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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Sorry everyone. I slept in until 6 this morning (I went to bed at about 6 last night after having stayed up for some ungodly reason for basically 24 hours yesterday/the previous night). So I'll be online here until about 10:30 to catch up on stuff that I missed out on yesterday. So that means no pizza or steaks (and Susie, right now, I only panfry them).

Also, for the fan fic stuff, I only write Twilight or Twilight crossover fic (crossover with say Top Gear, Beavis and Butt-head, and, perhaps most strangely, Bio-Booster Armor Guyver). I also do stand alone stories for my OCs that have connections to my Twilight fics and can be considered part of them.

I'll be back later, most likely after work. And there's been a change of plans there--I now go in at 10:00 this morning. See you all later :)

Update: I just got back from work and I had a great day. Mostly shredded paperwork and learned (a bit) how their postage machine works. I'm off until next Monday.

I'll be back later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Jazz Girl »

Alright, important stuff first..

Happy Hump Day!!!

Busy busy busy, but I couldn't pass up a nice Hump Day post. Last night's viewing of Remember Me was heart-wrenching but definitely felt good. I know there were more than a few RobFans who did the same thing. I do find it interesting that there are many out there who say they cannot watch the end of the film, that they shut it off once Tyler approaches the window in his father's office. I thought about that as I watched last night and I honestly cannot do that. To me, watching the film all the way through, experiencign and feeling that shock and that loss is the best way to honor those who were lost and the loved ones they left behind. Maybe it seems trite to some, just watching a movie as a way to mark the occasion. But, it hits me every time, just like it did that night, sitting in the theater. I cry, I hurt and I learn the lesson all over again.

On other topics, I saw the announcement yesterday of Saga Marathons. I've already taken off for the 15th and 16th. Guess where I'm going to be?! :lol:

Susie~ I think we all have some of those surreal memories of that day. I was newly pregnant with Littlun (around 10 or 11 weeks along) and I remember for the first time truly wondering what kind of world I was bringing my baby into. I also remember having band practice that night. I was working with Butler’s marching band and our regular practice started at 4 pm. We all showed up because we really didn’t know what else to do. The band (particularly for a lot of university kids) is family and it just felt right to be together. We did a few quick run throughs, just to be doing something. The end of our show had us all crowded in a triangle in the front corner of the field and when Muc called practice after the last run through, our lead trumpet just started playing God Bless America and the rest of the band quickly joined in. You know better than most how healing music can be, how it can help express what we cannot put into words. Even the guard stood shoulder to shoulder and hummed along quietly. I still get choked up thinking about it. For Grandma’s sake, I honestly hope you are right.

Tracey~ Good luck with your 5K. That’s a great bit of motivation and such a moving cause. How is it I never did the math and realized that Tyler is my age? Yes, it did feel like a fitting honor… The quotes that Tyler reads seemed so touching yesterday of all days. As for conference, that’s one reason I’m a little busier at the moment. Our conference was moved up two weeks. Where it would normally be on the 23rd and 24th, this year, it is the 8th and 9th. So, thankfully, it will be well and truly done before any promo starts. That was a happy coincidence.

Marielle~ I second your Hallelujah and raise you an AMEN SISTER!! They are still not at their own address, having to revert to the blogspot address, but it’s better than not having them at all *grumbles about stupid hackers ruining everyone’s fun* Yes, I plan to reread BD, but haven’t started it yet. Once I get through conference, it will be the first (and likely only) think on my reading list. Actually, it’s not that strange at all that people remember where they were during events like September 11th and other traumas. It’s a phenomenon called Flashbulb Memory. It’s actually something I did research on at university. Moments of particular larger significance tend to embed themselves in your memory like a photograph. We studied people’s memories of the death of Princess Diana. Essentially, the more parts of your life that the event impacts, the stronger and more distinct the memory is. Particularly for Americans, but for the world as a whole, 9/11 impacted people personally, politically, philosophically, and culturally. Ironically, another one of my flashbulb memories is the first moment I saw Rob onscreen in Twilight. I can remember the day, the time, the theater, the seat, what I was wearing, everything…

