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Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:05 pm
by December
"There are rules?"

The topics in this forum detail the Lex’s posting regulations. Before posting on the boards please take time to familiarize yourself with them.

For those who prefer to read a single, long document, we’ve also compiled our regs in this post. Feel free to either work your way through the separate topics of this forum, or read it all here (it's exactly the same text) just so long as you read them one way or another. If it’s in this forum, we're assuming you know it! You don’t irritate the Volturi....(*grin*)

Oh, and please read our Site Philosophy.



The Twilight Lexicon is a PG site. Please keep your language suitable for minors: no swearing, crude words, etc. If Stephenie Meyer wouldn't write it, then don't use it!

This site has automatic filters to screen out rude or derogatory language. If you use a banned word, the software will automatically replace it when your post is submitted. This occasionally produces comical results (like Herman Melville's classic novel Moby Vulgar Language Is Ugly), but it's an essential tool for keeping the site PG-13. If in doubt, just preview your post (always a good idea anyway!). These filters apply to PMs as well as on the boards.

If a word is still decipherable, it's still offensive -- and still banned. Persistent attempts to outwit the filters will get you put "under moderation" (ie. every post you write will get held for approval before it appears on the boards).

And remember: the filters are not a free pass. Just because something isn't in the filters, that doesn't mean it's appropriate to write on the Lex. It's up to you to keep your posts clean. In particular, the filters can't get at text in banners and avies -- please don't make us come after you to clean them up!

Remember that the content of any IMAGES must be PG too -- including any images you LINK to!


If you are mature enough to read Twilight and appreciate intelligent characters like Bella and Edward, then you are capable of more than: "OMG! idknw lk 4 ReaL I"M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HaPpY 4 UaLl. ru feELiNg lk me?"

Rather than make ourselves crazy having to edit or send a PM every time there is a netspeak laden post, the filter is going to handle it. It will replace your netspeak with a really embarrassing statement. So, if you want
people to actually know what you want to say you'll have to go back, take your time, and edit your post into normal English. We are not completely heartless. We'll let ROFL, LOL and OMG stay since those are pretty common exclamatory expressions that don't throw off the flow of a sentence.

IM-Style Posting: Please avoid empty one-line posts. We love it when people have something to contribute to the conversation beyond "I agree" or "yes". One or two-word posts -- except where it's a poll of people's opinions, or a game-type thread like The Vending Machine or Rate my Avie -- don't add much.

If you're eager to build up your post-count, welcome our new members. If you just want to have an off-topic chat with a member you've gotten to know, send them a PM, email, take it to your blog. Other people shouldn't have to wade through your private conversation.


Please....use the Quote function judiciously. Most of the time it’s not necessary to quote the whole of a previous post. If you only quote the lines you are specifically replying to, it not only makes your point clearer; it saves the rest of us from having to scroll past yards of quote to get to YOUR contribution. The boards are a lot easier to read if everyone takes the trouble to quote selectively!

If you're not sure how to do this, check out How To Quote Parts of a Post in the Newborn in Seattle forum. You'll find detailed instructions there.


Please avoid "double posting" (ie. posting again immediately after your last post) -- if you have something to add, edit it into your previous post using the Edit button (top right hand corner of your post). This allows others to respond, cuts down on confusion and is proper board etiquette. If 24 hours have passed and no one else has posted, feel free to post again. There is no limit to how many times you can edit your post.


Avatars must be 100x100 or smaller.

Signatures must be 200px TALL at the most. (THIS INCLUDES BANNERS, WORDS, LINKS, WHATEVER -- THE TOTAL SIG. You can't have six banners each 200 high!)

For the non-technically minded, that's 2 inches by 2 inches or 2 inches high on a standard monitor. Hold a ruler up to the screen if you have to. (Note that on some laptops 200px may appear smaller).

If you have anything more than this, a Lex mod may send you a PM. If you receive a PM and do not change your signature/avie within a week, an admin will be forced to remove it and replace it with an ugly banner.

And please...remember to KEEP IT CLEAN! If you're not sure what that means, see here.


The Lexicon always has been and always will be a spoiler-free site. By spoiler, we mean any information that hasn't been published by Stephenie Meyer, or posted on her own website, or said publicly for all her fans to hear. If you have access to or have acquired material from any other source -- or found it illicitly posted elsewhere -- do not post it here. Posting such material is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and will get you BANNED. The same goes for film-related information and material.

Just to be clear -- we're not talking about information which could spoil a non-Twilight book or movie for someone who hasn't yet read/seen it. However, it is customary Lex practice (and courteous!) to warn other users before posting any potentially spoilery information and/or to use the Invisible Font. (More about the Invisible Font here).

