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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by stupid_lamb85 »

Ok I am having a bad computer day lol. I wrote a huge post yesterday adn just noticed it never showed up and now I wrote a huge post today and accidently hit the back button GRRRRR

what is on my screensaver and why?
I have no screensaver I turn off my moniter when I am not using it. My wallapaper is twilight poster with the words with the vampires of course at the top I change it all the time

NIMA: you should paint apples on the bra, glue on topaz sequins and glue on some red can see where my mind always is lol

BD as a movie: SM said in an interview she doens't know if she wants it as a movie because of renesmee she said CG would have to come alot further before she would allow it to be made. she said she will assess it after the other movies are done to see how well they could do it.

Twilight merch: I can't get and twilight merch I live in canada and to order anything from hot topic is 20 dollars shipping and handling so a 50 dollar sweater becomes 70 its in US dollars so its even more. It really bums me out all of it is one my xmas list but my mom and TH both think paying that much for shipping isn't worth it......:'( I will have to wait until after xmas to splurge
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by Bewitched »

QOTD: I have nothing on my screen saver because I'm lazy. I eventually want to have a slide show of Twilight pics.

Misfit: I feel your pain. I want to reread them but I'll wait till after the holidays. I don't do holidays very well and I don't need to get any more depressed.

Bac: I cried at the end of A Sweet Far Thing. Love your pic of Kartik.

Thank you Nima for the hip dents. I need my daily morning fix of hip dents, diet coke and munchos.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by nissanmama »

Bewitched wrote:I need my daily morning fix of hip dents, diet coke and munchos.
I LOVE Munchos!! So glad I'm not a lone. I swear, they taste like McDonald's french fries, which are, of course, the best. (How many commas was that?!) ... directlink
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by BlueStarlight »

O goodness! I haven't had Munchos in so long! Yummy!

QOTD- Hmm, my computer doesn't go to the screensaver... I think I need to check that! My wallpaper is a pic of me and hubby taken by a waterfall at the Old Stone Fort in TN.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by cullengirl »

Forgot the QOTDs!

Screen saver: I don't have one at the moment. I use to have the TW movie poster on my laptop, but then it died. I haven't been inspired to put one up.

Tw merchandise: I don't have anything besides the books. I made my own Tw t-shirt with the phrase "Edward prefers brunettes" on it. A friend of mine works at B&N and she gave me a button, t-shirt, and stickers she had left over from the BD release party.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by twilightmom »

QOTD: I have a photo of my son enjoying a popcicle (summertime) for the desktop. Then the screen saver is the photo collage of all of my digital photos (thousands of them dating back to 2001). It's fun to see some older photos pop up from time to time.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by vampman »


Not to go off subject here but if your lurking I have to tell you. If you watched last nights PD episode. I found it to be quite disturbing! Chuck went all Norman Bates Psycho on us! What was that all about!!!???
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by Spooncha »

My screen looks like this, but my screensaver is just a nebulous, flowing light effect that came with the computer. I can't have the picture I'd like on and all :twisted: .

Munchos are fantastic!!! I like Bugles, there! So many mysterious and repulsive foods to love!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by Misfit »

Thanks for all the help everyone funny thing happened last night I had my own dream of Bella, Edward, Nessie, Jacob, and even Charlie and Sue. I actually saw an entire plot outline the basic story the perspective everything it was strange like I was working as an editor or something.

QOTD: I have a custom Twilight screen saver on one computer, my works required screen saver on another, a very funny cartoon screen saver on yet another, and finally a custom Volvo C30 II (Not the one from the movie) on my personal laptop. <--- yes I am a geek.

Here you go just if you were wondering what I was dreaming about. lol - oh and just skip if you don't care!

Perspective - Nessie
Plot - Alice is still watching the Volturi. 5 years have passed Charlie not wanting to know still sees Bella, Edward, and Nessie. Charlie is also seeking advice from Edward on an uncomfortable subject for Charlie; Romance. Charlie plans to ask Sue Clearwater to marry him but he is not really sure how. Although Alice can see directions/decisions the Volturi make she doesn't know reasons. She pays little attention when Jane and Demetri leave and their destination doesn't put them on the door step of any of their friends.

Jane and Demetri are hunting down Joham the father of Nahuel. They take him along with his three sisters back to the Volturi but of course Alice can't see the Half Vampires.

Edward, Bella, Nessie and Jacob head to South America to spend time with Zafrina before Nessie is fully grown. While there Nahuel comes to find Zafrina to tell her about Joham and his three sisters capture. Nahuel was after Joham himself because a 4th sister had recently been created he managed to get her before the Volturi. Her description of comments made by Jane and Demetri surprise and scare the Cullens.

The rest of the story is a mad dash to protect and warn their friends the story leaves open ended as Amun's coven becomes the first target for vengeful Volturi.

I know I sleep strangely but it pulled me out of my depression as I just continued the story....crazy.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by una »

Misfit, your dreams rival some movies I watch! Thanks for sharing! I feel your pain about post-BD depression. It is why I've read the first three book four times and BD once. I am still trying to build up myself to read it again. But the holidays can sometimes negatively affect me so I'm holding off until next year.

Nima nice choice for the professor! You know, I'd let him comfort me and read poetry to me anytime! :twisted:

QOTD: My screen background is a picture hubby took of our kitty, Midori, when he was sitting at the computer playing with his new digital camera. My screen saver is a collection of digital pictures of friends and family (including pets). I just love seeing them and clients and coworkers get a kick out of them as well. Who needs pictures of family framed around the office when you can just check out your computer monitor. Saves money on frames, that is for sure! :D

I love Bugles but never had Munchos. Course, now that I'm older, potatoes do not like me even though I still like them. :cry: It's very sad since in my family, I still make the BEST mashed potatoes (they are nicknamed Molly-Mashers) and yet I can't eat them anymore.

Cullengirl and Stupid_Lamb my heart goes out to you both today. Nothing worse than a day that starts out terrible! I hope you can get things straighten out with the college, CG! And when all else fails Stupid_Lamb threaten your computer, tell it you'll drop kick it out the window. Sometimes a little fear is all that a machine needs to start working properly! :D
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