Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Happy Sunday ladies!!!

I’m sorry I didn’t made it back here last night, I had so much fun on FB and with my fanfic that it was really late before I knew it and I had to attend a Bday party really early this morning…

I see I missed a bday here as well, HAPPY BELATED BDAY!! DESIREE…

Now I missed a lot of the christening of this thread but I sure do enjoy the pictures you girls posted…

Lets see if I can do a quick catch up…

Sean I’m not surprised that Rob and Kris are voted sexiest couple… apart each one could have won that.. together no one can ever beat them,… Kris sure does look fit…

Jaclyn, did you find some good shoes???I loved what they did on BD, having Bella wear heels in the ceremony and white sneakers during the party…

Caryn, I don’t mind the dreams much, sometimes they freak me out but most of them I really enjoy, it’s just so weird sometimes that I wonder how my brain works…

Kristener, you dreamed about Rupert!!! You know I never saw him as man candy until I saw him in that Death Eaters look in DH2… he looked very hot with the beard and the dark look…I have been dreaming about HP a lot lately, I found a really intense good fanfic (no smut) and reading it causes my dream to only think HP at the moment…

Susie, it must be nice to be able to sleep it all away…your body is probably working very hard to get rid of the anaesthesia and heal your knee…

Ginnie, I’m sorry you and your hub are having some issues…I hate those moment so bad…but I guess every relationships has its ups and downs every now and then, most of the time you’ll only come out stronger…

Brenda, I wanted two extra book cabinets for in the bedroom, I have filled the two large ones in the guest bedroom and I needed more space, plus I want my favourite books close to my bed. So I can just pick them up when I can’t sleep…
Thanks for the heads up on the canon tour…

JennJenn, I so can’t imagine not seeing my mom for a year…it would totally freak out my mom and as much as she gets under my skin I would miss her like crazy as well.. I’m sure you and your mom will have a great time catching up…

Well I’m off to my aunt… see you all tomorrow!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by VirginiaMay »

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick stop to say thank you for all the well-wishes and prayers. The situation (at home) looks a bit more discouraging to me at the moment than it did two days ago, but I appreciate the support more than you know.

I also wanted to wish Desiree a Happy Birthday, even if it's a day late!!

Alright, have a wonderful conclusion to your weekend, wherever you are! Hugs,


PS- Good Luck in The Canon Tour, Brenda!! I can't wait to find out which entry is yours. Sadly, with the busted up computer and everything else that's been going on, you're right, I am not in the New Moon round. :( Maybe next time, though. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Songbird - class action has been considered, both by this man and many of his neighbours, but the honest truth is that they just don't have the money for that. Every cent they own at the moment is being put towards getting their houses back together. I didn't realise this until yesterday, but this man's other house (where he lives) is not fixed up yet. He's still living in a shell. His kitchen sink is on milk crates. He's been putting every cent into this house so he can get tenants in to get a bit of extra income before he even starts on his own house.
We were looking at the street yesterday, too, and the biggest problem, which would have caused the flood in the first place, is that there is virtually no drainage in the street. This is a very long street, and there is one drain in the street about halfway along, and that's it. So all the water just sits there in the gutters and builds up because it doesn't have anywhere to go. Apparently there was supposed to be some further development down at the end that would have had drainage, but it never went ahead. So their street is still just a flood waiting to happen. There's no doubt in my mind that this will happen again, although it would take a lot for it to be as high as last time.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by VolturiGirl »

What a good weekend. Hubs, myself, and our kids went over to a friend’s house last night and had dinner. Their daughter is the same age as our youngest. It’s so cute because they call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. We say to our friends that we are going to be in-laws. Even more on the up side, my friend wanted to watch my kids so I am using alone time to Lex.!! Wow..our new thread looks beautiful.

Caryn – I so loved the computer pic. Yay on Biggun’s award. That is such a proud parent moment.

Marielle – Dreams can be just weird for no reason. I had a dream once that I was half squid/ half human. But if dreams are some sort of message, I did have a dream once that Rob was a brother in the halfway house under some random pin name. PLEASE PM ME YOUR ADDRESS. I am placing an order the first of the month and I am getting your bumper sticker.

Tracy – I looked back on the old 09’ thread you all had and I kind of like the name “Home Away From Home.” The Lex is kind of like our other house.

Susie – Good to know that you are up and around and that the bandages came off. Are you allowed to get your knee wet?

Sean – Ya I can see Rob and Kris being voted Most Beautiful couple. I have always wondered if they had a baby what it would look like. One thing I know that if they did, he or she would have beautiful eyes.

Jaclyn – That was too much porn for one post. *thud* How did your shoe shopping trip go with you, your mom, and your sister? Any luck? My mom and I found my wedding shoes almost a year before I found my dress. We were just shopping one day and I saw my shoes. I knew those were the one I wanted so my mom bought them for me.

