Two Questions For Stephenie

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Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Pel »

Nokia, the company that supplied the phones used by the characters in the Twilight movie, is sponsoring an ask Stephenie event. Now rather than the admins picking the two questions that each participating site gets to submit, we are opening it up to you all.

Now unfortunately they didn’t give us tons of notice here! We have to pick our questions by midnight tonight Eastern Time. Try to come up with something unique that hasn’t been asked and answered in recent interviews. So get those brain cells working and comment below on what you want Stephenie to answer, and we’ll pick the two questions that we think are the best.

As an extra perk, we’ll also give the people (if several people phrase a question similarly we’ll throw the names in a hat and pick out one) who come up with the selected questions a free item of their choice from our CafePress Store.
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by twilighterfrom714 »

What would you say is your favortie quote from the books/movie? and why? :D
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by ellalou73 »

If you were to expand on the stories and take us into the future using Renesmee's POV, what would her personality be like, and what would be her greatest struggle being half human half Vampire?
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by sarina1113 »

Out of all the characters who merely scratched the surface in the Twilight movie(as opposed to really getting to know them in the book), which one did you miss the most in the film and why?
**Oh geez, I don't even think that question made sense...***

Now that the Twilight movie has recieved such an amazing response, what are your hopes for the NM movie? Do you think that the major absence of Edward will be a major turnoff for the new fans of the film?
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Hey There Elizah »

Okay, I know we all want to know...

What's with the eggs?
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by holdingoutforjacob »

Was Jacob's love for Bella ALWAYS based off of the fact that he would imprint on Nessie, or was that something pure and natural? Isn't Jacob the course Bella's life would have Naturally taken??

Please please please ask this one, it gets brought up on threads ALL THE TIME.

Oh, and if she were to continue the Twilight series, whose POV would it be from and why?

i'm sure i'll think of more.....

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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by oleander »

The Twilight story has been such a personal one for you and we all know that you love the characters because of the great detail and care you use in writing about them. (Thanks, by the way) After the strange mixed reaction to Breaking Dawn and the criticisms you've received, how hard has it been to not internalize it all and what have you done to ensure you don't let it get to you?
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by threethings »

Okay here's my question my sister thought of it:

Why is it that humans can't know vampires exist? It's not like humans could kill them.
And they could live easier.

Thanks Pel for this oppurtunity!
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by Lisa »

About breaking Dawn:

What do we miss during Bella's pregnancy that was in forever dawn?

If there had been a big fight scene at the end who would you have killed off ( awful i know)?

There isnt a lot of Edward Bella and Renesme as a family in this book , is there a reason?
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Re: Two Questions For Stephenie

Post by dimber »

These are two questions for Stephenie...I hope you'll like them!

Assuming that the mythical creatures in your book existed in real life, are you with Carlisle and think they have a shot at heaven or do you think their soul is definitely lost no matter how hard they try to be good?

I would also like to know, though silly it may be to most readers, what do you feel when you're writing. Do you regard it as your happy place where to evade or has the entertainment part of it faded away as success and publication deadlines came in?
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