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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by velvet409 »

*knocks timidly on HH door, pokes head in and waves sheepishly* :blush:

Hi there everyone. Soooooo sorry I’ve been absent so long. As I mentioned in my last post, the week before Christmas I came down with a nasty stomach flu that put me out of commission for three days. Then I recovered from that just in time to come down with a respiratory infection. I had to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. I was supposed to go up to my parents’ house for the holidays but I was too sick to make the drive, so at the last minute my parents ended up having to drive down to stay with me instead.

And the fun didn’t stop there. On Christmas Eve, we went over to a friend’s house and her neighbor backed out of his driveway and into my car which was parked in the street. Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage was minor, but I was a little freaked out at first because I was actually next to my car when it happened (we had just gotten out of the car) and he hit only a few feet from where I was standing. He was very apologetic and took full responsibility for the accident so his insurance paid to repair the damage to my car ($1,000 total) and for my rental while it was in the shop. I was actually pleasantly surprised how easy and stress-free everything went. The insurance company arranged everything for me and they were very nice. I dropped my car off at the body shop on Monday January 2nd and it was fixed by Friday. I didn’t have to pay anything.

My parents and I did manage to get in a viewing of Breaking Dawn while they were visiting. Ginnie was nice enough to join us too. We had a funny encounter at the theater. The ticket taker noticed what movie we were seeing and said my dad had his sympathy for my mom and me dragging him to see BD. :roll: My dad proudly replied that he loved Twilight and was excited to see the movie. Of course the employee looked at him like he was crazy and should hand over his man-card immediately. :lol: Overall we had a nice visit. Also my trainer got me a BD calendar for Christmas! :D

My coworker brought her twins around the office yesterday. They’ve about doubled in size from the last time I saw them. At that time they were only about two weeks old and so tiny (probably the length of my forearm). Now they’re both the size of full-term babies (over 7 lbs) so they’re doing well. Meanwhile, my other pregnant coworker went into early labor on New Year’s Eve and ended up having an emergency c-section because the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. It was surprising because her pregnancy had been so easy, no complications whatsoever. He’s been in the NICU for pneumonia, but he’s getting better and should be going home any day now.

I have also realized that I have the best bosses on the planet. Every year for Christmas they give out bonuses. This year was no exception and I was very happy with the gift. So I was surprised when last week my boss handed me an envelope and said it was a token of their appreciation for all the work that I do. Inside was a check for nearly double what they had already given me for Christmas! :swoon: My jaw about hit the floor. Essentially I got two Christmas bonuses and now I am pretty much set for Chicago. :clap:

So it's been an eventful couple of weeks for me. Now I'm totally getting jazzed to meet up with Caryn and Ginnie for breakfast on Friday! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

I've been really slacking on the Robcrack too so here's some sexy struttin' for you all (thanks Caryn ;) ).
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by missp »

Hi, Y’all! I’ve decided that if our sinuses aren’t totally necessary, we should just have them ripped out at birth! One day they’re packed and as dry as cotton balls, the next day they’re draining and my nose is running off my face. This weather, warm one day and frigid the next, is not helping either! ARG!!!
God is just AWESOME!!! I didn’t really want to go to New Orleans this weekend. I was only going to keep my friend from having to go by herself with the kids. I was dreading the drive down and back. Well, her hubs is going to make it home in time to go! YAY!! I get to stay home!!

