What did you think of the Twilight Series?

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What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Nena »

Tell us what you thought at first, where you interested in reading a YA book?, did you know it was about vampires? etc.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Ellie Ibis »

Before I read it I had mostly heard bad things about it. Keep in mind myself and my friends haven't read a young adult book in years, if at all, and we're extraordinarily critical of what we read. I admit it, we're a bit snobby when it comes to books, and we're very critical about it. Of course, we're critical about everything. If you wish, you are welcome to imagine me and my friends as cranky old people in rocking chairs and canes bickering about books and politics, even if the oldest one of us is twenty-three (and the youngest thirteen... I mean fifteen.) =P

Why was I interested in reading a young adult book? At the time I was depressed and I didn't have the attention span for anything heavier. Borders was having a sale for members, and I had lost my job so course that meant instead of saving my money to pay for bills I spent a hundred dollars of things I didn't need, including the Twilight series.

And, yes, I knew vampires were involved. XD

I was surprised when I first read it. It was more entertaining than I thought it would be, and when they added the shapeshifters I started to really get into it. It added more depth to the world, and I really liked that.

I do think Meyer still has a lot to learn about writing, but I think the books are better than a lot of people think they are, although not quite a good as some other people say they are. I don't think Twilight is going to be the next great romance novel, but I also think Meyer has a lot of potential down the road. I really do look forward to seeing her mature as a writer.

... and I suppose this entire post can be summer up as: better than I thought it would be, and I want to see what Meyer does next. Except I everything I say has to be exceedingly long-winded.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Precious »

Ahh, were to begin...

I Adore the books... adore.. is that the right word? Addicted is more like it. The Twilight series is awesome, better than awesome to me. I have to say I believe that Meyers has become my favorite author.

I was in walmart looking at the books, I have been to barnes and nobles too. I was looking for a book to read and happened to see Meyer's on the end cap. I picked up breaking dawn and was reading the back when a complete strangler walked up to me and sayd "OMG you HAVE to get the series, if you haven't read it yet, start with twilight." These kinds of things I take seriously, I pick up Twilight, go to the register and purchased it.

A day later (work got in the way) I'm at walmart again with the remaining books. I was in the world of Twilight for four days, I finish ALL books in that series. I even read during work haha. (didn't have much to do anyways...) I found that I couldn't put these books down. Some of my friends at work have read the series and I was joking with them about Meyer's lacing some of drug to the pages to make me soooo addicted. (JOKE!!! NOTHING MORE!!!)

When I finished Breaking dawn it was Sunday 12am. I was up till 2am THINKING about the book and sighing my head off, I was my own edward hahaha. (shh, don't tell my husband!)

I honestly couldn't find anything I didn't like about it. My husband thought I was nuts, I always had this goofy grin on my face reading it. Sometimes I just start laughing and that was it. Poor guy, he got NO attention those four days. Monday rolled around I was at work, I didn't want to work, I was thinking about the books and nothing more. I found I wanted more... I got on Meyer's website to find just that. I read all the quotes, I read all the extras, I even read all the stuff she took out. I still wanted more.

Addicted? I was beyond all help.

Then I found the draft to Edwards twilight. Let's just say my monday was booked. I finished that monday night at around 10.30pm.

I enjoyed THAT a great deal, it was GREAT, I laughed, a vampire JEALOUS, I would call my husband in there to read to him. He thought I'd gone insane. I was slapping my pillow when I was at the part that he uprooted the trees and broke them when Mike was messing with Bella's hair. This was just so amazing!! I enjoyed hearing Edwards side of the story, it fit! I was so amazed at how perfect I saw it fit!

After reading it, I wanted MORE. Ugh, will this ever end?!?! So here I am, tuesday morning, reading twilight AGAIN!

My husband finally got to talk to me lol.. he asked me if Meyer's was my favorite author and I said "yes". Not only does she know her own stories but she can tell them! I couldn't find any holes in the characters. You know how it is? You read them, you look for differences, I found none. Edward was edward through the whole thing, so was bella. It was the same for ALL of them. It was GREAT. I laughed during the time she had just became a new vampire when everyone was laughing at them. Of course they'd never forget the clumsy bella.

I'm going to watch the movie of course. I'm a little scepical though. I don't think they will do a good job, who ever does? I will be constantly comparing the books that I love to the movie. I will have to remeber that in books you can use your imagination, but a movie, well.. you see what is going on. Bella is an actor, so you can't use your imagination (or replace yourself with her..).

