Two Questions For Stephenie

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Emma Isabella
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Emma Isabella »

Ok, here it goes...

What exactly is the purpose of " la tua Cantante". I know it is described as the person whose blood is irresistible to the vampire and "sings" to it but is that the only purpose? Is there something more like perhaps in Edward's case, where he fell in love with Bella as if they were destined to be together? It seems sad for a person who can live forever to wait hundreds of years for that "singer", if it ever appears, just to drink its blood, however thrilling it may be and nothing more.

Just wondering... (i guess that's the romantic in me talking... sigh)

Esme echo
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Esme echo »

Why didn't Edward inadvertently infect Bella with his venom while he sucked out James' venom in the ballet studio? If the venom is a vampire's saliva, wouldn't any contact between an open wound and a vampire's mouth result in the human's 1) death or 2) vampirazation?
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Ichigo Kitty
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Ichigo Kitty »

(I don't know if this has been asked or not...)

Why does Renesme grow so fast? I know she's a vampire and human but why does that make her grow up fast?
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Edward_Addict »

Ok I've always had a ton of questions but of course I can't think of them now! :?

But I do really wonder about this: Does the Volturi ever come back for the Cullens, to pick them off one by one like the Cullens think they will? (I know at the end of Breaking Dawn they say Alice will be able to see when they come back for them, and I'm sure Bella will shield them all from being detected by Demetri, but it's not like the Volturi will just give up.) So are things EVER resolved between the Volturi and the Cullens so they can just exist peacefully?

Also, I saw an interview on in which you said Bella probably wouldn't go to Dartmouth because it's too far from Charlie and she'd most likely go somewhere like British Columbia. How long would she stay close to Charlie and continue seeing him?
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by amie »

At which point did it move from Twilight the stand-alone dream inspired story, to Twilight, the series of four books?

Does she write the chapters in order, or start at the beginning and skip around, filling in where needed?

This is neat, thanks for doing this!

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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Forever_Twilight »

Wow, this is awesome! Alright, here are my questions for Stephenie. =)

Jacob has imprinted on Renesme, who happens to be sixteen years older than her, will she catch up to his age since she grows at a fast rate?

From latest interviews, you've said that the Meadow was the inspiration to making Twilight. Now that the movie is out, were you disappointed that the Meadow scene didn't cover as much as the book did?

In the Twilight movie, Jacob tells Bella that he doesn't believe in the legends Billy tells him. At the end of the movie, however, after Jacob comes to the prom to tell Bella Billy's warning, why does Jacob give Edward such a mean look as he leaves?

This is so cool! And Stephenie happens to live really close to me as well! XD I just pray that one day I'll get to ask her more than the three I have! LOL

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copper curls
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by copper curls »

I would like to know more about Carlisle’s relationship with the Volturi. What does Carlisle feel, now that his old friends have threatened his family? Does he even still think of Caius as a friend?

My second question is about Charlie. Although it doesn’t make it into book series, he must have come up with some sort of answer for himself as to why his daughter has undergone such a drastic physical change, and why she now bears such a great resemblance to the Cullens. So...

Question #1: What is Carlisle’s relationship with the Volturi (more specifically, with Caius)?
Question #2: What does Charlie believe has happened to Bella?

Anyways, I’d just like to say thanks for letting us post our questions -- I tried to think of ones that hadn’t already been discussed. :)
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Wacko_Fan13 »

mine is kind like copper curls question
How much was Charlie told? Because Bella refers to him as the 'vampire dad' or something like that so i was just curious if he knew she was a vampire, or if he just knew that she was in the supernatural world.

Thanks for this opportunity!!!
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by HoneyEyes »

Have you planned anything for Renesmee and Nahuel in their future since they are both half-vampire half-human? As in, would you put them in a relationship even though they never seem to appear older than seven?

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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by CastMeNotAway »

I posted in the comment section on the main page, but I suppose I'll post here as well!

- Which scene (or scenes) in the future books are you most excited to see adapted on the big-screen (assuming they make all of the sequels!)?

- Which scene in the books was the most fun to write?

-If Jacob (or any non-vamp character, for that matter!) were a vampire, what sort of power would he have (if any)?

-What happened to Bella's human friends post-Breaking Dawn? Did Angela and Ben stay together? What about Mike and Jessica?
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