Brenda~ Mmmmmm, Bailey’s. My second favorite beverage of an adult nature is Bailey’s on the rocks. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. *sigh* TaraSueMe… Dang, that woman was GOOD!! Yes, DomWard… Holy. Hell. Still on my Top5 list (I kind of consider them one novel, so they don’t take up too many spots  )
Lynne~ I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the job loss doesn’t trickle down. Yes, as I said, a Remember Me viewing just seems to work for me. It serves as a way to honor and remember the day, but also to do so in a way that keeps me from being too sad (which is ironic considering the film’s ending).

Alright, getting on with it. Laters!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by corona »

No personal updates for me, except for getting 2 new Tobasco plants last night. Couldn't find them at the usual locations, and then went to Walmart to pick up fish food, and there they were. Pepper plants are so cool. I wanted the Tobasco because the peppers are small and colorful and grow pointing up, like little flowers. Hopefully I'll have some in this winter for making chili.

Sean, very good news about the extra hours at work, I'm happy for you. Good luck with the fanfic.

Lynne, sounds like an awful lot of work, I do hope you get paid for that. So sorry to hear about the potential publishing issue, I'm sure things will work out in due time, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Caryn, so sorry about your grandmother. Mine too eventually lost most of her memories, she was able to remember her children but got very confused with her grandchildren. I wasn't around when things got worse, I hope the time she has left is a peaceful one for her.

You know, I've never watched Remember Me, but my wife did and loved it.

Lulu, yes, I agree that Kristen looked great but toned down. The look, I think, was to be pretty but not sexy.

Susie, surreal I think is the right word, but I'm glad you got the job. I was at work when it happened and they probably should have let everyone go home because no work was getting done anyway and no one cared about getting it done, even the management. Everyone was just walking around in a fog.

And, no, with a bad back and knees it sounds like bowling is out for you. I had an inflamed knee (bursitis) about three years ago and it just wasn't possible to bowl. It certainly isn't a strenuous sport, but at the moment of delivery you are putting a lot of different muscles into play.

Great news about Sonny Boy being able to tour England, I'm jealous.

Tracy, I was in a 5K run once for charity. I can't say I actually ran it, maybe jogged about 30% and walked the rest with another co-worker. Do you plan to actually run the whole thing?

Marielle, good news on the dentist! And, no, I'm not re-reading BD, if I was tempted I would start at the beginning again and work my may through, but I'm trying to finish up the Game of Thrones series right now.

As far as sweet drinks, about the only one I drink on some kind of regular basis, about 3 or 4 times a year, is a rum and coke. Preferably, a coconut flavored rum. Coco and coke.

Have I ever said I can't do wine? Well, I can, but wine makes me go to sleep, fast.

Brenda, Godiva liqueur is what goes into a chocolate martini, as least mine has it. It's about 3 parts Godiva, 3 parts creme de cacao, 5 parts half and half, and 1 part vodka, shaken in ice, served with a maraschino cherry. It's good, but rich, too rich for my tastes but then I'm not the one consuming it, I just say "yes, ma'am, would you like another?".

So, we are on Isle Esme? Then I'm pitching a tent by the boathouse. I'll keep a lookout and notify everyone if the owners show up. They are usually gracious folk, and the last couple appeared to be doing a little redecorating of their own. They brought a new headboard and a couple of pillows. I offered to help bring in the headboard, it looked pretty heavy, but the young woman just smiled and picked it up herself and trotted up to the house. I thought, "that's one chick I'd hate to get on the bad side of", and then the guy chuckled to himself as if he knew what I was thinking. Weird.