LYNNE~~ Little Man sounds so growny¬-fied! I bet he had a big old time playing on that slide today. Tonise and water slides don’t get along. Especially when there’s near drowning and mooning a lifeguard involved! LOL!
MARIELLE~~ I know what you mean about people not being able to function without you at work. My students make an art out of calling my name 1000 times a day. Some days, I want to change my name, nationality, and just run away! :lol:
SEAN~~ I love the reports we get from you on your food adventures! I am a foodie and love to hear how you try new things! How did your lunchable style pizzas turn out?
JACLYN~~ I loved the invite you posted on FB! I just know your wedding is going to be an epic event! I can’t wait to see all the pics you’ll post! You’re going to make a beautiful bride! :D
JENN JENN~~ I came home yesterday with a sinus headache and took an hour long nap myself! Obviously, your body needed some rest!
SUSIE~~ Oh no!! Not again! I am so concerned about you and that knee! You just have to be in top form by June and the HH Con! I know it had to have been so painful yesterday! Yes, I did root for Bama last night. I am very proud that we have two great SEC teams in this state. If it can’t be my WAR EAGLES winning the title, I like to see Bama have it. I got a PM from Pel yesterday that said she’d love to be with us for the HH Con but that she’d made previous travel plans already. We may just have to start shaking things up a bit! We have 12 definite yes answers and 10 maybes. We need to move the maybes over to one or the other… yes or no. Hmm… hair appointment… my hair is definite need of help! I need a haircut and a color! I just can’t seem to find the time right now!
CARYN~~ Have fun in Orlando!! Yes, Bama did play a very good game. I would never have thought they would have shut old LSWho out completely. I had even made the statement that LSU was unbeatable this year. Well, I stand corrected. :?
AMY~~ Hiya!! It’s good to be back and even better to be missed! How did Monkey do with his first dentist visit? That’s always a scary thing!
ASHLEY~~ Glad you stopped in to say hello! I hope you’re having a good week!
CHRISTINA~~ Sheesh! You’ve had a rough time of it lately! I’m glad things are better now! I love the story about your dad and BD1! We’ll let him keep his man-card! I think it’s adorable! Enjoy your visit with CARYN and GINNIE! Speaking of visits… what say you about the HH Con 2012? Do I add you to the yes list or the no list?

Ok… I am off to Fish and Mingle for a few minutes! See Y’all tomorrow for Hump Day!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello all~

Missp~ I knew you'd be happy about Bama's win. They really put it to the Tigers, although it's almost like LSU forgot to show up at the game. :dizzy: I hope you feel better soon, and I can imagine how this freakishly warm weather is wreaking havoc with sinuses everywhere. We've expecting the weather here to turn cold Thursday--is it the same for you? I'm happy that you're happy you'll be able to stay home this weekend. Sometimes the best and most relaxing weekends involve a whole lot of nothin'. ;)

Christina~ I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better, and hope you had a nice visit with your parents. What a bummer to be sick over the holidays! And then to have the minor fender bender in the neighbor's driveway.... :shock: I'm glad to hear you (or no one else) was injured, but don't you think Edward should have safely thrown you out of the way of the oncoming vehicle? :D Congrats on receiving your Christmas bonuses--well deserved for all the hard work you do, I'm sure.

Caryn~ I hope you and the boys have a safe and wonderful trip, and success in the soccer tourney as well. Have a great time meeting up with Ginnie and Christina again. You can never have too much Rob, of course....but I kind of wish he wasn't going to be at the People's Choice Awards either. I've never been fond of that particular awards show and the production always seems to be mediocre, at best. But maybe Rob wants to be there to show support for his fans? ;) Betty White will probably end up sitting in his lap at some point during the evening. :lol:

Susie~ I'm so sorry about your knee hon....bless your heart. We'll send you postive vibes for some relief from the pain and discomfort. I know it totally cramps your style, but are you continuing to ice and elevate? Does wrapping the knee in Ace wrap or some type of Neoprene sleeve help with the pain and edema? Rob is definitely "dreamy" in that particular screencap. I loved that entire sweet and romantic street party scene, and know we have Bill Condon (and maybe even MR?) to thank for its inclusion in the movie.

Jaclyn~ Your wedding plans seem to be coming along swimmingly. Can you believe that it'll be here before you know it? The invitations are just beautiful. Please know that we'll be with you both in spirit, and we look forward to hearing about all the festivities afterwards. ;)

Amy~ Good to hear from you again and hope that things are well. How was your son's first dental apppointment? I think Breaking Dawn is still playing in a couple of theaters nearby, but with only one or two showings a day.

Lynne~ I'll try to "like" your video again, although I've been a little leery of youtube and other sites because of our recent computer issues. Maybe one of the mods would know a good place to post a link of your video around the Lex to attract more viewers. A water park sounds like an excellent way to deal with the sun and heat. How exciting that your little boy is going down the slide by himself...yet another milestone surpassed. Keep us posted on any upcoming news from your publisher--sending postive vibes your way for good news. You dreamed that Marielle was a lounge singer? Too funny. Hey...maybe that's the new career and fresh start she's seeking. :D

Marielle~ It sounds like you're gradually getting your i's dotted and t's crossed for your trip this spring. I'm sorry you're still somewhat unhappy and unfulfilled by your current job (please see the end of my post to Lynne above). Have you ever undergone any type of career counseling or aptitude tests which might help indicate interests or fields you haven't considered?

