I'm brand new!

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I'm brand new!

Post by IrritatedGrizzly »

Hello, everyone. I’m totally new to the fan site universe and the only discussion board posts I’ve ever made were for my religions class in college. Bear with me (pun totally intended).

How did you pick your screen name?
I honestly don’t have a good reason. In Twilight, the morning after Edward stays, he asks Bella if her cereal is any good and she says something to the effect of “It’s no irritated Grizzly…” I’ve always thought that was one of the funniest lines in the book. It’s one of those things that I wouldn’t have said in her situation, but I would have thought about later and wished I had said it. So, like I said, no good reason.

How did you come to read Twilight and which book is your favorite?
My good friend B all but begged me to come to the midnight showing of New Moon when it came out in theaters. I refused because a) I hadn’t seen the Twilight movie yet and b) I hadn’t read any of the books. Because I’m such a visual person and I form extremely vivid and detailed visions in my mind while I’m reading, I prefer to read a book before I see the movie just so that my visual while reading isn’t influenced too much by the movie. B gave me Twilight and demanded that I try to finish the first two before the New Moon movie came out. I didn’t succeed, but I was hooked none the less. The 3rd book is my favorite, but the first is a close runner-up.

Who do you like best: Edward, Bella, or Jacob?
Tough question… I’m gonna have to go with Edward. I feel like he’s the most complex character and I have fun imagining all the crazy things he’s done and seen in the last 90 years or so.

Who is your favorite minor character?
Jasper by a land slide! I also think Leah is pretty amazing. You gotta respect a girl who sticks to her guns no matter how much it hurts.

What are your hobbies?
Ballet and modern dance, playing the cello (and trying to learn the guitar), reading like a maniac, and loving my fiancé.

Where are you from (general area like Montana, not exact town!)
Phoenix area

How old are you? (In general, like teen, 20's, 30's, 40's etc)
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by SweetImpakt »

Hi there!
Welcome to the lex. I'm Shauni, it's nice to meet you. I hope you have fun around here and I'll see you around the boards!

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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

hey! welcome to the lex! :D
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by n0vaice »

Hi! Welcome to the lex.
I'm Karl, hope you like it here.
Catch you around the boards.
PM me for anything, anytime :D
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by Bronze Haired Girl »

Hello and welcome to the Twilight Lexicon.

I’m Bronze Haired Girl, more commonly known as BHG, and I’m one of the moderators around here.

Be sure to check out the Newcomer’s Guide to the Twilight Lexicon 2.0 for a wealth of information on how to use our boards.

Read the Posting Regulations so that you do not unknowingly break the rules.

If you have any questions you can contact any of the moderators by sending them a Private Message (PM). Moderators’ names appear in green.

Get to know our Elders Council and Moderator team by reading our introduction posts. These can be found at the top of the New Kids forum.

Elders Council (the lovely ladies who created this place and keep it running)



December (doesn’t have an intro post…yet)
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by pennybug84 »

Hi. I'm Jen

Welcome to the lex, it's a fun place to be! :D

See you around the boards

And if you've never been, I highly suggest visiting Stephenie Meyer's website. She has a lot of fun stuff there like FAQ's for all the books & some outtakes that didn't make it into the final draft of the books.
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by audreywarenne »

Hey! Welcome to the Lex!
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by copper curls »

hey, and welcome to the Lex! :D

I’m copper curls ~ feel free to PM me anytime, if you have a question or just want to chat.

If you have any questions about the site, you can check out Alcyone's Guide to the Lexicon, our Site Philosophy, or the Posting Regulations.

hope you enjoy the site & I’ll see you around the boards!

~ cc
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

Welcome to the Lex!
I'm Kenzie.
See you around! =D
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Re: I'm brand new!

Post by missp »

Hi! Welcome to the Lex!
Have fun and I'll see you around the boards!
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