Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

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Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by Pel »

This thread is to discuss the relationship that Bella and Jacob have throughout the Twilight Saga.
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by FrostyJasper »

i think that their relationship has become stronger as the books went on. it seems that in breaking dawn (more towards the end) bella and jacob were more like siblings.
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by museicalking »

jacob and bella- well they have grown over the books. from someone she knew since he was a kid, to her best friend, to falling in with him- now, soon to be "son-in-law." bella let go of him and jacob of her to renesmee, they're more of a very very close family. :o
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by kaw »

Starting caveat: I liked Breaking Dawn a great deal, and have no problems with it that go much beyond the nit-pick level.

I think there's a bit of a discontinuity between Eclipse and BD where Jacob-Bella are concerned. In Eclipse, Bella realizes that she's in love with Jacob, and imagines a life with him (including children). It's very painful for her to say goodbye to that alternate future. In an interview, Stephenie Meyer says that by BD, Bella has "moved on" from that emotional place -- but we don't see that process, or get any recap of it or reference to it. I'm not saying we needed everything spelled out, but I feel like some transition is missing.

In the same or another interview, SM talked about her characters (in that case Edward) surprising her. I wonder whether Bella surprised SM with the depth of her attachment to Jacob. By the time she wrote Eclipse, as I understand it, SM had already outlined/drafted BD. If Bella "surprised" SM during the writing of Eclipse, maybe she didn't see a good way to fit that development into BD, and just didn't try..??..

SM first wrote much or all of Book Two of BD from Bella's point of view, before switching to Jacob's. I wonder whether in that first draft, when Bella realizes that Edward is willing for her to have children with Jacob, there's any reference back to Bella's earlier longings along those lines.
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by Alice-Is-Awesome »

OMG I felt so bad for Jacob when he found out about Balla and Edwards' plans for their honeymoon. In a way i think he overreacted because he should have seen it coming but i also totally understand his reactions because he probably knew what Edward could do to her if he wasn't under control and since he loves her he had a good reason to freak out and worry about her safety
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by wishingiwasbella »

I really wish that it was bella and jake in the end ( i know I know) btu I always like Jacob more. The fact that their relationship grew is a great thing. To me it's like the relationship I have with 2 of my guy friends (without the kissing) We can walk hand in hand and it not mean anything, They became like one person, bella never had to say anything to Jake for him to understand her or fo rhim to know what she was thinking. While Edward was always wonderin what bella was thinking. It made a huge difference in helping her realize that she did want to be with edward, and how their relatioship blossomed. The fact that she saw a future with him was a little weird, but you can always see your life with someone that you connect with on a level like that.
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by Lunna-san »

Literary Crusader wrote:I disliked the way Bella and Jacob had their mutual romantic feelings for one another completetely dissolve after Jacob imprinted on Nessie - it's not as if it never happened, and the story should have reflected that.

And was anyone else chagrined (to use one of Ms. Meyer's favorite words) that it was implied that Jacob's feelings for Bella were all because of unborn Nessie? Firstly, it implies that he was in love with her gamete - ugh. Secondly, shouldn't he have been attracted to Edward, too? Nessie's his daughter, too. Seriously.
I think you kind of misunderstood. I think Jacob and Bella are deeply connected and this is not only because of Nessie. But themselves. Jacob represented a new life to Bella. Maybe in a world without Edward, Jacob would have been her mate. In a world without supernatural. But this is not what happened.

Bella fell in love with Jacob in New Moon. I almost cheered for them in NM. Their friendship became too strong, then Edward came back and things got complicated. I desliked that because I wanted Bella to be with Edward and everyone was sufferinng. And Bella told that to Jacob. How that feelling went too far. But it was time for both of them grew up. She wanted Jacob on her life, but in the right way, as friends.

I think the garnet thind was during the pregnancy. The way Bella behaved, almost childlike. It made me remember of Claire and Quil - or Embry? I always forget the name. It was disturbing, even for Jacob. And they were under pression. Bella was dying. The child was a mystery. I knew Jacob was going to smooth as soon as he imprinted. And their relationship went back to trail- as friends, almost siblings.
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by goddesskde »

Jacob was a hard character for me to like. On one hand he was amazingly good for Bella during New Moon in helping her deal with her grief over losing Edward. But on the other hand, he disregaurded Bella's feelings quite often and went over the line that she was willing to go. He was agressive and manipulating at points and to be honest it was a bit unsetteling. With all of that being said I still wouldnt have the series without him. He was funny! His sense of humor had no limits and I enjoyed reading his sarcastic comments thru all of the books.
He also forced Bella to make the hard decisions. They did fall in love but it wasnt the same type of love that Edward and Bella share. You can love two people at the same time, it's just different types. Bella didnt help matters by allowing the line to be blurred at times but as a teenager whats to be expected. She didnt have a fully developed sense of self yet so it would be difficult for her to know what was right for her in the long run.
I have heard people going on about Jacob just wanting to keep Bella alive..I disagree with that assessment. He had selfish motivations. He believed that if he kept her human that she would love him in return. He wanted to almost own her. It was always about what Jacob wanted, not what was right for Bella.
I have my issues with Edwards character as well so dont think of this as a "Team Edward" attack :) I just wanted to share my opinion on Jacob..
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by tinuviel2006 »

I liked the emotional development throughout the series, especially in Eclipse, where we see a different side od Bella and Jacob's future together. I liked the children idea, and what would Bella have to sacrifice in order to marry Edward and become a vampire.
I really like Jacob's instincts towards Bella, he knows exactly what she needs, and I'm glad that she realized her true feelings for him in Eclipse. But on the other hand, Edward and Bella are meant to be, and I'm so glad that Jacob finally imprinted, and found his true happiness, just like Bella did with Edward!
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Re: Jacob and Bella's changing relationship

Post by MRK »

My view of it all is this:
Bella and Edward have the deep true love thing...Bella and Jacob have the true friendship thing. The more and more Bella came to terms with what it actually meant to become a vampire, the more in love with Jake she fell. I think what she was in love with was not Jake, but the idea of the HUMAN life she could have with Jake. Once she faced the loss of her human life, she lost "that" love for Jake.
I don't know why its so weird to think that somewhere deep within Jake he would have known he needed to be near Bella to imprint on Nessie. I mean your average household dog has sixth sense...can you imagine a werewolf! I don't think he loved her ONLY for that...but it doesn't seem too far off for him to know that somehow they're linked.

I was VERY mad at Jake for hounding Bella "pun intended." He promised never to hurt her, yet he pursued her even though he knew at any moment he could imprint and she would be left in the dust like Leah. Broken again. I know hes young. But ugh!
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