Sooooooo, CLAM BAKE TONIGHT! I'll supply the clams, butter, and beer, if someone wants something else, please bring it. I'll have a big fire going tonight for grilling. I could use a few extra chairs.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by openfire »

Happy Hump Day all!

Wow! It's kinda busy here just now!!!

Today felt like a Thursday...which is bad, cos that means still 2 more days till the weekend!!

I am still very much enjoying THG. Finished the 2nd one last night, and started Mockingjay this morning. Quite looking forward to reading more in a wee while! I am actually really enjoying it - even tho, I didn't really want to! LOL. I saw THG movie when it came out, and really didn't like Peeta, and also wondered why people were talking about a "love triangle", when I really couldn't see any of them as competition for Katniss! But, I really REALLY like Peeta in the book, and I guess the love triangle is more believable, but I also like how it's really not central to the story at all. So yes, I am really really liking it!!! LOL.

To the posts!

Sean - Don't worry, you didn't offend me!! I was just telling you my opinion on it - but really, I'm not offended in the slightest :)
Maybe if you start posting on the ff thread, it will start the ball rolling there again. It's a shame that it has been so quiet recently!

Jenn - Hi there! How are you doing? Hope things are good!!

Lynne - Oh no! Hopefully he will pay though - and of course, don't give him your comments until he has! What's the actual book about? If it fiction?

Caryn - So sorry to hear that your Grandma is not doing well since losing your Grampa. We are all thinking of you and your family & are here if you need anything!
Love that your cinema has announced SagaMarathons! I have the day before booked off work here too. I am hoping that my cinema will show them all, or at least a couple of the films, before the midnight showing of BD2!

Lulu - So good to see you here!! I saw pics of BabyBoy's bd on fb - he is totally gorgeous!! You all look like such a happy family!
I am sure we will all stay connected too - we all better!! ;) Fb is great for that; that we can see everyone's "real" lives too. It's nice to put faces with the names etc. :)

Susie - Glad to hear that SonnyBoy has settled into his new dorm and stuff! That's pretty exciting that his choir are touring England & Wales. If only they were touring Scotland as well - I would have went to see him!!

Tracy - It's good to see you :) I have been pretty infrequent here too lately - and I no longer have the excues of commuting or wedding planning! But I still don't seem to have any time to do much - bit annoying!!
Btw, I'm kinda loving THG atm - I know you really liked them too. Once I'm done, I may have to chat to you a bit! Maybe even get some ff recs from you... ;)

Marielle - Sorry about your coworkers - that is so nasty of them!! I really hope you are able to get a new job that you enjoy soon.
Ooh, what was your romantic dream about? Or do we not want to know?? LOL!

Brenda - Question - in the US, you are taxed on lottery winnings?? And taxed at greater than 50%?? Or were you just saying random numbers? LOL.
I love Baileys with ice too - I can drink lots of it at one time as well LOL. I think it tastes almost like melted ice cream!

Austin - My mom is growing some chilli pepper plants just now too! I am very much looking forward to when I can eat them! (well not raw, but in my food LOL).

Well, I'm off now. Bye!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by corona »

Jaclyn, one of the reasons I love pepper plants is they are so easy to grow. Fun for parties as well. "Does anyone want to take the Pepper Challenge?" Heh, someone always does.

My wife had the same reaction to the Hunger Games and Peeta. I read it before the movie came out, she read it after. My wife was very surprised to see how much better the book Peeta was.

I know some don't like Lainey, but she does occasionally nails it, and these comments seemed to be my exact impressions going from the book to the movie:
  • What MB was not into was, um, Katniss and Peeta. I guess it all depends on how you read it. I read Peeta as really sweet and kind, but not pitiful. I didn’t feel sorry for my imaginary Peeta. I didn’t exhale and roll my eyes every time my imaginary Peeta needed to be helped and saved. I didn’t feel squeamish when my imaginary Peeta held Katniss. Peeta’s greatest, sexiest attribute is his integrity. This is how he avoids being a Victim.

