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by xbellaxedwardx4evax
Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:50 am
Forum: Fire and Ice
Topic: Chapter 14 ~ Declaration
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Re: Chapter 14 ~ Declaration

1. If Edward had shared Jacob’s thoughts with Bella (when he drops her off at the LaPush boundary line) do you think it would have caused Bella to acknowledge the pain she was causing Jacob and prevented the “Jacob-kiss” from happening? Yes, if he did she would have been a bit more cautious because ...
by xbellaxedwardx4evax
Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:05 am
Forum: A Run Through the Woods
Topic: Chapter 14 ~ Mind Over Matter
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Re: Chapter 14 ~ Mind Over Matter

1. What were your first thoughts about Edward's age and human history? Were you creeped out at all that he was so very much older than she was? Not at all, even though he is 100 and something years older than her he still has the mind of a seventeen year old, it wouldnt creep me out. 2. Edward tells...