wow. That's not only scary and costly, it's dangerous! Unusually, I will be watching OUaT tonight (recorded), but I will avoid saying anything about it for a while. After your mission trip, I will be interested to hear about those boys' reaction to your mad construction skills.

Caryn - Thanks for explaining your condition a bit better, that sounds like it must be tricky to live with. You're right - that article makes me want to gnash my teeth. It's amazing that they can be so sucking up and so ignorant at the same time - Rob smiles in a lot of movies - I know, I'm looking for them! People tend to underestimate how extremely hard it is to play a vampire. There was a ton of physical work that Rob did, even though it was about restraining his movements instead of expending energy, and working to get into Edward's head which is a very odd place really, and so many other things. What I'd like to see in movie criticism is not their gut reaction - it's not helpful and really takes very little effort on their part. I'd like a simple analysis of the movie, something that sets aside their personal and idiosyncratic feelings and tells me enough that I know whether or not I will like it.

Grayce - I'm glad you found my work description interesting rather than boring. I like my work, too! People are extremely interesting, and then I like doing my best to help these children I may never meet, through helping their parents. I think of the kids as my clients, even though I am assessing their parents and CPS is footing the bill. It's less like I'm being called to go into non-CPS child custody evals, than like the universe is shoving me in that direction. Thanks for the encouragement! I think I'll settle the kids for the summer, and then get that in place.

Jaclyn - Congratulations Mrs New Bride! I'm glad you like the pillows. I'm glad you had such fun in NYC! Small extra tidbit of lav talk - in the US, commerical plumbing is a wider diameter than residential, which is why toilets flush with more force, same volume of water moving more rapidly through wider pipe. Yeah ... enough of that.

Lynne - I really like your tagline. It is slick, succint, romantic, and still mysterious. I don't remember Edward saying "sole" reason for existence, but I do think "only" distances it further. Count me as part of your platform, especially if you release in e-book! And when your website is up, let us know. I'm really torn between watching Rob and Kris win Best Kiss and them boycotting the awards show, but I suspect they won't boycott, 1 because they are too gracious to their fans and 2 because it would be bad H'wood politics, and they are too savvy for that. While it would be morally pleasing to me to boycott the awards, it won't do anything ... so I will go vote my brains out. I really think Kristen could have been nommed for Best Gut-Wrenching scene for the blood drinking, certainly in my theatre there was a very quiet, very collective "ewww" when she showed up with bloody teeth and lips. Harry is a very pretty doggie. Will he live under the stairs?

Marielle - The right house is out there for you somewhere, just waiting. Keep going!

Songbird - Thanks for your good wishes about my daughter's ear pain. It seems to have helped, because the pain disappeared quickly, and she's fine now. For my taste the best ever brownies are the Ghiradelli ones, unless you like frosted brownies. The recipe doesn't seem to be on the website (probably because they sell a mix now), but it used to be on the bags of chocolate chips. I'll look for it for you. And of course, it's hard to beat the Kraft marshmallow fluff recipe for fudge. Have I mentioned I like chocolate? It sounds like you have been a good support to your friend, who has reacted very well to her daughter's marijuana use. If her dad was an addict, she may have a genetic component to her desire to use, and may eventually need more support. Lots of urban high schools have Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups, and they might be helpful too. Water shirts are very popular for kids in the States, and come in adult sizes too. They are snug, stretchy, water repellant shirts designed to be worn swimming and provide better protection from the sun. Your cupcake workshop idea sounds like a lot of fun, but I don't know if you should ditch the idea of a bakery - it sounds like a great, underexploited market. The people I know here who cook professionally for their own small business rent time/space in a commercial kitchen, which gives them access to everything they need with the hygienic state demanded by law. Do they have commercial kitchen space for rent in the Netherlands? Maybe you know someone who works in a restaurant where you could rent time during hours they are closed? I have a very moist banana bread recipe that friends and family love - it is a combination of Betty Crocker, family knowledge of tropical fruits, and a little twist. I think it should modify well with strawberry puree. Here it is, in a different color so others can skip if desired:
1 C sugar
1/3 C softened margarine or butter
2 eggs
3-4 mashed ripe* bananas (I prefer 4 medium)
1/3 C water, or orange juice, or frozen orange concentrate
1 2/3 C all-purpose flour
1 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
1/4 t baking powder
Mix sugar and butter together. Stir in eggs until well blended. Add bananas and water; mix. Stir in remaining ingrediants until moistened. Pour into greased pan and bake at 350 for about 1 hour.
*Bananas sweeten and de-texturize as they mature. Perfect banana bread bananas are solidly black and shriveled with no funny looking white spots. Bananas mature best in a warm spot - in a cold climate, you might try the top of your fridge.
The OJ is the kicker to this recipe. It will be very dense, like pound cake. Banana bread holds up great to frozen concentrate, but for strawberry bread, OJ is probably better, and a nice light touch to the strawberries. Good luck!

Susie - You have been a busy girl this week! I agree with Caryn, I don't think Rob and Kris will feel personally insulted by the MTV diss. They're too smart for that. It's not personal, it's about the franchise and what they think will bring in the ching.

Suzan - It sounds like you had a great time at the cocktail making party. It was certainly fun to read your description.

Tonise - I love hearing about how much you enjoy your activities. You are a great fun planner ... which is probably both why you enjoy teaching so much and why you are doing such a great job with HHCon! Thank you!

Tracy - Rob does seem to gravitate towards book adaptations - I remember him saying somewhere (around the time Bel Ami wrapped) that he preferred book adaptations because there was less debate over the script during filming. Of course, it's a nice bonus for us readers, because we can then read the book while imagining him in the role. *sigh*

Hello to Kayla, Desiree, JennJenn, Christina, Ginnie, Sean, and anyone else I missed!
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