    The problem, for me at least, is that the first person we meet in the movie, like the book, is Gale. And this Gale is... impressive. Sorry. But you need to get over Miley Cyrus and look at Liam Hemsworth who is a ****ing STUD. And then a little brother comes along in the form of Josh Hutcherson who isn’t as much the contemporary of Katniss and Gale but more like a friend of Prim’s who’s been tragically booked along for the ride. The whole time I thought I was watching Katniss babysit one of her sister’s classmates. So that when it came time for the kiss, it was like a 17 year old girl kissing a 13 year old boy.
"It will take an amazing amount of control,” she mused. “More even than Carlisle has. He may be just strong enough…the only thing he’s not strong enough to do is stay away from her. That’s a lost cause.”
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Songbird »

Hi again! I am so sore and I have no idea why...I've been doing the same workout every day for 4 weeks and did smaller ones for 2 weeks before that...why am I getting sore NOW?? So weird. Hope I'm not coming down with something. But, I am really happy with Bug's teacher. She was so receptive...I was braced for resistance because with her teachers the last 2 years (kindergarten) they refused to give me any materials to help me teach her to read. She has been so interested in letters and reading since she was 2 and I wanted to foster that love of reading...they kept telling me they don't do reading until 1st grade...I was like...I know, but she's ready NOW and that's why I want to teach her at home! So anyway, now she's in first grade but she has been able to read for about a year now already without me even working with her on it. So I talked to the teacher and she had Bug read for her and said she'll have her tested to see what level she's reading and they will let her work at her level. So if she's reading at a 2nd grade level, they won't keep her back with the rest of the kids, they'll move her up to 2nd grade reading. So relieved!! It's so cute how excited she is about the library books we checked out last night for her. She tells me all about them and she pouts when it's bedtime and she has to put the books down. So sweet. I hope my son turns into a reader, too. He's always been more into numbers/math, but he's 4 and can somewhat sound words out, so he may be a reader yet...he does like to be read to, so that's a good sign.

On to posts!

Sean, I can agree with that to an extent...that it doesn't need to be all over every channel etc...but I like that they honor those who gave their with flight 93, and the first responders. I think that's important. I avoid the documentaries and such because I find them so depressing, but there are people who are fascinated with it...kind of like looking at a train wreck. It's horrible, but you can't seem to turn away. I have that with Holocaust history...horrifying, but I just have to read the article or look at the pictures. But I can agree that it doesn't need to be an all day all encompassing drama on every channel.
How's the new job?

Marielle, that is SO creepy about the tram! I didn't hear about sad. Talk about divine intervention that you weren't on it today!! Glad the dentist was good...I always worry about that. I'm terrified. I have no reason to be....I've never had a cavity in my life. It's always been just teeth cleaning with the exception of when I was 11 and grew 2 extra baby teeth which had to be removed, and then once in high school when I apparently had a "buckle" on my molar which could cause a cavity...I didn't even get pain stuff for that and it didn't hurt. (I kind of suspect that was a scam...he did the same with my brother and said it was a genetic defect but it had never been noticed by a dentist before. It was a brand new dentist in our town...we hadn't had a dentist in town for years and he didn't last long) So I've had no bad experiences with it, but for some reason I just get tense and nervous. I didn't go for 10 years between that last high school experience and moving over here. Too scared to try a new one. Good for you for braving it! Yes the floor is done. Now we have to get rid of the mold and all will be well with the world.

Jaclyn,...I have no idea what I was going to say...sorry. Glad you are liking THG. It really is a good book. The rest of the series is good but not as good as the first book.

Tracy, good for you with the 5k! I'd like to run one someday, but I am so not a runner. It hurts my chest too much and I'm very much self conscious about "the girls" bouncing when I run. I don't know that I will ever do that, but it seems like something I should do once in my life.

