Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

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Wow, lots of new faces here in the gutter. Howdy everyone (( from one of the originals ))

Just wanted to pop in and say a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SOMETHING BLUE!!! For a girl who's always blue, you're sure a lot of fun. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

(( hugs and kisses))
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

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twilightmom wrote:Gutter Gals & Guys: Bad to the Core OR :The Core Discussion... I know, they are both really bad!
*Snort* I'm speechless....

Happy Birthday to our Godmother, Something Blue! Hope your day is filled with guttery goodness :twisted:

It's been freezing. I don't know how Oleander and LadyDi can take this weather in Canada. Stay warm ladies!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

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HaPpY BiRtHdAy SoMeThInG BlUe!


I'll PM December to tell her we're on page 100. I copied all the thread name suggestions and will give them to her. I texted Nena, but she's out of town.

Here are the names I'm submitting:
Gutter Gals & Guys:
To Fang or not to Fang.
Paranormal Studs and Babes.
Vampires Behaving Badly. The Discussion.
Where Vampires are all the Rhage!
Researching Kitchen Models
Bad to the Core OR :The Core Discussion
Hunting for the Dark
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Simp: Great banner!! Miss you!
Squee! Thank you, Nena!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys - Baking Peach Cobbler

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And now...time for a new thread!
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