Ashley Greene as Alice

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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by teamswitzerland »

ashley is a model so she deosn't have many past roles. she's very cute.
at first i reallly wanted rachel leigh cook but i guess she's too old.
i think ashley will do great as alice!! :D
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Edward-Bella-forever »

Omg! I think ashley is really pretty, and I absolutely love her as Alice! People don't agree with her hair in it, as I don't as well, but it could have been worse, you know? Lol but yeah she's perfect for the role! :D
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Miss Vengeance »

I'll admit that I was a bit unsure about Ashley at first. I had never seen her act before, much less heard of her, so I wasn't sure if she'd be able to live live up to my second favorite character. She seems like she's doing a wonderful job, though. Yeah, her hair isn't really that bad. It looks cute on her.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by samajama »

Stormy wrote:Ashley Greene is a perfect Alice.
The hair, the pixie like features, everything is just how I pictured Alice before I knew what she was actually going to look like in the movie.

She is definitely who I would of cast as Alice if I was the person with that job :)
i agree. perfection.
ashley greene is adorable and is exactly the alice in my mind's eye.
good job, casting people :P
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by edward_loves_lauren »

Ashley Greene is how I imagined Alice would look like! Great casting!
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by cidluen »

I love Ashley Greene as Alice her face is absolutely what Alice's face should look: pixie-like but not too sharp, almond shaped eyes and clear skin, a fresh face indeed. I don't care if she's "too tall" to be Alice, she looks and acts the part for me :) .
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by coochariffic87 »

I like the choice of Ashley as Alice. I haven't seen any of her work, but I think she looks great, and she sounds great too. Besides Edward, Alice is one of my favorite characters in the books, so I really hope that she does well.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by spookybell »

Ashley will bring life to Alice, who I love. I can't wait, I Love Alice,
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by WishIWasACullen »

Hmmm. The more I see of Ashley, the more she grows on me...but still. I saw Alice shorter and with a softer facial structure. All will be revealed when we see whether or not she walks with a "lithe dancers step". That will sell me. Other than that, I like her and I think she's cute (even if her nose is not the nose I imagined on Alice...I know, weird but true for me) and she just has that Alice look in her eye--as if some sort of let's-embarrass-Bella- shenanigan is brewing inside that head of hers!! She'll be great!!
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by porscheturbo911 »

Ashley is exactly how I envisioned Alice! I'm just worried about her acting, cause I haven't seen much of it. But I am very excited to see her bring Alice to life!
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