Brenda, I don't know if it's available in America as it's german and hard to find even HERE, but there's a chocolate liqueur called Mozart. There's dark, milk and white flavors and it's SOOOOO yummy. The milk one is like liquid tootsie rolls (Which I miss!)...very smooth and creamy and you don't taste the alcohol. I don't like alcohol either and I very rarely drink, but I do like Bailey's. Or Kahlua and butterscotch schnapps, but I so love Mozart. I have no idea whether or not I'm allergic to's just a small little patch behind the baseboard and on the bottom of one wall...about the size of...hrmmm...well it's probably not even 1 square foot. It's just when we bought the house, the kitchen was enclosed, but on this one wall there was a doorway and on another wall there was a built in cabinet that was GROSS. We didn't need 2 doors to the kitchen, but we have wall to wall windows which really limits space where you can put furniture. SO we ripped out the door and the built in cabinets and turned them into walls. The floor in the kitchen was a kind of tile thing, but there was nothing but concrete under those cabinets. So in that corner, when we ripped out the cabinets, there was no tile there and it looks like when the dishwasher flooded, the water seeped into the wall in that place because there was no tile protecting it. But insurance covers it and all they have to do is rip out the wall paper, clean the mold and put up new wallpaper. And you should TOTALLY start a trend with friend books! I can send you pictures if you like. LOL Bug exchanged friend books with another girl today when she went to play at her house after school.

Lynne, So sorry about your bosses hub's job...I'll pray for you. Hope he's not out of work too long!

Caryn, that must have been so hard for you to see your grandmother like that at your grandpa's funeral. I think sometimes watching the deterioration is harder than the actual death. I hope you get to enjoy some time with her before she's gone.

Susie, glad Sonny Boy likes his roommate and classes. I hope he does well enough to keep his scholarship. What is he studying? It's so sad that people have projected the extremist hate onto all muslims or people who look like they might be muslims (like the sikh temple last month). I feel so bad for those somali women you you know if it got better for them after it died down a little? I have a friend from India who went to college in Arizona and he experienced the same ignorance and intolerance from people as he was walking across campus. It's so sad.

Lulu, nice to see you, mega post or not!

Hi Austin....can't remember what I was going to say to you, either...shoot.

I hope I didn't forget anyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

It's really nice to come here and see some posts again!

Sean - you've got fanfiction crossing Twilight with Top Gear? That's bizarre! Putting Jeremy and Jacob Black in this same room would be a bit much for me, I think!

Caryn - well, I've got my ticket for my midnight showing on the 15th!

Austin - so do I. No sign of it yet, though, or even an email from the guy. I'm going to stop work until I hear from him. I don't agree with Lainey at all about the movie representations of THG. Maybe it's because I knew nothing about the actors at all prior to coming in, but I thought that Josh Hutcherson did a good job as Peeta, and I didn't really notice Liam Hemsworth that much. His brother is much more impressive! You know, the one with the hammer!

Jaclyn - yes, it's a novel, but I shouldn't really talk about the story.

Songbird - I'm glad Bug's teacher is more open to your ideas about reading. Little Man is way ahead of the other kids in reading, and fortunately his school encourages that, and is helping us take him as far as he can go.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Someone's standing on a box again, someone's standing on a box again.... :taunt:

or thankful for the miracle of CGI, because we all know there's no way Taycob is as tall as Robward. :roll: (No disrespect towards Taylor intended). ;)

I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts with the recent upswing in activity, thanks to our dear Susie. ;) Thanks also to those of you who've kept the House up and running and well maintained (Marielle, Lynne, Sean, Austin, and anyone else I've missed), while some of the rest of us have been less active. I'll be busy at church with a meeting, helping with one of the children's choirs, and attending the adult choir rehearsal, but hope to check back in with all of you later tonight. :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Susie »

Whoo hoo! This place has been hoppin'!

