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Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:56 pm
by ringswraith
Hello everyone!

I registered on here to ask a few questions. I've seen the movie, read Twilight, watched the movie again (now that I know what happened in the book), read New Moon, and the posted draft of Midnight Sun as well as all the extras and outtakes for Twilight and New Moon on Stephenie Meyer's website.

I'm aware that my questions might be answered in the remaining books I haven't read yet, but I'm not getting them until Christmas and I would like to progress with my writing. :) In any case, if possible, please don't spoil anything that happens in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn for me.

So, my main question:

I'm aware of the limitations on hurting vampires. Currently all I know that can hurt them are other vampires, and werewolves.

What if a vampire used a weapon? Say, a sword. Could he use a sword to pierce another vampire's body (owing to the unnatural strength of the wielder)?

The converse of that question is that the sword will shatter- it is, after all, a human creation. So my follow-up question: Do you think it is possible for a vampire to craft a weapon (let's stick with swords here) that can pierce a vampire's body? (Say by making it incredibly dense, or made of some special material... In any event, the resulting sword would not be usable by an ordinary human.)

I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions on the subject.

Thank you again for reading.

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Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:16 pm
by JenJen2112
hey welcome to the boards!
as for your ? thats a hard one...I don't think so because their skin is so thick unless there is a way and a vampire had done extensive research...maybe a sword made out of vampire teeth, since the teeth can penetrate the skin...hmmm I'll be looking forward to what others have to say about this...

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Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:40 pm
by ringswraith
Hmm. Vampire teeth. Would be rather difficult to procure those. 8-)

Now, on the other hand- werewolf teeth... The implications are pretty bad, though.

Thanks for the reply JenJen2112- I too am looking forward to more responses.

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Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:56 pm
by elizabella
Hi Ringswraith, would I be right to guess you are a fan of LOTR? Me too if you are :D

It's so funny your order, movie book movie because that is almost exactly what I've done
Movie, Book Twilight, Book New Moon, outtakes (no Midnight Sun because Stephenie said she was upset that was leaked so I would feel bad reading it) and then Movie again and now New Moon again.

I had wanted to hold out for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn until Christmas but I've seen too many spoilers that I just HAVE to read them now, or it could just be an excuse ;)

Anyway, I like your question and maybe Stephenie can answer it if she comes online anymore, I guess she used to. I was shocked to see Alice break James' neck in the movie, I wouldn't have thought that would work.

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Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:46 pm
by ringswraith
Hi Elizabella,

I am indeed a fan of LotR- though I'm not nearly as well-informed about it as I used to be. I read the books in high school (seems so long ago now) and I've been neglecting my reading for a long time.

The last book I read prior to Twilight was Marley & Me. My niece is the real Twilight fanatic- she was trying to convince me to read the books, but our conversation took a turn south:

Her: So there's this girl Bella. She goes to this high school. And she notices these kids there, they don't look like the others...
me: (quickly catching on that these "kids" are the vampires) Waaaaait. They go to high school?
Her: ...Yeah.
me: During the day?
Her: Yeah.
me: ...Sunlight?
Her: It doesn't hurt them.
me: ...What have they done to the vampire?!

Needless to say when she mentioned the whole "glittering/sparkling" part I lost interest in it.

Then the movie came out. To my surprise, my nephew (my niece's younger brother) wanted to see it. He's eight. He even wanted to see it over Bolt. So I figured eh, why not.

I actually had a great time. I enjoyed the movie, and the very next day went out and bought the book. I enjoyed the book so much more of course- and I guess I'm a sap for a good love story.

I read the partial draft of Midnight Sun because I wanted to understand Edward. Bella I understood pretty well- but I wanted to get a glimpse of the inner workings of a mind with over 100 years of experience. Plus, reading Twilight inspired me to write a fanfic (which I'm in the middle of writing, and why I posted my questions) and I needed to know a vampire's perspective of things. I really hope Midnight Sun is completed soon- I enjoy Edward and his family very much.

In any case, I'm hoping to get an answer I can work with to finish my fic, maybe post it somewhere (I don't run a website so that is an issue). I'm also not sure on how the whole copyrighting thing works since I'm using another writer's characters and setting... But it's been great, the writing experience.

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Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 3:44 pm
by ringswraith
Ah, my bad- I totally forgot to introduce myself.

Let's see...

Screen name- Comes from something I thought up. I have a bunch of stories in my head- I hope to commit them to pages someday. But my screen name comes from a character in a story of mine. And yes, it is somewhat inspired by LotR.

How did I come to read Twilight... Well I answered that in my earlier post.

Who do I like best (Edward, Bella, or Jacob): Uh, hmm. They are certainly interesting characters in their own right. If I had to choose one? I would probably choose Edward. I envy his skill with music, and he is the consummate gentleman.

Favorite minor character: Mind you I've only read up to New Moon at this point. But I'm caught between Alice and Jasper. They're both intriguing characters- freaks among the freaks, as they put it- and for some reason I just plain like them.

Hobbies... Well I'm an avid videogame player. When I'm not playing, I'm reading, or writing. I tend to play role-playing games and avoid first-person games- they make me nauseous.

I am from Southern California, though I wasn't born here. I am 31.

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Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 5:11 pm
by vampirechick101
hey Welcome to the Lex!!
I'm vampirechick101
Pm me anytime =]

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Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 5:58 pm
by *Wanderer*
Hola! Welcome to the Lex, I'm Emily. Feel free to PM me at any time. :D I'm here every day!

As for your questions, there's a thread for any Twilight Questions you may have. I go there a lot to answer people's Twilight Questions. Here's the link: ... =15&t=2697

See you around the boards!

*Wanderer* (aka Emily)

Re: Weaponry

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:32 am
by ringswraith
Hi Emily,

Thanks for posting the link to that thread. However, I'm actually going to avoid it for a pretty obvious reason- I haven't finished the series of books, and I'm sure (after taking a cursory glance) that there are spoilers aplenty there. :)

I've been thinking about my question though, and now I'm realizing it wouldn't make sense for a vampire to even make such weapons. They already have the weapons they need- plus, what would other vampires think when they hear that "so-and-so" is making a weapon that can hurt them? Nothing good, I'll say.

Guess I'll have to rethink my plot. :)

Re: Weaponry

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:08 pm
by ringswraith
Just wanted to say that I finished Eclipse the other night. That was an awesome book!

Can barely wait to read Breaking Dawn now...

I'd like to add- after reading Eclipse, the whole weapon thing just doesn't make sense anymore. So I'm dropping the issue. :)