I hope that Stephanie Meyer's reads these. I know she's probably VERY busy but, keep writing, I love them. I hated for the story to end but I can understand that the story has been told, it's time to move on. It ended the way I wanted, there was love, everyone ended up getting their happily ever after. I was all warm and fuzzy when Jacob got his. Poor thing...

One more thing I wanted to talk about before hitting the post button. I can relate to Bella, it almost seems to me like Stephanie has told us a little about herself as well...she told it so well... I had a best friend I fell in love with, but I also loved another man. Just like Bella, I had to make a choice. But in real life, my best friend didn't get to imprint on another woman, no, he's still in love with me and we don't talk at all. No happy ending there. *sighs* Yes I can relate to Bella, during this time with Jacob I was crying and wanting to hug her and say "yes, I understand." Another thing I can relate to is that, when this best friend and I did agree it would be better to just go our seperate ways, it took me 2 years to get over that love I had for him. (he kept coming back like edward did and I kept saying "okay lets just be FRIENDS") I remember how I was back then, just like Bella, alive but not alive. I went through the motions of it. Now to this day, I think about him, wonder what he's doing. If he's got a gf, yes I'd be jealous.


Edit: I have read the twilight saga (all books of course) 2 times and midnight sun (edward's twilight) 2 times also. MIGHT be working on a third!
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by CantBreathe »

Precious wrote:Some of my friends at work have read the series and I was joking with them about Meyer's lacing some of drug to the pages to make me soooo addicted. (JOKE!!! NOTHING MORE!!!)
Wow! Lately, I've been really thinking that there must be some subliminal messaging in the books somewhere that make us love them so much. My love for them is so unconditional- though I can find plenty of faults with the story and the characters, it's like I love it/them no matter what. I'm almost finished with Twilight for the 3rd time (I just got started on the series amidst the Breaking Dawn release in Aug) and plan on continuously reading the series... I can't imagine ever wanting to stop :oops: I'm super excited for the movie and I think it would have to be pretty bad for me to not go see it multiple times. I think though I will be analyzing every difference, the actors seem to all be fabulous in their roles and that makes all the difference to me!
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

I had heard tons about how good the series was for about a year when I finally thought about it while at my local library. So, I knew vampires were involved, I knew some basics of the story, but it was written differently than I had anticipated, becuase, well, it was a vampire book, but it was written realistically. Once I finished the first chapter or so, I couldn't put it down.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

The Twilight Series.

Well i began the series 2006.

I remember when i first saw it it was in Barnes and Noble and under was the little sign what "teens are reading" this actully threw me of i mean how did they know what teens are reading? So i walked by it. But i was thinking about it. Because of how the cover caught my eye and the description.

The next time i went to Barnes and Noble i was really depressed and just really needed a book i could escape in. And i needed a big book! I saw Twilight again and was like "What the hell" so i bought it. I believe i waited a few days before i started it because i was reading something else.

But as soon as i read that first page i was hooked. I realated to Bella as well as Edward a great deal. And i was so drawn to what was happening. I remember not wanting to go to my classes because i just wanted to read. Smiles. I remember feeling this spark that i hadn't felt within myself in such a long time.

When i finished i heard about New Moon and i heard i could buy a signed copy. So i asked my mother for it for Christmas.

When Christmas came around i was in a bad depprsion. I couldn't feel what was going on around me i felt so numb to everything. But then i opened a package and inside was New Moon. I smiled. I then opened to the page where Stephenie Signed i remember feeling it to see if it was real and it was. I wanted to cry with joy. Since i knew Stephenie had touched this book. Like she knew i was having trouble and knew this might help me.

It did! However it was painful when Edward left i broke down. I cried so much. I felt like he had left me as well, like everyone else in my life. So i said to myself if Edward comes back i will be okay. He came back and here i am. Bella gave me strength to hold on. I was able to save myself because of it.

Then i heard about Eclipse Prom. And i had to go and me and my mom made it possible. I was able to go and meet girls who liked the series as much as i did. I even helpe plan a side event "Breakfast for the Humans" Which was a big sucess! Then i went to Eprom and was able to meet Steph i remember crying when i was in line i couldn't believe i was about to meet her. It was amazing and she is so sweet. And i was able to get my Twilight signed!