Jenn Jenn~ Never underestimate the importance of a good nap! :sleep:

Desiree~ I'll get out my pitchfork too regarding Summit's lack of extended/deleted scenes on the BD Part 1 DVD. Trying to look on the bright side here..... at least we'll have the DVD in hand about a month from now. ;)

Ashley, Sean, Jenn Jenn, and Songbird~ Hello to you and anyone else I've missed.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

Caryn - yes, there's a photo about which shows Betty White's photo on the seat next to Rob's, and it looks legit! I'd say, between the two of them, the entire row will probably be laughing their heads off all night! They should get up and host the show together!

Christina - wow, it sounds like you had an adventurous Christmas! I'm glad that you and the car are now okay. I love your story about your dad! :lol: My husband would have accepted the ticket taker's commiserations! Glad that your co-workers' babies (both co-workers) are all doing well now. And congratulations on the bonus!

Tonise - is there something wrong with mooning a lifeguard? ;)

Tracy - Yes, he's growing up fast! He'll be starting school in less than two weeks!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody…

Can you believe it we are halfway through the week!!!


I’m late at work so I’ll just jump to the posts…

Lynne, thanks for the book tip, I’ll have a look if they sell it here, I’m very interested in scripts. So it will be good reading anyway.
I’m so jealous of your weather, we are getting the first real frost period. I’m so not looking forward to that!

Sean, I find it really strange that you don’t get to see a lot from Dakar because Robby Gordon is doing really well…

Jaclyn, I really love your invitation, especially the way your parents invite people to your wedding. Is that tradition in Scotland?
Like I said on FB, I really wish I could come, I have had a look at plane tickets, those are doable, it’s the hotels that are very expensive… what would your fiancé say if one of us would show up…

Susie, you really need to sort out your knee quickly, if you wait too long you’ll be still recovering when the HH-con is…and please please please be careful with what you do. What did your hub say when you told him you hurt your knee even more?
Hihi, you can give me all the advise you want, sometimes they are pretty useful, this time how ever, I think I’m past the ability to visualize good things, normally I would visualize things with that hot co-worker, I know it will and can never happen I love my bf way too much to even consider reality but it makes being at work more fun…but sometimes you just got to move on…

Caryn, oh my god I should have known that one!!! Yes the dvd box got a lot of new footage for me, like I said the BTS take about 16 hours, especially the last dvd is nice with all the goodbyes and wrap parties, I really have to laugh about that, Orlando, Viggo and the two hobbits are so funny. Did you know Viggo bought a horse for one of the stunt woman, she really wanted the horse, (she was in love with it) but she couldn’t afford it, that sweet guy just bought it for her…

Amy, being a storm chaser has been one of my long time ambitions, ever since Twister came out I have been fascinated with them… I like the idea of teaching at high school because that’s where the kids can be influenced most, there they are really shaped for the outside world, you can help them become good people.

Christina, wow, bad Christmas right…ah maybe you have a better year this year…Aaw you must be really proud of your dad…Give your boss a hug from me, thanks to him we will meet in Chicago!!!

Tonise, we think the same, would it be nice sometimes to just disappear. Even for a few days… nobody nagging or wanting you to fix everything in their live…

Tracy, nah, I won’t be any good as a singer…believe me you don’t want that…
I did go trough two days of aptitude testing for career counseling after I got sick, they always point to science and history, which I honestly love but that field is so big choosing a specific direction is hard…I just need to find something I can enjoy for a longer time than two years.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

marielle - don't be too jealous, it's been stinking hot here today. About 99 degrees fahrenheit. Fortunately the humidity has been lower today, or that would have made it worse.

I hope that book does help you. It certainly helped me. I bought my copy on ebay. It's very practical and step-by-step. In spite of knowing next to nothing about script writing it helped me write a script that got a "well written" from a professional, so it must have been okay.

I love that montage of Bella and Edward! I must confess I was caught by the sight of Rob's arms. He looked ... quite muscular. Not as much as Taylor Lautner, but I don't like guys who are hugely muscly like that. Rob's physique is much more appealing!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by dazzel21 »

Hi Everyone!!!

Just a drive by post today. I'm so tired. Traffic on the way home really beat me up. My supposed to be 15 minute cab ride from the metro train to our home took me an hour and a half because of the freaking traffic. And because I haven't watch the news, I didn't know that there was a re routing of traffic because apparently Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner are in Manila filming "Bourne Legacy". They close the main road somewhere in Makati, which is the main business district here in the Philippines for the whole day. Why can't they do it on a weekend :cry: . It's bad enough when its a regular day, add to the fact that there are Hollywood celebrity roaming around the streets of Manila and its utter chaos.

