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Re: Recommended Music

Post by twilightobsessed46 »


the dairy of jane-breaking benjiman
home coming (something like that)-hey monday
animal i have become- three day grace
pain-three days grace
i hate everything about you- three days grace
home- three days grace
human- killers
when you were young- killers
mr. brightside- killers
rockstar- prima j
rockstar- nickle back
gotta be somebody- nickle back

those are just a few
And does any body know how to create one of these forams?? and how do u suscribe??
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by one_tuff_cupcake »

I have to recommend...
-Anything by hit the lights, especially...
-Body bag
-Cry your eyes out
-On and on
-Stay out
-Again anything by The Maine
-Whoever she is
-We roll along
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by Alessandra_ »

Operation Ivy :) lovelovelovelovelove!

Bouncing Souls - I definitely have to mention them, I have lyrics tattooed on my neck :D

More soon :)
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by Alessandra_ »

Lacuna Scion wrote:Okay

#3 Dropkick Murphy's: they're a Boston based Irish band. "I'm shipping up to Boston" was featured in "The Departed". They do alot of yelling, but they're great for just rocking out. They've covered alot of old Irish folksongs... in a completely NOT folky way. Their site is great; they have all their CDs and some live performances.

Also: Frank Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed, Nirvana, P!nk, Led Zeppelin, Norah Jones, Incubus, Green Day, anything classical: Handel, Beethoven, Saint-Saens, the TSO, Nat King Cole.
Eeeeeee Dropkick Murphy's!!! Mmmm. I've loved them for years and just last year in media we had to analyse The Departed and it was lovely :D

Also, you've got lovely taste in music in general.
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by BlackBlood »

I wanted to make a thread to recommend the bands - Arcade Fire and Pinback.

Arcade Fire
"My Body is a Cage" seems very Twilight applicable. I also enjoy the video of the band playing "Neon Bible" in an elevator.


Local San Diego band that has an international following. Maybe one of the city by the sea's most well known exports - "Penelope", "Tripoli", "AFK", "Non-Photo Blue", and "From Nothing to Nowhere" are highly recommended by myself for you to become acquainted with this band. If y'all like Muse, you might like Pinback.

Since everyone else is dumping a ton of names, I may as well mention some others. Sorry if these have been mentioned, I was just linked to this thread from a PM and it's way too ****** huge to try and read every name-spam post.

Rob Zombie

One of the first CDs that I bought was "Hellbilly Deluxe". I had to buy it twice because my father threw away my first copy. Listen to the whole CD. It's good.

Murder City Devils
The song "Rum to Whiskey" always moves me, and not just in an emo-way either. Moves me like bloody lighting in my black heart. "Bear Away" is another cool song.

Edit: I have been seeing Dropkick Murphys here and there on this thread. You may like the sound of MCD if you like the Murphys.

As I Lay Dying

The song and music video - "Forever". The music video was filmed at Soma which is here in San Diego. These crazy SOBs are from San Diego (North County technically, I believe). My friend Jeremiah and Tim used to tackle each other in full football pads - and not on the football field, in the house with music blasted. Jeremiah also participated in helping my cauliflower ear swell to the size of a purple, juicy mango. Thanks Jeremiah. AILD is metal. You may like it, you may not. I hope you do.

Band from Temecula, CA. They recorded one of my favorite records in North County, San Diego. The album is "What It Is to Burn". I recommend every song on that album especially the title track ("What It Is to Burn") with the violin instrumental intro - not the techno, choppy intro - blah :-P

Silversun Pickups
An LA band that doesn't sound like they are trying to be Orange County suburban screamo (think everyone trying to be Avenged Sevenfold) or sounding like anyone else really. Not the kind of depth that I expect from LA. Their CD "Carnavas" has been compared to the Smashing Pumpkins early grandiose stuff... I guess if one really needs to prove their super-music knowledge by trying to confine the sound of a band to a hip reference then sure, you could say they sound like the Pumpkins.

You could also say that "Kaliphornia is a state of mind".

I would say, "Check out 'Lazy Eye', 'Melatonin', and 'Little Lovers So Polite' from that Pickups CD and chill."

More recc's to come. I will TRY and read through this thread and drop some names that have not been recommended. SpamspamspamspampostcountpostcountspamIloveEdwardblablabla
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

Oooh . . . going to give a quick run down.

Top Five Recommended (for 2009.)

*note - I think all of these are only avaliable on UK Itunes. and this may be a bit of a 'what?' for anyone not from the UK, for which I apologise.

1. You Me At Six - my favourite band, saw them Live and were the best band I've seen live. Nominated for two Kerrangs! Best Newcomers (2007) and Best British Band (2008).

Best Tracks; Always Attract, If You Run, Call That a Comeback, The Rumour + Take Off Your Colours - basically all of there debut album.

2. Florence + The Machine - awesome indie with soul! Won the Critics Choice Award and will collect it at the Brits in Feb, Third in the Sound of 2009 Poll and receive a huge ammount of support from Magazine NME credited for backing and finding such bands as Glasvegas + The Arctic Monkeys.

Best Tracks; Kiss With a Fist, Dog Days Are Over

Other good bands/Singers

The Boxer Rebellion - because Evacuate is so darn awesome!
Jakil - some awesome guys from my school on the verge of a record deal. 'specially recommend; Spin, OK, I'm Ready, Change My Mind + Fool Stop
Little Boots - Meddle is brilliant! - Won the BBC Sound of 2009 Poll and came second in the Critics Choice Award. (Similar to Lady Gaga only better in my op.)
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by readmymind »

tyler hilton
kate voegele
bethany joy galeotti
grace potter & the nocturnals
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by sarah-belle »

one_tuff_cupcake wrote:I have to recommend...
-Anything by hit the lights, especially...
-Again anything by The Maine
I love, love, love both of those bands. I've seen them live, and they're amazing! :D

-All Time Low
-School Boy Humor
-Love, She Wrote
-You, Me, and Everyone We Know
-Stereo Skyline
-The Friday Night Boys
-Cash Cash
-Sing It Loud
-Phone Calls From Home
-Boys Will Be Boys
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by Heart Stiller »

My fav music.
Rise Against-This is a great band. I would definitely recommend their new album Appeal to Reason

Ensiferum-One of the best folk metal bands ever. They are really good.

Opeth: Perhaps one of the most musically talented bands I have ever seen. They have no genre. They are death metal/prog metal/jazz/rock/blues etc.
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Re: Recommended Music

Post by PrincessBella »

sarah-belle wrote: -Cash Cash
i LOVE Cash Cash! i recommend their whole cd - Take It to the Floor. i first found out about them when i saw them in concert with Metro Station in October. they were amazing. i instantly fell in love with them and was so happy that i got to meet them after the show. they even did a free acoustic show afterwards outside the venue. then i got to meet to meet them again this last Friday at a Hot Topic near me cuz they were doing an acoustic meet & greet tour with Hey Monday. they rule <3 their songs are so much fun.
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