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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

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Ambrosia wrote:You are completely right. I hadn't even thought of Bill Nighy. He would be PERFECT for Aro. Did they every say how old Aro was supposed to be? For some reason I'm thinking a bit younger, but Bill Nighy is the exact picture I had in my mind.
According to the timeline, the Volturi trio and their wives form their group about 400 BC. We don't know how long they were alive before then or how old they were when they were turned into vamps. What we do have about their description is that unlike the Denali who came into being around 1000 AD, the Volturi have taken on that aged "onion-skinned" appearance from lack of activity. They sit in their castle holding court and rarely go out. The Denali retain thier appearance of youth because they are actively hunting and moving about. ... directlink
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by bac »

I took Gas_Man to see Twilight last night. We had some fun laughs, enjoyed the romance, and were excited for the action scenes. It was a great date. He liked it and found it very entertaining. There was one part that he had "difficulty" with. He did not particularly like the face off in the baseball field when the vamps were all hissing at each other. He expected them to start snapping and breaking out in "COOL" "GO" "CRAZY" "Boy, Boy, crazy boy, stay cool boy" (a la West Side Story). He loved the romantic parts and thought the kissing scene in Bella's bedroom was HOT. So there is a review from him.

I liked seeing it again. (Only my 2nd time) One of the things I was able to notice more and really enjoy was the music and what music played where and how it felt with the movie. I loved the instrumental score when the vamps come in. It is cool. Overall I enjoyed the movie a lot and can forgive some of the minor things that bother me.

We just decorated a gingerbread house. I have to admit that I am not one who is able to make a gingerbread house from scratch (like my mom used to do). I buy a kit and this year it was a Willy Wonka one that had Wonka candy. Boy, the girls loved that! Nerds, bottlecaps, pixie sticks, sweatarts, and runts...I think there was a lot of candy eating in the process of decorating the house. It was fun.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by stupid_lamb85 »

QOTD: I agree with the whole Dakota fanning as JAne. I know I am skipping a few books but aliec should be that little boy from the ring...HE IS CREEPY ... orfman.jpg

I was watching a movie last night called what dreams may come and robin williams calls his wife bella TH just looked at me and shook his head at my gasp. I also have TH leaned towards Bella or Alice as a name for our next child if its a girl and I am working on him for Jasper he agrees it for a middle name but he isn't sure about it as a first name. my mom says Alice is a terrible name it makes her think of a diner wattress and says she will be ugly...someone alwyas has something to say with peoples choice of names for there kids! I am reading the first house of night again now that I have completed my 6th round of twilight I am thinking of moving on to BDB instead I still don't own wrath and phury...and I can't buy them before xmas because they ar eon my list.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by Misfit »

Ambrosia wrote:Misfit, I absolutely LOVE the Blue Bloods books. They are definitely not on par with anything Stephenie writes, but i thought it was at least along that same line. I really got into the story. I love how they incorporated actual US history (i.e. the mystery of Roanoke, etc.) into the story. I thought that was really clever.
It did start out a bit slow, but after that the rest of the first book and the second fly by.

I have read the first two, but I've not picked up the third yet. How far are you in the series?
Hey I agree she doesn't do a good job in the first book introducing us to her world. She puts to much time into describing the clothes and junk. That said I love the series I have finished what she has published right now which is three books. These are not for the children as talk of sex, smoking, and drinking is very heavy in all three books. Yes her writing is a bit rough but her story is solid the first three books could make a great movie and I bet Ashley Green (Alice) could play Sky really well.

Oh and after TwiDealer's Christmas party a small group of us went guest it saw the movies again. Most people have seen it at least 4 times now in our group TwiDealer and I saw it for our 5th time. Sadly we feel like we might have to see it once more before it ends it's big screen run.

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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by cullengirl »

I'm being to think that I should see the movie for the second time. I've heard from lots of people and read from y'all that the second plus screenings of the movie makes it more enjoyable.

bac- Glad you and GM had a nice date. Did you get a chance to stop by and have mushroom ravoli (sp?) and 2 cokes too? Btw, Willy Wonka candy rocks!

Stupidlamb85- He's one creepy kid. I didn't see that movie, but I remember feeling creeped out when I saw the trailer.

Ok, I'm gonna go and work on my final project. *sigh*
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by Variety »

Spooky - I read The Hunger Games, and I highly recommend it. It's made my list of favorite books (and I'm picky). I don't know what I think about sequels, because I mostly enjoyed it from a sociological/moralistic standpoint.

A few other actors to think about for possible Volturi . . . Jason Isaacs for Aro and Julian McMahon for Caius.

Last night, my mom had her annual "grandkid Christmas party," followed by dinner for us all. She had a gingerbread house for each of us (families) to decorate. She didn't want to make that many (6), so she bought kits. Well, I had a migraine, so I went home and let my husband decorate the house with our kids. Look what they brought home. Not a gingerbread "house," but a gingerbread "shop." (My husband owns a mechanic shop - named The Car Doctors.) Complete with customer's cars, a car being towed in, and jeeps (he's into off-roading). I guess I should have expected something like this, considering he wants to decorate a Christmas tree with spark plugs and tools.