Kster – LOVE LOVE the gifs you posted especially the one where you see Kris licking her lips at Rob. Watching it replay I noticed that I started licking my lips too at the Rob pic.

Lynne – Yay for Little Man’s birthday. Did he have a theme? If I lived where you do, I’d help you paint the house. I love painting.

Brenda – Don’t you love Twi-Dreams? Good luck on the canon tour.

Tonsie – Love the blankets you gave the Halfway House. I wish that it was cold enough to actually use one of them.

Chrissy – Hey lady. Thanks for popping in.

Songbird – I love cinnamon buns. Especially with extra cream cheese frosting. I am glad that one of my friends works at a bakery. When I go in to buy cinnamon rolls she always throws on extra cream cheese frosting.

Ginnie – I am so sorry that things between you and hubs are all crazy. Just hang in there and remember we are here for you on the Lex and on facebook. Even if you just need to vent or shout some random gibberish, we will be your support. Also, thanks for the link to the canon tour.

Desiree - Happy belated birthday.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

No new news on my mom's job after I talked to her. Hopefully things work out, but she's not insanely hopeful unless a new buyer is found, sooner rather than later. She may get a pension, but that, again, depends on how things work out.

As for me today, I did watch the finish of the Daytona 24, and I'm a bit happy at least that it ended with a Ford 1-2-3 finish. Not a big fan of Grand Am because of their NASCAR ties, but I'm a Ford fan so I'm glad that happened.

I also got plenty of those noodle things like I had last week, a couple more things of pork chops. I didn't ask for any chicken, because I still have 2 in a half bags of chicken breast. I also found out from mom a couple of things that I may ask for next week--some pizza kit stuff, and some Taco Bell spicy taco stuff that's actually pretty cheap and comes with a lot of stuff. I also have plenty of snacks, such as some herb cracker stuff my mom didn't really like but I think they're OK.

And I now have plenty of cooking oil, so I can change out the stuff from the electric skillet and use that to maybe start fires in the stove on nights when we let it burn out. There will be a couple of nights this week that will happen--including one where it will only drop to 45 degrees after a high of about 55. And thankfully I chose this week to have a comforter washed, because after that I'll get cold again, not that it's not cold now--I have one more night of windy and cold to get through before it warms up for a few days before it gets cold again.

Of course, I'll be b****in' about it being hot in a few months time. So I guess that aside from brief periods of the year, I can't win in this climate.

Also at Robstenation, there's some photos of Kristen in Paris. The thought is that it might be OTR related, but it's more likely that it's her fragrance deal.

I'll be logging off here for a while come 7:00 when the season premiere of Speed Center is on, which is a motorsports highlights show. Because of TV shows and warmer weather ahead, I'm glad that my little brother is getting his own laptop soon, so that I can pick and choose the times of day I want to be online.

Other than Speed Center and being online, I'll mostly be reading and trying to relax and trying to find something on TV to watch.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Amy - it wasn't actually his party, it was someone else's. It was just the first party he's been invited to. I probably could have worded that better. No, there wasn't a theme. Just play, play, play!

Sean - I hope things work out for your mum. I will be praying for her.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by missp »

Hello, My Lovelies! I hope Y’all have had a great Sunday! Today was Baptism Sunday at EPIC and we were in party mode all day! AWESOME! Today was actually my EPICversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I walked into that church! That means it’s been a year since RBell was ousted from my life. This has been the most wonderful growth-filled year of my life!
This is going to be a crazy-busy week! Tomorrow night is Celebrate Recovery Group, Tuesday is the LIFE class here at my house. I’ve spent the afternoon planning for that. Then, Wednesday night… two classes back to back with CR’s 12 step class followed by my original life group with a Max Lucado study! Somewhere in the midst of all that, I will be going to the gym to cram in a cardio walk of at least 30 minutes each night! So, I’ll be checking in with Y’all over on FB until Thursday night when things slow down a bit.
JENN JENN~~ NICE mega-post!! Those mother/daughter moments are so precious! Enjoy each and every one! I am so glad to hear that your mom is going to visit! ENJOY!
LYNNE~~ That’s great that you’re helping the man out with his rental! YW for the blankies! Which one have you called dibs on?
SEAN~~ I hate to hear of your mom’s possible job loss, but at least she’ll have a good pension to count on. I am watching the Finale of the Rachel vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-off as we speak. I so hope Lou Diamond Phillips wins!
CHRISSY~~ So glad you stopped by to say hello!
CARYN~~ You have had a CRAZY-busy weekend, too!! I’ve loved watching it all on FB! EclipseWard is ALL yours! I actually thought of you when I saw it!
TRACY~~ I know what you mean about hub’s reactions to the blanket! I haven’t bought one for myself, but I have seriously considered it!
BRENDA~~ Congrats on getting into the NEW MOON round of the Canon Tour! Good luck!!
SONGBIRD~~ Yes, Ma’am! They certainly do have a JACOB one! I knew you’d want to know that! LOL! I purposely didn’t go with anything Jacob out of respect for our sisters who are slightly allergic to dogs!
MARIELLE~~ Love the christening pic!! I thought Rupert looked hot as the death eater, too! Hope you enjoyed the visit with your aunt!
GINNIE~~ I am so sorry you’re having some discouraging things going on with hubs. Please know that we are all here for you, Hon!
AMY~~ What a cute story with your little girl and her “boyfriend”! They are so adorable at that age! It is way cold enough here to use one of our blankies! Actually, it could be 100 degrees outside, and I’m still wrapped up in a blanket on the inside!
Well… I am going to check in on the Mingle crew. I’ve just about stopped even bothering with the FISHing. I’ll be back to catch up here on the LEX on Thursday. Until then, I’ll keep up with Y’all on FB!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone--hope all of you are well and sufficiently rested and recuperated to begin the daily grind again.