When I was four years old I appeared on a local kids TV show for a week. The show was called “Romper Room” and the star of the show was “Miss Betty”. (I had no idea that many different actresses had played the role of Miss Betty; I thought she was really Miss Betty!) Anyway, during the show, she’d get out her magic mirror and look through it to see all the kids at home. She’d say, “And I see Tommy, and Betsy, and Jimmy, and Margie......” Of course I thought it really worked.

I want you to imagine that right now I’m holding up the magic mirror and looking through it:

And I see Tracy, and Lynne, and Songbird, and Austin, and Jaclyn, and Marielle, and Caryn, and Sean, and Brenda!

And Yesterday I saw Lulu and Jenn Jenn too!

And through my magic mirror I can also see the rest of you out there- Ann Marie, and Amy, and Ashley, and Tonise, and Joyce, and Suzan, and Trine, and Sandy, and Chrissy, and Raine, and Ginnie, and Christina, and Desiree, and New Jen, and Rachel, and Sophie, and even Kayla!!

(I hope I didn't miss anyone!)

It just gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies to see you all back here at the Halfway House!
I’m sure you’ll all agree that this is a VERY SPECIAL PLACE.

That BD2 Poster that Tracy posted – Yes Taylor not only is on a box, but he’s been inflated somehow like a giant doll. But that’s not the first thing I noticed. As a true Minnesotan, I immediately notice how they aren’t really standing on snow. There is no way you can stand hovering on top of snow like that. Too bad that inconsistency preventing me from enjoying the beauty of Robward. Krisella looks great too. Com’on, folks, you know Taylor looks good!

I went to Toastmasters tonight for the first time since 1988 (sorry to throw those scary dates around) and I’m totally psyched for next week when I’ll give my “Icebreaker” Speech. I already know how I’m going to organize it. The tricky part is sticking to the outline once I’m up there talking, and then keeping to the time limit. That’s mostly what I want to work on.

– Yay for the MEDIUM POST! The light will always stay on here for you, girl! I don’t know where you are putting those extra 10 pounds – your toes, maybe? All kidding aside, it’s good that you are conscientious about it before it gets out of control like it has for me. Sonny’s classes: BioDiversity/Conservation Biology, Introduction to Sociological Thinking, and a pass/fail class called “Bridges Scholars”, a career exploration (a/k/a helping you choose a major) class. He also has private piano lessons and choir which are both for grade, luckily, because he gets A’s in music. He really should be taking another class too, but since he’s still trying to get his GPA up and manage it all, this is enough. It’s 15 credits which is the minimum required for one of his grants. Next semester he’ll have to take 4 classes as well as the music stuff.

Marielle – Funny you should mention re-reading BD before the movie – I was just thinking that and decided that once I’m finished reading Emma that I’ll start Breaking Dawn again. I haven’t touched the Saga for six months, so it will be FUN! Oh, so you might still get the house you wanted? That would be great!

Brenda – I truly hope you SWHH Girls can get together to see BD2. Your Hump Day pic – you actually did post it on Wednesday, so it was right on time. Of course it was VERY early on Wednesday…. That pic of Rob – where is that from? Sorry to bring up the L word. I’ll stop doing that-I don’t want to risk sounding all maternal and stuff. You obviously know how to take care of yourself.

– That’s so terrible about your boss’s husband losing his job! How nerve wracking for the publishing business. I hope he finds something else soon. What a shock, though. Congrats on getting your Midnight Showing ticket already!

Sean – I’m so glad you are enjoying your job. Actually I think it is good that you slept 12 hours and woke up in the morning rather than the afternoon. Perhaps that contributed to your good day?

Caryn – How lucky you were to be with your band on 9/11. Much better than being alone. That experience together sounds amazing. Saga Marathons? Where will you be? We need to get a firm answer on the Nashville showing so we can reserve hotel rooms. I’ve asked again recently. Have you gotten any intel?

