Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning, siblings!! It's actually quite a lovely Monday morning here in the midwest. And, as much as I want it to be winter, at least for this week, I can be okay with balmy. It means a lot to our city and I'm all for Indy putting on the best face we can as the country pays us a bit of attention. Granted, it's not without it's frustrations (stupid out of town drivers who don't know how to take an exit ramp :evil: ). Either way, it's just kind of a cool atmosphere right now.

RobRumours~ So, we've got nothing confirmed as of yet, but the scuttlebut about Rob&/orKris making an appearance at the Oscars seems to be gaining momentum. Trust me, I'm all for it. I was thrilled in 2009 when he made his appearance, though thought it was slightly less appropriate. This year, though, it makes soooo much more sense, ahead of Bel Ami & Cosmopolis. Plus, with Kris staring down OTR and SWatH, her presences would be fairly appropriate as well. I have no hope that they'd walk the carpet together, or even appear together. But, I think they've earned their spots there this year. So, now we wait.

Tracy~ As Edward says, ‘oh why not?’ :lol: I should probably warn you, though. I most definitely AM a blanket hog… especially with THAT blanket. TeeHee! It was a lot of fun and on top of it all, I ended up with a new earring and necklace set. There was a silent auction running at the same time and I put a bid down just for a little fun. Well, I got a text from Hubs that said that I’d won. So, now I also have a pretty crystal cougar paw earring and necklace set. The rumours about Bel Ami are off the charts. There’s still some indication that it’s still set for a March 2 US release and the distributor will be a subset of Sony. But, the only confirmation we have of that is IMDb, which is unreliable at best. We know for a fact that a clip will be released ahead of the premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February, but whether we in the states will get to see that clip is unknown. As for the “strong sexual content”, well, as I said on Robsessed, ANY sexual content involving Rob is guaranteed to be STRONG!!

Brenda~ Awesome! Do you think you could post a link to the Canon Tour blog page? I thought I registered to get the emails, but I didn’t receive anything and I’ve gotten more virus attacks from the FFn mainpage than I care to take a chance with.

Lynne~ Sounds like a wonderful way to worship! Yes, believe you me, I’ve seen it before, but it’s always a surprise. :lol:

Songbird~ Sorry. Don’t mean to make your tummy growl. Hmmm, not even that beautiful man could tempt you out onto that roof? Oh yes, I’ve watched those vids more times than I care to admit. Admittedly, those are very hard to watch because the screeching and squealing are off the charts. ISSMA is the Indiana State School Music Association. This competition was for soloists and small ensembles who perform within larger school music programs. Yes, we are so very proud.

Marielle~ Dreams can be very strange things. It always amazes me the things the subconscious will come up with when left to run wild. Granted, I’ve also been told that I’m a little strange because I remember so many of my dreams.

Ginnie~ Just remember, we’re always here, sweetie. *hugs*

Amy~ It’s actually one of my favorite moments in the whole film. I just kind of love the awakening he has in that moment, seeing what his father looked at every day while he was away from them.

Sean~ I think we’re all thrown for a loop with the weather. For us, it’s actually a good thing. It is, as they say, Chamber of Commerce weather for Indy with all the big doins in town this week.

Tonise~ Good gracious, talk about crazy busy!!! Well, don’t forget to take a breath once in a while. I’ve been told that that whole oxygen is fairly important to us humans. :lol: Mmmmm, thanks for EclipseWard. You know how much I love the man in those blue hues!

Okay, off to accomplish actual work. Laters!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Songbird »

Marielle, glad you had a good time this past weekend! If you like Rupert Grint, have you seen him in the video for Lego House? (Ed Sheeren) It’s pretty creepy but funny.

Ginnie, I’m sorry it’s gotten more discouraging. You are still in my prayers. I hope you start seeing some light in the tunnel soon!

Lynne, that is just so depressing. It sounds like the insurance company is just banking on the fact that people won’t be able to sue. It’s good he has friends like you to help him, but sad that it could happen so easily, even if not as seriously next time. I wonder if the city is actually responsible, since they don’t seem to have adequate drainage systems in place there. I will pray for him and all those still struggling.

Amy, how fun! I love how little ones hit it off like that. My daughter was “engaged” already in preschool. There was a little boy who just clung to her and they played together all the time and for his birthday, he told his parents he wanted kisses from her. And that he was going to marry her when they were older. So sweet! Too bad they went to different elementary schools so they don’t see each other anymore. If it’s not cold enough for the blankets where you are, can I please borrow yours? I’m huddled in a blanket with a heating pad on my lap….I’m a freezebug and I got chilled through today coming home from the gym. If I had more time today, I’d bake the cinnamon rolls now, just to turn on my oven! It would be an excellent day for baking! And the cream cheese frosting is definitely the best part, though it’s sooooo bad for you!