Becasue of this series i was able to have courage to do things i never thought possible. I just went to Seattle this past summer for the BD Concert Series! Amazing

And i will be flying from CA to Georgia and then drive to Tennesse with my good friend from Eclipse Prom.

Breaking Dawn i am starting to like it and will read it again soon.

This series is amazing and i love it. They are some of my Favorite books. And i believe Stephenie will always be my favorite author not only because of the the books she has written. But also because of the sweet person she is! She cares about her fans so much! And that is what i love about her. Because if she could she would sit with us and gush about life!

Twight series has my heart and will always keep it.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by ILY_E.C_4EVA »

Twilight has captured my heart and will not read anything like it again
I suppose like all my friends believe that twilight series is the new harry potter
I dont think i could read romeo and juliet without thinking how lame it is compared to the twilight series
me and my friends ended up going to the library at recess and lunch just to read it
we would bring it to our classes and read whenever we got a spare moment

I gave twilight a go when all my friends said i had too. so i tried it after saying thta i would never read it and have never looked back since. my friends will never get over that. its gonna be horrible.. but i am one of the most obsessed.

The movie will be good, but one of my friends said thta she will not like it beacause she saw herself as bella (until breaking dawn) and it will not be the same. my friend said she loves the edward inside her head so much differently than rob pattinson in make-up.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by vampire_elf »

CantBreathe wrote:
Precious wrote:Wow! Lately, I've been really thinking that there must be some subliminal messaging in the books somewhere that make us love them so much. My love for them is so unconditional- though I can find plenty of faults with the story and the characters, it's like I love it/them no matter what.
I totally agree with you there!

At first, when I saw the book in a bookstore I didn't consider buying it because it was YA and because the text on the back of the book ("About three things I was absolutely positive...") seemed a bit cheesy to me. But the book was there whenever I came to the bookstore (being from Austria, the section with English books is usually rather small, so you have all kinds of books next to each other) and in August I finally bought it (I thought that in the worst case I wouldn't like the book, so no harm done) because I looked for something easy and light to read.

No harm done? Well, now I'm addicted to Twilight and can't stop reading... :lol:

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Destani »

Well I had never heard of Twilight and didn't realize it was such a phenomenon. A girl at work who knew how much I love to read came by my desk one day and said she had this book she wanted me to read. She said she NEVER loans her books out but she felt this book was so good that she HAD to share it. She did mention that it was about vampires but also said that it was "different" from other vampire books. That didn't matter to me either way because I read just about anything. So I agreed to read it and didn't think much about it.

The next day she brought me Twilight. I was in the middle of reading another book so I finished that first. It was a couple of days before I finally picked up Twilight and started reading. I was soon hooked. I couldn't put it down. I was reading at home, at work, in my car. Then I got to the end and realized there was a sequel. Ahhh! It was the weekend and I wouldn't see the girl until Monday. I didn't know if she had New Moon or not. I wasn't sure if I should just go out and buy it. I decided to wait (although it was really hard) and I returned the book to her on Monday. We talked about it and then she asked if I wanted the 2nd book. Of course I said yes. She pulled it out of her drawer and handed it right to me. I had to lock it in my desk drawer just to get some work done that day. I finished New Moon in record time and when I returned it, she had Eclipse waiting for me.

This all happened about a month before Breaking Dawn was released so after I returned Eclipse to her, I had to just sit and wait for the final book. I couldn't stop thinking about Twilight so I searched the internet and found Stephenie's website. I read all of the faq's and extras and outtakes. I found out there was a movie coming out. Then it was finally time for Breaking Dawn. I was supposed to go to the midnight release with the girl from work but she got sick so I went by myself. It's not as much fun by yourself and I'm not outgoing so I didn't really talk to anyone except to compliment a few girls on their dresses/costumes. But I got the book and that was the important thing.

I was a little disappointed in Breaking Dawn. I had built my hopes up and it just wasn't what I expected. But despite that, I still couldn't put the book down. It was still engrossing.

So overall, I loved the series. SM's ability to tell a story and capture my imagination is astounding. I've never been so drawn into a book before. I'm currently reading the series a second time and that is something I NEVER do. I feel like I missed so many details the first time, though, because of how quickly I read them. I'm completely and totally Twilight obsessed.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by glstewart »

It was way better than I expected it to be. Loved it!
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