– You have winter? Don’t make me laugh. I didn’t know that you folks down there eat chili. I learn so much from you – seriously. About the Tobasco plants – I thought that was a brand name, a special recipe combination of pepper sauce, but no. It is a type of pepper! I guess you’l l have to watch Remember Me now so you know what we’re all talking about.

– I also loved Peeta in the book. Soooo Sweet! I think they cast him well in the movie, but it’s just harder to portray all the subtleties on the screen, especially the scene in the cave, which in the book is very romantic.

Songbird – That’s so cute about Bug loving books so much. Perhaps she takes after her Mommy? Sonny Boy doesn’t know what he is majoring in yet, so he’s just taken general courses.

See you all tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!

It seems that autumn really came into this country. It has been raining all night, luckily this morning it was dry so we could get to work dry. But it’s still so bloody dark outside.

It’s the day after voting day… you all might understand the strange atmosphere that hangs in this country right now. It’s waiting time. We have to see what combination they come up with.
Who is willing to sell their soul to the devil the most…


Brenda, I think they will have a marathon here as well but normally it’s announced 3 or 4 weeks before the premiere… So I have to wait a while to be sure.
I love your idea of a political smut writing party… our campaign points: More Rob!!!, More Smutty fanfic!, More love in the world… (gods I sound like miss universe!!!).
I don’t know what Kris is playing at with wearing Rob’s clothes, maybe she is holding on to him. Though after the Toronto festival rumors are flying high about how things really are between them. Especially when Kris said they were fine…I wonder if they have already talked things through and came to a understanding…

Lynne, is the jobmarket very bad in Australia? Over here you always hear about how easy live is down under. But I think that fairytale already ended a long time ago.

Caryn, I think it will be very quiet here come 15th of November… I still have to make plans…though I’m not allowed to stalk the cinema before half October.
Interesting theory about the flash bulb memory. Sadly I only have two. One because it was bloody traumatizing for me and the other was 9/11…though I remember my Twilight introduction week very clearly…I watched twilight 8 times in 5 days and then bought all the books and took a week to read them all…
It’s so fitting for you to remember your first Rob in Twilight moment…it was the cafeteria sex walk right?

Austin, I still have to start Game of Thrones. I have the first book ready and I so want to buy the dvd’s to watch it…but I don’t take enough time to read lately. I’m too addicted to my laptop.
I love wine but only with a good dinner. In Rome we had this brilliant dark red wine. It was very heavy but so good with Lasagna. I’m more of a champagne drinker myself for official settings…

Jaclyn, I know how you feel. I have that end of the week feeling since Monday!!! I’m just crawling on until it’s Friday afternoon.
I read THG before seeing the movie so I had a clear different picture for Peeta. Josh just doesn’t do it for me. I love Liam as Gale though, only they should have made him look a bit more rough. Liam is too clean shaven to go for Gale. Yes the book makes the love triangle more believable because you get Katniss her thoughts on Gale and how she realizes he means more to her than a hunting buddy and friend.
Uhm…. That romantic dream… uhm… I hate to admit it wasn’t my bf… lets leave it to that…

Susan, maybe you got the flu or something… even if you don’t get sick from it when you go exercising you always feel it in your muscles when your body is fighting some illness. I learned to listen to that and take a day of sick leave when I feel like that.
I’m always nervous about an dentist or doctor’s appointment as well. Though I know I don’t have much to fear they still set me on a edge. I know close to where you live is a dentist that doesn’t drill anymore. They use laser. They are called the dentist for people with a dentist phobia. They normally take kids… and I think they only help people who haven’t had fillings before.

Susie, are you thinking about the two-way mirrors from Harry Potter. The one Sirius gave to Harry!!! How I wish we could use that!!!
I spoke to the realtor yesterday and I don’t think that house will come available again anytime soon. They said we should wait till Monday to be really sure. But I have made an appointment for Monday to go and visit 3 houses with the same realtor.

Alright… Have a nice day!!!
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