Sean, sounds like you are set for food for a while! Hope your mom gets good news about her job soon.

Tonise, so sad that there are dog allergies, but Rob can keep me warm any time he likes, too. Rather ironic…a blanket with a freezing cold vampire on it, when you think about it. Congrats on your Epicversary! You seem like a very positive and fun person…I’m glad you have had such a great experience in your church!

Tracy, thank you for fixing the name list! I love Jane Austen. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice, but Sense and Sensibility is great too. I have a book with all her novels, so I’ve read them all. A co-worker of my husband’s went to see the Jane Austen house and some other Austen-related sites. I would love to do that someday! I have the Keira Knightly version of P&P, but I’d like to get the BBC one, too, and I’d like to get the S&S one as well. I’ve seen Northanger Abbey and Persuasion as well, but I’m not sure which ones…they were on the BBC, so I’d assume they were the BBC versions. Sorry my posts make you hungry! I really learned to bake when I moved here because there are so many things I missed that you can’t get here and it was either learn to make them, or live without them.

Caryn, I started reading The Canon Tour last night, so here’s a link. (sorry it’s not all fancy like you all do, I don’t know how to do that yet. ) And no, I don’t think ANYTHING could tempt me out that close to the edge of that roof.

I am so cold and I can’t seem to warm up! We’ve got freezing temps this week and I did vacustep at the gym today, so of course I got really sweaty…so when I rode my bike home I got really chilled through. I hope I don’t get sick! I took a hot shower and then I tried using my blowdryer to warm up, but it didn’t work, so now I’ve got my fleece blanket and a heating pad…but over an hour later and I’m still shivering. At least I’m not so sore this time!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by openfire »

Hey folks!

Just a quick swing by to tell you what we were up to this weekend - a lot of wedding chat coming up ;) LOL.

On Friday we finally watched the movie Dear John. I really enjoyed the book, but didn't think the movie was the best. Which was a pity, as I was really looking forward to it! Anyone else seen/read it?
Then on Saturday, I went shopping with my mom & sister. I had such a lovely day!! Although I didn't get anything LOL, but my sister got her underwear & shoes for the wedding (she's my bridesmaid), and I tried on a million bras LOL (sorry Sean for all the bra talk LOL). I find it difficult to get a good bra that fits properly, but didn't manage to find one that I wanted yet. Got some ideas now though. We went for lunch, and stopped for a couple coffees at cafes too. It really was a nice day! Also, I have found the flowergirl dresses - I just LOVE them! Not bought them yet, as BabyE & BabyR will need to try them on first, so hopefully we will do that a week on Saturday :)
I also got to meet my sister's new bf on Saturday - her and her husband broke up last year (can't remember if I mentioned it or not!) and she moved up north a bit, partly for her work & partly for a fresh start. The new guy seems quite nice - and she is sooo happy, so therefore I am happy!

Yesterday we got some holiday things sorted out (dollars etc) and I received my new passport today, with my married name on it. It's weird! LOL! Also picked up half of my rings - get the actual wedding ring next week. So we are defo getting there!

And then today, I got a letter saying that my dress is in! I am trying it on tomorrow, where I will also try shoes & a veil. Excting (and scary - I'm worried that I won't suit it, or that I won't like it! It's strapless...I don't like strapless dresses! Aargh! LOL). My sister's dress is in too - we will get that next week. It's from a different shop, and they ordered her a really big size, even though we questioned it at the time. It better be ok or I will be really mad at the shop!!!!

ALSO! I bought a new dress on Saturday for my hen night - it's gorgeous! I really love it! I know that this is strapless too, but it actually comes with wee straps you can add on LOL!

Anyways, gotta go make dinner. I hope to come back later & reply to some posts.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »

It's my 2-Year Lexiversary today!

I'd like to heartily THANK Alphie and Pel for creating the Lexicon.

It has made such a difference in my life!

And that is no exaggeration.

My life would be less fulfilling without the Lexicon and all of you!

(My Halfway House anniversary is on Valentine's Day, so I'll celebrate that then.)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by VolturiGirl »

Songbird - when I get home from work I will PM you on how to do the fancy web links. The directions came from Caryn (ya I still have them).

Edit: just sent it to you. Hope it helps.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by openfire »

Hello again folks,

I forgot to mention last week that my bf & I have got tickets to go see Bel Ami at the Glasgow Film Festival next month! Yay!

To the posts!

Susie - Happy Lexiversary!! You know that we all feel the sameway about the lex, and espeically the HH, and yourself!! I can't imagine not knowing all you lovely ladies (and gent ;) ).
How is your knee doing?

Songbird - Well done on keeping up with all the gym & fitness stuff! You make me exhausted just reading about what you are doing ;) LOL!

