Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

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Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by December »

The latest avatar of the Gutter Thread (I think we've all lost count by now...).

This is the PG+ (or maybe PG-13!) rated Adult thread. For G-rated conversations, see the Heavenly Hash Adult Thread.

Here are Ouisa's original thread guidelines, carried over from previous threads. If you are new to this thread, PLEASE READ THEM:

Welcome to the Gutter: please follow these rules to prevent us all from drowning in this thread or any other.

It is important to remember that the main forums are not a chat room or an IM feature. Posts need to be of some length and relate to the topic. One line posts, especially just saying LOL or something similar take up a lot of room and are hard for people to wade through when they have many pages to catch up on.

Related to that, it's not necessary to post just to say good morning, goodnight or to "keep the thread alive." You can certainly say good morning at the top of your first post of the day, but don't make it the ONLY thing you say. As for keeping the thread alive, it's not going anywhere. It will still be here long after all of us have moved on to newer things.

Quoting. The quote feature is neat. And helpful but when quoting, delete out the parts of the quote that aren't necessary to your response. Quoting, especially when pictures are included take up TONS of room on the lex and make it hard for all of us. It's quick and easy to cut out the parts that are unnecessary. Quoting is also one of the easiest places to fall into IM behavior. It is so frustrating to have to scroll through tons of quotes just to get an "I agree." questions that don't benefit the whole group, or are directed at one person need to go into the PM feature. If we constantly repost things like links or topics from the past, we burn through unnecessary pages.

Straying off topic. This one is probably the hardest, since we are an off-topic thread. So I can't ask for much here, perhaps just a little mindfulness when it comes to posting. Consider if it is something for the whole group, or something that belongs in a PM.

Those of us who started out on this thread LOVE it. It has been our home here. We love new people, and new ideas. We do want everyone to play nice and have fun. We would hate for something to happen to this thread.

This thread (well version 2 of this thread) started as a "safe" place that adults could come and discuss the books, theories, and a few other topics. Many of us felt we had little in common with the teens that posted on the majority of the threads. Also many of us were very put off by all the hate post-eclipse or by getting flamed for our more adult opinion based on our broader experience. Usually someone would post a question and we would all weigh in. It was great!
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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

I'm first! I've never been first on the Gutter. Love the title December! Great choice (and it wasn't even mine). :lol:

Let's carry over our birthday wishes for SomethingBlue to our new Gutter thread.

Happy Birthday, Godmother!!


I took it upon myself to excuse the no image policy (it's still small though) since it is in honor of the Gutter Godmother.
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Squee! Thank you, Nena!
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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by twilightmom »

Sweet, am I actually second to post on the new thread? (I actually just tried to post and I'm not sure what happened. I hope this doesn't end up being a double post!)

This was a suggested title from the last go around. I think it was Misfit, kuddos!

Happy Birthday Something Blue!
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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by Teak »

Happy Birthday blue!!! Hope you are having a fabulous day!! :mrgreen: 8-)

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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by Misfit »

I am posting a message for the simple reason I need to track it in my "View Your Posts" section. Is that bad? You know I took that quiz for New Moon and found something I have never read by SM.

This is really end of Twilight and New Moon. Really loved it though.

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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by LadyDi »

To try and obey the thread rules (must ... be ... good ...), let me try and relate our new thread's title to Twilight and our post-teen views.
How "badly" could Nessie ever behave? I can't see her doing anything that would tick off her parents (she's so well behaved). I know many of us have seen those photos on the Internet of the kids painting their parents TV and couch with white paint - have your kids (or nieces/nephews, for those in the Gutter sans kids of their own) ever behaved super-badly that you've wanted the earth to swallow you (or them) whole?
(And yes, I did catch the gutter innuendo of the title, but I have an idea just how "badly" Edward and Emmett - and Bella and Rosalie - can behave.)
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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by Wingtear »

Woot woot, new thread!

How badly could Nessie behave?
Well, she's all sweet and innocent in the end of breaking dawn, but she is very mature, beyond her mythological-physical years and -way- beyond her 'real'-physical months...
I think she will give at least Edward quite the headache as she grows up. We do all remember what Bella tried to persuade Edward to to prior to marriage, right? Well, Nessie has a destined mate (well, that's true, whether one likes it or not) that will obey her every wish...
And with the rate she's learning things, my guess is, it wouldn't take her very long to pick up a thing or two from Emmett and Rosalie...
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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by ellalou73 »

YAY for the new thread.

I like this topic, and as to the question about how bad could Nessie act? That is a difficult question to answer due to how mature she is from the get go. I don't know as a teen how bad she would be, but I can guess that she might do things on her own not really thinking them through and get in trouble that way, though I don't know that I would ever see Edward getting mad at her. Now if you put that in to context with Jacob, I do see him blaming Jacob for anything that happened if the two of them were together, and Nessie being upset by that.

As for the rest of them, I like the thoughts LadyDi posted about just how bad Rosalie Emmett, Edward and Bella could get. I think Rosalie and Emmett more so the Edward and Bella, but then again the way the book went maybe Edward and Bella would give them a run for their money.
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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by somethingblue »

Thank you so much to everyone in the gutter for the wonderful birthday wishes! I had the most excellent day and Mr. Blue had a very special Twilight themed birthday cake made for me: ... MG2760.jpg Wasn't that incredibly romantic? Next weekend is my birthday date with Mr. Blue, this weekend was all family, bowling, dinner and fun! My friend Elle took out me out for girl's night Friday and then my family was in town for so much fun yesterday! It was truly a great birthday!

Thank you again for the birthday wishes. I would not have met all of the amazing and fabulous peeps of mine had it not been for the Lex and the Adult Fan Roll Call thread that started this all nearly 2 years ago!

Many, many hugs!

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Re: Gutter Guys & Gals-- Vampires Behaving Badly: The Discussion

Post by una »

Happy Belated Birthday SomethingBlue!!! Sounds like you had a nice day with family and the cake is great! Good job Mr.Blue!

I think Nessie could be the child we all dream of. But then again, there is no such thing as a perfect child because as they will rub the wrong way - it's nature way of telling both parent and child - time to leave the nest. But I'm sure they will enjoy the journey as a family.

*sniffing* Ah, I do love new thread smell!
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