For discussing newly-released Twilight books or movies, we usually create a special temporary thread so that those who haven't finished reading (or viewing) it can avoid being spoilt. As a rule, we give fans at least a month before permitting discussion of a new release throughout the boards. Please respect this restriction while it's in place.

A Word About Midnight Sun
Many people have chosen on principle NOT to read the unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun. We ask posters to respect this and (with the exception of Chapter 1 which Stephenie posted back in 2006) avoid discussing anything from Midnight Sun except on dedicated MS threads. If you feel you absolutely MUST mention MS elsewhere, please do it in the Invisible Font. But don't be surprised if some other posters refuse to read or take notice of MS-related remarks. The Lex fully supports them in this choice.


If there is a troll on the board (a person who is only around to post outrageous things and stir trouble) don't feed them (respond to them). Simply report them over here and a mod will delete the over grown middle schooler with no life in due course.


We will not host links to sides or scripts from any Twilight Saga movie, or any other illegal download. It is intellectual property theft. Do not post any of the following -- IT IS A BANNING OFFENSE:

Links to sides
Links to scripts
Links to free movie downloads
Links to free novel downloads
Links to free music downloads
Links to movie footage not released by Summit

The same goes for movie PHOTOS not officially released by Summit.


An issue came up when we first opened years ago that gave us pause for concern, and so we're here to set a few guidelines for posting at the Lexicon. Believe me when I say that I hate having to say this as it totally makes me feel like everyone's mother, but I have to protect the users here.

Please, for you safety and that of other users, do not ever give out your real name, address, or phone number here at the lexicon. Do not ever post a photo of yourself. Be careful in what sorts of descriptions you use when describing yourself or your situation where you live.

Never use your birthday, a family member's birthday, or a family member's name as part of your password. It's too easy to crack and to have someone steal your identity.

Folks, we live in a sick world full of dangerous criminals. Twilight is just the sort of fandom a predator might become interested in simply because it attracts young teenage girls. Please be careful with the kind of information you give out! I would feel so badly if anything posted here at the lexicon ended up being used against one of the members here in a bad way. Be smart about your posts and about who you chose to be friends with on-line regardless of where you meet them. You never know what an on-line friend is like until you meet them face to face, and then it may be too late.

If you do decide to meet up with an actual fan, you are always taking a risk. To better protect yourself, do the following.

1. Only exchange cell phone and not home phone numbers.
2. Meet in a well-lit, public place during the day, like the mall.
3. Always have at least one other person with you.
4. Make sure you call someone to check in at pre-arranged times.


Posting rules continued in the next post....

Re: There are Rules? (READ THIS!)

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:07 pm
by December
Posting Rules continued....


Users can start new threads in the New Kid, Accident Prone and Communing with the Pack forums. In other forums, threads can only be started by a moderator.

PLEASE ONLY START TOPICS WHICH ARE APPROPRIATE TO THESE FORUMS. Do not use these forums to start other kinds of discussions. Off-topic threads will be deleted -- and users warned. Don't irritate the Volturi!

For more on why we're not letting users start their own threads everywhere on the Lex, please see here.

You can request new topics you'd like to see started on our Request a Topic thread.


There are many places and people taking photos of Twilight Saga actors, locations, and events. We are sent photos every day and have to decide what to run. Here is a general list of what we look for and what we turn away, just to save you time before you decide to send a link to anything online or any of your own personal photos.

1. We will only run photos that are the property of the person offering them, or are photos the PR department of a given actor has given for Internet distribution to media outlets. If the owner of a photo believes we are in violation and have taken their intellectual property without permission, please immediately email and the items will be removed.

2. Photos must have been obtained legally: no trespassing on private property, no harassing an actor if they are not at a public event, or willing to pose during a filming break, no false representation of who you are to get the photo. We respect actor privacy 100%.

3. We only run sure things. We don't run "maybe this is the meadow."

4. We will not run photos that display contact info such as license plates, cell phone numbers, email addresses, etc. if that info can't be blurred out.

5. I don't care how good your telephoto lens is. We will not run photos involving the personal lives of actors such as homes, children, spouses, private vacation moments, cars, etc.

6. Actors have private lives, if they went out to dinner someplace we won't be posting about it. If however they are taking a class in combat because it's related to their role in the movie we will, pending verification from their management. Any personal information regarding an actor is verified with their representation. If their reps state this is an area of personal privacy, we will not post the story.

So, if you happen to be dining in LA or NYC, see Kristen at a restaurant, and politely ask for a photo and she obliges, we'll be happy to publish.

If you follow Kristen to her apartment, chase her up the driveway while snapping away, and then try to give us pictures of that location, not only will we not publish it, but I will personally turn your information over to the police.


Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:24 am
by Billg
Ha! The last part of this made me laugh! Even though I live in NYC, if I see her I promise not to follow/stalk! :lol: