Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Introduce yourself here.
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by gimpat01 »

Wow - I think I feel bad for you... kinda.

I believe there is an Brazilian Olympian named Isabel Swan. Seems like you have company in this crazy twilight world. :D

Have a good one!

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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by EdwardHale »

I had to bump someone off my laptop so I could get back on, but I'm here now. Let's answer a few questions before we hit the hay :)
malaz wrote:haha, alright. now. i am wondering what on earth your hair colour is now since you said it's unknown haha.
I just read Cherokee's post and how she met you. ahhhh. it gave me goosebumps and i was smiling like a fool. seriously! you must be an edward! I mean, silver volvo, crooked smile, 17, tall, likes girls who blush ( :D ) and really really really hot - considering what cherokee wrote. ha!!! i am freaking out right now even though i said i wouldn't. sorry!! but yeah. nice to meet you Edward!
and just so you know - i am dead embarresed writing that^ :oops:
My hair color is a cross of red, brown, and blonde. Somewhere in the middle, I guess. And don't be embarrassed! A lot of girls seem to make fools of themselves in front of me (no offense). As Annie would say (and now I get it, Annie. Haha!), I dazzle people...even when I'm no where near them.
Hali wrote:Wow the similarities are uncanny! Now, if that special someone's name is Bella this is just gonna be too crazy for me, lol! Nice to meet you Edward, I'm Hali. Welcome to the world of Twilight :D
Her name isn't Bella...but I think she might be my very own personal Bella, if I can just figure out if she likes me or not.
*Bloodlust* wrote:Hey Edward! Haha I was wondering "Who the heck is this person that they've gotten two pages already?!" Now I see why...welcome to the lex. You have the MOST AWESOME NAME EVER. Seriously, I understand why people hyperventalate over your name. Good luck with the girls. Fair warning: We can get rabid!

Happy posting! :D
Rabid girls. Rabid fangirls. Rabid...OH! How about I call you all Rabid Fanpires? It's like a cult. Of course, Cherokee already has Team Edward Hale...oh well. An idea for later, I guess. Thank you, I think my name is quite awesome myself.
gimpat01 wrote:Wow - I think I feel bad for you... kinda.

I believe there is an Brazilian Olympian named Isabel Swan. Seems like you have company in this crazy twilight world. :D

Have a good one!

Is there, now? Isabel Swan. Quite strange. I believe Cherokee told me about a girl, here on the Lexicon, who ran into a woman name Isabella Swanson, who drives a truck practically identicle to Bella's...maybe I should look her up. You too, Katie.

Sorry I took so long to answer, and everything. SOMEONE thought it'd be funny to steal my laptop while I made sundaes. Not funny. She'll probably get it back now, though...
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by CamberXite »

Hey! I'm Camber (:
Welcome to the Lex!
PM me if you need anything yeah? Even if you're just up for a chat!
See you around <3
~ Camber
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by urcoolcarrie »

I'm urcoolcarrie! How are you?
I just got on this morning because I was at my friends house last night. Dang it! oh well. maybe I'll get on at the same time as you later on. :)
I like the whole rabid fanpire thing! Its in my signature because I like it so much. :D
hope youre having fun. this must be a bit weird for you. te he.
<3 kylee
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by EvenFreaksNeedLove »

I don't get it...


Welcome to the lex none the less. I hope you find it oh so very joyful here :)
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by arynlee »

hey i'm aryn welcome to lex...cool name by the way. i know how you feel bout the car my friend has the same car and everytime we go out and she drives we always get girls who will pull up next to us and scream literally OME ITS EDWARDS CAR although we laugh at this we still find it rather annoying haha anywho welcome to the lex once again hope to see you around the boards!
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by break4jake »

Hey! Welcome to the lex.


I just had to say that :D

I was going to come and offer my assistance if you had any questions, but it looks like you already have a lot of fans ;) well even so, feel free to PM me.

Just out of curiousity, once you've finished new moon, I want to know what you think about Jacob Black.
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by KittyYogi »

That's seriously your name? No offense but I'm kindof wondering if you're just doing this for attention. Not to say that you're not a good guy or anything, but you never can tell who or what is real online. For all we know you could be a fortysomething guy with a black mustache who drives a Nissan. Heh heh then again, so could I but I'm not afraid to post my picture. I already have a facebook and everything. Yup, legit. But I do believe that Facebook is the devil.

So, ok, say that I'm wrong and you are the real thing, then can you explain where your last name "Hale" has its roots? Is it English? Irish? I've been wondering.

Oh and one more thing. I hope that whoever you end up with, if it's this "special someone" or whoever, that they're with you because of YOU not because of the fact that you remind her of a fictional character.

So sorry to sound all harsh in the beginning but I'm just looking out for you. This Twilight phenomenon is pretty crazy and girls will KILL to be with a guy named "Edward" right now.

Best Wishes,

KittyYogi :)
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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by Leah »

Hi Edward, welcome to the lex!

When Cherokee told us the whole story I would've never thought that you would show up on a page like this....you have no idea what you're getting yourself into :D
Now I really hope you have a good time here and all this gushing isn't too annyoing for you.
And it is really a S60R you're driving? Because this is the most awesome car ever and not only because it's Edward's...uhm...you know, Edward Cullen's ( the name thing could get a little complicated... ;) )

(I'm sure I'm not the first or last to say this) But if you ever need anything or just want to chat, PM me.

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Re: Hi, um...I'm Edward.

Post by xoxocamille »


Your name is Edward Hale?
Holy crack!

Danng, there was this guy in my class today named Edward, I about jumped up just to see if it was Edward, and well, unfortunately, its a shame that the guy's name was Edward. LOL. Let's leave it at that.

And wait, you drive a Silver Volvo?!
Holy mother---------------- !

I-I don't even know what to say.
But uhm, welcome to the Lex!
Wow. Just wow.
*shakes head*
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