I know this isn't a big surprise, but here's a snippet from Robsessed which states in black and white that in the UK and Ireland, Bel Ami received a 15 Classification which indicates "strong sexual content".:swoon: Raawwwwwrrrrrr! When will have more "official" word on the movie premiere in the U.S.? :?

Missp~ I'm glad you had such a wonderful day at church, as you always seem to do. It's wonderful how happy and fulfilled you sound and I know that EPIC has been a huge part of that. I can't believe it's already been a year since the RBell situation. I'm thankful that the truth came to light when it did and you were able to extricate yourself from that relationship. Try and get some rest during your busy week, and we'll see you back at the House on Thursday, and over at Facebook in the meantime.

Lynne~ How wonderful of all of you to help the man in Ipswich by painting his rental property. I know he'll be so thankful for all of your help. That's terrible that the very same flooding which caused his troubles in the first place could likely happen again.

Sean~ We'll send positive vibes and thoughts your way for good news about your Mom's job situation. Stay warm this week. These flip-flopping temperatures are driving me crazy.

Brenda~ Thanks so much for letting us know about the New Moon canon tour, and congrats for having an entry in it! Good for you!

Amy~ I'm glad you and the family had such a nice evening at your "future in-laws". It's never too early to pick 'em. :D And yay for having a little quiet Lexing time to yourself this afternoon. Can you imagine if Rob was secretly a member of the Halfway House..... :blush: Too funny!

Ginnie~ Keep your chin up, hon....we're all here for you. ;)

Marielle~ I'm glad you had such an enjoyable weekend that you didn't have the chance to post here--that's a good thing. ;) I too loved the sneakers Bella changed into after the wedding and thought that was perfectly in character for her. I actually preferred movie Bella wearing the sneaker to the prom in Twilight, instead of the strappy heel from the book. What was book Alice thinking....possibly causing Bella to break the other leg? :lol: Yes.....I remember you and I both appreciating Rupert Grint as "enhanced" Ron during the Gringott's Bank break-in scene in DH Part 2. 8-)

Songbird~ I fixed your name on the names list....sorry I didn't catch that earlier. :blush: You mentioned Jane Austen....several of us are Jane Austen fans around here. I haven't read everything she's written, but recently reread Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, and finally read Persuasion for the first time about a year ago. Do you have a favorite? There's several pretty good movie adaptations of her books out there as well, especially the BBC versions. Your posts always make me hungry, especially with the yummy sweets you often describe. ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Tonise - glad you're enjoying your church so much! It's great when you find the right fit, isn't it? Hm, I think I'll take ALL the blankies! ;)

Tracy - yes, I'm still waiting to see what classification Bel Ami's going to get over here. I don't think it's been announced yet.
It would take a lot of water for the flooding to be as bad as it was last time. This man has a two storey house and last time it was up to the eaves, and he lives right near big, empty fields, ALL of which were filled with water about five metres high! However, it wouldn't take much for his downstairs area to flood again. Just an excessive rain event, and the water will flow right through there.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Good morning my dear HH family….

Did you all have a good weekend?

I haven’t done much this weekend but my mom knew how to occupy my time pretty well…

I’ll do the posts quickly.

Ginnie, I’m sorry our thoughts and prayers aren’t working miracles on your home situation…

Amy, that would be extreme horror for all of us, Rob joining the HH under a secret identity…the poor man would be scarred for life and we will never live through it…
I’ll pm you later today when I get home…

Tonise, I had fun at my aunts, we did some arts and crafts to prepare for her kids club later this week and more family joined us so it was nice to see people again..

Tracy, I think Alice regularly overlooks practicality and safety for the right fashion… as a vampire she can but I think with the prom she totally forgot that Bella was human…

Sean, I hope for your mom that she gets to keep her job…

Now, I have to get to working…I’ll see you all later…
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