I am quite jealous of all of you who have seen the movie more than once. I keep trying, but I haven't had a chance. Well, classes are over Wednesday, and finals are over next Wednesday, so I'll have 2 WHOLE DAYS alone before my kids are out for Christmas, so I'll will see it then, for sure. I'm looking forward to enjoying it more the second time around, and paying better attention to the music this time.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by una »

Thank you to all who posted pet pictures, they are lovely and it was fun to see them (even the inked pets). Sorry, Nima, I didn't think our virtual pet pictures would affect your allergies, we'll be much more careful next time! :D

I'm catching up, but so far I love all the suggestions for the Volturi. I especially liked the blond girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...the angel face would go well since I'm sure she can have the evil eyes... My impression of Jane was always - at first glance they (both Jane and Alec) would look like little angles but then they would speak or inflict their powers...then eat you. :twisted:

I would love to see the movie again, but goodness. There is NEVER enough hours in the weekend. We did see Daddy at the shelter but it turns out he hates cats and can jump over fences that are 5.5 feet tall. He unfortunately wouldn't work in our house. :cry: We looked at many other animals but none that would fit in our home dynamic. I was heartbroken that I wasn't able to save a pet, but there were a lot of people there looking for pets so that's good. We are going to keep watching, I'm sure our next addition is just waiting to find us and vice versa. Needless to say our house is still not decorated.

Welcome back Ren and Spookybella, we've missed you!!!

New book series, I just started the Nightworld series. I've read the first two books and they were really good. I'm starting the third one tonight after I grade assignments, argh.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by BlueStarlight »

Variety wrote:A few other actors to think about for possible Volturi . . . Julian McMahon for Caius.

OME- seriously, he is so hot! With longer hair, he'd make the PERFECT Caius!!

I am quite jealous of all of you who have seen the movie more than once. I keep trying, but I haven't had a chance. Well, classes are over Wednesday, and finals are over next Wednesday, so I'll have 2 WHOLE DAYS alone before my kids are out for Christmas, so I'll will see it then, for sure. I'm looking forward to enjoying it more the second time around, and paying better attention to the music this time.
*Snickers!* I'm going to see it again tomorrow afternoon- this will make my 5th time. I think this is one movie that will be better on the big screen, for reasons like the baseball game and ballet studio fight; also for just my google-eyed reasons of watching the spectacular entrances of the Cullens at school and Carlisle in the ER!!!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

Variety: Excellent suggestions! Jason Isaacs and Julian McMahon play both good and evil extremely well, and look hot doing it.

I finished my Christmas tree today. My tree is 7 feet at hubby is 6'1 and has to reach to put up my highest ornaments for me. After taking the picture I see a couple of things that need tweaking. I'm so OCD that I'll be tweaking that tree until I take it down. Sometime this week I need to display my Christmas village.

3 more days of school! I'm going home tomorrow and shopping. Woo!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

Post by spookybell »

dang it lynzeee. you are a fsater reader than me. I sat and read like 125 pages of BDB#1

I am enjoying it but not loving it. I wana like the cop, but all the cop story bores me. I love learning about the brotherhood. Dang it... something happens to Thor??? No really no worries. I can hardly keep people straight. 16 Characters were intoduced in chaper one and I think 6 were main characters. Wraith has jusy brought Beth home and explained. They remind me of Edward and Bella. 2 hard people who have no time, desire or energu for love and it falls on them. Beth is still human. Poor Marissa.

I wish i could read like all of you, I like reading but NEVER seem to be able to make time for it.

I do feel like I need to go back to everyone's ideas's of pictures for wach character and print, lable and post them on my cork board like a police station. I can't keep them straight. Beth. I have no idea what she looks like. Wrath and those damn glasses and his long blak hair. And all the leather is too much leather!!!!! But please people stop placing "The Rock" as these characters. It will violently transform my love for a character.

I wish I was the casting diretor and I just went to you all for advice. I mean really. No s#*t that is my graduating field of study. I have now learned where to get great casting ideas for movies... fan websites. Please the fans and the fans will pay. Piss off the fans and the fans will stray.

Here is the one thing I wonder... Who will they cast as Benjamin?

My dad thought Jacob was going to imprint and End Up with Leah. He was back into bella's book, so there were clues... only if you knew.... I couln't wait until he found out. my Dad does not like Jacob... Just halfway therough BD he accepted him. Age effects what you like in this book.

Bac... any vampire hisses. From BDB to Bram Strokers to Lost Boys... Vampires hiss. If you know vapires. It is very natural.

Stupid Lamb... the little boy or the littel girl from the Ring? I remember a creepy girl. That movie tained my ability to enjoy horor pictures. Thanks for the photo. He was in the Ring? Did he do something with a balloon? Draw Pictures... Come to think of it a lot of kid actors can be #1 totally creepy or #2 cabbage patch sweet and cute. No grey area.

Cullengirl... see the movie a second time. I believe that it can only make it better.

Variety - Thanks... I am glad to know...I am enjoying it. It took me a chapter to get into it. I miss not knowing certain thinks are spelled, like Gayle... and I am so early inthe book. It's a scary thought... I also want to know how Hamitch's name is spelled. Weird stuff likt that. I'd like for tome to ponder the changes in the world, but that is hard when you listen to it.

I reject both Jason Isaacs for Aro and Julian McMahon to Blah... and Isaacs is too Isaacsy.

OMG Bluestarlight... and I am daydreaming about a 4th... but not necessary. Now I hunker down for the DVD & pray for good extras and good comentary by actors. I do think the movie gets better with age or viewings.
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