Caryn - Congrats to Biggun on the musical award - that's great!!

Marielle - Nope I never got shoes yet, but I kinda know what I would like (I think LOL). I am having a different pair for the reception too - I was kinda thinking white converse LOL! But I think I will actually get ballet pumps or something instead.

Ginnie - So sorry to hear that you and your hubs are going through a discouraging situation atm.. We are all here for you, if you need to talk. Sending you some eHugs Sister!

Amy - Wow, you had your shoes for a year before your dress?? That's kinda cool! What were your shoes like?

Sean - Sorry that your mom still doesn't know what is happening. But as they say, no news is good news! I hope it all works out ok for her & yourself.

Tonise - A year since you joined Epic? I can't beleive it's been a whole year since the RBell stuff!! Wow! I agree with what everyone said - you do indeed seem so happy, and loving life just now, and I know that finding your new Church has been a major part of that for you. I am happy that YOU are so happy, so YAY!

Tracy - BA has a 15 rating here? The cinema I am going says it's an 18! LOL. Maybe we will have some uncut scenes?? LOL, unlikely, but a girl can wish ;)

JennJenn - That is so great that your mom is going to come visit you in April!! Will your sister be able to come as well? Is your daughter very excited too? YAY!

Chrissy - Hi there! I hope things are going well with yourself!

Lynne - That's great about all the help you are doing for those who lost their homes in the floods. That would be devastating if it were to happen again though!

Brenda - Good luck in the NM round of the Canon Tour!
That's cool your colour was blue as well! Just out of interest (sorry if you said before, my brain is getting confused with all these flower thoughts LOL), what flowers did you use?

Kster - I meant to say last week, I went to see 100 Monkeys last December too! They were pretty good & pretty hysterical with the improv song LOL!

I hope I didn't miss anyone!!

Gotta run now - bye!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Hm, wow, there's a strange big yellow thing in the sky today ... Oh, it's the sun! That's right! I remember that! Finally, it puts in an appearance after about a week! *sigh* I don't think I could live in Forks ... unless I was in love with a fantastic vampire! :D

Caryn - I hope that Rob and Kris will be at the Oscars. I usually watch a bit of it, and it would be great to see them there, but I'm not pinning my hopes on it.

Songbird - Yes, that's insurance companies for you. No, the drainage is definitely substandard. I said that they should petition the council to get more drainage put in, but my MIL reminded me that the council would just make the residents pay for it. However, I think it would be better than more flooding. The man who owns this house was talking about digging a trench all the way through the field that borders his property (which has pretty much been abandoned by the school that owns it) right down to the river, so that the water can drain away. I don't know if he could do it, but I think he has the right to.

Jaclyn - oooh! Your dress has come! That's soooooo exciting! Glad you're having such fun with all the wedding stuff. I can empathise over the bra thing! I hate them! That dress for your hen's night looks stunning!

Susie - congrats on your two year lexiversary!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »

Happy Monday, All!

I’ve worked my way up to driving and low-stress outings!!! If the walking is far, I take my crutches. Yesterday, Sonny Boy and I saw Hugo – what a delightfully charming movie!!! Today Sonny and I went to our favorite Nepalese restaurant for lunch. (he’s still home for a few days break)

Daughter Dear is in Mexico City now – she made it there safely. Thank God our cell phones work in Mexico, so I know she got there. This is her first international trip on her own. She is staying with one friend until Wednesday and then taking a bus to Cuernavaca to stay with another friend until Saturday when she’ll come home. For those who don’t know – she is a senior in college on her interim break. Of course, I’m not old enough to have a child that age…..especially not old enough to have waited until I was over 30 to have her…..

Twilight Related Rant
– I just saw the lame excuse for a Twilight Valentine at my local Walgreen's tonight. Guess what??? It’s that same lame picture of the three of them!!!! :rant: Come on, people!! Surely they could have found some romantic wedding or honeymoon shots to use?? I mean, BD1 settled the issue of who got Bella!!! We don’t need Jake in there!! Caryn – you’d better be prepared for the BD2 Marketing – The same picture of the three of them except Bella will be a vamp and holding Renesmee. My question is – Do they WANT to make money on merch??? Anyway – we have to rectify this situation – we have to take it upon ourselves to create our own Valentines!!! – Marielle – Is that service you used for your Christmas Cards something that can be used other times of the year?

Now, on to your posts!

Jaclyn – Kudos for getting tix to Bel Ami! Passport with married name??? I guess you really have to go through with it now. Love your Hen Night dress (we don’t call it that in the U.S. I think we call them stagette parties?) It’s so exciting getting all of your wedding details taken care of now – a wonderful time of your life. Just try to enjoy and allow some things to go wrong. You can laugh about it later. Regarding bras – my experience is that you have to spend the money for something good – it will last longer anyway. Go to a shop where they have professional fitters. I got a $76 bra (one that Oprah recommended) and it has been holding up (no pun intended) extremely well. Of course you don’t have as many years to hold up as I do….(Sorry, Sean!)

