Worried about the New Moon movie?

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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by ~*~Emily~*~ »

Good points everyone,I totally forgot that they had filmed a few different proposals already,and the Vote,*Breathes sigh of relief* I just wonder what L&S meant?..oh well,It doesn't matter what they say.if they've filmed it,that's all that matters.

I read The Truth for the second time tonight*sigh* It's nice to be able to return to the real story and forget about rumors,and speculation for awhile.Whether or not the movie is how we want,the story will always live on in the books,and nothing can equal our individual experiences with them.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by Jadey »

I to, remember LaineyGossips article about the proposal being filmed in different ways/locations. I reckon this whole 'no proposal' thing is to just cause trouble and make thousands of women hyperventilate.
But then again, there was no 'I love you' in Twilight. But Catherine did change a lot of the script. In the commentary she talked a lot about 're writing this scene 5 times' and 'we re-wrote this on the day of shooting it'. And Chris has said many times that hes staying true to the book. And I still believe him.
That fake script thing was spread around to cause controversy. You can't have new moon without Edwards sneeky proposal.

I dunno. I'm not gunna freak out about it just yet.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by Lizardpolisher »

I have learned from the first movie to just take what they give you. Just expect the worst and if anything, you now have a visual. Its better then you and your friends acting it out with make shift sets and your little brother as Edward. :lol:
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by pennybug84 »

Well here's something else. According to Lainey Gossip again, when Bella & Edward reunite in Italy they kiss. I can't really see that happening. And I assume that must be the difference from the book that Rob mentioned before. Why would they change the reunion? Ugh
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by Dovrebanen »

I agree. Why??? That was my favorite part of the book. I liked the fact that they don't kiss on the lips until they are back home. How when Edward tries to kiss her, Bella says "Don't" because she doesn't belive that he loves her and she thinks he will just go away again. It was just perfect in the book. Edward just holding her while they walk through the halls of the Volturi, and Bella thinking it's just the guilt that drives him. What would they do with her epiphany if they just kiss and make up right away? I think they need to show how much Bella really believed him in the forest that day, when he said he didn't want her. And how she says she will never want anything but him no matter what.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by lady4string »

Are they not giving Rob the 'Edward bronze hair'? I thought he needed more red in his hair in the first movie, but looking at on the set pics, his hair looks like his normal brown. I guess this bugs me because a bit of an ado is made about his and Nessie's hair (since she got his color) in the books.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

Well anyhow, if they change the reunion or not, we can't do anything about it.
I suppose they think it would be more movie-ish if they have a big dramatic kiss right away.
It's just so hollywood.
I'm just trying to be optimistic.
I don't know about you guys, but I'd go with a hollywood modified New Moon over make shift sets. :]
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by love_is_noise »

^^yeah i agree,
i don't mind if they go all hollywood, atleast it'll be shot in a real market square.
Not a fake meadow(that wasn't a meadow, justa gap in the forest :evil: )

But i do wish they would stay true to the book.

I am abit concerned about the vid that has been out, when Bella seems to get on the bike with one of the 'biker' crew. She's not meant to go for a joy ride, the motorbikes are meant to be something only her and jake can do. She doesn't even want tedward coming allong, so how can she go off with strangers ??
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by gina.m.may »

I really hope he stays true to the book..

My biggest concern is that they wont develop and portray Bella's depression the way it should be- raw, exposed,heartbreaking, tragic and just a feeling to not even live anymore...bc in the end when she sees Edward again, it will be THAT much more relief.

Also, I want to wolvesto be BIG...haha, and I want them to empasize how torn she is between Jacob and Edward at the moment...

Lastly, The proposal..needs to be fresh and giddy and cute...haha..that doesnt make any sense...:P

Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by lady4string »

look at these pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=8 ... 673&ref=nf

you probably have to have an FB account to access them. So it looks like they are having them kiss in the square. :(
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