The TwiCon Convention-USA Summer 09

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Re: The TwiCon Convention-USA Summer 09

Post by Angelvamp » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:45 am

ShinyVolvoDriver wrote:
Angelvamp wrote:Is anyone going to the Twi Tour in Phoenix? I know it's not the same as TwiCon, but it's definately more convenient! It's in multiple cities and looks like it has the same actors and stuff. I haven't bought my tickets yet, I was hoping I could talk with people on the Lex first and get a feel for it. I don't want to be the only 30-something there! I would really love to meet other people my age that love Twilight. Plus, I am totally stoked about the Vampire Ball! :D
I'm going to Phoenix, Angelvamp :D I'm so excited! I'm going Gold Pass with two of my friends from Australia... we've got a 3 week holiday planned out :D Can't wait for the concert on Friday night, and the Vampire Ball! And I'm in love with the resort it's being held at... we're staying there for 5 days :D It's going to be epic goodness! Have you booked your tickets yet?? I'm 23 by the way... a bit younger than you, but hey, I'd definitely book the ticket because it sounds like so much fun! Are you going to be entering any of the competitions?? We've got some awesome ideas planned out for the centrepiece competition... lol... although we're constrained by the fact that they're going to have to be built on the road! But yeah... cannot wait! Look out for us, we'll be the loud Australians... hahaha :D

xoxo Alissa
Thanks for the reply! All the way from Australia, wow! I live here in AZ, so it's not much of a trip for me. I will be buying my tickets shortly (hopefully Gold Pass as well), they're pretty pricey and the ol' ball-n-chain is not too keen about it. Too bad! LOL He should belong to the Twilight Widowers. Hopefully, he will humor me enough to come along to the Vampire Ball. I want to enter some of the competitions, but I'm not really sure. Maybe I will enter next year, after seeing what people come up with first. I will keep an eye (or an ear?) out for you guys and if you need directions or anything, feel free to PM me. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! Now I am excited! :D
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Re: The TwiCon Convention-USA Summer 09

Post by danobanano » Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:48 pm

I'll be at TwiCon! The Masque Ball sounds like a blast. They have the most actors at any one convention which is cool even if we don't get to stand in a line for three days just for a chance for an autograph. (I stood in line for four hours just to get an autograph of Rachelle Levre I shudder the idea of trying to do that for each and every cast member, It would be like a Disneyland character sighting nightmare).

I'm excited to meet all the fandom people out there. Twilight isn't just about the movie stars especially since my obsession started in the online universe. I'm excited to meet screennames and have a real face to associate with them. Twicon does feel a little big, but I think that's because they are trying to provide various activities for the multiple facets of Twilight fans over three days of activities. Not everyone is a movie fan, or a fan fiction writer, or a Twilight Rock musician, yet Twilight offers activities for all of the above.

I've been to a bunch of Twilight Themed parties and events, there's something special about being a room filled with others who are just as normal as you are.

See you all in a few weeks....and counting
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