I need to go to bed. News says the filming is about to continue for a month :shock: and in many different location around the city. They have got to be kidding!!! I need to wake up really early tomorrow to avoid the traffic rush.

Good night everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Songbird »

Ok. I totally cheated and took notes so I wouldn't forget anyone.

Jaclyn, that is so great that you got your honeymoon booked and got your rings. Where are you going on honeymoon? I loved your invitations, too! So simple and fresh! So many now are gaudy or overdone and yours are nice and clean looking. And perfect for a spring wedding!

Susie, How old are your students? I was very lucky when I got over here that I had one particular teacher that was a grammar fanatic. That's what I need. I HAVE to know the rules. Everyone always says "just speak up, and if you make mistakes, it's no big deal" but if you learn it the wrong way, it's SO much harder to change later. When I started school, we had to take a 5 part exam first to see what we already knew in Dutch (writing, speaking, listening, reading, and speed) and how fast we recognize patterns/learn. So I barely spoke a word of dutch, but I did really well on the speed test and they put me in a group that was already on chapter 21 of the books...all the grammar was in chapters 1-19. So I missed all the grammar and got only vocabulary. But one of my teachers was very patient, explained the grammar rules when I needed them, and he told me "Take your time when speaking, even if it takes a long time. Think it out, the other person will wait, and it will be easier than correcting it later if you've hurried and not learned the correct sentence structure." Then a few weeks later, we had vacation, and I came back to hear my other teacher had given my name up for an even higher level class because I was doing so well in his class. I panicked, but it was the best thing that could have happened because one of the 2 new teachers I had was a grammar goddess and she gave us mountains of grammar worksheets. If not for her, I would not be fluent in Dutch. Language/grammar teachers make SUCH a difference. I have the utmost respect for what you do!
I'm sorry you hurt your knee you have a brace for it or would that not help? LOVE that pic of Rob and Kris in the looks like a perfume commercial...he looks very seduced by her scent.

, I remember that flooding last year. One of my friends from the Harry Potter site lives in Oz and she was telling us about it and I think her ex husband had been evactuated, or close to. I'm so sorry to hear that it's still not completely over for some people. The waterpark sounds fun! Does your son have swimming lessons? I tried to like your video on youtube but it doesn't work...nothing happens. Do you have to have an account?

Sean, Is Secret War a movie or is it something that was on TV? It sounds very interesting.

Desiree, yes, we're all upset about the extras, too. They BETTER put them on the BD2 dvd when it comes out or they might just have a riot on their hands!

Tonise, That's great that you get to stay home! I love to travel, but sometimes it's nice just to have a weekend to yourself to not have to go anywhere. Isn't AA a Christian thing? I thought one of the steps had to do with accepting God. I could be wrong, never having been to an AA meeting, but I know my cousin did AA and he became extremely religious through the experience.

Marielle, Be careful with not making reservations for hotels. It will be the height of tourist season and depending on what's going on, you may end up sleeping in your car. 2 summers ago, we went to my brother's wedding in Laramie Wyoming. It's less than an hour away from Cheyenne...we had not counted on the fact that Cheyenne Frontier Days (a big rodeo, concerts every night, carnival, fair) was starting just as we arrived in Denver. It's a 4 hour drive from Denver to Laramie and we had just spent several hours on a plane and wanted to get a motel for the night. Every motel within 100 miles of cheyenne was booked solid. So I would check the areas where you'll be driving just to make sure there's nothing big going on in those areas to prevent you from getting a room if you don't book in advance. Most reputable places will let you reserve with a late check-in so you can take your time with traveling, (if you don't check in by 16:00, a lot of places will consider you a no show and give your room away, unless you reserved for late check in) if that's what you are worried about if you reserve.

Marielle and Tracy, the lounge singing business might be fun! I love to sing, and I'm pretty good at it, but I don't like to sing solo in front of people if I can help it. There are exceptions, of course....I have an easier time if I'm in a musical because it's not "me", it's a character. I feel less vulnerable. Maybe we could be like Milli Vanilli...I'll be your singing voice and you can be the face!

JennJenn, Sometimes you just HAVE to have a nap. Glad you got one since your body must have needed it!

Caryn, Are you doing anything fun besides soccer while you're there? Rob AND Betty White? I never watch awards programs, but those 2 together might be worth it! I LOVE Betty White. She's hilarious!!

Amy, I don't like the cold, but I love snow. I wish someone would send us some, too. That's so neat that your family is into Twilight. That marathon sounds they do it all at once though? That would be really long!