Lynne – I think it is great that you helped out painting that house last weekend. You sure walk the talk!How is your little guy doing in school now that he's used to the routine? I'll bet he loves it!

Songbird – I love Jane Austin too – I’ve found that most of us “mature” Twifans are Austin lovers as well. The ultimate is the BBC Colin Firth P&P…..I own it – come to think of it, it would be a great way to while away the hours of resting my knee! I’m glad you know what Gamelan is and that it is a bit of a challenge for us Westerners to learn. You sure are a dependable mega poster! (This is a good thing.) You remind me of myself before things started to fall apart! I’ve been told that I was the one who started perpetuating the megapost…Are you my alter ego??? HAHAHA!

Caryn – Congrats to Biggun for his gold rating! So funny – you didn’t mention the words “Super” and “Bowl” at all when you said the country was paying attention to your fair city this week. I’m just lucky that I sort of know it is happening... There have been many a year when I am driving around town on that day and notice just how little traffic there is!! I know – it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Thanks for the OscarRumors. I agree that they wouldn’t appear together – yet. I think it will be after Breaking Dawn 2 has passed, and the focus on them as a couple has waned.

Marielle – How have you been feeling? You sound good to me. Early birthday party last weekend? For someone in your family, perhaps?

– Sorry you didn’t get to submit something for the New Moon Canon tour. Maybe it will be fun for you to just be a reader without worries of how your fic is being reviewed.

– Yay for the good weekend! You need that to help you make it through another week of work. Your friend is really nice to offer to watch the kids so you can Lex! I can get my knee wet, but I am not supposed to immerse it in the bathtub yet. I don’t usually take baths, so that’s not really a problem.

Sean – I'll keep my fingers crossed for your mom's job. Yay for your little brother getting his own laptop!! How much younger is he than you? We ARE having an unseasonably warm winter, which is nice, although there are still some extremely cold days sprinkled in there, as you well know.

Tonise – A huge KUDOS for being RBell Free for ONE WHOLE YEAR! That sure was a lucky day you set foot in EPIC Church. Good luck making it to the Gym everyday. I know that is so hard to fit into your busy schedule.

Tracy – Thanks for the good news on the 15 Classification for Bel Ami. Of course we had a few hints on that…. With Rob DuGeorges bedding three different women, how could it not be so? I’m taking a full two weeks off of work, so I will go back on Wednesday, February 8 for a short week. It will be good to then have the weekend to rest up before a full week. Sonny Boy had a great J-Term class and is ready to make a good start on Spring Semester on Wednesday.

– Good luck on your Canon Tour entry!!! I don’t know if I’ll get to reading them all, so you’ll have to tell me which one was yours after it’s all over so I can read it. Congrats on your first story, by the way!

– Nice to see you!!! Love the Birthday Banner you made! How are your classes going this semester so far?

– I’m so happy your mom is coming to visit in April!!! Wow. Maybe you two will make some future plans! I hope everything will be OK with your MIL while your mom is there….

See you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

Well, I gotta call someone tomorrow morning. It's some group of people who've been trying to help me find a job. To be honest, I'm thinking of giving up on them, because they haven't been of much help to me, especially since my original coordinator left the group and since then I've felt sort of disconnected with them and such. I do think that I'll try and set up a meeting with them to see what they have to say, but I'm not gonna make any bones about what I want, and this will definitely be their last chance with me, if I decided after the meeting to continue with them. This is the same group who last year wanted me to get a work physical, almost as if I have money stashed away, meanwhile we've sort of have been living hand to mouth.

Anyways, on to more positive things. At Robstenation, the big talk has been photos of Kristen at a photo shoot for Vanity Fair and a few other things that might be SWATH/OTR promo or Balenciaga promo. I have not idea, but the Vanity Fair deal is definitely promo for something.

Other than that, I've been fine. I have to write to someone about the phone call that I'll be making tomorrow, which I'll be trying to make early tomorrow. Other than that, I plan on watching TV and reading tonight and being online here from time to time until I make that phone call and go to bed.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Much to my surprise, there were a couple of tears from Little Man when we left for school today. I'm not sure if it was school-related, or just because I told him that he wouldn't see Daddy until tomorrow morning, as he has a late shoot on the Sunshine Coast and won't be home until after Little Man is in bed. He was fine by the time we got to school, so that's something.

Susie - glad to hear your daughter arrived safely. I hope she has a great time! Yeah, surely for a valentine's day card they could do a card with just Edward and Bella! I haven't seen any here at all. :(

Sean - I hope you can get something from that group - preferably a job!
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