Marielle and Amy, storm chasing would be really exciting, but I wouldn't be gutsy enough to do it. That's one nice thing about living over tornados. I don't miss that about "home"

Ashley, what are you doing to blind yourself?? I assume you aren't speaking literally.

Christina, Respiratory infections are awful!!! Are you better now? And I'm glad everything worked out with the car and scary! How did he not see you there? I think it's incredible that your dad likes the Twilight Saga...that's so great! I think more men would like it if they gave it a chance...this one guy makes me so mad. He's never read the books or seen the movies, but he's always saying how much they suck. If you've never read them or seen them, how do you know that?
Glad your friends' babies are doing well. My son was born with the cord around his neck and we didn't know until he came out. They didn't tell me what was wrong, but I was just waiting and waiting for him to cry. In all his first pictures he's blue, or at least part of him is blue. It wasn't until much later that my husband told me he had been born with the cord around his neck. It's scary stuff! And how exciting that you got 2 bonus checks! They must really appreciate you! (what do you do? Have fun with Ginnie and Caryn! And thanks for the strutting pictures! He does have quite a walk, doesn't he?

Raine, that sucks that they cut off traffic! I understand that they have to do that sometimes, but for days or weeks at a time? It's so inconvenient for everyone! Did you hear about the dad suing Beyonce because her bodyguards wouldn't let him into the intensive care unit where his premature twins were because Beyonce was in the ward? Absolutely ridiculous. You can't keep a parent from being with their children in the hospital. I hope the dad wins the lawsuit.

Hi Tracy! And anyone else I missed, which I hope is no one!

Had our first choir rehearsal last night since Christmas Vacation...I'm wondering if we'll be getting a new director. The one we have doesn't seem to be working out very well. I just started in this group in June, but wow...a lot of issues.
And my daughter had her friend over to play today after school (Wednesday is always a half day here) and she has autism and a LOT of's SO quiet now. She just left. I guess I better go start the cleanup...So much fo my nice clean living room.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by VolturiGirl »

Good morning and happy Wednesday to everyone.
My son's dentist appointment went really well. He was a little scared at first, but the dental hygienist was a real sweetheart to him. She let him hold that suction tube which he loved. The dentist said that my boy's teeth are good. No cavities or anything. :clap:

Christina ~ How awful to come down with the stomach flu and a respiratory infection the week of Christmas. I hope you are all better now. But on the good side, at least you were able to spend the holidays with your mom and dad.

Ashley ~ Hey Ashley. Welcome back to the Halfway House. Sorry that real life has kept you away from here for so long. I truly hope that everything is ok.

Caryn ~ Be safe in Florida and good luck in the soccer tournament. I know that you, Christina, and Ginnie will have a blast meeting up.

Tracy ~ I don't care for the People's Choice Awards either. I just like the way they dress up. I can only imagine the banter between Rob and Betty White.

Raine ~ Even though it's pretty cool that they are filming a movie where you are at, they really should do something about the traffic. People have places to go.

Songbird ~ I take notes too. It's the only way I can post. I live in the desert, so we don't get tornados but we do get dust storms. Sometimes they get so bad, they knock out our power for a few days. I read about the dad not being able to get to his twins at the hospital when Beyonce was having her baby, but I didn't know he was suing her. I hope he wins. It was just rediculous what the staff had to do. Did you know that they had to cover the security cameras? I'd throw a fit if I was there. What if someone took off with a person's baby?

Jaclyn ~ Yay on your rings. Where do you two plan on honeymooning?

Marielle-Jenn Jenn-Sean-Desiree-Lynne and all my other siblings have a happy Wednesday. :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Songbird »

Oh, maybe he's not suing her...just demanding an apology. But seriously? They covered the video cameras? Ok, cover the one that's in her room I guess, but the rest is absurd! I guess baby-knappers now know the best way to steal a baby...just wait until some celebrity goes into labor and demands the camera's be covered. Which, ok, I get that they probably are trying to avoid graphic pics of her in labor and her vajayjay because some nurse decides to use the tape to get some money (which would probably cost her a job while she's at it) but is that REALLY more important than the safety of every other person in that ward? What do they say to people to make that ok? "Yes, ma'am, I know we're putting your baby at risk of abduction and/or crazy people coming in on a shooting spree, but Beyonce doesn't want to have photos of her in a hospital gown and with messy hair circulating on the internet. I'm sure you realize the importance of the situation."? Idiots.
Glad the dentist appt. went well!
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